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For certain AJ Weberman was not in awe of the artist he admired.


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Weberman Phone Calls [Reference Recording BDY-004, 1CD]

Tks 1-7 taped 1971 phone conversation. Tks 8-12 live at Madison Square Garden, NY, August 1, 1971. Very good mono.

Before our loyal readers grow old, catch a fatal disease or meet their maker in unfortunate circumstances, we’ll stick our neck and let you have a listen to this once-in-a-lifetime exchange between a “journalist” and a superstar. We give you the Dylan-AJ Weberman telephone conversation.

BobsBoots website reviewed this bootleg.

“This fan release contains the Dylan-Weberman telephone conversations recorded by the self proclaimed ‘Dylanologist’ and long time Dylan antagonist A.J. Weberman on January 6 and January 9, 1971. The telephone conversations were soon after released to the public as a Broadside/Folkways LP entitled ‘Bob Dylan vs. A.J. Weberman.’ The LP was soon pulled from the shelves by the legal clout of CBS. It has since become a high dollar collectible. This particular recording is taken from the super clean LP bootleg ‘Grudge Match’, which was directly recorded from a pristine ‘official’  LP.

“The filler material is from the afternoon MSG concert of 1971. The first and last songs were broadcast over FM radio WNEW, NY. Only the evening show has been officially released (The Concert for Bangla Desh).”

Jason Ankeny at allmusic.com gives you a sampling of the colourful exchange:

“As Weberman - a hippie radical who bemoans rock & roll’s diminished force for political change - charges Dylan with selling out, misinterpreting his lyrics and actions at every turn, an exasperated Dylan struggles mightily to set the record straight before finally recognizing the futility of task at hand. ‘You’re a pig, man,’ he tells Weberman, who responds ‘I’m a pig? You’re the f*ckin’ pig, man! I fight!’ Dylan’s response: ‘Yeah, you fight to go through my garbage’.”

On the accompanying artwork is an exchange between Dylan and George Harrison:

Harrison: Do you think you could sing ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’? The audience would just love it.
Dylan: Are you gonna sing ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’?

At the heart of this exchange is Dylan as an artist refusing to be held back and chained to his past. Of course, Dylan did sing Blowin’ In The Wind at the Bangladesh concert which was after all a charity concert. But he was already letting go of the protest movement. Weberman didn’t want this. Could not accept this. Refused to let go. He went to great lengths to embarrass his hero.

These days, writers are more apt to swallow shoe polish just to catch a glimpse of their “hero”.
- Professor Red

Read an excerpt of the telephone exchange - click here.

There is some dispute about the dating of the telephone calls. Another writer suggests they took place in June of 1971. Read about this at the wonderful blog If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger (click here).

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Introduction (1.1MB)

January 6, 1971
Track 02. Conversation 1 (4.5MB)

January 9, 1971
Track 03. Conversation 2a (17.6MB)
Track 04. Conversation 2b (15.1MB)
Track 05. Conversation 2c (15.4MB)
Track 06. Conversation 2d (16.6MB)
Track 07. Conversation 2e (8.7MB)

Afternoon show at MSG, August 1, 1971
Track 08. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (10.7MB)
Track 09. Blowin’ In The Wind (6.8MB)
Track 10. It Takes A Lot To Laugh (6.3MB)
Track 11. Love Minus Zero/No Limit (7.2MB)
Track 12. Just Like A Woman (7.5MB)


Do buy Dylan’s official bootlegs to encourage him to release more. Yes, we want to hear everything. Buy them here.

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  1. 33 Responses to “HECKLING BOB DYLAN”

  2. this is priceless.thanks.

    By sluggo on Apr 20, 2012

  3. The only American member of a Canadian Band passed today.
    Thanks for all the great music.

    By sking on Apr 20, 2012

  4. was it levon,sking? If so, it’s more and more the ones I’d wished I had a chance to meet someday…

    By matt_the_cat on Apr 20, 2012

  5. i know people will hate me for this but i have some corrections here.
    first.. this was never officially released. aj was only a garbologist. he was never a journalist. ever!! he was a huge dylan fan and he would go thru dylans garbage trying to own a piece of dylan. eventually many people did this with other stars like lennon and mick jagger etc. i have mick’s people magazine issue of lennon’s death issue with his address label saying michael phillip jaeger on it. yeah i did this crap too once. kill me.
    anyway. the actual date on this is august 71. without a doubt absolutely positively. how do i know? aj used to make copies of the original tapes and bring them to washington square park and sell them to people for $5. sometimes he would sell them to the record shops so they could then sell them to customers. they would all be labeled ‘aj vs dylan 8-72′. i would still have mine if not for losing it in july 02. i know several people who still have their original tapes of this. i actually still have my copy of the vinyl. it was never ever official. the labels were counterfeit cbs labels. if u hold up one and compare it to any official cbs record of the time period u can see the differences.
    i have seen copies that say july 72 on them. i dont know why. they are absolutely from 71. i have had my share of run ins with dylan and elliot mintz. ok enough of this. sorry y’all.
    now ill go back to crying my eyes out for levon. as much as this is hurting me now.. i know this is going to really hit home in a little while.

    By darth on Apr 20, 2012

  6. Thanks darth for the extra info on this boot and for the peek into the sleazy world of sudo-journalists. It’s a good addition to the description above. And to admit you did it too! Heck, I would.

    I had a dear friend who drove for UPS. One stop on his route was at John Kay’s house. One day he saw that Kay had put his record collection in the trash. He grabbed all he could.

