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When the Grateful Dead met The Beach Boys, all hell did not break loose.

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Fillmore East 1971 [no label, 4CD]

Live at Fillmore East, New York, NY;  April 27, 1971. Ex Soundboard stereo.

In 1999, Fire Power, a Japanese bootleg label, released The Beach Boys Meet The Grateful Dead: Live At Fillmore East 1971. Possibly the first time a silver disc bootleg of this show appeared. However, versions of this show have circulated but without The Grateful Dead and Beach Boys both performing Help Me Rhonda.

In June, 2011, a torrent site upped a version of this show that had the complete Help Me Rhonda. It came with this interesting note about the lineage:

“I decided to put this out for a number of reasons but mainly it’s an improvement as to what circulates. The main reason being Will’s reels (Wilson Boswell) are in prime condition and have never had to be baked over a number of times. The exact lineage of all the April ‘71 Fillmore East reels are still a mystery so perhaps we will really never know the whole story BUT some low gen reels @ 7.5 ips have survived in one piece and these are some of them.

“According to the story from Wilson and Pat Lee, Peter Kafer and Bill Gadsden ‘purchased’ the supposed masters from a guy named Buddy Miller (now a country musician) and brought them up to the Northwest for them to copy back in 1973. Will’s are 7.5 ips. and Pat’s are 3.3/4 ips. Nobody for sure knows exactly which were masters since Buddy decided to keep a few for himself which is truly the crux of the mystery or if even Buddy had masters himself.

“I realize in some circles this is considered heresy but it’s true and until Buddy comes forward and flat out states he had masters this should be considered as a possibility. We can only now just listen carefully and try to figure it out that way. Anyhow please enjoy!”

As if a retort, on July 8, 2011, a Pink Floyd torrent site upped a similar torrent of the Grateful Dead with The Beach Boys at Fillmore East, April 27, 1971. The sharer says his tapes come from famed Dead fan Charlie Miller who transferred and mastered the show in 2008. But this version from Miller’s tape was again remastered on July 6, 2011. The sharer said his set 2 was “seamless” whereas the one here uses tracks from the “Ramrod source” to patch in several songs from set 2.

Miller is well known for liberating and cleaning up Grateful Dead soundboards. Where he got his copy is unknown. Go here to see full details of the Charlie Miller version.

This version we share uses Wilson Boswell’s tape sourced from “Buddy Miller” but includes patches from the Ramrod source and the 16-track source. Go here to see full details.

While all the above is important to archivists, it should be noted that these are probably the best sounding tapes you’ll hear until the Dead release the full show.

The other interesting thing of note is the Beach Boys performance. The week-long shows at Fillmore East were to mark the closure of the famed venue and among the guests invited were The Beach Boys and Duane Allman.

You can hear Mike Love trying to sound hip. This was 1971, with the band struggling to regain their form despite critically acclaimed albums like Sunflower (1970) and the soon to be released Surf’s Up (August 1971). Chart success had not been forthcoming and the only recent top 5 single was their remake of the Harry Belafonte song “Cottonfields”.

When introducing Good Vibrations, Mike Love says, “How about a song that reflects these really fucked-up times?”

He even namechecks the Buffalo Springfield in the middle of “Good Vibrations”. “We did this one night with the Buffalo Springfield - all stoned and drunk - and it sounded great.”

When the band get to their third Beach Boys hit, it is an extended version of “Help Me Rhonda”. “We took one of our old songs,” says Love, “that we tried to kinda just make an arrangement the way it would sound if it was written out.” The added space allows the Dead to move around and fill.

But when the boys sing Okie From Muskogee with the Dead, you know who are the Okies. Despite their adoption of transcendental meditation and the drastic change of appearance from clean cut kids in matching striped shirts to heavily bearded “Pilgrims from New England”, the stigma remained that they were a pop band. The Dead, however, were at their peak in the early ’70s.

Does anyone know how or why the Beach Boys were invited to guest with the Grateful Dead?

