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Singapore Democrats
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Talkin' About My Revolutions
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Is There An Islamic Problem?
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May Day, May Day
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Still Not Free After All These Years
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August 1, 2018

Malaysia To Empower Youths With Voting Right

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Do The Independence

There are over 263 tracks on Do The Independence, a five-disc indie music compilation. The box set comes with a silver disc DVD (which contains 203 songs but no video); four CD-Rs (TDK or Sony discs) of 60 tracks; and printed artwork. All together there are over 175 acts.
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Ten years ago, in 1998, Malaysians took to the streets and braved water cannons when they stood up for Anwar Ibrahim and reformasi. With what's happening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysians might have to take to the streets again in 2008. Click here to read or buy Sabri Zain's first-person account of those early reformasi days in Face Off.

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Yvonne Elliman
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Liza Minelli
Basel 2011 (data)

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Prince's Trust Rock Gala 2011 (data)


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September 26, 2021
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The companies that gained from the post-9/11 surge in Pentagon spending were just five major weapons companies - Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman. By William Hartung.

The costs and consequences of America’s 21st-century wars have by now been well-documented - a staggering US$8 trillion in expenditures and more than 380,000 civilian deaths, as calculated by Brown University’s Costs of War project. The question of who has benefited most from such an orgy of military spending has, unfortunately, received far less attention.

Corporations large and small have left the financial feast of that post-9/11 surge in military spending with genuinely staggering sums in hand. After all, Pentagon spending has totalled an almost unimaginable $14 trillion-plus since the start of the Afghan War in 2001, up to one-half of which (catch a breath here) went directly to defence contractors.

