March 5, 2012 – 4:28 am

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Get Back: The Elektra Acetate [Helter Skelter Records HSR025, 1CD]

Outtakes, unreleased mixes.

This is the Helter Skelter Records’ upgrade to the recently-released Untouched - Off Elektra Acetate set.

Thanks to helterskelterrecords for sharing the tracks at Demonoid. These are helterskelterrecords’ comments:

[The Elektra] acetate features the same stereo mixes that were famously broadcast on US Radio in 1969, this later leading to the bootlegs ‘WBCN Get Back Reference Acetate’ (Yellow Dog) and ‘Posters, Incense and Strobe Candle’ (Vigotone). Both of these discs had their problems, noise reduction for one, seriously damaging the high frequencies, and also some pretty bad low frequency hum. But this new source blows the others out of the water. The problem with this new Elektra Acetate, however, is that it is noisy, very noisy, suffering all of the problems you would expect from a 50-year-old acetate.

For this release, unlike others floating around, I have not used any noise reduction, but instead painstakingly de-clicked, de-popped, and de-crackled each track one-by-one, putting the integrity of the music above anything else - leaving what should be a very enjoyable listen, of what is a very important historical recording. I have also added all of the stereo elements that were missing from this acetate from the Yellow Dog disc (only a section of dialogue), some tracks are available in longer form in mono with extra studio chat, but I did not want to mix stereo and mono here, this is simply stereo only. I also took the liberty of pitch, phase and level correcting this disc, as well as un-doing the peak limiting applied to the original disc.

Click here if you want to download the lossless tracks. You will need to register with Demonoid, and registration slots can be hard to come by.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Get Back (False Start) (stereo) (149k)
Track 02. Get Back (stereo) (4.1MB)
Track 03. I’ve Got A Feeling (False Start) (stereo) (199k)
Track 04. Help (Partial Jam) (stereo) (53k)
Track 05. Teddy Boy (stereo) (9.4MB)
Track 06. Two Of Us (False Start 1) (stereo) (271k)
Track 07. Two Of Us (False Start 2) (stereo) (318k)
Track 08. Two Of Us (stereo) (5.6MB)
Track 09. Dig A Pony (False Start) (stereo) (671k)
Track 10. Dig A Pony (stereo) (5.9MB)
Track 11. I’ve Got A Feeling (stereo) (4.9MB)
12. The Long And Winding Road (stereo) - Omitted*
Track 13. Let It Be (stereo) (6.5MB)
Track 14. Don’t Let Me Down (stereo) (6.1MB)
Track 15. For You Blue (False Start) (624k)
Track 16. For You Blue (stereo) (4.2MB)
Track 17. Get Back (stereo) (4.6MB)
Track 18. The Walk (stereo) (1.5MB)

* Available on Anthology 3.

Click here to order The Beatles’ Anthology series.

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  2. Thanks again Philip for another version of this!!! Can’t have too much Beatles material! Keep it coming!

    By Jeff on Mar 5, 2012

  3. Are you guys sure the second version of Get Back isn’t the single version that was released in 1969?

    It sounds like it to me.

    By newesthenri on Mar 5, 2012

  4. Newesthenri, while I believe the track you’re talking about is the same take, this is clearly a different mix…a bit rawer. Clearly some “sweetening” took place once Phil Specter came into the picture.

    By Jim Shelley on Mar 6, 2012

  5. This is great , more Beatles please..

    By fred on Mar 7, 2012

  6. Phew, difficult to keep a grip on all this late Beatles recorded material. Anyone interested in autographed 1964 Australian tour program, Yellow Submarine celluloid, unpublished 1964 Hong Kong photos for sale …

    By cmaddock on Mar 7, 2012

  7. Jim Shelley, I was talking about the original single version produced by George Martin in 1969. I don’t see much difference at all except this take ends a little sooner.

    By newesthenri on Mar 9, 2012

  8. track 14 is golden.

    Thanks for the work cleaning the files and uploading for all of us.

