Dancin' 1974 Rough Mix [no label 1CD Torrent: 69395]
"Taken from a first generation cassette that featured a 'rough mix' of Bowie's soul album "Dancin" recorded at Sigma Sound Studios in Aug 1974. This is this tape that Bowie was playing to journalists in Sept.'74." Ex SBD stereo.

Less of a gem than it ought to be, Dancin’ 1974 is, in fact, only a fragment of the rough mix that so astonished listening journalists back in 1974, although even at just three songs long, it offers an interesting perspective on the recording of what was, at that time, Bowie’s most divisive album yet.

"Somebody Up There Likes Me," "Can You Hear Me" and "Right" are all presented here in significantly different form to the familiar versions, with completely different vocals (and vocal arrangements), punchier instrumentation, and a lot more electrified emotion from the lad himself. Meanwhile, the sax on "Right" is, indeed, righteous, and "Somebody" genuinely benefits from the extended introduction that builds in this mix. But the rest of the tape is out there someplace, and while this snippet will suffice while we’re waiting, that’s all it will do. - Dave Thompson

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