November 28, 2008 – 4:24 am

Every Grateful Dead fan will likely have his or her (why not her?) favourite Dead moments. Perhaps yours are among the tracks here.

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So Many Roads Outtakes [no label, 2CD]

Four years after the death of Jerry Garcia and 1999 saw the release of So Many Roads, the first “in-depth musical retrospective of the Grateful Dead,” a five-CD boxset that chronicled the band’s performances (live and studio) between 1965 and 1995.

Reviewing the boxset in, Seth Mnookin wrote: “Like so much about the Dead, So Many Roads succeeds gloriously and fails miserably, with moments of painful beauty laid atop mind-numbing exercises of ineptitude. It might not be the best six hours of music the Dead ever created, but it sure is a representative collection.”

Despite its flaws, “So Many Roads is filled with just enough moments of heartbreaking beauty and mind-blowing musical excursion to be worthwhile to a Dead fan… the first disc includes a number of rare early gems, including two 1965 songs the Dead recorded under the moniker Emergency Crew… A 1972 cover of Merle Haggard’s Sing Me Back Home, with [backup vocalist Donna] Godchaux roaring through Garcia’s lilting choruses, is genuinely moving. Another highlight is a 1990 performance of Bird Song that features Branford Marsalis on soprano saxophone.”

“But the heart of this set is not the freeform jams, which have long been available as bootlegs, but the handful of rehearsal and live tracks recorded between 1993 and 1995. During these years, the Dead were at the height of their popularity and, by most accounts, Garcia was once again falling rapidly into the drug addiction that would kill him. A yearning, cavernous version of Days Between and an impromptu run-through of Whiskey In The Jar, an old folk tune, aptly demonstrate how the Dead never lost their love of making music; these songs also hint toward new, gentler directions the Dead could have explored had Garcia lived.”

Even within five CDs, it is impossible to include each and every track that has been shortlisted. So here are the outtakes from the boxset.

Thanks to SuzCreamChees who shared the very good-sounding tracks on the net.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.Disc 1
1. Doing That Rag (4.25.69)
2. Candyman (6.4.70)
3. Easy Wind (2.27.70)
4. Till The Morning Comes (10.4.70)
5. Cold Rain and Snow (10.4.70)
6. China Cat Sunflower (10.4.70)
7. I Know You Rider (10.4.70)
8. Good Lovin’ (10.4.70)
9. Sugar Magnolia (10.4.70)

Disc 2
1. Uncle John’s Band (5.15.77)
2. Passenger (5.19.77) [Found on the So Many Roads sampler released to the media]
3. Terrapin Station (11.6.79)
4. Playing In The Band (11.6.79)
5. Feel Like A Stranger (3.2.87)
6. Valley Road (studio 1990)

Note: Better-sounding versions of Terrapin Station and Playing In The Band are available for sale at

Bonus Track

Track 01. Wave To The Wind (Here’s a studio outtake of Phil Lesh’s Wave To The Wind from a February 1992 rehearsal. From what we know, “Phil nixed it.”

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  1. 24 Responses to “MORE OF THE LIVING DEAD”

  2. great to see the Dead here..keep it coming!

    By mike traynor on Nov 28, 2008

  3. Most of this is really pish!!! Just go and dive deep into the Internet Archive Site and you will wallow in Dead Heaven ya virgin tosspots,There ya go I AM KIND? am I not.

    Jerry really is the best, At improv no one can come close, His feel and touch is sublime and the Runs,Oh!The Runs,who else could even imagine those intricate FUCKIN’RUNS(Yes I really did hear those exact words spewing forth from Johnny Hassen) Another one of THOSE DEADHEADS I’ve told you all about….Oh shit here we go……………………

    By Ginger Minger aka Grateful Redhead on Nov 29, 2008

  4. You are very Bad Gingerbreadhead,Don’t you know we all have to LOVE the Dead.Even when they are actually Dead and Buried we still must love them good old boys.The next thing you know Society’s Pilchard will be spouting his democratic viewpoint about not being a DEADHEAD (200 Gigs just because….Em? I like to prove that they really are abysmal most of the time)
    IMHO they really are UTTER SHITE! But then out of the blue they can become quite etheral and an AMAZING thing happens.They can actually play in tune sometimes and sing and everything.That’s the bits I like them most for, Don’t you?