This version was shared by self4 at Demonoid. Transfered and mastered by Matt Smith June 2011. Self4 thanks Bob Menke for the patch sources, Matt for his work and jpc3 for tagging the files.

We like to thank self4 for his generous share of this rare performance between two very dissimilar bands and in such exceptional quality. Cover art by Trooper1212, posted at
- The Little Chicken

Missing is the opening set by New Riders Of The Purple Sage.

This set was separated into 4CDs by self4 but the timing shows it can fit on three CDs. We have left the configuration as suggested by self4.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 256 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
(Set 1)
Track 101. Tuning (2:06) (3.8MB)
Click here if you reside in North America
Click here if you reside outside North America
Track 102. Truckin’ (10:55) (21.0MB)
Track 103. Mama Tried (3:14) (6.2MB)
Track 104. Bertha (6:40) (12.8MB)
Track 105. Next Time You See Me (4:41) (8.6MB)
Track 106. Cumberland Blues (6:31) (11.9MB)
Click here if you reside in North America
Click here if you reside outside North America
107. Me & My Bobby McGee - Omitted
Track 108. Loser (7:35) (14.6MB)
(Omitted track found on the 1971 live album, Grateful Dead. The version of Bertha on the live album is overdubbed. This version is as it was performed.)

Disc 2
(Set 1 contd)
Track 201. Hard To Handle (10:25) (20.0MB)
Track 202. China Cat Sunflower (4:52) (9.4MB)
Track 203. I Know You Rider (5:57) (10.9MB)
204. Casey Jones - Omitted#

(Set 2)
Track 205. Sugar Magnolia (6:59) (13.4MB)
Track 206. Deal (5:55) (10.8MB)
Click here if you reside in North America
Click here if you reside outside North America
Track 207. Me & My Uncle (3:49) (7.0MB)
Click here if you reside in North America
Click here if you reside outside North America
Track 208. Bird Song (8:26) (16.2MB)

Disc 3
(Set 2 contd)
Track 301. Tuning (2:45) (5.0MB)
Click here if you reside in North America
Click here if you reside outside North America
Track 302. Playing In The Band (4:54) (8.9MB)
Track 303. Tuning/Stage Noise (4:23) (8.0MB)
Track 304. Dire Wolf (3:56) (7.2MB)
Track 305. Tuning (3:54) (7.5MB)
Track 306. Searchin’ (7:35)* (14.6MB)
Track 307. Riot In Cell Block #9 (7:54)* (15.2MB)
Track 308. Good Vibrations/I Get Around (8:22)** (16.1MB)
Track 309. Help Me Rhonda* (7:10) (13.8MB)

Disc 4
(Set 2 contd)
Track 401. Okie From Muskogee (5:09)* (9.4MB)
Click here if you reside in North America
Click here if you reside outside North America
Track 402. Johnny B. Goode (3:46)* (6.9MB)
Track 403. Tuning (2:10) (3.9MB)
Click here if you reside in North America
Click here if you reside outside North America
Track 404. Sing Me Back Home (10:47) (20.7MB)
405. Uncle John’s Band - Omitted#
406. Turn On Your Lovelight - Omitted#

* with Beach Boys
** Beach Boys alone
[# three omitted tracks found on Ladies and Gentlemen… The Grateful Dead]

Beach Boys present for this show are:
Mike Love
Carl Wilson
Bruce Johnston
Al Jardine

The Grateful Dead are
Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Phil Lesh - electric bass, vocals
Ron “Pigpen” McKernan - vocals, harmonica, organ, percussion
Bob Weir - rhythm guitar, vocals

To celebrate the closing of Bill Graham’s Fillmore East in New York, the Grateful Dead and guests played five nights from April 25 to April 29, 1971. In 2000, the Dead released a 4CD boxset, Ladies and Gentlemen… The Grateful Dead which was an incomplete document of the five-night stand. Buy it here.

