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Fillmore East 1969/1970

Live at the Fillmore East, December 31, 1969; January 1, 1970. Very good soundboard.

Fans of Jimi Hendrix no doubt would own the Band Of Gypsys album and/or Live At The Fillmore East. These are the legendary recordings of the guitarist at Fillmore East on December 31, 1969 and January 1, 1970.

Backed by bassist Billy Cox and drummer Buddy Miles, the Band Of Gypsys played four shows over those two days - two shows per day. However, the complete performances have never been officially released. At best, the official releases offered what would be considered the highlights of the shows and unless you were lucky enough to be there, listeners won’t get a feel of how the show progressed from beginning to end.

Fortunately for those who need that sense of completeness, the entire recordings have been circulating among collectors as a six-CD set.

Here then are all the unreleased tracks from the Fillmore concerts. As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have not been officially released on CD.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.
Note: Thanks to reader Lee Cohn who checked and confirmed that the following two tracks, from January 1 (first show), have not been officially released:
Track 403. Changes
Track 408. Earth Blues
They can be downloaded below.

Note2: When the track, We Gotta Live Together (Fillmore East, January 1, 1970, second show), was first released on Band Of Gypsys, it was edited down to 5:46 mins. When it was subsequently released on the Live At The Fillmore East CD, it clocked 9:55 mins. Here is the unedited, complete track at 16:43 mins.
Track 602. We Gotta Live Together
Download the track below.

+ + + + +

Disc 1
December 31, 1969; first show
(Tracks in italics have been officially released)
Track 101. Intro (842k)
Track 102. Power Of Soul (7.1MB)
Track 103. Lover Man (4.4MB)
Track 104. Hear My Train A-Comin’
Track 105. Changes
Track 106. Izabelle

Track 107. Machine Gun (12.1MB)
Track 108. Stop (7.0MB)
Track 109. Ezy Rider (8.1MB)
Track 110. Bleeding Heart (8.8MB)
Track 111. Earth Blues (8.8MB)
Track 112. Burning Desire (12.7MB)

Disc 2
December 31, 1969; second show
Track 201. Also Sprach Zarathustra
Track 202. Auld Lang Syne
Track 203. Who Knows

Track 204. Stepping Stone (7.5MB)
Track 205. Burning Desire (3.7MB)
Track 206. Fire (7.1MB)
Track 207. Ezy Rider (6.5MB)
Track 208. Machine Gun
Track 209. Power Of Soul (9.1MB)
Track 210. Stone Free (10.2MB)
Track 211. Drum Solo (4.7MB)
Track 212. Outside Woman Blues (8.7MB)

Disc 3
December 31, 1969; second show (continued)
Track 301. Them Changes (13.9MB)
Track 302. Message To Love (5.3MB)
Track 303. Stop (10.1MB)
Track 304. Foxy Lady (18.4MB - please visit the html page to download the track)
Track 305. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (5.9MB)
Track 306. Purple Haze (4.6MB)

Disc 4
January 1, 1970; first show
Track 401. Intro/Who Knows
Track 402. Machine Gun
Track 403. Changes (10.1MB)
Track 404. Power Of Soul
Track 405. Stepping Stone
Track 406. Foxy Lady
Track 407. Stop
Track 408. Earth Blues (6.7MB)
Track 409. Burning Desire

Disc 5
January 1, 1970; second show
Track 501. Intro/Stone Free
Track 502. Changes
Track 503. Power Of Soul
Track 504. Message To Love
Track 505. Earth Blues
Track 506. Machine Gun

Disc 6
January 1, 1970; second show (continued)
Track 601. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Track 602. We Gotta Live Together (23.5MB - visit the html page to download the track)
Track 603. Wild Thing

Track 604. Hey Joe (5.5MB)
Track 605. Purple Haze (6.3MB)

It is never too late to get into Hendrix and you can order Band Of Gypsys and Live At Fillmore East here.

  1. 24 Responses to “JIMI HENDRIX - FILLMORE EAST 1969/1970”

  2. Jimi Hendrix concerts you can find on every corner of the WEB.99% are crap.There is more noise than music.Recorded in a distance of 100 yard from the stage.This recording is fine.A part of the 1% you can enjoy.On November 27th is his 66st birthday.What wouldhe do when he not died? When he would hear all this bullshit on radio.I remember the day he died 18th of September 1970.In this time I was a fucking soldier.I will never forget the day when I heard it on radie that jimi died.Every time when I was down Jimi´s music gave me power to make no suicide.Music is the best medicine we have.
    Thank you Jimi.Thank you guys for this concert.

    By Joe "The Catman" on Oct 13, 2008

  3. VERY NICE! Happy Birthday Jimi.

    “Let’s hope that this year is better than the last.” No more war!

    Thanks again Big O ‘Zine !!!

    By T Mon on Oct 15, 2008

  4. When I read Joe “The Catman”’s posting it was like reading a mirror image of what I would say. Except I was a fucking sailor having just returned from that beautiful part of the world…Vietnam…amerikkka’a last big (?) fuckup.
    I have around fifty or so Hendrix bootlegs where most are pretty sad shape sound wise, but to me it’s a treasure having them never the less.
    He means a lot to me…in times of trouble I remember these words…”With the Power of Soul Anything is Possible…With the Power of You Anything You Want To Do.”
    I feel he never really died…he just went some place else to play his music.
    Peace out!

