October 21, 2010 – 11:40 am

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Positively West 52nd Street [no label, 3CD]

Live at the Roseland Ballroom, New York City. October 19, 20, 1994. Very good soundboard.

This has just surfaced and is being torrented in a couple of sites. Response has been very favourable, with one fan saying: “I can’t believe it was just hanging out in the ether for so long”.

Our tracks came courtesy of Lincoln Park Mark - positively many thanks!

Thanks also to Luisbp51 over at Hungercity who added the intro and patched up Jokerman (Disc 1, Track 1) with an audience source - the track was cut at the beginning.

As for the show, this is what Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth posted in 1994:

I don’t know what/whose show YOU saw last week, but what I saw was the best show I’ve seen Dylan do in maybe FIFTEEN years, a MASTER at the height of his POWERS, singing (singing real good!) playing just INCREDIBLY, with a CRACK band supporting him (finally!), playing songs from EV’RY PERIOD of his lengthy CAREER and just doing everything right.

I’m talking about before, LONG BEFORE Neil and Bruce came out during 3rd encore and place went ultra-nuts. When they were sitting with GINSBERG (& GE Smith) in VIP area, and Dylan was singing ‘Only TIME WILL TELL who has fell and who’s been left BEHIND’, how could they have felt???

Here he was, just beautiful, singing strong and loud, no mumbles - if you stop trying to force the songs to sound like his old vocal stylings and just lissen, he is doing really amazing versions - of MY BACK PAGES, JOEY, BOOTS OF SPANISH LEATHER - songs from ev’ry one of his MANY times.

Dressed in impeccable black pin-striped suit, I felt he’d finally come through, after a decade of alkie/druggie/sexxee troubles and lame shows, he finally seemed ready to assume the mantle which he RIGHTLY DESERVES - the same respect that Neil (f’rinstance) has. It also occurred to me that in a way his lame shows of past years have actually PROTECTED him, that his not succeeding to be more successful has PREVENTED him from having to try to get over to ARENA-ROCK size audiences - the slow death of anybody good.

He played fukkin’ ROSELAND! THREE NIGHTS! Hello, Axl? Mad Donna? Oh JaggerKeefHenleyMichaelPink… Eddie… Stipe… Fukkin WEEZER n SHIT… WAKE UP!!!

These tracks are no longer available for download.

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  1. 32 Responses to “BOB DYLAN - ROSELAND BALLROOM 1994”

  2. hey bigo, thanks!!! first comment!!! it’s been atleast over a month on dylan. i got the last 3 you offered, when i was fasting. let’s see they were atlantic city, berkeley and the one with george harrison. all are good.

    i’ll play it now and walking.


    By Ed Saad on Oct 21, 2010

  3. Thanks!!!

    By mike on Oct 21, 2010

  4. Lincoln Park Mark Rocks!

    By T. Way on Oct 21, 2010

  5. Thanks,Bob sounds great on these recordings.

    By Don K. on Oct 21, 2010

  6. Outstanding!

    By Bill Glahn on Oct 22, 2010

  7. Who is Lincoln Park Mark?

    By Luis Torregrosa on Oct 22, 2010

  8. I attended the first show standing about 1/2 way back just to the right of center. The acoustics in Roseland are kind of booming on the bass end and the live sound, as I remember, muffled Bob’s vocals a little due to the booming bass tones. Haven’t listened yet, as files are downloading, but I am sure it will sound better now that it did live. My good friend Will, who went with me and saw both nights, has always maintained that the second show was the better one by far. Now I can tell if Will was right! Thanks, BigO and Lincoln Park Mark.

    By Johnny Kinkdom on Oct 22, 2010

  9. Lincoln Park Mark is the guy who says daily prayers at the feet of Bob, Neil, Bruce, oh yes–and Flac! You know that guy..Music is food for him.. has a whole gaggle of freaky pals devoted to music as air..

    By spacehed on Oct 22, 2010

  10. I have parts of the concerts on “Just Beacause” with some tracks from Lewiston Aug 16 94 but this complete set of the 2 nights at Roseland is awesome. Why concerts like these never saw the official light of day as live recording releases just baffles…

    By Mike on Oct 23, 2010

  11. What fantastic quality! I can’t wait for the rest of the second night. Thank you for sharing!

    By Sopa la Gran Pena on Oct 23, 2010

  12. another great show any idea who was in the band this was when bob was sure into the never ending tour thanks

    By david franklin on Oct 23, 2010

  13. John Jackson on guitar,Bucky Baxter on steel and mandolin,Tony Garnier on bass and i think Winston Watson had joined on drums maybe the year before.Of course Bob played to .Thanks again.

