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There was a time when serious music fans eagerly awaited the year-end critics’ poll of best albums from the New Musical Express and, later, Spin magazine. Mainstream fans looked to the Rolling Stone chart. The internet changed all that, allowing listeners a much wider range of music and, not only that, now there is no longer one music publication or critic who can command a legion of readers or followers.

In the time-honored tradition of giving readers a say, name your Best Album/s of 2012 and why you think it’s worth repeated listenings.

Your no B.S. comments will earn you a pass to free music.

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  2. Tame Impala - Lonerism (2012)

    By Rochacrimson on Dec 1, 2012

  3. One of the things in last years in music but nothing comparing with music from 60’s and 70’s.

    By Rochacrimson on Dec 1, 2012

  4. *one of the best things

    By Rochacrimson on Dec 1, 2012

  5. neil youngs psychedelic pill.
    i waited 9 yrs for an original neil with crazy horse album. course americana came out earlier this year but the songs werent original and while i love the album it just doesnt do it for me the way pill does. pill is the first album neil says he wrote while not stoned. funny thing too cuz it sure seems like the sort of thing that one might enjoy more while being stoned. the jams go on and on and i can listen to them repeatedly in different frames of mind at different times of day and actually not necessarily realize that i have heard the song before. other albums from the 60s and 70s have done this to me too. but im glad that a new recording like neils psych pill has come into my world giving me yet more music to swoon to in that mystic mind altering way of his.
    its his longest album at 87mins and only studio album on 2 cds. previously the only album i have listened to as much as this one is mirror ball. that and this one are my 2 fave neil studio releases. i hear new things each time i turn it on tune it in and drop out. heh.

    By darth on Dec 1, 2012

  6. I’ll go with Psychedelic Pill, too. Great jams!

    By Phil on Dec 1, 2012

  7. For me, the best album of 2012 would have to be; Marillion - ‘Sounds That Can’t Be Made’.
    Marillion must be the kings of prog at the moment. With every new album they push the boundaries further and surpass all expectations. This is a real ‘grower’ and has been a permanent fixture on my CD player since it came out.

    By Daij on Dec 1, 2012

  8. Psychedelic pill or Americana. There us never enough Neil and Crazy Horse.

    By john on Dec 1, 2012

  9. Bob Dylan - Tempest.

    Still capable even as an OAP.

    By TheOtherGuest on Dec 2, 2012

  10. dylan temptest or neil youngs pil;l, all too good to fault

    By Liam NSW on Dec 2, 2012

  11. Chris Duarte’s “Blues from the Afterburner” is a sonic blast of wicked licks from one of the best guitarists on the planet - a player’s player.

    By elvislives on Dec 2, 2012

  12. a list of 2012 albums would have helped. i didnt realize duarte put out a cd this year. thank u elvis. i saw chris at a tiny bar on 13th st and 2nd in nyc. and there were only like 10 ppl there. it was about 1988. no one seemed to care. i took a couple of rolls of photos of him. he played like hendrix. no stage. hardly any equipment. no cover. just a few ppl drinking and him and his band and me and a friend of mine. my friend asked me why im taking pics of him. i told him that he had no idea who this guy is going to be in a few yrs. i said the same thing about stevie ray vaughan when he played a tiny club in nyc in 81 2 yrs before he headlined the beacon with the outlaws opening. and john campbell too but sadly campbell died before anyone had a chance to find out how incredible he was. john was one of the greatest musicians i ever saw in my life. i saw him 20x.
    anyone have any idea what ever happened with tinsley ellis? seeing him is like seeing a reincarnation of rory gallagher.
    another question.. the 2 band members that roy buchanan had when he died. especially his bassist. where are they/is he?