    By JALtheImpaler on Mar 13, 2012

  9. So…Sons of Beatles? Bronze Beatles? Rebeatles? The Silvers? The Repeats! The…replacements?? Or, as John said one time, The Shoes? They’re NOT EXACTLY One Direction, a young cutesy boy band from Britain. Every one of those guys were rejects that were thrown together…so we already have the new Monkees. New Beatles! JUST LIKE NEW COKE! And you can still have Yoko to hang around the studio! I remember when Peter Noone, the young lad of Herman’s Hermits, formed his own “new wave” band in the early 80’s. He gave it the double meaning, “The Tremblers!” A bit risque. The music was ok, though. So what’s your opinion about the 4 sons of 4 beatles? Should they get together or not? Seems strange that word would get out if they were just talking about it. The McCartney one is serious about it. Let’s hear from the real Beatle fans. Yay! or Nay!!

    By 4yrsnojob on Apr 4, 2012

  10. Thanks for the upgrade. Always nice to hear different upgraded for these.

    By Matt on Apr 19, 2012

  11. Top boot!
    Thank you very much.

    By bob on May 10, 2012

  12. Request, has anyone a link to The Beatles, Abbey Road Deluxe Edition 2007 purple chick release. I thank you.

    By Evert on Mar 21, 2013

  13. evert - i have tried 7x to post the links for u. i even tried to do one at a time. i tried to remove the http and the html parts of the links. it wouldnt allow me to post the links. i am not sure what to do to send u the item u want. ill try a few more times. if i figure it out.. ill send it thru. if not ill have to give up. unless u can contact me privately.

    By darth on Mar 21, 2013


    By darth on Mar 21, 2013

  15. ha.. ok that worked.. good.. so now.. lets see if i can explain this to u.
    there are 5 links. they all end with the following -
    u change each link to part2 part3 etc. ok?
    those first 6 #s stay the same. got it? everything stays the same on the end except that part#. that goes 1 thru 5.
    the other links (well the first sections of the links are as follows for 2-5)

    ok so now if u follow my instructions and u add -

    to the end of the 2nd link (no spaces) etc. u will have all 5 links. and the full 3 cd version of that item u asked about. hope this helps.

    By darth on Mar 21, 2013

  16. darth please provide the link to the hitler comments you said “they” made. thank u in advance.

    By barth on Mar 21, 2013

  17. darth is avoiding telling the truth about being wrong again.

    By there is no darth on Mar 21, 2013

  18. darth, asked some one u know to get in touch direct. Cheers.

    By Evert on Mar 22, 2013

  19. they dont work! none of them! i followed darths instructions for the download links he posted above and NOT ONE OF THEM WORKS!!! all they lead to is “file not found”!!! u are truly pathetic darth!

    what the hell is wrong with u???

    By darth links on Mar 22, 2013

  20. when i had posted them they were all valid working links. i know this to be true because i used them myself and dl’d the item as i posted the links and info on how to obtain it here. evidently one of the idiots here decided to ruin it for evert and anyone else who wanted to dl the files. luckily my dl’s finished just prior to them being killed.
    oddly the idiots who are first to attack me for my links dont seem to come up with their own to help out those asking for them. ever notice that?

    By darth on Mar 22, 2013

  21. there are 128 beatles boots on this site -
    altho not the one in question.
    and there are dozens of other sites with very large beatles boot collections available but most copies of the item in question were on 2 sites including rapidgator and the one i offered and filesonic which wont allow dl’ing unless u uploaded the file which doesnt make any sense to me. i tried. sorry.

    By darth on Mar 22, 2013

  22. darth: for your own sake, please shut up.

    By Innocent Bystander on Mar 22, 2013

  23. “evidently one of the idiots here decided to ruin it for evert and anyone else who wanted to dl the files.”

    No they didn’t! You screwed up AGAIN!! That’s what happened!! It’s YOUR fault!! You IDIOT!!


    This isn’t what you need to apologize for. Shut up and go away.

