September 9, 2012 – 4:58 am

Ever since the arrest last week of Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, there has been the usual speculation of who in the United States or Sweden ‘paid off’ Cambodia to make the move. Of course, with no supporting evidence claims that such a deal exists can be brushed off as pure fantasy. But today, in another one of those unusual political coincidences, Cambodian officials announced the “strengthening of bilateral ties” with Sweden – along with a US$59 million aid package sweetener. By Enigmax of TorrentFreak.

Following his arrest last Thursday (August 30) it was confirmed on September 4 that Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm will be leaving Cambodia as a matter of some urgency.

Early Tuesday (September 4), a meeting took place in Cambodia between National Deputy Police Commissioner General Sok Phal and Swedish authorities. Due to the lack of an extradition treaty, Sweden made a request for Svartholm to be deported. Cambodian authorities agreed.

“We will use the Immigration Law against him to deport him out of our country and Minister of Interior Sar Kheng will sign on the deportation request letter from the police commissioner soon,” said Phal. “We will have to just deport him, wherever he goes, we don’t know, but he has to be out of Cambodia.”

While it perhaps isn’t all that unusual for Swedish authorities to be in Cambodia, a development today will join a long line of interesting political coincidences in which one nation appears to be rewarded by another following an apparently unconnected favor that everyone but the politicians are suspicious of.

On September 5, a senior Cambodian official announced that the Government of Sweden had signed to provide Cambodia with 400 million Swedish Kronor (US$59.4 million) in financial aid. The money is destined for democratic development, education, and other causes.

Speaking after the signing ceremony between Cambodian deputy Prime Minister Keat Chhon and Swedish Ambassador Anne Hoglund, Chhon said his country was grateful for the package. “Cambodia considers Sweden as a highly valued development partner and we will make every best effort to ensure that the aid be utilized effectively in an efficient and transparent manner,” he said.

Hoglund said that Sweden is committed to strengthening bilateral ties with Cambodia, something that interestingly enough was also said by President Obama’s trade ambassador on his visit to the country last Thursday, the day Svartholm was arrested.

Gottfrid Svartholm is currently in Cambodian detention and facing deportation.

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It is well-known that the top brass at the US movie and music industries have the ever-sympathetic ears of those in government, not least due to the “revolving door” phenomenon illustrated perfectly by current MPAA chief and former senator Chris Dodd.

In recent months, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has claimed time and again that key Hollywood figures used their influence to persuade some of the most powerful men in the United States to act against his company.

Then in early August it was suggested by sources in the Ukrainian government’s Interior Ministry that the closure of Demonoid was scheduled to coincide with Deputy Prime Minister Valery Khoroshkovsky’s trip to the United States.

And now another interesting coincidence has raised its head, this time concerning The Pirate Bay.

As reported, Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm was arrested last week by police in Cambodia.

However, as stated by Cambodian authorities last weekend, he was detained following a specific request from the Swedish government.

Not only interestingly but seemingly against the odds, Cambodia also welcomed a very important visitor to the country on the day Svartholm was arrested - none other than Ambassador Ron Kirk, the United States Trade Representative and President Obama’s principal negotiator and spokesperson on trade issues.

“Ambassador Kirk and Cambodian Minister of Commerce Cham Prasidh […] announced today that the United States and Cambodia have agreed to begin exploratory discussions on a potential bilateral investment treaty (BIT),” the USTR said on August 31, 2012. - Enigmax of TorrentFreak

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  2. I’m seeing a future dystopia where all this divisiveness leads to serious terrorist activities by the Internet Freedom Fighters vs. “Big Content” (as another site likes to put it). While the fat cats schmooze each other silly, the people that really care about freedom and civil rights are getting more and more restless. Realizing that this is just another facet of the fascists in power, it finally boils over into total urban warfare in an attempt to get back government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    And yet all so avoidable…

    By golgo hakase on Sep 9, 2012

  3. Well folks it looks like 59 Million Dollars purchases a lot of civil rights violations and panders to the Homo Hebes that run Hollywood. Strange thing is the biggest complainers were
    the Adult Industry. So let’s see porn which is viewed by the morally righteous jack coughs in the US and elsewhere can pretty much “donate” enough to buy some fraudulent arrest warrants and even change a decades old if not century old extradition law in Cambodia. The same country that brought you Pol Pot genocide worse than the Holocaust but yet those people unlike the dirty Jews that run the porn industry cannot constantly bombard you with some images and propaganda on said genocide. This is a sad day for the folks of the world. In addition in this day and age of Trillion dollar wars that need not be $59 Million ain’t swat and will probably go directly into the hands of the corrupt murderers that run Cambodia. Boy the hippies were wrong about Nam. We should have Cambodia to bits when Tricky Dick was in office. Sad sad sad. As for the poor young men Gottfrid Svartholm and Kim Dot Com: “First they came for my neighbor I said not a word. Next they came for my brother I said not a word, they came for my parents and I said not a word, then one day they came for me and there was no one left to say a word!” God Bless guys please get the Bay up soon.

    By Gaylen on Oct 3, 2012

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