    By Big Monkey Wench on Nov 29, 2008

  5. Garcia’s only fault in my mind was his addiction; without that he might have never achieved the heights with the music that he did. Catch 22? Yes. Take it as the gift that it is: unheard Grateful Dead versions. I’ll gladly add this to my 60+ gigs of ‘Dead!
    BTW- Thank the Big-O. Great job in putting this out there. Cheers
    The Putz

    By platterpile on Nov 29, 2008

  6. Hey, it’s the Dead…always worth a listen.

    By O.B. Dan on Nov 29, 2008

  7. Thanks, for more Dead. It’s Always worth having. Even on an off night, they had moments when they would soar. Have a nice holiday season. Jerry Rocks. Jim

    By Jim Gouveia on Nov 29, 2008

  8. Thanks for the awesome Dead! Can’t have enough!

    By John Coyle on Nov 29, 2008

  9. Hey Platterpile! I have somewhere between 60-80 gigs myself, wanna trade? [email protected]

    By John Coyle on Nov 29, 2008

  10. Thanks for this.

    By Zack on Nov 29, 2008

  11. Great stuff.

    Track 2 is actually Easy Wind and Track 3 is Candyman, which is indeed from 6-4-70.

    Easy Wind apparently wasn’t played on 104070, though, and although I’ve never heard the version before, from the shuffled lyrics that were not yet arranged as they later came out on Workingmand’s Dead, I’d surmise that it was one the earlier versions from late summer 1969.:)

    I have a lot of these versions of these songs already, but the quality here is way better than that on my old cassettes.:) Thanks!

    By Society's Pliers on Nov 30, 2008

  12. I meant Easy Wind apparently wasn’t played on 10-4-70, not 10-40-70:P

    By Society's Pliers on Nov 30, 2008

  13. Wow, you know your shit, Pliers.

    By Zack on Dec 1, 2008

  14. Heh, funny to see this show up here. As one of the producers of “So Many Roads” — and a huge fan of the Big O — I can tellya that only a few of these tracks are authentic “outtakes” from SMR. “Passenger” for sure — at the last minute, we decided to sub in “Stella Blue.” The “Terrapin,” maybe… in any case, the “Terrapin” and “Playin’” were eventually officially released as part of the Road Trips series with better sound than this file:

    I do also take exception to Seth Mnookin’s crack about “mind-numbing ineptitude.” While the Dead were certainly capable of that, we did our best to keep those moments off SMR.

    In any case, it’s fun to see these performances show up here under the SMR banner, even if it’s not quite historically accurate.

    By Steve Silberman on Dec 1, 2008

  15. Mr. Silberman, thank you for your comments. I for one think you did a terrific job with SMR, and listen to it often. I love the early stuff, especially “Mason’s” and Pig’s “Same Thing,” have sought out the complete shows after hearing the Watkins Glen and Miami jams, and made my own “last album” with the unreleased songs on disc 5. Whiskey in the Jar is a particular delight down that homestretch, and the title track a heartbreaking finale. Though it’s obviously a Bruce song, I’ll add Valley Road to my “Dead’s Last.” Cheers.

    By Zack on Dec 1, 2008

  16. A bonus track, Wave To The Wind, has been added. Enjoy!

    By bigozine2 on Dec 1, 2008

  17. Thanks so much, Zack! For what it’s worth, the Watkins Glen soundcheck was the first time I ever saw the Dead live, so I was particularly happy to see it on SMR. And the Whiskey in the Jar was a pure gift from [insert your favorite psychedelic deity here] — David Gans and I found it on the end of an unlabeled tape after visiting Dick Latvala in the hospital just before he died.

