January 11, 2013 – 7:04 am

BigO readers,

Step forward and buy our Good-For-Nothing tokens.*

Option 1
US$5 for one Good-For-Nothing token

Option 2
US$10 for two Good-For-Nothing tokens

Option 3
US$25 for five Good-For-Nothing tokens

Option 4
US$50 for 10 Good-For-Nothing tokens

Option 5
US$100 for 20 Good-For-Nothing tokens

WE HAVE A NO-REFUND POLICY. Once purchase is made, you can’t have your money back.


This is our annual call for your kind support.

Option 1

Click here to make your payment at Skrill.

Go to Skrill to open an account. There is no need to upload personal documents. Once you have registered, you can add bank accounts/credit cards or use the Upload button to add money to your account (transfer money from your bank account to Skrill).

After you have uploaded money to your Skrill account or added a credit card, you can use the Send Money button to make payments.

Use this e-mail address as recipient’s e-mail address in Skrill: [email protected]

Option 2

Click here to make your payment at PayPal.*

* We can no longer accept PayPal donations in $ingapore. See item below.PAYPAL** MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR FOREIGNERS TO DONATE TO $INGAPORE SITES

Back in 2013, PayPal phased out foreign donations to non-profit websites with $ingapore accounts. This decision was a result of PayPal failing to get a remittance license in the country from the Monetary Authority of $ingapore. However, effective from October 19, 2016, “donations” became an “Ineligible item” as part of PayPal’s User Agreement in $ingapore. Anyone in $ingapore using PayPal to collect donations is now in violation of PayPal’s rules and the account is “suspended” [they call it “permanently limited”]. PayPal has country-specific rules so it’s not known if this “no donation” rule applies elsewhere. But it certainly does not apply in the USA or even Malaysia as the PayPal button is still on many websites that survive on readers’ donations.

Yeah, you can’t donate to this website anymore.

** Actually it is the $ingapore government’s MA$ ruling that has resulted in this situation.

If you cannot make a payment at PayPal, please proceed to buy the tokens at Skrill.

+ + + + +If you have any questions about the way the system works, or have any bugs to report, let us know and we’ll be glad to help! Thanks for your help and support in making this a space for culture and history of music alive.

Please don’t forget to email us your NAME and ADDRESS after you’ve made your payment. This is to help us acknowledge and keep better track of our well-wishers.

Thank you.

  1. 5 Responses to “MUSIC’S FOR SHARING”

  2. just like to say thanks for you for this great
    site and the work you put into it.And also the
    great music provided.THANKS A LOT CHEERS

    By Leslie Bishop on Feb 5, 2013

  3. Hey big O thank You for all the great music you have made available thru the years. I try to plug you site every week on my radio show and tell people how to donate. again tune us in on the web at Saturdays 3-6PM Commercial free as it’s college radio from the Campus of U-MASS-Lowell, in Lowell, MA. USA , Eastern time the show is called ‘Blues Deluxe’

    By Steven Yeaton on Jan 30, 2015

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