May 25, 2023 – 7:50 am

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Farm Aid 2018 [no label, 1CD]
Farm Aid 33. XFINITY Theatre, Hartford, CT; September 22, 2018. Very good audio (ripped from HDTV webcast).

Thanks to indykid for sharing the HDTV webcast at Dime.

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One never knows what Neil Young is going to perform at Farm Aid each year. It could be an acoustic set or electric guitar driven. Guessing what Neil will do keeps Farm Aid fresh and interesting. Young continues to have all the passion for Farm Aid that is needed to spread the message. He reminded the fans to stop at a farmers market when you see one and buy something. -

Neil Young and Promise Of The Real got their portion of the night going with “Tell Me Why” from After the Gold Rush. From there Young would mine material from throughout his career ranging from “Field Of Opportunity” from Comes A Time to “Show Me” from 2016’s Peace Trail to “Children Of Destiny” from his most recent studio album The Visitor. The midportion featured the ensemble tackling a trio of classics with “Powderfinger,” “Heart Of Gold” and “Ohio.” -

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Track 01. introduction by John Mellencamp 1:24
Track 02. Tell Me Why 4:33
Track 03. Field of Opportunity 4:17
Track 04. Show Me 4:56
Track 05. Powderfinger 9:34
Track 06. Heart of Gold 4:55
Track 07. Ohio 4:27
Track 08. Children of Destiny (live debut) 4:28
Track 09. Love and Only Love 11:47
51 mins

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  1. 11 Responses to “NEIL YOUNG - FARM AID 2018”

  2. Thanks for posting this Big O! This was a great show and a good capture.

    By Neil Young on May 25, 2023

  3. My my, hey hey

    Derrick, U L E, HHH and The AntiChrist are all gay

    They suck off each other

    Every single day

    I’m not judging

    They are just that way

    My my, hey hey

    By Bernard Shakey on May 26, 2023

  4. Quel désastre! Our secret is exposed!

    By HHH on May 26, 2023

  5. who starts these rumors?

    By Jocko P on May 26, 2023

  6. Rumor has it Neil gots a Average Un

    By U L E on May 26, 2023

  7. What’s average?

    By Jocko P on May 26, 2023

  8. My my, hey hey

    I am so fuckin gay

    I suck off strangers

    Every single day

    I cant help myself

    I’m just that way

    My my, hey hey

    By Bernard ShakeY Jerkoff on May 27, 2023

  9. Have no fear

    cause I am here

    and Im queer

    say it again

    have no fear

    i am here

    and im a fuckin queer

    By Bernard ShakeY Jerkoff on May 27, 2023

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    I might laugh at Bernard ShakeY Jerkoff all day

    He’s crying his eyes out

    Like a little puss


    By Bernard Shakey on May 27, 2023

  11. Hey Jocko P, rumors recently circulating that it is your very own self who keeps starting these rumors. We all know you are an attention seeking numbnut - so stopping asking stooopid questions!

    By HHH on May 27, 2023

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    By όχno on May 27, 2023

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