  1. 48 Responses to “SON OF SHARING THE GROOVE”

  2. Cool! Thanks Man!

    By Terd Ferguson on Jul 21, 2011

  3. Thanks BigO 4 BeachBoys Grateful Dead set. The Beach Boys had co-mingled their performances also with the band Chicago on a Rockin New Years Eve party, where Olivia Newton-John also performed separately. With Chicago, it was a very nice fit. This should be interesting. Wonder where Dennis’ head was at, and why he wasn’t there. He would have seemed to be closer to the scene than the rest of the ‘Boys.

    By 3yrsnojob on Jul 21, 2011

  4. Does anyone know how or why the Beach Boys were invited to guest with the Grateful Dead?
    Little Chicken, the only clue I have is the setlist for this amalgamation. Perhaps Bill Graham envisioned a “Country-Rock and Americana” connection between the two bands. In 1971, there definitely was a country-rock movement, from the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield beginnings. The Grateful Dead were nothing if not prolific in this area, along with many others, with the Beach Boys struggling to get somewhat there, but their attempts were more like dabbling with it, testing the waters, so to speak. Again, not much to hang your hat on.

    By 3yrsnojob on Jul 21, 2011

  5. I also think that having New Riders of the Purple Sage open also points to what was intended. Wasn’t Commander Cody available?

    By 3yrsnojob on Jul 21, 2011

  6. I’d take the Boys over the Dead any day. Most overrated band ever.

    By Ted Synergy on Jul 21, 2011

  7. The Beach Boys had recently been signed to Warner, which was the Dead’s label, and had released the excellant album “Sunflower.” I understand that Warner wanted the Beach Boys to guest with the Dead in an effort to give them street credibility. I also understand that Garcia had to be pushed pretty hard to agree.

    By loophole on Jul 21, 2011

  8. If memory serves me well The Beach Boys had a new manager at this who was trying to give the Boys a new hip image. He arranged for them to play with the Dead telling them that this was their new target audience.

    By Sking on Jul 21, 2011

  9. “at this time”
    I should proof read before pressing submit.

    By Sking on Jul 21, 2011

  10. you can find the NRPS set at Wolfgang’s Vault:

    By Nedi on Jul 22, 2011

  11. Sure sounds to me like Dennis Wilson IS there (eg: there are TWO drummists playing during “Searchin” and “Riot”). Also, I doubt if Bill the K would know/play all those little stops-n-starts throughout “Good Vibrations/Get Around.”

    By Gary Pig Gold on Jul 23, 2011

  12. You can find the 3 omitted Grateful Dead tracks, but from the “Charlie Miller” source, at at about 200 kbps VBR MP3. Search under Grateful Dead for the April 27, 1971 date. There will be 8 responses. Only 2 show 5 stars quality. The response with the album version is not available. But, the Charlie Miller version is. It is believed, per the comments, that this is a temporary availability as it was just put up and the others were made not available, and the Charlie Miller version may get the same fate. As for myself, I don’t know, was just going by the comments.

    By 3yrsnojob on Jul 23, 2011

  13. Thanks 3yrsnojob but it looks like it’s already blocked at
    Last year I was searching for this show and found a download that goes from Searchin’ through Lovelight. The link is still good. It’s 72 MB. Bit Rate is only 128kbps. But Uncle John & Lovelight adds up to 27 minutes. It could be worth tagging on at the end.,g/GDBB-Fillmore.html

    By Sking on Jul 23, 2011

  14. Sorry, Sking, but here’s how you can listen to them stream. I just checked, it is still there. After searching under “grateful dead fillmore”, you then look through them until you find “1971-04-27″. Click on that one. it pulls up the screen for the first one it comes to. it will show ‘This performance has been commercially released on “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Grateful Dead”‘ But there are eight different entries. To find the other seven, next to the date it gives instructions on how to find the others. Find the one that both received 5 star rating and ONLY shows Charlie Miller (not the one that also shows Gans). Click on that. What will come up is a screen that will show the songs on the right. You click on them to play them. There is a list of the songs. There is free software out on the net to record anything your PC plays. Do a search for Ask Toolbar or Freecorder. Hope this helps.