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Latest: Joëlle Léandre
Moers 2021
Latest: Aretha Franklin
Syracuse 2007
Latest: Nanci Griffith
Coventry 1997
Latest: 10cc
The Soundboard Archive
Latest: Van Morrison
Back On Top Live!
The Who
Inglewood 1980 [Mike Millard Tape]
Keith Richards
Los Angeles 1993 [Mike Millard Tape]
Miles Davis
Chicago 1990
Led Zeppelin
Bloomington 1975 (Goody Speed/Pitch-adjusted)
The Specials
Boston 1980
Patti Smith
Los Angeles 1976
Van Morrison
The Healing Game Live!
Johnny Otis
London 1972
Gene Clark & Carla Olson
Nashville 1987
Miles Davis
Complete Bergen 1988
Bruce Springsteen
Washington 1974
Peter Gabriel
West Hollywood 1978 [Mike Millard Tape]
Elvis Presley
827 Thomas Street [CD5 of 5]
Van Morrison
How Long Has This Been Going On Live!
Oakland 1977
Jethro Tull
Freiburg 1982
Don Cherry
Norway 1969
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
New York 1970
George Harrison
Spirits In The Material World
Elvis Presley
827 Thomas Street [CD3/4 of 5]
Van Morrison
Days Like This Live!
Joni Mitchell
Italy 1988
Graham Parker
Santa Monica 1989
Frank Lowe Quartet
France 1978
San Diego 1992 [Mike Millard Tape]
Ray Charles
Poland 1984
Elvis Presley
827 Thomas Street [CD1/2 of 5]
The Rolling Stones [Charlie Watts R.I.P. 1941 - 2021]
Seattle 1981
The Rolling Stones [Charlie Watts R.I.P. 1941 - 2021]
Los Angeles 1989
Van Morrison
Hymns To The Silence Live!
Roger Miller
Alexandria 1991
Country Joe & The Fish
Pennslyvania 1970
The Everly Brothers [Don Everly R.I.P. 1937 - 2021]
Seattle 1973
The Everly Brothers [Don Everly R.I.P. 1937 - 2021]
The Netherlands 1990
Youn Sun Nah
Marciac 2021
Van Morrison
Enlightenment Live!
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Transmission Impossible
Mercury Rev
Seattle 2005
Brad Mehldau Trio
France 2021
Nanci Griffith [R.I.P. 1953 - 2021]
Santa Cruz 1986
Nanci Griffith [R.I.P. 1953 - 2021]
London 1988
Eric Clapton
Tokyo 1988
Edgar Winter Group
Long Beach 1975 [Mike Millard Tape]
Paul Simon
Costa Mesa 1991 [Mike Millard Tape]
Van Morrison
Avalon Sunset Live!
Gram Parsons
Philadelphia 1973
Simon and Garfunkel
Provins and Haarlem 1966
Elton Dean Quartet
Coventry 1996
Bob Dylan & The Band
Los Angeles 1974 [CD3/4 of 4]
Del Mar 2018
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe
Los Angeles 1989 [Mike Millard Tape]
Van Morrison
Irish Heartbeat Live!
John Mellencamp
Farm Aid 2018 (Hartford)
Whitney Houston
New York 1991
Emily Remler and Larry Coryell
Las Vegas 1985
Bob Dylan & The Band
Los Angeles 1974 [CD1/2 of 4]
Live Across The UK 2012-2016
Steve Hackett
West Hollywood 1981 [Mike Millard Tape]
Van Morrison
Poetic Champions Compose Live!
The Long Ryders
San Francisco 1985
Sophia Domancich
France 2021
Cat Stevens
Sydney 1972
Bob Dylan
1965 Revisited [CD 13/14 of 14]
Nanci Griffith
Santa Cruz 1986
Van Morrison
No Guru, No Method, No Teacher Live!
Crosby Stills Nash & Young
Santa Monica 1990 [Mike Millard Tape]
Kansas [Robby Steinhardt R.I.P. 1950 - 2021]
Lond Island 1978
The B-52's
Paris 1979
Toshiko Akiyoshi
New York 1980
Linda Ronstadt
Los Angeles 1976
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New ROIOs*
Lucinda Williams w Buddy Miller & Jason Isbell - Nashville 2016, audience
Todd Rundgren - Agoura Hills, CA 2016, audience
Gregory Porter - Dusseldorf 2013, FM
Freda Payne - Boston 2016, HD-FM
Alan Parsons with Todd Rundgren, John Entwhistle and Friends - Fukuoka 2001
Rickie Lee Jones & The Stockholm Art Orchestra - Stockholm Sweden, 2015, FM
Shawn Colvin - Palo Alto, CA 1994, SBD
Guy Clark and Michelle Shocked (opening act) - San Francisco, CA 1988, FM
The Church - Fairfield 2016
Os Mutantes - 1970 Rehearsals in Sao Paulo, soundboard
Harriet Tubman (the band) & Cassandra Wilson - Present Black Sun, Moers Festival, Germany 2016, FM
Alabama Shakes - Weekender Festival, Germany 2015, FM
The Beatles - John, Paul, George, Ringo & Me, Tony Barrow
Jeff Beck - Blue Wind Over Yokohama 1980, Audience MR PEACH RECORDING
Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires - Köln, Germany 2016, FM
Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop - Live In Session, Morning Becomes Eclectic KCRW FM 2016, FM
Syd Barrett - Tattooed
Neil Young + Promise of The Real - Rebel Content Tour 2015 Compilation, audience
Neil Young + Promise of the Real - Earth album: Naked
Neil Young + Promise of the Real - Texas 2016, Audience
Neil Young - Collector's Heartland
Lucinda Williams and Buick 6 - Ann Arbor, Michigan 2016, audience mp3
The Who - This Old Lifehouse: The Bootleg Reconstruction Project VERSION 2
Joe Walsh - Watsonville, CA 1987
The The - Amsterdam 2000, FM speed corrected
The The (Matt Johnson) - Parkpop Festival, The Netherlands 1990, FM
Paul Simon - Oklahoma 2016, audience
Prince - Work It Version 2, UPDATED
Prince - Rehearsal 1984, soundboard
Prince and the New Power Generation - Live at the BBC 1993, FM
Prince - City Lights Vol 4, Purple Rain Tour 1984-1985, Soundboard
Prince - City Lights Volume 6, The Sign O' The Times Tour 1987, soundboard, FM Remastered And Extended
The Rolling Stones - El Libertador, Chile 2016, IEM+audience
Santana - Allentown 2016, two-source mix audience
"Pickin' on Hippies" - Denver CO 2013, Soundboard, audience matrix
Van Morrison - Boston 2016, A Belfrank Audience Recording
Van Morrison featuring the Caledonia Soul Orchestra - Live at The Troubadour, Hollywood 1973, audience
King Crimson - Tokyo, Japan 2015, Audience
Jimi Hendrix - European (Radio) Broadcasts Collection 1966-1967, FM