    By Dingus on Mar 22, 2013

  24. there is no fault when there is no darth

    By there is no darth on Mar 22, 2013

  25. if the links worked well enough for me to dl the files so that i have the 3 cds clearly the links were valid when i posted them to this page. if they werent i couldnt have downloaded them myself. thats just common sense. i was downloading them at the exact same time that i was posting on this page. the act of copying and pasting them to this page automatically put them into my downloader. all i had to do is click continue with all in my program to start them in the process. only one starts at a time normally unless its like zippyshare where i can do more than one at a time. in this case only one worked at a time.
    it only took about 2 hours or so if that.. to get all 5 parts. by the time the posting i made was approved (due to the fact that it had more than one link in it and needed to be approved since it was awaiting moderation) i was nearly done with my dl’s. i dont know how long it took one of u assholes to figure u would report the links and ruin it for others. after all thats why these sorts of links tend to stop working. someone has to report them to the host site as bootleg etc. so they get removed. im figuring the logic behind doing this on the part of the idiot who did it would be so he could then post on here how said links didnt work etc. lo and behold guess what. some shithead using a hider name cuz hes a coward and a scumbag does exactly that. anyone with an internet connection and the least amount of skill could do a search for the item that evert asked for help finding. sometimes people dont know how to find things as easily as other people so i dont mind helping them. i cant believe that some others among u didnt rush to help out the guy when he asked but thats fine. i often find that i am the sole person running to do this and its the schmucks among u that try to tear me down for my efforts. i dont see u putting any effort into helping the guy. all youre doing is harassing me for trying. i could potentially send the guy each track one by one thru email if they werent so large and if he and i had that sort of communication. we dont and they are. theyre flac files after all. btw.. using a torrent would get this item easier and faster. but he asked for links.
    if u arent part of the solution.. u are part of the problem.

    By darth on Mar 23, 2013

  26. also.. i have no plans on shutting up. im not here to do that. are u ever going to?
    and.. as for apologizing.. i have done this repeatedly to the many people who read the comments on the various postings that are offered here. i have often said i was sorry that these ppl have had to endure the crap u are posting insofar as attacks against me and the harassment that seems to be unending and non stopping even tho several of u have said repeatedly that u would stop and that u were done. clearly u lied. no one is surprised.
    my postings are not going to stop. for the most part if possible i ignore u as u have seen. it wasnt just the owner/moderator of the site that suggested it. 10+ others have suggested it as well.. some privately some publicly. the only people siding with u.. are other idiots like u. they may not think theyre idiots just like u dont think u are one. but cmon now.. who thinks theyre an idiot? someone has to tell u that u are one. i am your wake up call. now do your best cuz u know u cant help yourself.. i expect dozens of responses on all the postings of live offerings.. directed towards me. as if its the darth site. and if u get the feeling youre being ignored.. figure it out. fucking idiots.

    By darth on Mar 23, 2013

  27. “some shithead using a hider name cuz hes a coward and a scumbag…”

    u mean like…. “darth”? :-)

    By barth on Mar 23, 2013


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Mar 23, 2013

  29. if the links worked well enough for me to dl the files so that i have the 3 cds clearly the links were valid when i posted them to this page.


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Mar 23, 2013

  30. 1000 words of bathering, cursing inanities to say you’re ignoring us. Again. No surprise, considering the only attention you get in your miserable life is here. You posted your links on a sketchy Russian download site! Only a knuckle dragging anti-semite would expect them to stay there. Only the most paranoid loner in a Unibomber shack would theorize that someone here would email the Russkies and have the files removed. You screwed up AGAIN, that’s all. darthy Macscrewup Frothington Cursingrant, that’s u. Feel free to make another 1000 word reply, telling us how you’re still ignoring us. Have fun at the circle jerk with your BFFs psycho and mammary secretions. And shut your filthy mouth.

    By Dingus on Mar 23, 2013

  31. You tell ‘em Darth! You’re stronger than all of them put together. They know it, they can’t stand it. Like Pavlov’s dog, they reactively bark at anything you post. And none of them has the strength to respectfully disagree by just… being civil. And the proof will be their reaction to this post.

