December 9, 2008 – 12:18 pm

For eastern music, perseverance and practice make perfect. You don’t score marks for attitude or outlandish costumes.

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In The Netherlands [no label, 1CD]

Live at Rasa Utrecht, The Netherlands, Feb 12, 2006. From an FM broadcast.

While some societies and nations prefer to cherish foreign influence, we cite $heep City, $ingapore, others like Iran have decided to stand by their own culture and people. Despite the odds, Iran has earned the respect, or at the very least the awe, of the west.

Master musician Hossein Alizadeh is an Iranian, born in Tehran. He is the country’s leading classical composer and stringed instrumentalist. He is their Hendrix on a six-stringed Persian tar, four-stringed shetar and the 11-stringed Azeri tar. Years of apprenticeship was necessary to achieve this high standard of playing. His fame does not reside in his playing, Alizadeh is also a foremost composer of Iranian orchestral pieces. He has composed “Riders of the Plains of Hope,” “Revolt,” “Ney Nava,” “Torkaman,” “Raz-O-Niaz” and “Song of Compassion”. According to wikipedia “Alizadeh began his professional musical career with the Iranian National Orchestra, rising to the position of conductor and soloist of the National Orchestra of Radio and Television of Iran.” He continues to promote Persian classical music.

This concert in the Netherlands was with percussionist Madjid Khaladj and is an intimate performance where both show off their meticulous playing and improvisations. Madjid Khaladj is a master musician of the tombak or zarb, the Persian drum.

In the quiet of your listening room, these three compositions will show dexterity, melody and the subtlety of timing. The FM recording is immaculate with an outstanding stereo image. Neither musician tries to eclipse the other but both strive to support the other. No wonder the Grateful Dead journeyed to the Middle East to find inspiration amid the pyramids.

Both musicians are much sought-after in the world music circuit. Thanks to bennow who shared this on the net.
- The Savage Hippo

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality stereo MP3s - sample rate of 192 kibit/s). As far as we can ascertain, this recording has never been officially released.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

Track 01. Untitled improvisation 1 27:45m
Track 02. Untitled improvisation 2 32:05m
Track 03. Untitled improvisation 3 8:10m

Hossein Alizadeh - tar, seter and tanbur
Madjid Khaladj - daf, tombak [percussion]

The latest album by Hossein Alizadeh is Ode To Flowers recorded in 2007. It is as much an album of music as it is a choral album with chants and ballads with the Hamavayan Ensemble. Buy it here.

Percussionist Madjid Khaladj has a new DVD, Tombak, which offers a documentary about the artist, lessons on playing the tombak and a live concert. Released in 2007. Buy it here.

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  2. Hopefully Obama will not bomb this beautiful ancient country… (a beautiful ancient country who deserves better than its current “president”)

    By Albert Mudat on Dec 11, 2008

  3. It’s a very beautiful country, you believe it when you actually see it. and the music is unique and very nice. specially the great variety from traditional to rock and recent underground rap songs.
    You can listen to all types of Persian Music at for free


    By Shahab on Dec 14, 2008

  4. Thanks. I wish I could get a visa to go to Iran :(

    By Jonathan on May 28, 2014

  5. u could always go to a neighboring country and take a trip to iran if u felt the urge then if u survived it get back to a place u could fly home from.
    for example.. if u couldnt go to france.. u could go to italy or spain then take a side trip to france on your own then head back to italy or spain in order to go home. unless of course there are laws denying this. since i have no plans on going to iran etc. i wouldnt know for sure if such a thing is illegal. it just seems to me that direct flights to iran would be the only problem.
    for example.. i know that u cant go to cuba from the usa that easily. but if u were to go to mexico or a south american country and then go to cuba from there and then back to wherever u were in order to head back to the usa u could without any problem.

    By darth on May 28, 2014

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