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Lesbian sex in a girls’ school, throw in whippings, bondage and torture yet Kota Yoshida’s The Torture Club (2014) still feels somewhat lacking. Stephen Tan reviews.

How times change. Back in 1973, The Exorcist created an uproar when the possessed Regan masturbated with a crucifix. Although there is no insertion shown… just the very thought! Kota Yoshida’s The Torture Club (2014) is probably the latest film to include a masturbation-with-a-crucifix scene. It is also probably the most shocking scene in the movie yet hardly anyone commented on it, again a reflection of how viewers have become desensitised to screen violence over the years.

New high school student Yuzuki at St Anesty Academy comes across Aoi slapping herself before masturbating in the shower. It’s love at first sight as Yuzuki is taken by Aoi as she watches the nude Aoi dress. Overcome with emotions, Yuzuki also steals Aoi’s S&M costume. At home, Yuzuki puts on the costume and masturbates.

In school, Yuzuki is drugged and finds herself tied up in a room with club head Yuri whipping another chained-up student, Maika. Welcome to the Torture Club; and Yuzuki is given the spiel on whipping/torture being the school’s oldest club activity. Yuzuki’s introduction to torture is to be tied up and have a steel dildo inserted into her.

Apparently, the club trains students secretly to enter military and police fields as interrogation experts. For Yuzuki, that means being tortured (mostly being tied up and hung) and dishing out punishments to a fellow student, like suspending a tied-up Maika over with a sharp point aimed at her crotch.

And there’s no vacation time for the girls. Tied to a pillar in the courtyard, Yuzuki and Maika are smeared with honey, and worms are thrown at them. Yuzuki is further tortured by being put into the iron maiden when she promptly faints. Turns out that the spikes in the iron maiden are made of rubber!

In spite of the charged chemistry between them, Yuzuki whips Aoi (as part of her “course”) and, with the other students in the school bus, humiliates Aoi by throwing paint at her. Dragging Aoi into the shower, Yuzuki slaps her buttocks and later drips hot wax on Aoi’s nipples and crotch. Realising that Aoi is now wet, Yuzuki throws herself at Aoi and the two end up having some pretty hot sex. Talk about golden showers!

However, falling in love between members in the club is not allowed and both Yuzuki and Aoi are further tortured. Aoi gives Yuzuki her crucifix before she leaves the school and, later at home, Yuzuki masturbates using the crucifix. As Yuzuki excels in her torture techniques, Aoi returns to Yuzuki for what may be one last time.

Imagine the cloistered and sexually-charged girls’ school of Peter Weir’s Picnic At Hanging Rock given free rein and a Triple-X rating. That’s what Kota Yoshida’s The Torture Club (2014) looks like. To their credit, both Noriko Kijima (Yuzuki) and Haruna Yoshizumi (Aoi) manage to generate the kind of smouldering lust that gets full blown towards the end of the film; especially with Yuzuki showing every sign that she will end up the dominant one.

There are enough bulbous boobs, naked and near-naked bodies and hot lesbian sex to satisfy most genre fans though hardcore fans will find this tame compared to, say, the Flower And Snake films. But the film, based on a manga by Makoto Fukami and Alpha Alf Layla, could have developed the characters more.

While one can understand Yuzuki’s growing sexuality (one is almost relieved that she already masturbates and can get right into the action, so to speak), there is little to explain why she continues to stay with the Torture Club; what “benefits” she derives from “punishing” others or being “punished” herself - apart from her crush on Aoi. Again, the relationship between Yuzuki and Aoi could have been better developed. As it is, this looks like a schoolgirl crush.

The sex and nudity aside, the idea of a school/authorities-approved Torture Club is so delicious that that alone makes Kota Yoshida’s movie compulsory viewing for anyone aspiring to join the secret police.

Note: The Torture Club DVD is banned in $ingapore.

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