    By lowendbill on Mar 23, 2013


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Mar 23, 2013

  33. ..10+ others have suggested it as well


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Mar 23, 2013

  34. Hello bill-

    Please read the comments in the links below and you’ll understand why darth is not respected here. I’m posting from a mobile phone, I hope these work properly. If not, I’ll post them again later from home. Feel free to comment here after reading them. Cheers!

    By Dingus on Mar 23, 2013

  35. seriously we all know there is no “darth” darth is a couple of beer fuelled pot tokin` kids hanging out in mommy`s basement having fun being shit disturbers whenever they can figure out how to turn the computer on. there is no way in hell that there is anyone stupid , ignorant , arrogant, socially inept and flat out stunned enough to be a real “darth” it is a joke on all of us.we plead with him to retract offensive posts and these kids just take the ball and run with it making us even more frustrated. They lie, post false information and have resorted to almost profanity filled hate speech, its like fast times at darthmount high. seriously, there is no darth and the sooner everyone realizes we are the brunt of a huge joke the better.

    By there is no darth on Mar 23, 2013

  36. Your words make a lot of sense, there. darth’s posts of the last week or so have been preposterous, I almost refrained from commenting, they were so outrageously stoopid, even for him. Proof of that theory is him (and his ex-wife) recently claiming to know Eric Clapton only AFTER others ridiculed him for his comments. This revelation would have been made a long time ago.

    I’m in the bar right now, savoring a Kane Solitude on draught. Someone just played Kenny G on the jukebox; it could get ugly if I find out who wasted their money on that filth. I’ll be able to digest your comments more effectively on the morrow, I believe the hot barmaid likes me. And that ain’t the beer talkng, dude. Later, man.

    By Dingus on Mar 23, 2013

  37. i bet she likes everyone who buys a pitcher or two and tips her a quarter and then pees all over the bathroom.
    funny that the other idiot brings up fast times.. this idiot responding to him is our very own jeff spicoli and hes trying to pick up pheobe cates. omg. what could be funnier?

    By darth on Mar 23, 2013

  38. What’s funnier, darth? How about these:

    Me, typing this while the barmaid is cooking breakfast.

    Your best friends here are named psycho and mammary secretions.

    Your only interaction with people is as a music blog troll.

    You, claiming to have never attacked anyone here.

    You, showing how little you know about the history of bootlegs.

    You, having absolutely no credibility because “everything is in storage”.

    Your “friend” Eric Clapton, drunk, peeing all over your ex-wife’s feet.

    You, stalking Steve Winwood.

    Your endless bullshit stories and blatant lies.

    Everyone here calling you on your endless bullshit stories and lies.

    Every personal relationship you’ve ever had is now extinct.

    You, being homeless.

    There is no darth.

    By Dingus on Mar 23, 2013

  39. what is the law ?
    do not kill or take pictures.
    what is the law?
    do not walk on all fours and stalk eric clapton.
    what is the law ?
    do not drink from a stream or send out bogus music download links.
    what is the law ?
    lionel mapleson is the father of bootleg recording.
    what is the law ?
    there is no darth.

    By there is no darth on Mar 23, 2013

  40. i bet she likes everyone who buys a pitcher or two and tips her a quarter and then pees all over the bathroom.

    funny thing is darth you `d have to actually turn off the lactating mammaries website, get out of the tent and go to the bar to find out .

    By bootleg princess on Mar 23, 2013

  41. darth, I have the new new download links, working OK. Thanks for your help.

    By Evert on Mar 24, 2013

  42. evert - anything i can ever help u with. just ask. youre extremely welcome.

    By darth on Mar 24, 2013

  43. darth, Just to let you know that just after the links were posted they were swapped over to rapidgator with new links.

    By Evert on Mar 24, 2013

  44. Good morning lowendbill!

    I was wondering if you had time to read the comments in the links I provided above. If so, what do you think?

    By Dingus on Mar 24, 2013

  45. darth, I have the new new download links, working OK. Thanks for your help.