    By 3yrsnojob on Jul 23, 2011

  15. Thanks for your help, 3yrsnojob. I was able to get all 4 songs. 3 real easy but one gave me fits. But with persistence (going away & coming back later) I finally got Uncle John’s Band.

    By the way, these at are @ 256kbps and depending on the edit should fit right into place.

    Thanks again for posting this BigO. The sound is much better than the 2 versions I found on the web last year.

    By Sking on Jul 24, 2011

  16. crazy…two of my least favourite bands..if pink floyd had been there it would have been a trifecta!

    By sluggo on Jul 25, 2011

  17. I never got around to hearing the Beach Boys set. Should be interesting. Thanks

    By Matt on Sep 10, 2011

  18. Um, no Ted… It’s the Beach Boys that are the most overrated band ever. The Dead were, and are, amazing and this era of the GD had them nearing their peak years (1972-74). The “Boys” were OK here, and the novelty of this pairing is fun, but the Boys could in no way keep up with the Dead when it comes to playing their instruments.

    That said, I’ll be fair to the Boys and admit that Pet Sounds is a fine album (then again, that was all Brian Wilson’s fragile genius) and I’ll admit the Dead sure couldn’t sing and harmonize like the Boys. So credit where credit is due.

    But the Beach Boys had their best moments well behind them by 1971, and even at their best the songs were, apart from “Good Vibrations” and the Pet Sounds album, not even close to being as good or interesting as the Dead’s best works. The “Help Me Rhonda” played here was more in the Dead’s style, and it makes for a more interesting song that way.

    By Shaun on Mar 5, 2012

  19. The “backstory” as to how and why the Beach Boys were slated to appear onstage with the Grateful Dead at the NYC Fillmore in 1971 is described on pages 240-241 in author Steven Gaines book entitled “Heroes and Villains - The True Story of the Beach Boys”–first Signet paperback edition, 1987 and later reprints.

    By Norman Bates on Dec 3, 2014

  20. Thick or what, Shaun? Light one up and fantasize for the rest of us.

    By Scooter Randolph on Mar 26, 2015

  21. Hey Scooter… Go f*ck your self gently with a chainsaw.

    By Guy Smiley on Mar 30, 2015

  22. Honestly, “Scooter,” if you’re going to be a rude jerk, even if it’s three years after the fact, at least back up your a**holish claims with some reasonable points.

    Shaun was right. The Dead couldn’t sing like the Boys, and the Boys sure as hell couldn’t play like the Dead (Graham Nash once said the same thing, comparing CSN to the Dead). There’s no shame in either one, and YMMV. But, c’mon. As great as Pet Sounds is, that was Brian’s genius alone, and The Wrecking Crew, not the Boys, played all that music.

    Both made great, timeless music IMO, but there’s little doubt that the Boys were desperately trying to overhaul their image in the late 60s/early 70s, and trying to be seen as “hip” again. It didn’t really work. Surf’s Up and Sunflower might be decent albums, but few would mention them in the same breath as American Beauty or Europe ‘72.

    The Boys ended up on the oldies circuit, and Mike Love continues to cheapen their legacy to this day. The Dead continued to endure, drawing huge crowds but basically staying under the radar of the mainstream until 1987.

    In either case, both bands are legendary even if you’re too closed-minded to enjoy one of them. As unlikely a pairing as this is, why not celebrate it? It’s a fun show.

    And you’re still a jerk.

    By Guy Smiley on Mar 30, 2015

  23. i was there, 19 years old and high as a kite. One show and one show only. 8 pm. A few rows up in the balcony. The dead came out and just kept playing, they would announce intermission and we would smoke dope until the lights flickered in the bathroom and then rush back to our seats. This happened for two more sets and when we got seated the curtains parted and “the beach boys” appeared on the screen. Everybody laughed like hell until the screen went up and sure as [email protected] there were the beach boys. They played alone and then with the dead. What a crazy show. In at 8pm, out at daylight. To be young.