    By darth on Dec 2, 2012

  13. My taste, likewise, runs to Young

    But I’ll take this opportunity to point to a new young talent who I believe will still be brilliant and respected in 2062…

    Luke Paul Jackson - a young British folk singer/songwriter who can play a guitar magnificently, write superb lyrics, and performs with as much chutzpah as the young bobby zimmerman so many decades ago.

    he’ll be new to most non-Brits on this site. But I have to recommend him to you as the most promising kid I have heard in 20 years.

    there’s a LOT of his stuff on YouTube, and his album can be downloaded from Amazon, etc etc.

    enjoy :)

    By Tony on Dec 2, 2012

  14. i will have to go with neil youngs Psychedelic pill mainly because it is the only one i have heard from 2012

    By Doode on Dec 2, 2012

  15. oh btw.. lukas nelson.. willies kid has a new cd this year. superb stuff. altho live hes better than studio as many ppl are.
    hey welcome to the site doode. hope u enjoy the free music for this contest.

    By darth on Dec 2, 2012

  16. Tinsley Ellis is still performing and just opened for Chris Duarte in a double bill show recently.

    By elvislives on Dec 3, 2012

  17. Although I certainly like several albums that have been mentioned: Bob Dylan’s Tempest, Neil Young’s Psychedelic Pill and Marillion’s Sounds That Can’t Be Made, I will be different and nominate Glowsun’s Eternal Season as some of the heaviest, coolest stoner rock I have heard in some time. I may be forgetting some 2012 releases, not being one to organize my music by year, and there are many 2012 releases I have not heard, but his one floats my boat as the year approaches its end.

    By aking on Dec 3, 2012

  18. Coming Up Slowly From Behind by Mole Asses.

    Vocals by Leon Redbone & Tiny Tim.
    Guitar by Eric “Slow Hand” Clapton.
    Bass by Larry “The Mole” Taylor.
    Drums - Ringo.

    Special Guests Arthur - Brown & Justin Beaver.

    By sking on Dec 3, 2012

  19. I have to agree that neil youngs psychedelic pill is the best this year. It has the old Neil Young lyrics with the new Neil Young music

    By Tom Billings on Dec 3, 2012

  20. Personally I vote for “Babel” by Mumford & Sons, but Psychedelic Pill is very good too

    By frank capra on Dec 3, 2012

  21. Rush Clockwork Angels

    By wh dupree on Dec 3, 2012

  22. Except for the amazing Neil Young there are several other younger contenders:
    First Aid Kit - The Lion’s Roar
    Father John Misty [j tillman] – Fear Fun
    The Lumineers - S-T
    Woods - Bend Beyond
    Kopecky Family Band - Kids Raising Kids

    By Yossi on Dec 4, 2012

  23. While my list is not completed yet (there are still two important releases coming out in the next week or so), the Top 5 is likely to be:
    The Walkmen: Heaven
    Breton: Other People’s Problems
    Father John Misty: Fear Fun
    Frank Ocean: Channel Orange
    Jeremy Denk: Ligeti/Beethoven

    Pretty sure Dylan’s Tempest will make the top ten, along with Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music, The Darcy’s Aja, Domenico’s Cine Prive and Big Inner by Matthew E. White.

    Lots of great music this year. Psychedelic Pill? That prescription did not work for me.

    By Jeremy Shatan on Dec 5, 2012

  24. While i don`t ever claim to know the best release, these are the ones that got me prety excited this year.
    Sonny Landreth Elemental Journey
    The Avett Brothers The Carpenter
    Bobby Womack The Bravest Man in the Universe
    Justin Townes Earle Nothing’s Gonna Change
    the Way You Feel About Me Now

    Chris Robinson Brotherhood Big Moon Ritual
    Tedeschi Trucks live Everybody`s Talkin

    By sluggo on Dec 5, 2012

  25. My 2012 faves:

    Alabama Shakes: Boys & Girls
    Anathema: Weather Systems
    The Darkness; Hot Cakes
    Guided By Voices: Class Clown Spots A UFO
    Ian Hunter: When I’m President
    Jess and the Ancient Ones: s/t
    Kiss: Monster
    Marillion: Sounds That Can’t Be Made
    Bob Mould: Silver Age
    Rush: Clockwork Angels
    Patti Smith: Banga
    The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: Throw It To The Universe
    Ulver: Childhood’s End
    Witchcraft: Legend
    Neil Young: Psychedelic Pill

    By Mike V on Dec 5, 2012

  26. Both timely & poignant this year was
    Ry Cooder’s Election Special

    By sking on Dec 6, 2012

  27. Mumford & Sons - “Babel”

    By rondelrio on Dec 6, 2012

  28. Looking at the other selections, mine don’t look too orininal:

    Neil Young’s Psychedelic Pill
    Rush: Clockwork Angels
    Sonny Landreth for Elemental Journey (gotta love that lineup)

    By Rob D on Dec 7, 2012

  29. … sorry, itchy return finger. Babel reminds me of the way music should make you feel… the artist is laying their souls out there and also having fun in the process.
    I too am also very, very pleased with Neil Young’s “Psychedelic Pill”. Best he has done in quite some time (in my humble opinion).

