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I can’t go on like this, can you? Can you? Till the next time we say goodbye, I’ll be thinking of you.
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We asked this before in Contest No. 8 (click here) and No. 2 (click here). Yet the Stones roll on relentlessly. After their farewell tour of a few years back, now they trek, possibly having worn out their welcome in Europe and the USA, to seldom if ever visited lands. Mexico and Cuba come to mind. On October 19, the Stones return to the States to invade Elvis’ favourite haunt to play Las Vegas at the “T-Mobile Arena” in Nevada.

Can the Stones “continue to mesmerise their generations of fans with a set packed full of classic Stones hits such as ‘Gimme Shelter’, ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’, ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, ‘Start Me Up’ and ‘Miss You’?” Or are they a spent force as this fan commented below:

“How many times are these frauds going to play after robbing people BLIND on their ‘Farewell’ tour 2 or 3 years ago culminating in that huge hubub at Glastonbury?

I hadn’t missed a Stones tour since ‘69, (the first Mick Taylor tour post Brian), and even the one BEFORE their ‘Farewell’ run was pretty lame. Sure, Old Mick is still sorta Mick, Charlie still pounds it out like he’s a human metronome, and Kieth is… Kieth, (a scientific curiosity to be sure and fun to watch), but Ronnie Wood was never really that good and now he’s old and, although allegedly clean, he’s clearly damaged by the years of addiction… Why pay all that money to listen to their backing band make up for their deficiencies? For a long time fan, it’s almost embarrassing… half of the time, they make me cringe. I don’t get it. People are willing to pay these super wealthy frauds their rent money in big dollars/pesos/whatever for a name because the music topped out long ago.

At least you can download this stuff for no charge here, so you have nothing to lose but storage space, but if you want something approximating The Rolling Stones anything much past the 80s is spotty at best. If you want the band that was THE ROLLING STONES, it’s the Mick Taylor era, (1969-1973).

Get this* if you want but once you listen to the old shows, you’ll not be listening to this sham stuff again.

BTW - Mick has been bored for years. He just hides it better for the show. The pay is too good.”

- ther19, at DIME on August 14, 2016.

* your free music will be what Dimer ther19 talks about.

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  1. 36 Responses to “THE MORE B.S. CONTEST No. 12”

  2. Whatever your views on the Stones and the way that their performance quality may have dwindled over the past few years, they will always play to packed out audiences. The last three times I’ve seen them, the number of teenagers and children in the arenas have been remarkable – and they sing every word along with the songs.
    These songs are iconic and timeless – kids getting into music for the first time nowadays cannot avoid Stones’ classics and they become ingrained in their ‘head playlists’. They are not going to miss out on the chance to see these perfom live whenever they get the chance and when the markeyt is there, the Stones are quite entitled to fill it, even though they may not be as sprightly as they were in 1969

    By Daijj on Aug 15, 2016

  3. The Stones have to be judged by a different standard than bands still walking the boards today. Who would have begrudged Duke Ellington his last tours in the 1970s when he arguably peaked in the mid-30s? Or blues giants like Muddy Waters, BB King and Buddy Guy who played well into their 70s and 80s? The Stones’ music, at least the canon they play in concert night after night, is cut from that same cloth the way the Grateful Dead in whatever form they are taking draw their inspiration from folk and blues. They in many respects keeping a British blues tradition alive and how well they do that depends what night you see them.It is when they tried to contemporize by adding C&W/pop stars like Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift that everything went off the rails.

    By Tony on Aug 16, 2016

  4. I’ve been a fan since 1965. You can still get plenty of satisfaction…I know I still do 50 years later. Of course they are older, but really, how many bands from that era or even now can do what they are doing? The are a Rock and Roll treasure. Get out to see them again.

    By Bubbles on Aug 16, 2016

  5. Completely agree that the essential timeframe for supreme Stones is Mick Taylor era. Get Your Ya Ya’s still best live platter ever. But to frown on these legends performing to full houses wherever they go is sad and fruitless. I would maybe suggest Woody should step aside and let a younger, better lead step in would help the sound but WTF it’s the Stones and Long Live dammit!!