    By Bob on Jun 3, 2015

  24. the beach boys recorded a live album at the fillmore east without dennis. they went back and forth about releasing it and couldnt decided if they should or not for many years because he wasnt there for the show. he had gotten sick a day or two before the concert and was unable to sing or from what i understand even get out of bed. so they recorded the show as planned and it sat in the vaults for years but ultimately it came out in collectors hands. then a few promos go out and an acetate came out and someone got hold of it from italy and arranged permission to put it out and it was released for a while. it took forever for the bbs to get it taken out of circulation but by then a couple of 1000 copies had sold. right now its out of print and virtually impossible to find but in collectors circles its very easy to find and dl. the band is in fine form if u dont miss dennis. the sound is slightly hard but very nice for a 44 year old recording. it happens to be one of my fave recordings. but then i like a lot of bbs pre 84. i am not happy with the crap they have been getting away with in the last 30 yrs.
    i hate to say it but more than 75% of what u heard in concert or on any live recordings of them in concert whether it be official or unofficial are all totally fabricated and fake. if u want more info u should read up on what they have really been up to in the last 30 yrs. its a huge con job. u want the real bbs? those first 20 yrs is it. after that its all fake and crap. seriously. and if u dont have it.. find that fillmore recording.

    By darth on Jun 3, 2015

  25. beach boys crap is for gay surfers
    A bushy bushy blond hairdo
    I never thought a guy could cry
    ‘Til you made it with another guy
    East coast girls are hip
    I really dig those styles they wear
    bleeeeeech !

    By real 17 on Jun 4, 2015

  26. how does that line suggest anything gay? a guys feelings are hurt when his gal goes off with another guy. guys shouldnt have feelings? a lot of women would prefer a guy who has feelings and is willing to express them to a guy who acts all macho and is afraid to let his feelings and emotions out. eventually those feelings will explode and he is likely to vent in non productive ways. often in violence and negative manners. ask your boyfriend what he thinks. he’ll tell u. u sound homophobic to me.

    By darth on Jun 4, 2015

  27. i may sound homophobic to you but you sound like a class a nutcase to everyone here

    By real 17 on Jun 4, 2015

  28. -a guy who acts all macho and is afraid to let his feelings and emotions out. eventually those feelings will explode and he is likely to vent in non productive ways. often in violence and negative manners.-

    sounds exactly like you darth here on this site.

    By darth's love connection on Jun 4, 2015

  29. no it doesnt. i have no problems expressing my feelings. and im not homophobic.

    By darth on Jun 4, 2015

  30. in my room
    ba ba ba ba bob and ram

    singin` about their woodies

    By real 17 on Jun 4, 2015

  31. Beach boys lost concert.I just came across this and I`m not a beach boys expert by any means so I don`t know if this is rare or not but I thought the fans would enjoy it.

    By sluggo on Jun 8, 2015

  32. Again, the almost impossible happens - I have to admit that Darth IS RIGHT when it comes to the disgraceful farcical state that has been The Beach Boys since Dennis Wilson died. Plenty I could say and add but won’t bother since I don’t want to maybe start up any arguments, but yes, I agree with Darth that what’s happened to The Beach Boys is a shameful embarrassing disgrace. One only has to Google “Mike Love Prick” to see how much “love” there truly is for that guy!

    By Bruce Skywater on Jun 8, 2015

  33. the concert slug links to is the amc one i spoke of previously that they got their hands on and brdcst back in the early 90s. it was determined to be from santa monica and if im not mistaken the civic aud. collectors had the audio but not the video since the 70s on a boot but the video was lost til amc brdcst this gem. it made headlines and was all the rage for weeks. pity its not longer but in early 64 and around that era most performances were that long. in fact the longest beatles set was 45mins. and other than a few bbc perfs their shortest was around the length of this beachboys set approx. i would like to find out what other bands played at that beachboys set cuz u know that that audience didnt show up for a 20 min set and then go home. lol. imagine finding the other recordings. just as winterland filmed 80-90% of their shows and they finally started leaking out in the 80s so did venues like santa monica civic im betting. their inhouse system was always running.