    By frank on Oct 23, 2010

  14. Deception with disc one: too soft rock and too much saved voice but his irony is there (”it’s all over now” with a rafined and purified voice))

    Disc 2:
    - Ahhhh! “Maggies’s farm” is top rock
    - “Like a rolling stone” still magistral, despite the recovery side funeral march music (1978) which is warmed
    -”All along the watchtower”: Still good but too much saved voice

    By fifi75010 on Oct 23, 2010

  15. HAH! Lee wrote that letter to me! I saw the first night and told him I wasn’t blown away. He saw the second night and faxed me that letter afterward. Looking forward to hearing both nights. Maybe we were both right!

    By Otis on Oct 23, 2010

  16. I have all the official Dylan stuff (with very few exceptions - maybe some greatest hits stuff is missing), most of it on vinyl and CD, plus maybe 60 or 70 Dylan-boots on CD (and a handfull on LP), plus maybe 30 or 40 concerts as mp3’s, but this one here is one of the best live recordings of His Bobness I’ve ever heard, and also the versions he plays are between very good and fantastic.

    By Walter on Oct 23, 2010

  17. the new 47 track witmark demos 1962-64 dble cd is pretty amazing stuff.. most of its been in the hands of collectors of course for many years. but now its officially out. i guess even with all the official releases that bob is doing there will always be room for gems like this item here. thanks bigo. u make each day worth waking up. sigh.
    ps-i gave my son his middle name after bob. its dylan. hes now 24. hes a genius too. i mean like bob..not like me.

    By darthcdrx on Oct 23, 2010

  18. Just to say THANK YOU for posting this exceptional set. There are of course hundreds of Dylan boots by now and I have a mere several hundred but this gem sticks out and is just plain wonderful. Clear, great balance and a truly great recording of a wonderful three night’s sets. Thanks to you and Linkin Park Mark!
    best wishes to all at Big O

    Andy (Swappers) Swapp

    By Andy Swapp on Oct 23, 2010

  19. thanks frank is john jackson the guy dylan sometime refered to as jj what ever happened to him he is a outstanding guitar plaer and slots in very well with bob thanks agin

    By dave franklin on Oct 24, 2010

  20. Been away … back now and glad to say ‘Thank you very much …’ Another good one and much appreciated. Cheers!

    By Canute on Oct 24, 2010

  21. Terrific! More!

    By BigLou on Oct 26, 2010

  22. I was at the October 20th show. Took an hour to get into the place. Missed half of Sheryl Crow’s opening set but when Dylan started everything fell into place. Amazing show even before Neil and Bruce joined him. I do have to say when that happened though, the crowd responded with the loudest, craziest roar I’ve ever heard at any show before or since. Thanks for posting this. It means a lot to hear again.

    By smmaddog on Oct 26, 2010

  23. I have to agree with all the compliments posted. Great performance, excellent recording and production. Tracks 207 and 210 are genius and some of the best Bob out there. Thanks bigO

    By onething247 on Oct 26, 2010

  24. I was actually there, the second night with Neil Young and Bruce.

    By Bernard Zalon on Oct 27, 2010

  25. A great quality of sound as well as performance. THANX! Have a big O on me…

    By Timmy on Oct 29, 2010

  26. Wonderful… love it when a good Bob board is leaked. I saw him a few nights earlier on this tour in West Point, NY and that summer at Woodstock ‘94 - right here in town… peace.

    By Woodstock on Oct 31, 2010

  27. The first night is a bit tough to take - his voice is very dry and he seems not to quite know what to do with it. Second night: problem solved. Brilliant! Now, where is that Supper Club show from 93?

    By Jeremy Shatan on Nov 3, 2010

  28. Thanks for posting this. I heard of this disc but never came across it. Looks like one hell of a show with many favorites in the set.

    By Matt on Nov 15, 2010

  29. i love bob dylan, he is one of the best singer songwriter *”~

    By Drip Tray %0A on Nov 24, 2010

  30. What an amazing treat to hear soundboard of the 10/20th show. I completely second BigLou’s thoughts.
    Bob had scheduled several shows at Roseland that week, but added this final show the night I was already arriving from my home in Florida. My brother-in-law & I got there early for Sheryl Crow, when she finished many headed for the bar & restrooms… we headed closer to the stage! A night I will never forget, as they say “Only in New York.

    By Gary on Nov 28, 2010

  31. Thanks for posting this show. Wonderful stuff!!Didn’t know soundboard recordings of it were ciculating.What a hot band Bob’s got there! Brilliant indeed! Thanks again, senor

    By Chris on Mar 23, 2011

  32. Dear Big O;
    This is great stuff! Dylan is in great voice and his band really rocks. Does anyone know where I can get the Supper Club performance? That is a great show, too. Thanks to Big O again.

    By Dubious141 on Jan 16, 2012

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