*Recordings of indeterminate origin
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New DVD Archive Of Rare Films
Jack Bruce - "Swing In", Germany 1972, HDTV
James Booker and Memphis Piano Red - Molde, Norway 1978, webstream mp4 720p
Gary Burton Quartet - Oslo, Norway 1970, webstream mp4 720p
Harriet Tubman (the band) & Cassandra Wilson - Present Black Sun, Moers Festival, Germany 2016, webcast 720p
Ben Folds - The Fillmore, Detroit 2016, webcast 720p
Art Farmer - Oslo, Norway 1968, webstream flv 720p
Laila Dalseth & Totti Bergh - "Laila + Totti = Jazz" show, Oslo, Norway 1973, webstream flv 720p
Laila Dalseth and Roy Hellvins Orchestra -  Oslo, Norway 1971, webstream mp4 720p
VARIOUS - Jazz At The White House 2016, HDTV 720p
VARIOUS - Jazz At The White House 2016 Complete show, Youtube 720p
VARIOUS - Molde Jazz Festival Pt 1, Norway 1968, webstream mp4 720p
VARIOUS - Molde Jazz Festival Pt 2, Norway 1968, webstream mp4 720p
VARIOUS - Highlights from Norwegian TV Jazz Archives 1963-1970 Pt 1, webstream mp4 720p
VARIOUS - Highlights from Norwegian TV Jazz Archives 1970-1984 Pt 2, webstream mp4 720p
VARIOUS - Kalvoya Festival, Norway 1971-1990, webstream mp4 720p
VARIOUS - Kalvoya Festival, Norway 1985, webstream mp4 720p
VARIOUS - 30 Years of Molde Jazz Festival 1990, webstream mp4 720p
VARIOUS - BBC Shakespeare Live From The RSC 2016
Neil Young - An Evening With Neil Young Q&A, Los Angeles 2016 webcast 1080p
Wolfmother - Cologne, Germany 2016, webcast 720p
Steps Ahead Meets WDR Big Band - Leverkusen, Germany 2016, webstream 720p
Maxine Nightingale - Oslo, Norway 1977, webstream mp4 720p
The Nice - Oslo, Norway 1969, webstream flv 720p
My Morning Jacket  - Austin City Limits Live 2016, webcast 720p
Minafric Orchestra & Faraualla - Jazzahead, Bremen, Germany 2016, webstream 720p
Sarah McKenzie + Stéphane Belmondo - Jazz sous les pommiers, France 2016, webcast 720p
Herbie Mann Quartet - Kongsberg, Norway 1983, webstream flv 720p
Charles Lloyd + Jason Moran Duo - Jazz sous les pommiers, France 2016, webcast 720p
Natalia Lafourcade - Mexico City 2016, webcast 720p
Verdi's Rigoletto, Paris 2016 HDTV 1080p opera
Peter Frampton - Tiny Desk Concert, NPR, Washington, DC 2016, webcast 1080p
John Fogerty - Stagecoach Festival, Indio, California 2016, webcast 1080p


ROIO Of The Week
A/B Road Sessions, January 26, 1969 [Purple Chick PC 26-1/2; CD1/2 of 6]Complete Purple Chick Set v1.1 (Nagra Reels); "A/B Road" session tapes; Also known as The Nagra Reels; Twickenham Studios (Part 1); Apple Studios (Part 2). Very good soundboard. 83 CDs, 2,187 tracks, 97 hours, 44 mins, 7 seconds. If you are a Beatles fan, you'd likely have this already.
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Rolling Back The Enlightenment

Does the truth need the protection of a powerful institution? Or, can people develop their own potential to recognize the truth as such? By MG Piety.

Back in 2003 William Grader published an essay in The Nation entitled “Rolling Back the 20th Century: The Right’s Grand Ambition” about how Republicans were determined, in his view, to diminish the power and authority of the federal government, to “reduce its scale and powers to a level well below what it was before the New Deal’s centralization.”

That is, they wanted, he continues, to return governing authority and resources “to local levels and also to individuals and private institutions, most notably to corporations and religious organizations.”

Click here for the article.

The Vocabulary Of Neoliberal Diplomacy In Today’s New Cold War

The US defines its political and economic reality in the rhetoric of free markets and democracy. Only problem is that China and many other countries in the world don't recognize it. By Michael Hudson.

Mr Soros has expressed his ideological fury at the prospect of not being able to make the kind of easy money off China that he was able to siphon off when the Soviet Union was carved up and privatized.

On September 7, 2021, in his second mainstream editorial in a week, George Soros expressed his horror at the recommendation by BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, that financial managers should triple their investment in China.

Click here for the article.