    By darth on Jun 8, 2015

  34. thx sluggo its great to see the boys playing their own instruments so well and brian singing lead on ‘papa oom mow mow’!

    its very possible that this show was not in santa monica. if u check setlist ‘dot’ fm for the beach boys in 1964 no one show in santa monica comes close to the set list of this video. the only show that does is NBC studios burbank CA on march 14 1964. only one song- ‘monster mash’- is not on this video. its possible that this cover song was edited for nbc tv purposes to give a little more time for commercials and fit the show into a 30 minute time space.

    btw… “the concert slug links to’… says the liar who claims that he never attacks anyone. sigh…

    By barth on Jun 9, 2015

  35. thanks sluggo for the link…although not a huge fan of the Boys I appreciate the link & will check it out…

    By Jerry's Finger on Jun 9, 2015

  36. good detective work there barth!

    jerry`s finger, I`m not big fan either but hey some folks will really enjoy this!

    By sluggo on Jun 9, 2015

  37. i didnt determine its source or location. i only said that it was determined. i had no clue where it was from only what i had read shortly after it aired. again on amc tv. try noticing the part where i said if im not mistaken. i didnt know the facts and setlist didnt exist when the item was found and aired and for years after it came into existence on video for the public.
    i recorded it myself when it aired and put it on audio tape along with other bb’s items.
    chances are monster mash would have been removed to avoid paying bobby boris picket royalties if they had aired it. it was also probably considered lost since it may not have ever aired.

    By darth on Jun 9, 2015

  38. aw gosh darn it, no props for Darth.

    By real 17 on Jun 9, 2015

  39. whaddya know! “the lost concert” is on dvd and its available on amazon! the description says:

    “The boys were taped live on March 14, 1964 as part of a concert that also included the Beatles and Lesley Gore. After the performances were aired on closed-circuit TV to theaters packed with screaming fans, the Beach Boys segment remained virtually unseen until it was rediscovered in 1998.”

    more here:

    i thought it may have been recorded on a sound stage by the look of the sets and camera work. its odd that ‘monster mash’ would have been cut but two other cover songs included. perhaps they couldnt work out a deal with whomever owns the publishing rights who knows? i wonder what happened to the beatles and leslie gore videos??

    By barth on Jun 9, 2015

  40. lots of the same songs on this show as the show at -
    and interestingly the pic used for the cover of that other item even tho in color resembles the outfits worn in the video of the currently being discussed topic. which interestingly took place around the same time. perhaps that photo is from the show in the video. who knows. also of note.. monster mash was there in that show. its also not that hard to imagine that a show that is recorded could also be filmed altho of course it wouldnt be the only one but then 50 or so years ago recording wasnt that cheap so doing it often wouldnt behoove companies to spend money where they didnt have to. they might want to try and capture performances the first time. whether it be on film or audio. u know.. to release an album or play a concert in theaters around the country on closed circuit.
    while the comments on the amazon item says it was discovered in 98 this isnt true. i left nyc in nov 95. i had cable in nyc from 89 to that date. it included the amc channel. the beach boys performance was announced in the early 90s as being aired on tv as a lost concert having never been seen before on tv. it was between 1990 and 95 without any doubt whatsoever. i didnt move to arizona til nov 1995. i didnt record anything while there. the info on the amazon page is incorrect.

    By darth on Jun 9, 2015

  41. of course Darth and your info is always right.

