April 13, 2012 – 4:29 am

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with Marian McPartland
Piano Jazz 2006 [no label, 1CD]

Manhattan Beach Studios, New York, NY; March 7, 2006 (rebroadcast January 14, 2012). Good to very good FM, with a bit of hiss.

Between June 4, 1978 and November 10, 2011, jazz pianist Marian McPartland hosted the show, Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz, considered the longest-running cultural program on NPR. There are some interviewers who are combative, antagonistic and even downright rude but McPartland is none of that. She comes across as interested, caring and, above all, nurturing. To open up the conversation, she tells her guest musician what images the music conjures up in her mind.

Not that pianist and composer Matthew Shipp needed any hand-holding. By 2006, Shipp had already released four solo albums, and had worked with stalwarts such as William Parker, Joe Morris and Matt Maneri.

According to the programme notes:

When Shipp plays the standards he offers startling revelations. “Angel Eyes” expands with thick chords and rumbling arpeggios, creating dramatic tension and release. He inspires McPartland to take a page from his notebook when she plays Duke Ellington’s “Warm Valley,” her solid left hand often providing counterpoint to the melodic inventions she hangs on what Shipp calls Ellington’s “rock-solid backbone.”

McPartland’s “Portrait of Matthew” also incorporates some of Shipp’s style, painting a complex and thoughtful portrait of him. Afterwards, she tells him, “It’s inspiring to hear someone like you play, because it does make me sort of think differently.”

McPartland and Shipp play three other duets, including the Gershwin classic “Summertime,” which transforms into a classically-inspired fantasia, as well as John Coltrane’s “Naima.” They close with an inspired “C-Jam Blues,” an almost baroque, bluesy fugue that alternately walks, skips, strolls and struts.

Thanks to mdshrk1 for sharing the tracks at The Traders’ Den.

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. Conversation 2:00 (3.2MB)
Track 02. Patmos (Matthew Shipp) 4:34 (7.3MB)
Track 03. Conversation 6:58 (11.1MB)
Track 04. Angel Eyes (Earl Brent, Matt Dennis) 5:26 (8.7MB)
Track 05. Conversation 2:50 (4.5MB)
Track 06. Summertime (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, Dubose Heyward) 4:15 (6.8MB)
Track 07. Conversation 0:48 (1.2MB)
Track 08. Lotus Blossom (Billy Strayhorn) Warm Valley (Duke Ellington) 3:46 (6.0MB)
Track 09. Conversation 1:39 (2.6MB)
Track 10. Naima (John Coltrane) 5:43 (9.1MB)
Track 11. Conversation 1:08 (1.8MB)
Track 12. Module (Matthew Shipp) 2:59 (4.7MB)
Track 13. Conversation 2:11 (3.5MB)
Track 14. Gamma Ray (Matthew Shipp) 2:45 (4.4MB)
Track 15. Conversation 1:37 (2.6MB)
Track 16. Portrait Of Matthew (Marian McPartland) 2:37 (4.2MB)
Track 17. Conversation 1:21 (2.1MB)
Track 18. C-Jam Blues (Barney Bigard, Duke Ellington) 3:31 (5.6MB)

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  2. hey bigo, it’s funny that you’re offering a show by matt shipp cause i just gave away a disc he’s on by spring heel jack called amassed on monday. it’s ok. it’s not one i played much. i have another disc he’s on that’s older by marc edwards quartet called black queen that i like it better.

    i’ve been listening to some of these tracks, and it sounds ok. i like that knitting factory show i got from you four years ago better.

    i did enjoy rory gallagher and and disc 1 of howlin’ wolf. i still need to get disc 2. thanks.


    By Ed Saad on Apr 13, 2012

  3. It’s funny that you are posting this,as I am going to be seeing the Matthew Shipp Trio live tonight (Friday)

    By Evil dr.Louie on Apr 13, 2012

  4. OK so I’ve only had time for quick sample. The initial impression is in some ways similar to Keith Jarrett. That is no bad thing, as LP’s such as Staircase and the Koln concert rank quite high. So have a listen.

    By Creatist on Apr 18, 2012

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