October 8, 2008 – 2:09 pm

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Four Way Harmonies [no label, 1CD]

Outtakes and unreleased tracks from the early years, plus a few live recordings.

For those fans (and especially CSNY diehards) whose interest was piqued by the recent release of Deja Vu Live and by Neil Young’s performance at Farm Aid 2008, here is a compilation of tracks from way back, all in very good sound.

Thanks to Clyde the Camel who shared these tracks on the internet. As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

These tracks are no longer available for download. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you want to download the tracks at a later date.

1. Our Mouse (Crosby-Nash dialogue)
2 Wooden Ships (embryonic first demo - no lyrics yet)
3 Laughing (1968 Crosby demo)
4 Wooden Ships (first studio take by Crosby and Stills, 1968)
5 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (instrumental with bass and drums)
6 Marrakesh Express (early rough mix; overdubs missing)
7 Guinnevere (alternate mix with full band - electric guitars, drums and bass)
8 Guinnevere (early acoustic version)
9 Lady of the Island (rough mix with discarded Crosby duet vocal)
10 Pre-Road Downs (rough mix with missing chorus vocal)
11 Helplessly Hoping (with full band - guitars drums and bass)
12 Cinnamon Girl (1969 instrumental studio take of Neil Young’s song)
13 I’ve Loved Her So Long (CSNY live, Aug. 26, 1969, Los Angeles, Neil’s song)
14 And So Begins the Task (CSNY live, Dec. 13, 1969, Chicago, Stephen Stills’ song)
15 Little Miss Bright Eyes (unreleased Stills song, late 1969 studio outtake)
16 Long Time Gone (Tom Jones with CSNY, Sept. 6, 1969, “This Is Tom Jones” TV show
17 Come One in My Kitchen (Stills coaxing Crosby into singing the blues song)

Click on the link to order CSNY/Deja Vu Live and/or 4 Way Street (live in 1970).

  1. 26 Responses to “CSNY - FOUR WAY HARMONIES”

  2. excellent posting. wow. thank u. superb.

    By darth on Oct 8, 2008

  3. This is great - Thank You!!!

    By Craig on Oct 9, 2008

  4. Very cheery vibratos… Thanx so mucho’s fer these gifts……….

    By Timmy on Oct 9, 2008

  5. If anyone has problems downloading the tracks, it’s likely the server was crowded. Please be patient and try again later.

    By bigozine2 on Oct 9, 2008

  6. big big thanks…It gives back good memories when i was still in high school…This outtakes is a gift… thanks for sharing

    By mascojoey on Oct 9, 2008

  7. Major kudos! Thank you very much.

    By datdemdar on Oct 10, 2008

  8. wow! thanks!

    By marius h on Oct 10, 2008

  9. Guinnevere (early acoustic version) will stay in my head for a very very long time, thanks again to the biggest of the biggest of the music site in the web, great thank you from France.

    By Alex on Oct 10, 2008

  10. looks like a good one. Thanks

    By Matt on Oct 11, 2008

  11. Beautiful! Thanks!

    By Society'sPliers on Oct 12, 2008

  12. Nowhere near enough Neil, but plenty of beauty.

    By thewaymouth on Oct 17, 2008

  13. Excellent! Thanks, as always. Jim

    By Jim Gouveia on Oct 23, 2008

  14. Thanks for sharing these sweet outtakes. More like this would be great!

    By James on Nov 16, 2008

  15. Thank you, thank you! I cannot believe hwo good this CD is; it is GREAT!!! Soundwise, performance wise, I like the first CSN, I love this CD.

    By Prefabfan on Dec 29, 2008

  16. These recording makes me love CSN&Y even more!
    The quality of the recordings is excellent!
    The rundown of Wooden Ships without words got stuck in my mind and just don’t go away!

    By Alex Corvini on Jan 2, 2009

  17. what a great find..thanks very much.

    By sluggo on Apr 22, 2009

  18. Wow — ! what a treasure. Pure Graham Nash, and then some besides! I enjoyed these so much. Thank you!

    By Elizabeth on Apr 23, 2009

  19. Fantasic Sound Thats Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By udo on Sep 6, 2009

  20. Thanks for these, probably one of the best records of it’s time so it is good to see how it took shape

    By Mal on Dec 21, 2009

  21. I’ve just found this site, and I love it!It’s too bad so many of these recordings (like the CSNY one above) arent available anymore. Do they become available from time to time, or is it QUICK grab it now before its gone??

    By Jay on Jan 12, 2010

  22. Does any one have this cd for sale, or can they repost it again?
    Dr. Neil

    By DrRenShen on Aug 27, 2010

  23. Beautiful! Over 2 years ago, and it is still in my top 5! Love the fun, the harmonies, the very alternate or instrumental versions! This is the gold standard in my book for an entirely listenable alternative studio album. The guys in CSNY were very inventive folk. Legends.
    If you like this, check out the Reunion concert of Buffalo Springfield from 2010. VERY good!

    By 2yrsnojob on Jan 15, 2011

  24. i was wondering where i can purchase cds like these and other csny cds or rare buffalo springfield stills crosby or nash cds could you help me or refer me to someone that might have cds like these for sale thank you

    By tony hauck on Jan 27, 2011

  25. Very good one!thanks a lot

    By javel on Nov 22, 2011

  26. Hello,
    Always great what we can find on your blog. Many thanks for sharing. I love all these outtakes & demos.
    Best regards from France,

    By Robert on Mar 7, 2013

  27. Apparently things were much better back when this show was posted. All comments insightful with respect between everyone.When did it all change to the sespool of trolls that exists here now ?

    By Bill on Oct 2, 2017

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