    By rondelrio on Dec 7, 2012

  30. Slipstream by Bonnie Raitt.
    Tempest by Dylan
    Born to Sing - Van the Man.

    By alanr on Dec 7, 2012

  31. Sorry guys I have a tie Neil Young’s Pill or Joe Walsh’s Analog Man Both rip

    By tim martin on Dec 7, 2012

  32. andre wiiliams “silky”. the best album of the year every year since it was released in 1998.

    By barth on Dec 8, 2012

  33. I go for Bruce Springsteen’s “Wrecking Ball” and also the Black Keys CD. They both came out in 2012 didn’t they? I really don’t listen to much new music.

    By Mackster on Dec 8, 2012

  34. Neil’s ‘Psychedelic Pill’ has to be near or at the top. Also, getting into the new Glass Hammer CD, ‘Perilous’.

    By WillyO on Dec 9, 2012

  35. The best emotional & musical Cd was Bill Fays “Life Is People”.
    It touched my heart

    By Rioo on Dec 11, 2012

  36. Sonny Landreth: Elemental Journey
    Beach House: Bloom
    Beachwood Sparks: The Tarnished Gold
    James Farm (Johua Redman et al): James Farm
    Graham Parker: Three Chords Good
    Bob Dylan: Tempest
    Greg Laswell: Landline
    Bonnie Raitt: Slipstream
    Bruce Springsteen: Wrecking Ball

    By Tom Jackson on Dec 13, 2012

  37. for me it’s mostly the usual suspects: dylan’s ‘tempest’, fagen’s ’sunken condos’ and jack white’s ‘blunderbuss’. Funny though, big-o just posted a live bobby womack, his 2012 release,’the bravest man in the universe’ is fabulous as well. it’s also been a kick ass year for the big-o. rock on…

    By Billy Jack on Dec 17, 2012

  38. As much as I love Neil Young, the Crazy Horse sound hasn’t changed much in decades.

    Jack White’s Blunderbuss is my favorite new recording.

    By steve22 on Dec 18, 2012

  39. In the Christmas spirit at the moment … a long time ago (December 2008) you guys posted a download of Handel’s Messiah which was an incredibly accomplished and emotional performance. Bottom line was it got pulled / banned before I could download it all - anyone have the 3rd CD???

    By jrinscotland on Dec 18, 2012

  40. Most of my favorites of the year are either made up of the old guys (Dylan, Bonnie Raitt) or harken back to a past time. My favorite this year is Quantic and Alice Russell - Look Around the Corner.
    A close 2nd is the Mark Lanegan Band’s Blues Funeral.

    By Patrick Brennick on Dec 19, 2012

  41. It has to be Martin Rossiter - The defenestration of St. Martin.
    What a fantastic album by a guy who used to be the singer in the UK group Gene.
    Piano and voice and some fantastic songs.Listen to Drop anchor.

    By Nuno on Dec 20, 2012

  42. Rush - Clockwork Angels: this is the record I’ve been waiting for since 1987. A cohesive record with stellar tracks all the way through that tell a story. Lost of guitars, not much keyboard stuff. They really paid attention to riffs and having something memorable to hang the melody on and to rock out on the air guitar (or drums or bass for that matter).

    Ian Hunter - When I’m President: his songs get better as he ages. his voice cracks a little but he’s 70+ and still rocking with vibrant, relevant music. He hasn’t lost his melodic sensibilities and he transforms a phrase like “I’ll give you what for” into an incredible hook. He’s long been one of my favorite song writers and continues to hit me with great new music.