    By oneL on Aug 17, 2016

  6. If they can still play the stuff decently, sure, I’ll have a listen.
    But I’m fucked if I’ll pay $300 for a decent seat.

    Come on guys, think about it:
    You are all over bloody 70. Most of your original fans are there too, or well past it.

    What do we want? Pensioner’s rates!
    When do we want ‘em? NOW!!!
    Front seats Three quid fifty, and Two quid on Thursdays! Right after the Bingo.

    I’ll be there, at the front of the queue, with the stained dressing gown and the sexy grey Zimmer frame.

    By (the real) Tony on Aug 17, 2016

  7. I got no problem with them playing live. I can see them just to say I did, it’ll be something I can tell my daughter about

    By maria on Aug 17, 2016

  8. I could, absolutely! Unlike the commenter above, I haven’t seen them every year since Mick Taylor. So I understand why he’s done. Why should they quit if people want to pay to go? It’s what they do.

    By steve22 on Aug 17, 2016

  9. Assuming it’s still fun on some level (no doubt the financial one) & people are still willing to pay, what’s the harm in keeping on. The day they show up in front of 15 fans is the day to quit. Saw them in November 1965 in New Haven - that’s enough for me.

    By tajackson on Aug 17, 2016

  10. I’ve seen them once, in a cavernous arena, and I thought they looked bored then, and I wouldn’t be rushing out to re-experience it. My mate who came with me contends it was the greatest show he had ever seen.
    They still have the energy, they are experts in the field of entertainment, more power to them!!

    By Crack on Aug 18, 2016

  11. not for over $200 a ticket you don’t!

    By walter on Aug 18, 2016

  12. The thing that gets me about the Stones is yes, they have every right to carry on as long as they like since people are always there to see them, but come on… they don’t really need the cash so the obscene ticket prices are a complete insult.

    If they wanted to play for the love of it or for the music then why do they keep demanding more cash each time they come round and toss off the same old stuff? They’re only in it for the money and I lost all respect for them decades ago. Musically, well… save for a handful of songs I can count on one hand, they’ve churned out nothing but useless junk for the last 40 years and what’s more, they KNOW it hence why audiences go nuts whenever they play anything from 1972 or before.

    By Bruce Skywater on Aug 19, 2016

  13. These are the legends - the originators of so many classic songs. As long as they can still perform them competently they are still head and shoulders above all imitators.

    I saw Tony Bennett a few years ago. Well into his 80s, he may have been a little past his prime but he was still wonderful. He recently turned 90 - if I get the chance to see him again I’ll take it.

    By MrBill on Aug 19, 2016

  14. How ironic. When the Stones first came out they pissed off all the old people, and just because they’re still around, now they’re pissing off the same people who were once fans. This whole discussion makes me think, ok, so if you think the Stones are so useless at this point, then tell me, who’s better than them? Who’s more exciting, more relevant, more together musically? True, it’s simply a matter of personal taste, but if thousands of fans still find the Stones to their taste, what’s the problem? Is the problem that they don’t sound as hot as they did between 1969 and 1973? Is that really fair? If you have a problem with that, STAY HOME and stop your whining. By the way, I wasn’t at all aware that the run of shows leading up to Glastonbury was a “farewell” tour. Did the Stones themselves ever describe it as such? I’m glad the Stones are still around - if you aren’t, no one is forcing you to attend their shows. Who else gets this kind of shit for not sounding like they did in 1973? McCartney (who charges a lot for tickets too)? Dylan? The Who? Should they all just stay in their retirement home and leave the rocking to younger acts who don’t charge as much for tickets?

    By Jim Kneubuhl on Aug 20, 2016

  15. I was a mega Stones junkie for ages. Got all the boots, sussed out all the studio outtakes, saw the tours, flew to Chicago for the B2B tour opener, the whole bit. I know the exact moment I lost interest: 40 Licks.

    The one band I thought would never play the nostalgia card, and they played it hard with 40 Licks. Plus it kicked off the mega-merch era for them. It just didn’t matter to me after that. But that’s me. If others are still juiced by them and the youngsters are coming out too, that’s phenomenal.

