June 3, 2020 – 8:34 am


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On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, an African-American man, died in Powderhorn, a neighborhood south of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. While Floyd was handcuffed and lying face down on a city street during an arrest, Derek Chauvin, a white Minneapolis police officer, kept his knee on the right side of Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. - wikipedia

In The Ghetto
written by Mac Davis

As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’
A poor little baby child is born
In the ghetto

And his mama cries
‘Cause if there’s one thing that she don’t need
It’s another hungry mouth to feed
In the ghetto

People, don’t you understand
The child needs a helping hand
Or he’ll grow to be an angry young man some day
Take a look at you and me,
Are we too blind to see?
Do we simply turn our heads and look the other way?

Well, the world turns
And a hungry little boy with a runny nose
Plays in the street as the cold wind blows
In the ghetto

And his hunger burns
So he starts to roam the streets at night
And he learns how to steal, and he learns how to fight
In the ghetto

Then one night in desperation
The young man breaks away
He buys a gun,
Steals a car,
Tries to run,
But he don’t get far
And his mama cries

As a crowd gathers ’round an angry young man
Face down on the street with a gun in his hand
In the ghetto

And as her young man dies,
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’,
Another little baby child is born
In the ghetto

And his mama cries

Click here for Elvis Presley’s In The Ghetto (outtake).

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  1. 18 Responses to “IN THE GHETTO”

  2. My kind of cop . Great American. Need more like him .

    By JW Milam on Jun 3, 2020

  3. Do we really need to see this ? I swear with all the trolls and disgusting comments here , to me this proves that the powers that be here encourages that behavior. We see enough of this crap on CNN and Fox News . Please stick with the music . It’s an escape from the sewer of humanity.

    By David on Jun 3, 2020

  4. This is the state of the world that we live in today. It all starts with the MEDIA. Who controls the media?? Treat everyone as you wish to be treated. There should be no color barriers. At this point in time, race should not be an issue. Treat people with respect, and this includes law enforcement.

    By Big E on Jun 3, 2020

  5. Yeah JW Milam your boyfriend will be trying that on you tonight. Bet you will love it.

    By Derrick on Jun 4, 2020

  6. What the **** is he doing with his hand in his pocket?

    By Ovid-19 on Jun 4, 2020

  7. That wasn’t me above. Another Dic suckin Jew bastard name hijacker . I agree with JW . Need more cops like that today . Right Anti / DD ?

    By Derrick on Jun 4, 2020

  8. Need to show that picture to every coon who even thinks bout talkin to a white bitch

    By Derrick on Jun 4, 2020

  9. The hi Yeller population would get smaller . Fuckin guarantee it

    By Derrick on Jun 4, 2020

  10. Too bad they is gonna fry that great cop

    By Derrick on Jun 4, 2020

  11. But then, who gives a fuck if he does

    By Derrick on Jun 4, 2020

  12. America…hang your head in shame

    By softshoebanana on Jun 5, 2020

  13. All this over a fake $20 dollar bill.

    By John Lowe on Jun 5, 2020

  14. For months all the media forced down our throats was Covid 19 . Now the flavor of the month is the George Floyd murder . Did covid 19 just suddenly go away ?

    By John on Jun 5, 2020

  15. The way these news channels cover these events is baffling. Was the virus never that serious? Practically every state has reopened while the virus is supposedly still raging. Now the cable news channels hardly mention it anymore. All they talk about are the murder of blacks and the riots . How do you know what to believe?

    By John on Jun 5, 2020

  16. Yup , no one mentions coronavirus anymore on the news . Now it’s cops killing blacks . In a couple of months it’ll be something else . Can’t trust the news channels. They just try to stir up shit .

    By CJ on Jun 5, 2020

  17. Just drop a h bomb and end it all. Flush the planet down the fucking drain. The devil won.

    By Nirob on Jun 6, 2020

  18. It’s not the planet. It’s human beings , all races . Disgusting pigs . The protesters and the cops deserve each other . Just leave the rest of us alone .

    By John on Jun 7, 2020

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    By Nelson on Jun 30, 2020

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