    By Evert on Mar 24, 2013

    evert - anything i can ever help u with. just ask. youre extremely welcome.

    By darth on Mar 24, 2013

    take it offline we have darth thanking darth hilarious.

    By there is no darth on Mar 24, 2013

  46. Dingus… I’m thinking I’d rather be drinking. Which is another way of saying: instead of everyone having these trite time-wasting verbal pissing contests (not referring to you Dingus.. haven’t read the links), why not just crack open a beer everytime you get annoyed? Then, you can get really pissed and it’ll feel good instead of vindictive!

    By lowendbill on Mar 25, 2013

  47. Hi lowendbill- Try savoring a nice craft beer or Belgian ale while you peruse the links I provided. They’ll give you a much better perspective on why darth doesn’t deserve much respect here. Some of it’s a good laugh too, except his horribly insensitive comments where he insults all soldiers, including those who gave their lives defending our freedom. Those would be here:

    By Dingus on Mar 25, 2013

  48. you know he will deny everything .
    always does and then starts a new salvo of crap.

    By there is no darth on Mar 25, 2013

  49. Dingus - good taste… I couldn’t agree more! Nothing like a shared triple-brew to make us all friends, I say. But truly, when the conversation gets into political, religious, and all the rest of the divisions and intolerances, that’s the way our enemies control our fears and get us to destroy each other. Be sure that if I spouted my base beliefs, I’d find something to offend everyone, including myself. It’s way too easy to do. This is a forum about music, so if someone slips into an off-topic subject, just ignore it and have a good brew (Chimay!). In no time at all, a profound revelation will come clear: opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.

    By lowendbill on Mar 25, 2013

  50. Bill- I agree, for the most part, but sometimes an obnoxious asshole needs to be confronted. That’s the opinion I have. Checks the links when you can.

    By Dingus on Mar 25, 2013

  51. dingus is correct.
    anyone that thinks darth is picked on need only refer to the links he[dingus] has provided.
    team darth trolls , chums the water with bait then cries foul, time after time.
    remember there is no darth but there is a couple of teenagers who are bored and stupid.

    By there is no darth on Mar 25, 2013

  52. there-is-no, etc… you and others have made it obvious that darth has more power over you than you have over him. Just let it go. There’s so much more to life than reviewing old postings, petty sniping at some anonymous someone somewhere. You’re convincing no one of anything. Not because of rightness or wrongness - but because no one cares. –And hopefully gentlemen, I possess the strength of my convictions to make this my last words on the subject.

    By lowendbill on Mar 25, 2013

  53. Not because of rightness or wrongness - but because no one cares.

    and because you don`t care you still post about him.
    wait till he attacks something very dear to you.

    By there is no darth on Mar 25, 2013

  54. bill, I get the point, but when darth shows his insensitivity and writes:

    “a soldier saying that he was fighting for ‘our freedom’ doesnt mean it is accurate. theyre not known for their brains. they do what they do because of their fighting skills and because they are drones. its a numbers game.”
    and then claims he was misunderstood, and then insults someone who died in combat (all in the same thread),
    and then several days ago claims that he has never attacked anyone on this site…. well, he needs to be taken to task for it.

    The endless bullshit stories, bad links, and long winded blathering about things no one else cares about- if anyone cared, they’d type a response- are a much different issue. That crap’s gotten tiresome, and increasingly preposterous, and I think there is no darth is probably right- there is no darth.

    By Dingus on Mar 26, 2013

  55. Guys. It’s over. Done. No winners, no losers. Agree to disagree. To each his own. By Grabthar’s hammer, live long and prosper.

    By lowendbill on Mar 26, 2013

  56. Just curious as to why this compilation has become known as the Electra acetate. Was an acetate cut from the reels at Electra in LA? Maybe it’s that obvious, but I was still wondering about the history of it. Thank you.

    By Ted on May 31, 2017

  57. Here come those over estimated Brits geezers again (yawn)

    By Shitmouth on May 31, 2017

  58. all dead links

    By Greg on Jul 14, 2019

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