March 9, 2022 – 6:34 am

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By Norman Solomon.

Fifty-nine years ago, Bob Dylan recorded “With God on Our Side”. You probably haven’t heard it on the radio for a very long time, if ever, but right now you could listen to it as his most evergreen of topical songs:

I’ve learned to hate the Russians
All through my whole life
If another war comes
It’s them we must fight
To hate them and fear them
To run and to hide
And accept it all bravely
With God on my side

In recent days, media coverage of a possible summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin has taken on almost wistful qualities, as though the horsemen of the apocalypse are already out of the barn.

Fatalism is easy for the laptop warriors and blow-dried studio pundits who keep insisting on the need to get tough with “the Russians”, by which they mean the Russian government. Actual people who suffer and die in war easily become faraway abstractions. “And you never ask questions/When God’s on your side.”

During the last six decades, the religiosity of US militarism has faded into a more generalized set of assumptions - shared, in the current crisis, across traditional political spectrums. Ignorance about NATO’s history feeds into the good vs evil bromides that are so easy to ingest and internalize.

On Capitol Hill, it’s hard to find a single member of Congress willing to call NATO what it has long been: an alliance for war (Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya) with virtually nothing to do with “defense” other than the defense of vast weapons sales and, at times, even fantasies of regime change in Russia.

The reverence and adulation gushing from the Capitol and corporate media (including NPR and PBS) toward NATO and its US leadership are wonders of thinly veiled jingoism. About other societies, reviled ones, we would hear labels like “propaganda”. Here the supposed truisms are laundered and flat-ironed as common sense.

Pledging no NATO enlargement is not appeasement. It does not cede Ukrainian territory. It does not undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Glimmers of inconvenient truth have flickered only rarely in mainstream US media outlets, while a bit more likely in Europe. “Biden has said repeatedly that the US is open to diplomacy with Russia, but on the issue that Moscow has most emphasized - NATO enlargement - there has been no American diplomacy at all,” Jeffrey Sachs wrote in the Financial Times as this week began.

“Putin has repeatedly demanded that the US forswear NATO’s enlargement into Ukraine, while Biden has repeatedly asserted that membership of the alliance is Ukraine’s choice.”

As Sachs noted, “Many insist that NATO enlargement is not the real issue for Putin and that he wants to recreate the Russian empire, pure and simple. Everything else, including NATO enlargement, they claim, is a mere distraction. This is utterly mistaken.

“Russia has adamantly opposed NATO expansion towards the east for 30 years, first under Boris Yeltsin and now Putin… Neither the US nor Russia wants the other’s military on their doorstep. Pledging no NATO enlargement is not appeasement. It does not cede Ukrainian territory. It does not undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty.”

Whether or not they know much about such history, the USA’s media elites and members of Congress don’t seem to care about it. Red-white-and-blue chauvinism is running wild. Yet there are real diplomatic alternatives to the collision course for war.

Speaking Monday on Democracy Now, Katrina vanden Heuvel - editorial director of The Nation and a longtime Russia expert - said that implementing the Minsk accords could be a path toward peace in Ukraine. Also, she pointed out, “there is talk now not just of the NATO issue, which is so key, but also a new security architecture in Europe.”

Desperately needed is a new European security framework, to demilitarize and defuse conflicts between Russia and US allies. But the same approach that for three decades pushed to expand NATO to Russia’s borders is now gung-ho to keep upping the ante, no matter how much doing so increases the chances of a direct clash between the world’s two nuclear-weapons superpowers.

A gripping chapter in “The Spoils of War,” a new book by Andrew Cockburn, spells out the mega-corporate zeal behind the massive campaigns to expand NATO beginning in the 1990s… “One especially promising market was among the former members of the defunct Warsaw Pact,” Cockburn wrote. “Were they to join NATO, they would be natural customers for products such as the F-16 fighter.”