    Van Halen - A Different Kind Of Truth: I’ll take the heat for this one. I even love “Tattoo.” It’s smarmy swashbuckling Diamond Dave. His essence was the root of the cool in Van Halen. Sure Eddie is an astounding guitar player and created a paradigm shift with the first Van Halen album, but Dave sold it. He was having a good time dammit and if you were on board the good ship DLR you were having a blast too. Together they created some of the best rock music of the 20th century and Different Kind Of Truth is a testament to their power and legacy. Stay frosty my friends.

    Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials - Jump Start: Ed just plays the kind of gut bucket blues I love and his lyrics always have an amusing slant like an aural wink from Ed indicating we all know what he’s talking about because it’s happened to us or we’ve seen it happen to others. Jump Start is another fine addition to his catalog and if you’re in a bad mood it’s sure to fix that for you in a jiffy.

    By Jim kanavy on Dec 21, 2012

  43. For oldies: Tempest and Psychedelic Pill
    Not so oldies: Jack White always re-invents himself : Blunderbus

    By arcadian on Dec 24, 2012

  44. MINA


    “I’ve got you under my skin”
    “Just a gigolo”
    “I’ll be seeing you”
    “I’m glad there is you”
    “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”
    “Anytime anywhere”
    “Fire and rain”
    “Over the rainbow”
    “Everything happens to me”
    “Love me tender”
    “Banana split for my baby”
    “September song”

    By franco on Dec 26, 2012

  45. My favorite of the year is probably David Byrne & St. Vincent’s “Love This Giant”. I spend a lot of time listening to songs on shuffle, but almost every time one of the songs from that album comes on, I end up thinking “I kinda just want to listen to more of this”, and swapping over to it. Strong songwriting and great brass arrangements all the way through.

    By Francis on Dec 27, 2012

  46. Pour moi le meilleur album de cette année 2012 est “La Futura” de ZZ TOP.Notre trio au meilleur de leur forme.Génial

    By michel on Dec 27, 2012

  47. Best of 2012:
    1 Jeff Lynne - Old Wave
    2 Ian Hunter - When I’m President
    3 Joe Brown - The Ukulele Album

    By DaveF on Jan 2, 2013

  48. I really like Donald Fagan’s “Sunken Condos”

    By logjam on Jan 3, 2013

  49. Springsteen’s “Wrecking Ball”. Hard times and the ghosts who haunt them. Best tour as well…

    By TDC on Jan 3, 2013

  50. Psychedelic Pill - Neil Young

    By kleingerd on Jan 4, 2013

  51. “It Ain’t Cherry”, by The Hawks Blues Band.

    By NAMoosedog on Jan 5, 2013

  52. Would have to go with Fear Fun - Father John Misty; though Tame Impala - Lonerism and Bob Dylan - Tempest aren’t too far behind.

    By JoeMog1 on Jan 6, 2013

  53. Iris Dement’s Sing The Delta: A stunning return from one of the greatest voices in American folk music.

    By Richard Fitzsimons on Jan 9, 2013

  54. Three classics:

    Gary Clark Jr - Blak and Blu - not the new hendrix but great anyway
    Graham Parker - Three Chords Good ( the 70 year old are having a great time ….parker, hunter, dylan, cohen ..all put out great albums this year)
    The Allah-Las - The Allah-las -cause there is always a place for snotty garage music

    By HankMc on Jan 11, 2013

  55. I’m gonna add “Medicine” by Tab Benoit since I didn’t buy it until early 2012. His live show at the Rhythm Room, PHX was amazing. WAY hotter than Bruce’s show here in the Valley of the Sun. Incubus’ “HQ Live” set was fun to listen to as well. Don’t forget another live gem, Joe Bonamassa “Live at the Beacon”

    By Johnny Kinkdom on Jan 11, 2013

  56. There is nothing new on the grooves, but what is on it, “Rocks”! ZZ Top’s La Futura shows the boys are still rockin hard after all these years, no filler - just killer!!

    By Spiker on Jan 13, 2013

  57. I’m nominating the Tedeschi Trucks Band - Everybody’s Talkin’. Great albume and even better in concert.

    By Bubbles on Feb 10, 2013

  58. Easy, Bill Fay Life is People

    By walter on Jan 11, 2014

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