March 16, 2012 – 4:33 am

Here’s an unreleased album recorded by the late Davy Jones.

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Just For The Record Vol 4 [Hercules, 1CD]

Complete album of songs written by Davy Jones for an unreleased album recorded in 1994 and 1996. Excellent. This bootleg was released in 1999.

In 1999, a four-volume set was released on Davy Jones’ own Hercules label, this likely had a very limited circulation judging by the few reviews written about it. The most often quoted review is by Aaron Badgley at This is what he thought about Vol 4, the best sounding of the lot:

“Vol. 4 of Davy Jones’ ongoing anthology covers material he recorded during 1996, and it consists of nothing more than demos. Some of these tracks found their way onto Justus, the Monkees’ 1996 ‘reunion’ CD, while the rest remain in unfinished form.”

Much of the material was produced by Johnny Blair and the heavy presence of synths suggest these were demos. The inclusion of two live tracks may mean it was an unfinished work with the live tracks present as fillers. There is no album title.

Badgley also says “Jones has a pleasant voice, and the material here is not so much bad as it is bland. This is great wallpaper music, and does not require any attention.” That’s harsh considering few bands, UK or US, survived their breakup in the ’60s to find a solo career. Think Herman’s Hermits, The Tremeloes, Dave Clark Five.

The Monkees are an icon and Davy Jones forever remembered as the main voice of the band. The Monkees also opened mainstream America to pop. That’s the achievement.
- The Little Chicken

A huge thanks to Ernie Clark for sharing this album with us.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. What a Night (Jones) 3:35* (5.7MB)
Track 02. You and I (And Promises Not Broken) (Dolenz, Jones) 3:42* (5.9MB)
Track 03. I Miss You (Jones) 2:44 (4.3MB)
Track 04. You’re in My Heart (Jones, Andy Sears) 2:32 (4.0MB)
Track 05. I Wanna Fall in Love With Someone (Who’s Been in Love Before) (Jones) 2:56 (4.7MB)
Track 06. Couldn’t Have Been Love (Jones) 3:44 (5.9MB)
Track 07. Variation on Pachebel’s Canon in D/It’s Not Too Late (Jones) 5:10* (8.2MB)
Track 08. Rough to the Touch (Jones) 3:35 (5.7MB)
Track 09. I’ll Love You Forever (Jones, Andy Sears) 3:28 (5.5MB)
Track 10. Just a Matter of Time (Jones) 2:56 (4.7MB)
Track 11. It’s Now (Jones) 4:24 (7.0MB)
Track 12. If I Knew (Chadwick, Jones) 4:49 (7.7MB)
Track 13. The Only Thing Left (Jones) 4:17 (6.8MB)
TT: 47:47

* songs that finally appeared on The Monkees’ Justus album.
Tracks 9 and 11 are live concert performances.

The final Monkees album to feature all four original members was Justus released in 1996. Apparently, Davy Jones was also recording a solo album at the time and three of the tracks meant for his solo album appeared on Justus. Buy Justus here.

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  1. 13 Responses to “THE MONKEE”

  2. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting this (and the other Monkee-related recordings in the past)! I’ve been a die-hard fan of the group since I can remember, and it’s so great to see their collective work being recognized. Keep up the good work!

    By Hello Waterface on Mar 16, 2012

  3. ok so whats on vols 1-3?

    By darth on Mar 17, 2012

  4. Darth- they are described here

    By sking on Mar 17, 2012

  5. The song “You and I” is a lot older than most people realize. It was on the 1976 “Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart” LP. (And, yes, I have a copy of the LP.)

    By jimr on Mar 17, 2012

  6. Thanks as always, BigO! Still hard to believe Davy’s gone. At least we have his music to make us smile.

    By LongBlackVeil on Mar 17, 2012

  7. sking - thanks. i guess this is the only vol worth having after i read the description of the other 3. i have a little part of me that loves bubblegum. i kinda try to push bubblegum and psych together but maybe because there are so many songs where this happens on its own. of course there are times when it doesnt and i want it to so badly..haha.
    i have a place in my heart for the monkees. the last live performance i have seen thus far is the monkees back on new years eve 96 in tempe arizona. roger clinton opened. it was a street fair block party type thing. it was my 2223rd musical performance. seriously.
    the previous 2 were john prine and the moodies. also both in arizona.

    By darth on Mar 19, 2012

  8. In fact, tracks 4 & 9 were co-written by Davy and myself. Quite a few others too that haven’t seen the light of day yet.

    RIP dear friend.

    By Andy Sears on Apr 5, 2012

  9. Hello Andy
    Thanks for your note - glad to hear from you.

    By bigozine2 on Apr 5, 2012

  10. Darth, I have Vol 1-3 on cassette and they are very much worth having! I personally think 4 is the weakest.

    By Rob C on Apr 15, 2012

  11. rob - from the descriptions that i read at sking’s link above which goes into considerable detail track by track pretty much.. it doesnt seem to be true. i suppose i can always do a search for them if the mood hits. someone close to me from this site sent me a link to 100s and 100s of single song downloads that were monkee related all unreleased but the amount of work involved in downloading each song was not worth the effort. i checked to see if i could work out faster ways with the various programs i have. it isnt there. just so u know i dl these postings with one click in 10-12 seconds with a program i have.
    for example the paul simon 101 song set that is currently available? 20 seconds total one click. no exaggeration.
    i suppose if u or someone else finds the first 3 volumes of this set online and sends me a link to dl them id be grateful. thanks.
    [email protected]

    ps–wow.. we have so many important people checking in here. howard leese on the bad co posting a bunch of months back and now andy sears? omg. if u people dont know who andy is.. u need to. hes only 4 months older than i am but he was the singer and composer for the band twelfth night when they mattered and then he rejoined them about 5 yrs ago. im sure u can look him up online. hes on 3 of their albums and one solo album called souvenir from last year and another one coming out this year called the dragon inside. i cant believe he actually posted here. u people dont know nuffin. i still get excited. maybe its the kid in me.. who knows.

    By darth on Apr 16, 2012

  12. Nice to have a chance to hear one of these. If you come across the other vols please post.

    By Matt on May 8, 2012

  13. monkee shit here 33 1/3 revolutions per monkee

    By daves not here on Mar 18, 2014

  14. “Davy Jones forever remembered as the main voice of the band”

    Micky Dolenz WAS the main voice of the band: “Last train to Clarksville”, “I’m a believer”, “Purpoise song”, “Randy scouse git”, “Pleasant valley sunday”, “I’m not your stepping stone”, “Mary, Mary”…

    By mrbelette on Dec 2, 2016

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