Shakin' All Over [the noize]
“Pushing Back At Authority”: Son Volt, And The Power Of Protest Music
'With Electro Melodier, Son Volt have rejected mediocre commercialism, political complacency, and the cowardly withdrawal from politics on display throughout most of pop culture.' By David Masciotra.
click here
Harlem’s Forgotten Festival
Some parties and celebrations are more meaningful than others. Make sure you go to the right ones. By Seth Sandronsky.
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Thank Heaven For Nirvana
It was 30 years ago today... when Nirvana were the Next Big Thing! And since then, nothing has ever come close. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nirvana's groundbreaking second album, Nevermind, here is the exclusive Kurt Cobain interview by Patrick Chng that we ran in BigO #75 (March 1992). Pictures by Jacque Chong.
click here
Black, Brown, And White: Thoughts On Psychoanalysis, The Blues, And Marginality
Art for imagination. Cinema for perspective. And music to heal. A brief history of American music and psychoanalysis. By John S Auerbach.
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Disaster Music
Natural disasters occur and measure our threshold of pain. Handel could describe best the terror and horror of natural disasters in his music. By David Yearsley.
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I Can't Explain [world affairs]
Humiliating Defeat In Afghanistan
Started by George W Bush in 2001, America's Afghan War finally ends in defeat in 2021. By Chandra Muzaffar.
click here
A Fierce And Uncompromising Spirit: Louis Proyect R.I.P. 1945 - 2021
For the Unrepentant Marxist. By Jeffrey St Clair.
click here
We Failed Afghanistan, Not The Other Way Around
MSNBC rails against the "fantastically corrupt elite" on the ground that ruined the Afghan mission, but the real corruption was America's. By Matt Taibbi.
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Farewell To Soccer’s Deadly Predator: Gerd Müller R.I.P. 1945 - 2021
German goalkeeper Sepp Maier once said Gerd Müller 'had thighs the size of some people's waist'. Müller would use them to score beautiful goals. Defenders and goalkeepers who could not read the inscrutable striker paid the price. He earned his legend. By Peter Mayo.
click here
The Only Way To End The Pandemic
Think less of for-profit and more of non-profit. By Fred Gardner.
click here
Mekong Delta Blues
On August 13, Texas-born singer and songwriter Nanci Griffith passed away. She was 68. Back in 2000, Nanci Griffith and Sheryl Crow campaigned for a landmine-free world. Here is a BigO At-The-Scene Exclusive. Report and pictures by Nazir Husain. Published in BigO #171 [March 2000].
click here
Pathologizing Dissent
If they, the dissenters, are not traitors, then they must be mad. But knowing right from wrong is not a medical issue. By Eve Ottenberg.
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I Can See For Miles [cinelife]
Noteworthy New Tunisian Films
“A Son” and “She Had A Dream”, both from Tunisia, are among the new productions distributed by ArtMattan Films in the US this fall. By B Nimri Aziz.
click here
Embracing The Unknowable
Even for many of us who are followers of South-east Asian cinema, the terrain can still remain unfamiliar, even though well-trodden. When you encounter a film such as Anatomy Of Time (World Premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 9, 2021) that encompasses religion, philosophy, politics, history, cinema and more, one feels the pleasure of swimming in unknown waters yet again. Philip Cheah speaks to the film’s Thai director, Jakrawal Nilthamrong, about his cinematic tapestry.
click here
Amazon’s 'The Boys': The Superhero As Cypher For The Times
In the global world, the survival of the fittest has reached its summit. Huge, monopolistic corporations can finally rule over all nations. The Super Corporations led by Super Entrepreneurs. By Tony McKenna.
click here
Ray’s Women: Strong But Vulnerable
The young working women portrayed in Satyajit Ray's movies are strong-willed and liberated. They have a body to celebrate and a mind to chase their own dreams. By Amitava Nag.
click here
All Dressed Up For The Oscars And Nowhere To Go
There are more eyeballs in China. By David Yearsley.
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Movie Reviews
Ken Loach’s Stirring Exposure Of Capitalist Speed And Consumers’ Greed
Online shopping has moved up. From a week to delivery, to same day delivery, we are now in the realm of delivering within a few hours. But for that faster service, there must be a price. Is it worth all that effort to receive your purchases so quickly? Will you suffer any loss if it took a bit more time? By Eric Mann.
Click here
The Best Films Of 2019
With the streaming of music and movies now a reality, you can watch some of the best and obscure films for the US$5 you pay to subscribe to any streaming service. By Louis Proyect.
Click here
Praying The Gay Away
Imagine that? A couple of sentences in the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament is the motivation for Christians to condemn lesbians, gays, bi and trans (LGBT). By Louis Proyect.
Click here
The Advocates
A film review of French director Rémi Kessler’s documentary The Advocates or how did Los Angeles grow a homeless problem. By Ed Rampell.
Click here
Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9: Entertaining Film, Crappy Politics
Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9” 'is a blunderbuss attack on Trump' and American politics but fails to offer insight to an alternative
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