    By Steve Silberman on Dec 1, 2008

  18. Thank YOU, Steve. For SMR and your insights & info here.:)


    By Society's Pliers on Dec 2, 2008

  19. Oh, and Big Monkey Wench, I just saw your comment. Society’s Pilchard, huh? Kind of funny.

    For the record, I don’t have 200gigs of Dead. I SAW them 200+ times. And it was not ‘just because. What I meant in saying I didn’t consider myself a Deadhead wasn’t that I wasn’t into them and don’t love them. What I meant was they were by no means the only band I’m into and saw many times. They DID, however, tour more than any other bands and the opportunities to see them were far more numerous than those to see most other bands. I’d have seen Neil Young that many times if it were possible, or David Bromberg, or Jorma/Hot Tuna, or many others. THAT’S all I mean saying that I consider myself a music head rather than a Deadhead. To me, a Deadhead would quit a job to follow the Dead and it became his/her life’s focus. I just took vacation time to see shows.

    And I’ve probably got more Dylan shows than Dead shows . . .

    Anyway, if your definition of a Deadhead is anyone who loved seeing Dead shows as much as he many other bands, then, yeah, I’m a Deadhead. And not ashamed of it, either.:)

    By Society's Pliers on Dec 2, 2008

  20. “Society’s Pilchard” — clearly an oblique reference to “I Am The Walrus”! :)

    By Zack on Dec 3, 2008

  21. Tut! Tut! Semolina Pilchard,I’m so glad you took the time to explain the way you see your place in the Grande Scheme of Deadness,Ha Ha.
    In other words you took the long Golden Road,went up the Blind alley,decided you were in fact LOST and came back to where you had started all along and what I kinda knew already, That in fact YES YES YES you are a DEADHEAD! There you go now you have made a great leap forward and I’m sure you must feel better that you have come out at last, Now you can mingle freely without guilt amongst your fellow DEADHEADS(those ones that like other bands apart from just THE DEAD that is)
    Now that you have been honest and truthful with us I will do the same in honour of your great achievment(well done)
    Are you ready,(Deep breath) I Own and love Working Mans,American Beauty,Garcia(The Wheel) and Bobby ACE Weir,four of the finest recordings they SHIRLEY ever made!!!
    I’m glad I got that off my chest at last,I now feel much better for it.Just so you know,I’m not a real DEADHEAD because of this,Oh no,You have to have many more recordings,have seen at least 200 gigs,wear your T Dye and have Living with THE DEAD memorized word for word before you even come close to DEADYNESS!!!
    Remind you of anyone Pliers?

    By the way I’m only replying in this way as a bit of jest,I did have a chuckle when i saw your comments in the dead live Luxembourg post,200 gigs and not a deadhead i thought to myself. See ya around sometime……..

    By Big Monkey Wench on Dec 7, 2008

  22. I would think one could likely be a Deadhead and own no recordings and never seeing them. I just think categorizing someone as a Deadhead for one fraction of their interests would be like classifying my neighbour a chicken eater because he ‘eat more chicken any man ever seen.’ He eats a lot of chicken, but also is a heck of a landscaper, football player, etc. I may have seen the Dead more than many other people, but I also keep people in end stage renal failure alive, write chidren’s books, hangglide, camp, draw, write and perform music, read, etc.

    That was my point. Not that I don’t love love the Dead. And not that they haven’t played less-than-stellarly. Just that they were never close to being the main focus of my Life (which admittedly has never been in any one place for long. So many roads; so little travel time…)


    And yes, those are great choices of albums to own. And I already do talk to Deadheads, never finished my first reading of Living With The Dead, but merely read parts, own no tie dyes (although I have in the past had a few). I HAVE had a Jerry button for decades on one of my guitar straps, still under the ones of Hank Williams Sr, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Miles Davis, David Bromberg and Bob Dylan where it’s always been.

    I also can’t listen to most of my Dead, as it is largely on tape or vinyl and I’ve have nothing hooked up on which to play either for years, and don’t know when the last time is I got to hear a Dead album. Kind of miss it, though.:(

    *considers buying a turntable and digging out the old cassette decks*

    I think someone’s a Deadhead if s/he thinks of him/herself in that Light.

    Sometimes I am; sometimes I ain’t, I suppose…

    By Society's Pliers on Dec 8, 2008

  23. Big O Amigos:
    Thank you very much for Terrapin Station, always a fine tune for weekend decompression in Thompson.

    By James on Feb 8, 2011

  24. I miss Society’s Pliers’ posts.

    By 2yrsnojob on Feb 9, 2011

  25. Wow nice to found another great alben of the dead!!

    By udo on Feb 9, 2011

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