The last US ambassador to the Soviet Union before it collapsed, Jack Matlock, wrote last week: “Since President Putin’s major demand is an assurance that NATO will take no further members, and specifically not Ukraine or Georgia, obviously there would have been no basis for the present crisis if there had been no expansion of the alliance following the end of the Cold War, or if the expansion had occurred in harmony with building a security structure in Europe that included Russia.”

But excluding Russia from security structures, while encircling it with armed-to-the-teeth adversaries, was a clear goal of NATO’s expansion. Less obvious was the realized goal of turning Eastern European nations into customers for vast arms sales.

A gripping chapter in “The Spoils of War,” a new book by Andrew Cockburn, spells out the mega-corporate zeal behind the massive campaigns to expand NATO beginning in the 1990s. Huge Pentagon contractors like Lockheed Martin were downcast about the dissolution of the USSR and feared that military sales would keep slumping. But there were some potential big new markets on the horizon.

“One especially promising market was among the former members of the defunct Warsaw Pact,” Cockburn wrote. “Were they to join NATO, they would be natural customers for products such as the F-16 fighter that Lockheed had inherited from General Dynamics. There was one minor impediment: the [George HW] Bush administration had already promised Moscow that NATO would not move east, a pledge that was part of the settlement ending the Cold War.”

By the time legendary foreign-policy sage George F Kennan issued his unequivocal warning in 1997 - “expanding NATO would be the most fateful error of American policy in the post-Cold War era” - the expansion was already happening.

As Cockburn notes, “By 2014, the 12 new members had purchased close to $17 billion worth of American weapons.”

If you think those weapons transactions were about keeping up with the Russians, you’ve been trusting way too much US corporate media. “As of late 2020,” Cockburn’s book explains, NATO’s collective military spending “had hit $1.03 trillion, or roughly 20 times Russia’s military budget.”

Let’s leave the last words here to Bob Dylan, from another song that isn’t on radio playlists. “Masters of War.”

Let me ask you one question
Is your money that good?
Will it buy you forgiveness
Do you think that it could?

Note: Norman Solomon is executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, where he coordinates ExposeFacts. Solomon is a co-founder of The above article was posted at CounterPunch.

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  2. You can count on Bigo to keep posting anti-America/western world bashing.

    By Mark on Mar 9, 2022

  3. Good article. Although judging by the previous post, i suspect a lot commenters on here will fail to acknowledge the facts & history of this situation…

    By james on Mar 10, 2022

  4. This analysis is missing any discussion of the impact of the US/UK/Russia convincing Ukraine to give up their nukes in exchange for security assurances. That’s the lesson that should be noted. The Ukraine wouldn’t need to consider NATO if they maintained that deterrence.

    By steve22 on Mar 12, 2022

  5. its an invasion against a sovereign country, saying it is a reaction to NATO misunderstands the severity of the situation. Most of us aware of western hypocrisy and the ways the media undermine meaning, whether it comes to western interventions or those by others. Despite this, the situation here seems to be quite dire, with the possibility for use of nuclear or chemical weapons escalating every day. Given this, its not as if anyone can sit around and let this invasion continue, unchecked, without risking an even graver situation. Otherwise, if Putin grabs Ukraine, who’s next?
    Enter NATO and the hope that all of this can be quashed before it spreads into other European countries.

    By popsicle on Mar 14, 2022

  6. Who wants me to roast their nuts? Who want me to toss your salad and lick your taint

    By U L E on Apr 21, 2022

  7. Im jagging off to a young gay boy magazine. If the Feds ever came to my house and confiscated my computer I will be in deep doo doo

    By Mark on Apr 21, 2022

  8. Your not the only one Mark. Iworry bout the Feds every day. I have some really sick shit on my phone. I have snuff films downloaded. I cant tell if its real or not but I gots to think its real

    By popsicle on Apr 21, 2022

  9. Its alright, hey lawdy swappers
    its alright, dont bogey that joint whopper swapper

    By Derrick on May 14, 2022

  10. Derriere, likes to make an asshole out of himself

    By Mark on May 14, 2022

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