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Proved it all night.

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Meadowlands 2009 [Social Graces, 1CD]

Live at Giants Stadium, Meadowlands, NJ; October 2, 2009. Very good soundboard.

Fans have shared audience recordings of the complete show and Godfatherrecords also has a version of it - Rocking Down The Giants (GR 451/452/453), though it is not known if that is sourced from a soundboard though Cliff at commented that “Although there is a little lack of clarity at the start, particularly with Wrecking Ball, overall the sound is very good, though not outstanding, and many of the songs, such as Something In The Night and Racing In The Street, sound very fine indeed.”

On this Social Graces release, though not the complete October 2 show, the Darkness On The Edge Of Town album is played in full and, unlike the Godfather release, there are no unsightly breaks to the sequence of the songs. (On the Godfather set, Factory ends Disc One and Streets Of Fire begins Disc Two.)

Once again, a huge thanks to Lincoln Park Mark for sharing the tracks with us.

When reviewing the show at, Stan Goldstein did a track-by-track breakdown which certainly adds a lot of colour to the set.

Hearing Darkness from start to finish made it a classic show of course. This was played much tighter and much better than at the Count Basie Theatre benefit in May of 2008, the only other time the album was played in its entirety. Start Time: 8:24 pm. Again a pretty early start. Roy and Nils came onstage first. They weren’t shown coming out from backstage on the big screens as they were at Wednesday’s show. Bruce came up on the side stage with Clarence, walked him to his spot, gave the Big Man a little kiss and headed to the center mic. “Glad you came out to help us tear down this old girl,” Bruce said.
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Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Intro (2.9MB)
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“For Giants Stadium we tried to think of something special we could do. Last night we did ‘Born To Run,’ tomorrow ‘Born In the U.S.A.’ and tonight ‘Darkness.’ Bruce said. “This was an important record for us. We had one hit and then three years off due to some trouble and hard times… This record has been the body of our sets for the past 30 years.”

Track 02. Badlands (14.1MB)
Big screens showed a cloudy sky. Great as always. “Is there anybody alive out there tonight?” Bruce yelled out.

Track 03. Adam Raised A Cain (12.8MB)
A real hot and smokin’ version. Great guitar work by Bruce. “That was worth the price of admission,” a friend said to me when the song finished.

Track 04. Something In The Night (9.8MB)
Hearing these first three in order, brought me back to my senior year of high school when I first bought this album and listened to it over and over.

Track 05. Candy’s Room (7.2MB)
Hasn’t been played enough this tour and any time it’s played, is a good part of the show.

Track 06. Racing In The Street (20.7MB - 4shared link)
Okay, I have to admit it. For the second straight show I got tears in my eyes. It was “Meeting Across the River” on Wednesday. Tonight it was “Racing.” Maybe the best version I’ve ever heard of this song and I first saw this played live in 1978. Just a perfect performance. The crowd was into it, Roy’s piano playing was as brilliant as ever and the acoustics were awesome. One of those moments when for those few minutes everything seems perfect in the world.

Track 07. The Promised Land (13.5MB)
Nice to hear this in a different spot in the setlist.

Track 08. Factory (5.8MB)
Not sure if this is anyone’s favorite song, but since it’s not played that much, it was good to hear.

Track 09. Streets Of Fire (11.0MB)
A classic that is not played enough. Sounded great. Nice guitar work by Bruce.

Track 10. Prove It All Night (14.8MB)
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A hot, hot version. Incredible Nils guitar solo (think Youngstown, Ghost of Tom Joad, etc.) At one point Nils was holding up his guitar with one hand and still playing it with the other hand. Another highlight.

Track 11. Darkness On The Edge Of Town (12.1MB)
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Just like on the album, the final song. Sort of sums it all up. At the end Bruce brought Steve, Max, Garry, Roy and Clarence to the front of the stage for a bow. “These are the guys who made the record. And Phantom Dan Federici” A very touching moment.

Track 12. Mustang Sally (Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN; w/Phish; June 14, 2009) (22.6MB - megaupload link)
Track 13. Ain’t Got No Home (Rehearsal, Version 2, Asbury Park, NJ Convention Center; March 18, 2009) (21.0MB - megaupload link)

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  2. Thank you again, Big O. This is the bestest Christmas ever.

    By TronDoc on Dec 15, 2010

  3. Mucho thanks, bigo and Mark.

    Darkness was also performed in its entirety at the Philadelphia Spectrum on October 14, 2009. Great boots of that show are also in circulation.

    By scopes on Dec 15, 2010

  4. Awesome. Thanks so much. I was at the Giants Stadium shows and it’s a real treat to hear them in this quality.

    By lamemodem on Dec 16, 2010

  5. Thanks again BigO - you rock! Always room for another Bruce download here. Warren Zevon & Social Distortion would be nice…

    By TDC on Dec 16, 2010

  6. I’m surprised that Stan Goldstein didn’t mention how shot Bruce’s voice sounds in parts of this show. I’ve never heard his voice crack so many times. Instead of getting worse through the night, however, he nailed the final “town” in Darkness. Great show.

    By scopes on Dec 16, 2010

  7. Do you have the 11/2 DC soundboard? I ask because Stand On It is the only song on the 2009 Tour that never surfaced.

    By Spirit1975 on Dec 17, 2010

  8. …just picked up Springsteen’s ‘The Promise’ box set companion book The Light in Darkness, amazing original photos and stories frm the Darkness tour. Limited Edition

    By robw on Dec 17, 2010

  9. Thanks, you guys are the best

    By madbaddad on Dec 18, 2010

  10. New original Social Graces artwork now added. Once again, thanks to Lincoln Park Mark.

    By bigozine2 on Dec 19, 2010

  11. Thanks very much for this and the other live album performances. Do you have a soundboard of the Greetings show? Getting all this other great stuff has made me greedy.

    By Mark on Dec 21, 2010

  12. Another Bruce treat. Many thanks for sharing these.

    By Matt on Dec 28, 2010

  13. Re: “Bruce Springsteen–Darkness Live”

    Thank you.

    By Mark on Nov 11, 2011

  14. Factory & Something in the night are not working. The rest is amazing!

    By Jake on Jun 18, 2014

  15. Too many broken links to bother with.

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