Whiskey A Go Go, Los Angeles,
06/05/79 [1CD]


It was Danny Fields who first suggested Tim Hardin and Nico get together to play - in 1968, the former Velvet Underground chanteuse was playing regularly at the Dom in New York, and was in desperate need of a regular accompanist. Tim Buckley filled the role for a time, as did Jackson Browne; Tim Hardin fell between the two, and went on to gift one song to Nico’s debut album, "Eulogy to Lenny Bruce."

A decade later, the pair reunited in LA, as Nico toured around the US on the eve of her early 1980s comeback. The opening two numbers are dominated by Nico’s harmonium; you hear Hardin for the first time tuning up for "Henry Hudson," before coming to the fore with "Femme Fatale" and, most notably, John Cale’s "Child’s Christmas In Wales," a song that is usually ascribed to a mythical Nico-Cale reunion. Hardin himself then performs a couple of songs, before Nico and her harmonium return for a spectral "Valley of the Kings" and, finally, "The End." - Dave Thompson

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