    By real 17 on Jun 9, 2015

  42. did i say u want some more? well heres some more!

    this concert was taped then broadcast across the country to arenas and theaters and was seen by 500,000 ppl. there were only four transmissions of the taped performances. apparently the beatles show in washington dc on february 11 was taped for this broadcast. says who? says pete howard in this very informative video:

    philly & jersey music fans will recognize the name on the poster of legendary dj jerry blavat, aka “the geator with the heator”, “the boss with the hot sauce”. the geator still does a saturday show on wxpn-fm 88.5 “The Geator’s R’n'R R&B Express” which u can listen to on their site or stream a few past shows. hes a true classic the likes of which may never be heard again. or see “my man pots and pans” at his record hops if youre in the area.

    for trivia fans- the delaware valley garden was later named the cherry hill arena. they held concerts and it was the home of the jersey devils minor league ice hockey team. it was also briefly the home arena of the WHA philadelphia blazers. i saw the golden jet bobby hull there once.

    By barth on Jun 9, 2015

  43. give that man a deerstalker and a bubble pipe!
    Barth you are incredible!

    By sluggo on Jun 9, 2015

  44. yow! that first line should have been “did u say u want some more?” a tribute to frank zappa….

    u will note that pete howard says that “the lost concert” dvd wasn’t released until 35 years later which would be 1999. image entertainment lists it as released it in 1999. thats good enough for me!

    if “the last concert” was indeed broadcast on tv a few years before the dvd release date of 1999 that doesnt prove that the broadcast itself was from a dvd release. checkmate.

    youre trying really really hard darth/glen but u wont top me on this one! :-)

    By barth on Jun 9, 2015

  45. thx sluggo thats a new one on me!

    By barth on Jun 9, 2015

  46. thanks barth & sluggo…

    I like your style & attitude here presenting links & info…not pretentious & smug like that other poster that is quite glib with every thing he presents…

    By Jerry's Finger on Jun 9, 2015

  47. no i didnt say the dvd was brdcst on amc. youre not paying attn. i said amc got hold of it in the early 90s. they aired it first. no one had seen it since it first was shown in 64. it was then put onto dvd and offered commercially. it was not discovered in 98 as it says in the amazon article. my point is that it says that it was but it wasnt. the actual fact is.. that it was discovered in the early 90s and that it was aired on tv on the amc network first. it was then taken from that airing or perhaps a copy was gotten from them and put on dvd with their permission. altho image entertainment often does things without permission btw. there are quite a few videos out there on that label that are sort of grey market releases. that release came out in 99. i didnt even discuss that til now mind u.
    the only thing i mentioned was the discovery date. which wasnt 98 as it says in the article along with the dvd on amazon. i am positive of this because i watched the brdcst as amc aired it in the early 90s. it could have been 90 or 91 or 92 etc. it couldnt have been any later than nov 95 however. i explained why.
    i didnt discuss the release at all. that isnt the point nor topic of anything i said.
    i also didnt say anything about the last concert.. i was only referring to the lost concert. which this is referred to because it was lost for nearly 30 years.
    i strongly doubt that amc had it on a dvd when they aired it. altho who knows.. they very well could have digitized the recording and put it onto dvd for their own use and used a dvd player at their studios to show the recording. but as it as shown in the early 90s it had not yet been put onto commercial dvd. that didnt happen for several years. image entertainment seems to have done that in 99. in 1999 i lived in ohio. i had already had the recording and no longer even bothered with audio for over 4 solid years by this point. when i recorded the show on amc i put it on vhs as i watched it. within minutes i copied it to audio cassette. i no longer had this ability since i didnt have my vcrs connected to any audio tape decks after november 95. i never ever recorded another audio cassette after nov 95. therefore it would have been absolutely impossible for me to have made that video into an audio tape. im not trying to top u on anything.. im just giving a little factual information about the actual info about when the film was really aired on amc and more likely discovered. i dont know how long before it aired the first time.. on amc.. it was found.. but i saw the announcements for it approximately 2 or so weeks ahead of time. i kept a calendar and immediately put a note in it to make sure i didnt forget. i did that with a lot of programming i didnt want to miss. i still do this. i started doing that in middle 89 or so.

    By darth on Jun 9, 2015

  48. jeeze glen…

    By Jerry's Finger on Jun 9, 2015

  49. pay attn darth- no one cares.

    u still didnt top me :-)

    By barth on Jun 9, 2015

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