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A film review, by Manuel García, Jr.

Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up is a 2021 deadpan satire on human stupidity in ignoring climate change by the popular obsession with social media and “fake news”, and by the extreme narcissism of government leaders and their billionaire patrons. This movie is in the same spirit as ‘Dr Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’ was about human stupidity regarding nuclear war.

However, since the full arc of the climate change story is several decades long, for dramatic punch Don’t Look Up has compressed that timeline down to six months - from first detection to final impact - by being an allegorical satire where the real problem of climate change has been substituted in the movie’s story by a planet-killing comet larger than the Chicxulub asteroid of 66Mya heading straight toward Earth.

Mass media, Trump-style American government, Gates-Zuckerberg tech fantasy grandiosity and Bezos-Musk-Branson billionaire space privatization fantasy (the last two types of fantasies being wrapped up in one character), are all deliciously eviscerated in this movie.

The serious message at the heart of this movie is quite simple: pay attention to reality. That was also the same message in ‘On The Beach’ (1959) and ‘Dr Strangelove…’ (1964). The cast is made up of A-list players, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence playing the scientists who discover “the problem” and try to alert the public, and government to take action.

But, the tech billionaire and the bought politicians see a potential profit-making opportunity instead. The character of Milo Minderbinder embodied the same idea of greed blinding the perception of the reality of the struggle for and precariousness of survival, in the novel ‘Catch-22’ (1962) and its film (1970). The satire in Don’t Look Up is exquisite right up past the credits. Enjoy.

Note: Manuel Garcia Jr, once a physicist, is now a lazy househusband who writes out his analyses of physical or societal problems or interactions. Email him here. The above article was posted at CounterPunch.

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  2. It’s Science and you’re all just too stupid to understand! Waaahhh, waaahhhaaahh!

    By otis t on Jan 2, 2022

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