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St Louis 1980 [no label, 1CD]

Victims Of The Fury Tour, live at Kiel Opera House, St Louis, Missouri; March 26, 1980. Excellent pre-FM stereo (”The Source” NBC Radio Network Pre-FM Double LP Transcription Set).

Thanks to Hipstone for sharing the tracks at Demonoid.

Here is some background from luciferburns:

After touring extensively all through 1977 and, for that matter, for the past five years, Robin Trower decided to take a break. No “live” shows were preformed in 1978 or 1979. That’s not to say he didn’t keep busy. His 6th solo release (not counting the “Live” album), “Caravan To Midnight”, was released in 1978. But no tours took place to promote “Caravan To Midnight”. And, to the best of my knowledge, no songs have ever been performed live from it to this very day!

So after this two-year break, Robin came bouncing back with the lineup trimmed back to a trio. Gone was Rustee Allen on bass and James Dewar returned to his original role as the band’s bassist. Robin Trower’s 7th solo release, “Victims Of The Fury”, was a huge success and probably his best-selling release since “Bridge Of Sighs”. Again he toured extensively through the UK and USA. Unfortunately, for some reason after the “Victims Of The Fury” tour, Robin Trower would once again take a long absence from touring… until 1984!

luciferburns also shared an analog 1st Gen FM broadcast of the show at Dime. Click here for the show.

Thanks to jerryo1521 for the artwork.

Lineage: Vinyl > Unknown Needledrop > WAV > FLAC
Mastered from Pre-FM 2xLP transcription set. Editing, indexing and very light pop and click removal by hipstone. No filtering, EQ, or any other processing.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Lady Love (4.7MB)
Track 02. The Ring (4.6MB)
Track 03. Day Of The Eagle (5.8MB)
Track 04. Bridge Of Sighs (13.9MB)
Track 05. Jack And Jill (5.4MB)
Track 06. Too Rolling Stoned (14.5MB)
Track 07. The Shout/Hannah (6.7MB)
Track 08. Daydream (17.0MB)
Track 09. Victims Of The Fury (5.8MB)
Track 10. Madhouse (5.2MB)
Track 11. Little Bit Of Sympathy (9.4MB)
Track 12. Messin’ The Blues (8.9MB)
Track 13. Rock Me Baby (9.9MB)

Robin Trower - guitar
James Dewar - bass, vocals
Bill Lordan - drums

Click here to order Victims Of The Fury/Caravan To Midnight two-fer.

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  1. 9 Responses to “ROBIN TROWER - ST LOUIS 1980”

  2. Thanks for the posting. Victims of The Fury is a great album.The next album Back It Up would be the last one with James Dewar on Bass & Vocals. Sadly he passed away in 2002.A great talent.

    By BillH on Apr 1, 2012

  3. I agree with BillH, James Dewar is greatly missed. His vocals with Trower’s guitar created one of the great combinations, like Plant/Page or Jagger/Richards.

    By brian mckeith on Apr 1, 2012

  4. awesome recording , great sound and great playing by robin .

    By TZ on Apr 1, 2012

  5. i remember recording this when it was on the radio and thinking how wonderful it was. the only thing i didnt like was the compression that fm did to it and what seemed like canned audience noise. later that year rush did a broadcast from the same venue. a lot of brdcsts came from there in fact. guess they had a contract with westwoodone radio networks.
    curious tho.. maybe someone can explain to me why anyone would prefer ‘an analog 1st Gen FM broadcast of the show’ when an ‘Excellent pre-FM stereo Transcription’ disc is being offered here?? just curious. thanks.

    on another note–i previously mentioned that i was looking for the bonus tracks to claptons most recent cd. there are 4 of them. i believed i had 3 of them. turns out that at least one of the ones i had were not the actual tracks they were purported to be. i now have all 4 of the correct songs. took me nearly 19 months to obtain these. im happy today. haha.

    By darth on Apr 1, 2012

  6. Thank you so much for this. Of course Trower is one of the all-time guitar greats, but I also think that Dewar is one of the greatest white (or any color, for that matter) blues singers ever (and a decent bass player to boot). Such a great group!

    By MrBill on Apr 5, 2012

  7. Thanks for this, VERY much appreciated even at 224k, great concert.

    By Steve the Healer on Jan 22, 2013

  8. Once again a huge thanks Victims a classic Trower album, brilliant and don’t forget @ 70 his new album will be released in March!!!!!

    By peter Chrisp on Dec 31, 2014

  9. Too bad he didn’t play “A Whiter Shade of Pale”

    By Everyone Else on Big O is MORON !!! on Apr 5, 2017

  10. Thank you Big O Amigos. This should be a great sound track for a Thompson Saturday sunset. As always, James

    By James on Apr 7, 2017

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