    As @Jim Kneubuhl suggests: stay home. I don’t spend time bemoaning their set lists or the money grab or whatever–what’s the point in that? I’ve lost interest in the band so I ignore them. What someone else enjoys about an artist is great for them, that’s all that matters.

    I wouldn’t want the Stones to be their ‘69 or ‘73 selves anyway. I want them to be their 2016 selves, as I do any artist. And this is what they are in 2016. I’d prefer their 2016 selves to be out there supporting a new disc and playing deep cuts in the set. But they aren’t, so I don’t go. Pretty simple.

    By kingpossum on Aug 20, 2016

  16. The Mick Taylor years were so god damned awesome that nothing could compare to that,Why but why did he have to leave the band in 1974,just imagine how many more great albums and tours the stones could have given us, Be that as it may,They are still legends and all these remaining acts Stones,Dylan,Petty,Springsteen,Neil Young.McCartney,Elton John,Rod Stewart.U2 and more We should see them as often as we can because who will be legends 40 years from now ? Miley Cyrus,The Beiber.Carrie Underwood,Clay Aiken ? UGH,Not very pretty is it ?

    By COREY M on Aug 22, 2016

  17. 1973 The last year the rolling stones were a legitimate live band The 73 UK tour was their last tour ,Its only rock and Roll 1974,The last real Rolling Stones record album ,Since then the stones have ceased to exist,Bless you Mick Taylor for the five years you gave us ,four of the greatest rock albums and some of the best live shows ever

    By Carl on Aug 22, 2016

  18. Frankfurt Germany Sept 30 th 1973 early and late shows,Stones perform.Mick Taylor is a man on fire with blistering blues/rock solos.Keith is obviously inspired and responds with wicked grungy rhythum riffs a perfect contrast to Taylors precision,Jagger snarles and prances like lucifer on stage throwing flowers and buckets of water on the crowd at the end of a furious fast paced Street fighting man which closes both shows.See and hear this and you will have no doubt why that could never be recaptured.That is how i want to remember them

    By Carl on Aug 22, 2016

  19. Someone commented that if only they had some new material, It would be nice,They havent put out a new album since bigger bang and that was 2005, also the background singers are annoying

    By Elvin on Aug 22, 2016

  20. People are just envious ,most of the people critizing have shitty lives and ugly fat wives while Mick Jagger makes millions of dollars and has sex with hot babes and supermodels in their teens and twenties ,way to go mick

    By Tony C on Aug 22, 2016

  21. Mick Jagger is probably fucking a hot twenty year old as we speak people are so envious of sucsessful people when all they have are fat wives and boring lives

    By Tony C on Aug 22, 2016

  22. Even if you have a shitty life and a fat, ugly wife, the Stones are thinking of you. They always play “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” near the end of every show. That song is for you. Jagger adds the caveat, “If you try some time, you might find you get what you need,” so try being nicer to your fat, ugly wife, throw on a blindfold, imagine yourself as “perenially youthful” Mick, flash your jumping jack, and maybe you’ll get some senior citizen satisfaction (or at least some rough justice).

    By Jim Kneubuhl on Aug 23, 2016

  23. I can’t afford to go see them anymore. Saw them in 2003 or 2004 and they were very good.

    By Phil on Aug 26, 2016

  24. I’m a lifelong Stones fan but I think I’ve given up on them as a live act. My first show was 1978 when I conned my parents into letting me drive to Denver from Seattle because I thought Keith was going to jail in Canada. I’ve travelled other places to see them, too. They’ve been spotty. I’ve seen some great shows since then, particularily on the Licks tour. Have also seen several mediocre shows. I went to several on that tour & the Bigger Bang tour. I saw 1 great show that tour & sadly its been downhill since then. I went to Vegas for the 50th anniversary show & was pretty disappointed. They had Katy Perry as a guest & while she was ok they easily could’ve had BB King that show as he was in town. The only really good part was Midnight Rambler with Mick Taylor & they only let him play that & backup on Satisfaction. Another wasted opportunity. I have also noticed that the setlists are not only stagnant but getting shorter every tour. I luv Keith Richards but I think his best days are far behind him. He hasn’t been the same since the brain surgery. For me they are now a greatest hits band with really good PR. I checked out the upcoming Vegas show & found the ticket prices to be outrageous. They wanted $750 for a seat in the upper deck on the opposite end of the arena. I paid that for a good seat on the 50th anniversary @ the MGM which is much smaller. They have priced me out. I’d rather spend that money on 10 smaller shows with good, new music. They are getting close to embarrassing themselves. I hope they pack it in soon before it gets too out of hand.

