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App to hire a sex doll. What’s next? Simstim* the whole experience? (*That’s simulated stimulation in cybergeek.) By Tyler Durden.

It’s official: China’s sharing economy has reached its peak.

After shared workout pods, stools luxury cars, and, of course, bicycles, Shanghaist reports that a Beijing-based startup now has come up with a “mesmerizingly grotesque” idea: what if people could rent sex dolls through an app and return them after a period of time so that other silicone slammers could take advantage of the very same product?

And no, sadly this is not a joke.

The Chinese app, which is called Ta Qu, or “Touch” in English, was launched in 2015 as a platform for discussing issues about sex and sexuality. Over the past two years, it has pivoted or “(d)evolved” into a sex doll sharing app, which is now being tested in Beijing. The Global Times reports that daily rentals cost 298 yuan, or less than $50, while users of the app can rent dolls for a week for the price of 1,298 yuan, after making an 8,000 yuan deposit.

The dolls then get delivered right to the user’s doorstep.

According to the Chinese outlet, there are currently five models to choose from: “Greek bikini model,” “US Wonder Woman,” “Korean housewife,” “Russian teenager” and “Hong Kong car race cheerleader.” Users can customize the dolls to their liking by picking out hair and eye color, as well as their outfits.

Here is what $50 per day rents you:

For those asking the obvious question, the company states that it also has hygiene on its mind, as explained by their official policy.

“The dolls’ lower parts are changed for every customer,” reads the app. “Please remove the lower parts before returning. After the lower parts are cleaned, the doll can be used repeatedly.”

The sex rental-sharing app is currently trying to make a name for itself in China’s booming adult toy market. On Weibo, where the company has more than 300,000 followers, it announced it would be giving out 20,000 free condoms as a way of promotion. It has also established several “pop-up” locations in Beijing to inform residents about their services, while even allowing people to pose for photos with their dolls while riding on the city’s subway.

Hoping to capitalize on China’s infamous gender imbalance, as well as its online gaming culture which breeds hordes of lonely young men, it remains to be seen whether Ta Qu will actually be able to translate the sharing economy model to sex dolls. But hey, at least it’s a better idea than shared umbrellas.

Note: The above article was posted at Zerohedge.

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A Chinese company offering sex dolls for rent has withdrawn its services just days after launching. Touch had begun offering five different sex doll types for daily or longer-term rent on September 14 in Beijing but quickly drew complaints and criticism. The company said in a statement on Weibo it “sincerely apologised for the negative impact” of the concept.

But the firm stressed sex was “not vulgar” and said it would keep working towards more people enjoying it. Touch told the BBC the rental service had operated for two days and had garnered a lot of interest and requests. - BBC

Click here for the full report.

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