October 8, 2011 – 4:45 am

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Folk Rogue 1964-1965 [Wild Wolf, 1CD]

Compilation of tracks from Newport Folk Festival 1965 and 1964; Newcastle 1965 and Hollywood Bowl 1965. Very good to excellent soundboard.

Craig Pinkerton’s review at

This CD is one to grab for several reasons. First of all, Newport shows are essential both to any serious Dylan collection, as well as to any music historian. This set compares the sublime acoustic folk ‘64 show to the infamous ‘Electric’ ‘65 show that forever changed the face of folk, rock, and folk-rock music. The entire CD is soundboard recordings, and this is the best sounding Newport recordings ever. The filler material is of fascinating historical importance as well. The two missing songs from the newly discovered Hollywood Bowl show (with Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson) are also included.

Music fan and boxset compiler Philip Cohen added: “The Newport 1964 version of It Ain’t Me Babe; and the Newport 1965 versions of All I Really Want to Do, Maggie Farm, Like A Rolling Stone, Mr Tambourine Man and It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue have been released on DVD-video (”Bob Dylan - The Other Side of The Mirror” by Sony). And Maggie’s Farm is found on The Bootleg Series Vol. 7: No Direction Home.” Thanks to Phil for the tip.

These tracks are no longer available for download.

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Click here to order The Bootleg Series Vol. 7: No Direction Home.

  1. 12 Responses to “BOB DYLAN - FOLK ROGUE”

  2. how does it feeeeel….

    well, it feeeeels good to get this , thanks!!!

    By sluggo on Oct 8, 2011

  3. Fantastic sounds! Im out on the Quad, sitting on the grass in the October sun. Im hoping that lunch doesnt end too soon. Gotta get to my locker for my Geometry book. In class, totally seeming to ignore the kid from India I had made friends with the day before.I had my memory erased by a VW bug 10 minutes after leaving his home 2 hours after school the day before. Ten months later, I remembered him. He was just another kid in class until then.
    Bob’s folk music brings back those days to me.

    By 3yrsnojob on Oct 8, 2011

  4. Expressions like “essential to any [fill in the blank] collection” or “a must for any [fill in the blank] fan” are vastly overused. In this case, though, they’re accurate. It’s amazing that this stuff has never been officially released (apart from the DVD).

    By YogaforCynics on Oct 8, 2011

  5. thanks, bigO!


    By I-) on Oct 8, 2011

  6. I can’t believe you ;) How can this has never been released before. No words to say how great are these versions.

    By Yann on Oct 11, 2011

  7. Cool, Nice stuff!

    By Timmy on Oct 12, 2011

  8. Awesome!

    By Gemini Jackson on Oct 12, 2011

  9. the ultimate and most accurate “BABY BLUE”

    By juju on Oct 17, 2011

  10. brilliant stuff. Many thanks guys :)

    By toyn on Oct 20, 2011

  11. I’m surprised this hasn’t been released- the performances and sound are great

    By Eric on Oct 30, 2011

  12. I can’t believe I didn’t have this in my collection. Many thanks for making it available.

    By Matt on Dec 8, 2011

  13. I never understood why the various songs weren’t compiled in their proper, chronological order on this release, but it’s awesome anyhow! Thanks, bigo!

    I also never understood why one of the electric songs (”Phantom Engineer,” which later became “It Takes a Lot to Laugh,”) was left OFF of the DVD from a few years ago. Disgraceful!!

    By Shaun on Mar 4, 2012

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