    By Chuck on Aug 28, 2016

  25. Also, I find Chuck Leavell to be beyond annoying. He is a good musician but not right for the Stones. They are not a jam band & he totally overplays. I suppose he is trying to cover up some other deficiencys.

    By Chuck on Aug 28, 2016

  26. I saw the Stones once. A review in The Boston Herald called it “The Grumpy Old Man Tour”. That was in 1989…

    By TDC on Aug 30, 2016

  27. You keep talking about “Farewell tours” but the stones have never announced anytime that they are on a farewell tour. Where do you get this info from?As far as Mick Taylor being the best yes and no. Ron has some good shows out there too.

    By Lee on Sep 3, 2016

  28. I am a big Stones fan but I got to say, compared to the stretch from 1969 to 1973, the playing has gone down hill. Some people don’t mind but it bothers me to no end. Listen to Keith Richards playing the opening notes to “Gimmie Shelter” on the Mexico concert from BigO. I rest my case. They still have a little residual mojo from the golden days but people should realize for the Stones it is just the money. Eventually they will be doing a six month stand in Vegas if the money is right.

    By Mackster on Sep 6, 2016

  29. it’s cabaret, if you get a chance to escape from all the crap going on in the world, it’s your money, you opt to attend, just enjoy it. Sure their performance was better in their younger days, same for us all really. If you don’t like it, don’t go, it is a free choice

    By Liam NSW on Sep 9, 2016

  30. The Stones rule! Just listen to the St. Patrick’s Day Mexico show. It may not be Mick Taylor era Stones, but is there any show that you could go to that is. I went to see Widespread Panic this year and they seemed like a bunch of old men to me. Play me Sympathy and Midnight rambler and I’ll be Happy.

    By John on Sep 11, 2016

  31. Happy to go see them, just not if they expect me to drop serious money to do so.

    By Dave on Sep 21, 2016

  32. Friends of mine took their adult kids to their Raleigh, North Carolina, USA show in 2015. I’m in my mid-50’s and I figure they just wanted to watch the grandfathers rock on. No thanks.
    After the show they put new grass on the field inside the stadium where NC State University plays football so at least we got new sod from those old sods.

    By Luke on Sep 23, 2016

  33. show me where the Rolling Stones have ever claimed to have a Farewell tour?

    By David Jordan on Oct 10, 2016

  34. …coulda seen em late 70s, but passed…hell thought they were old then…and it was pretty obvious they werent even tryin to match the brilliance of their early 70s stuff…shit couldnt be done anyway, that was a moment frozen in time, and wouldnt be relived…
    …reckon much like deadhead wannabees goin on tour followin anyone who’ll carry the torch, well why not? these kids want something and its not there, so i can see how they flock to the light of that vibe…
    …i guess in 40 yrs they can tell their grandkids they saw the Stones…as for me too bad i missed em in their prime…

    By y lee on Oct 12, 2016

  35. The Rolling Stones are a product. As long as people will pay to see them, they will tour. I suspect that the desire is still present to play,and to still feel relevant, but I have to imagine that the monetary gains are the primary drivers today…

    By BGS on Jun 12, 2018

  36. My first Stones show was 1967 in my hometown Bremen and my last one was 2017 in Hamburg. Between these I saw them several times, though not as often as many other fans. I’m still collecting official and non-official audio and video. I never get tired listening to Gimme Shelter (which is the ringtone on my smartphone).

    By Johann on Jul 9, 2019

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