    By Mark on Oct 15, 2008

  5. Does anyone have a torrent link to the 6 CD Fillmore set? I did try looking but not much luck. Thanks

    By The Rotagilla on Oct 16, 2008

  6. I can find where everything has been previously officially released (BOG or Live at the Fillmore 2CD’s)but this one: “Earth Blues”, from the 1/1/70 first show. Can anyone tell me where this track was officially released?

    By BK on Oct 16, 2008

  7. @The Rotagilla


    (Found at first shot1)

    By sosilos on Oct 17, 2008

  8. some mighty find Jimi, awesome quality. Jimi got me through the Nam and I say fly your freak flag high, my friends!

    By M.K. Ultra on Oct 17, 2008

  9. as some of the released songs are double (e.g.”Machine Gun” at 402 and 506, “Changes” at 105 & 502, “Power of Soul” 404 & 503, …) – can anyone post here on which album where each song was released officially?
    as far as I remember, on the “Band of Gypsys” album the exact origin of the recordings is not clear.

    By Walter on Oct 17, 2008

  10. @ Walter

    For a quick reference as to the official releases by track try “Band of Gypsys” on Wikipedia (if your comfortable with the source). It provides track by track detail.

    By BK on Oct 18, 2008

  11. 05/24/1969 San Diego Sports Arena!! Awesome. We were in. Ticket less fools square off w/ police outside. Small riot… Glass doors crashed and broken. Jimi plays on!!!!!

    By booshka on Oct 21, 2008

  12. Haven’t had a chance to listen to all of this bliss, but just want to thank you now. Machine Gun’s mad & Ezy Riser’s wild.

    By thewaymouth on Oct 23, 2008

  13. Hi, In the article “Band of Gypsys” on Wikipedia cited previously - It is stated about Track 602. We Gotta Live Together - “We Gotta Live Together” is heavily edited to fit on the album. Its original length is about twice that which can be heard on the album. A longer version can be heard on the 2-disc Live at the Fillmore East album; the full version has never been officially released. How about a download? :)

    By scorpio741 on Oct 24, 2008

  14. My memories of this night are a bit hazy. Maybe it was the brownies. I do remember it was easily the loudest show I had ever heard inside of a building at that point. My college roomie’s mother got us the tickets and we stayed at their apartment. I don’t think I fully realized what I had seen and heard for twenty years. Even getting the first LP as a promo, all I remember thinking was that’s neat. Then the SECOND BOG LP was released as a promo and things started to get interesting as it reinvigorated m interest. All along you could rely onj the guitar mags doing yearly cover stories about Jimi. There were actually complaints from some people because he showed up so much. But it didn’t really blow me away until the early nineties when I was on college radio and played a lot of Jimi on an alternative station and began to see major GOOD reaction from the punks and Nirvana fans. Then the realization hit me that I had BEEN there and what significance these (this) show had. I’ve always picked up as much bootleg Jimi as I can and getting this WHOLE document has been a holy grail for me. Now with the double CD re-issue, my original 1983 or 4 German BOG CD and the 2 LPs and this, I’ve finally got it all…yes?….except for the complete We Gotta Live Together (which has always been my go to track to showoff JIMI’s guitar playing…that ending is SOOO over the top!…so what is thetory on that track?

    Thanks for the posting…REALLY …thanks

    By Duncan Walls on Oct 25, 2008

  15. i love messy jimi but sound quality for tracks 107-112, 204, 212, 302 really sucks (interpolated and gave up!)… 102+103 sound good, quiet vox. oh well

    By more on Oct 25, 2008

  16. Like Mark and a couple of others, I had Hendrix when the shit was flying all around me. But Unlike Mark I don’t think Nam is our last fuckup - ever hear of Iraq?

    Jimi is more than just the music. He is a part of a time when everything changed.

    By O.B. Dan on Oct 31, 2008

  17. hey guys I have never seen Jimi Hendrix live but i have been a big fan since i started collecting live music way back in the late 60s.At that time it was virtually impossible to get any good Jimi concerts as the sound was always very very bad.Thank God nowadays you guys have been putting out some fantastic shows.thanks a million and keep on giving the music a better time cheers Eddie Casey

    By eddie casey on Nov 5, 2008

  18. Thanks for posting this awesome stuff!
    Que viva Jimi Hendrix!!!!!!!!!

    By Luis Torregrosa on Nov 10, 2008

  19. track 7 at about 6:20 machine gun.guy taping says to his buddy , “shades of led zeppelin” ….twice……to see both bands in the same year,probably several times would have been fun. i was two at the time

    By t on Dec 5, 2008

  20. The track of disc 1.109 ezy rider is bad.

    By Alaan Placencia on Aug 3, 2016

  21. any chance of reposting this one guys?

    By sluggo on Aug 16, 2016

  22. the good old days when people actually talked music here instead of racial slurs mixed couples jew bashing and Mr Berle’s penis.

    By David on Feb 20, 2020

  23. any chance of a re up on this?

    By David on Feb 20, 2020

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