    By sking on Apr 21, 2012

  7. holy crap… why on earth would kay put his records in the trash? i cant even fathom that. crazy shit! yeah i did the trash thing too for a short while. but only for special stuff. i did it with office buildings outside of radio stations and studios in order to find things that would turn out to make me money and so on. and with collectibles like at micks house lennons and so on. eventually it became impossible with lennons trash. i have 2 handwritten lyrics from lennon. one from mick. never got much else from other stars. but i did manage to get some demos under another name that kiss tried out to see if they could make it without using the name kiss. i dont think those songs were ever used. this is all 30 yrs ago.
    i had better things to do and it wasnt like i got dirty doing it. its not like i got food on me or had to go thru cat litter or anything. it wasnt disgusting. if it was i would never have been able to do it. im way too squeamish for that. eventually mick moved and that was done anyway. i had much more fun taking pics of the stars running around the city personally.
    on another note…
    i obtained the genuine basement tapes 5 cd set
    and lost cd2 somehow in the process. this is not to be confused with tree with roots 4 cd set. that set has 108 songs on my copy by the way. but anyway… my genuine basement tapes has 21 songs on cd1 20 songs on cd3 and 4 and 22 on cd 5 if this helps anyone. i need help with locating another copy of cd2. i had it just the other day. thank u so much.
    [email protected]

    By darth on Apr 21, 2012

  8. Yes,thanks Darth … Weberman was lower than low gets but here we are gathering up the crumbs from his table … Ah well. I already have this on disc but want it again for my pc … Love it where he about getting in trouble with his wife…

    By Canute on Apr 21, 2012

  9. before any of you get too settled you may want to track down the ultimate 11 cd set From the Reels…
    I have tree with roots, gen,base tapes and from the reels and it is the most complete.

    see link..http://theband.hiof.no/albums/boot_from_the_reels_complete_basements.html

    By sluggo on Apr 21, 2012

  10. Great conversations, and nice to hear the afternoon Bangla concert! I have the old vinyl on Bob Dylan versus A.J. Weberman on Folkways 5322. Nice old thick cardboard sleeve. Haven’t had the time to compare these conversations with the Folkways, but guess they are pretty much the same.

    By Max Sievert on Apr 21, 2012

  11. max i looked on popsike [site that keeps track of all ebay record sales] and a sealed copy went for $313.00 u.s. back in 2010..
    we all made the wrong investments, good bootleg vinyl and 60`s era fender and gibson guitars is where we should have invested! LOL

    By sluggo on Apr 21, 2012

  12. Yo Darth- thanks for sharing, dude, but that’s really sad, going through people’s trash. Would you have saved Sean Lennon’s poopy diaper if you found it? That would be “special stuff”, wouldn’t it? Garbologist is a term that trashpickers call themselves to make what they do seem like an intellectual undertaking. There’s a reason why people throw things in the trash, y’know? Hope you didn’t get typhoid.

    By Jerry Lee on Apr 24, 2012

  13. jerry - do u think i would have saved that? would u have wanted it? the things that the fans of artists were looking for like myself when i did it the couple of times that i did it werent diapers. they were hand written lyrics and things that might have had more important value obviously. if u read what i said u would have seen that i mentioned that if there were things like food or cat litter i wouldnt have been able to handle that. besides it wasnt in the era when sean was a baby and using diapers either. this was 1980 and 1981. i had just returned to nyc from school and was a celeb photographer (mostly music) and was still pretty excited about meeting the bands and collecting anything i could having anything to do with them. theres no reason to turn this forum into a personal attack on me. cant u find anything else to do here? one would think that when i mentioned that i found lyrics that u might have asked what song they were from or something. instead u chose to ask if i would keep seans diapers. amazing.
    most of the time when i did go thru garbage it wasnt celebs either. it was tv and radio stations where i was able to use what i found to turn over a profit and survive. it kept me alive. for years. i knew 3-5 others that did this and made serious cash at it. some would find movie memorabilia like slides posters and press books and so on that they would sell to the shops that would then resell the stuff to collectors. sometimes theyd buy the stuff and use it to produce prints that theyd then sell. u have no idea the sources for much of the stuff stores and shops like that have. garbage pickers are a big source.
    rather than judging me and others like me for what we did and saying its sad.. try to imagine that not everyone is fortunate and able to do what u do or willing. and maybe we / they dont wanna. if given the choice i would prefer having done it my way than working a 40 hr week 9-5. maybe u have more now than i do. maybe u dont. maybe youre in a better place having struggled the way u did or maybe i am. who is to say? i had a certain freedom. i got to do what i wanted.. see 2223 concerts and meet 10s of 1000s of rock stars and hang out with them party with many of them and travel around the country and in a couple of cases to egypt and england canada mexico. been to 34 states. not bad for someone who doesnt drive.
    i dont know why u would think i would get typhoid from going thru garbage. not all garbage is disgusting. i did mention what i did. and what i avoided. the stuff i went thru was like recording studio and tv studio stuff.
    sometimes things are thrown out because they have no use in it. that doesnt mean it has no value. one means trash is another mans gold. do u really believe that if someone throws something away it has no value? seriously?
    only a couple of times did i go thru people like jaggers stuff. u didnt read what i typed very well it seems. or maybe u did and u just didnt care. who knows.
    ps–a lot of the recordings on here are outtakes that the band threw away. u know stuff they thought had no value. hope youre not downloading any of that. after all.. its trash.

    By darth on Apr 25, 2012

  14. thats ‘mans trash not means trash’
    6 lines up from bottom of my diatribe.

    By darth on Apr 25, 2012

  15. “one means trash is another mans gold” Oh my. You’re right, most outtakes are trash, that’s why the bands don’t release them. Mick’s People magazine, eh? I thought his last name was Jagger, not Jaeger. Maybe you have John Lenin’s handwritten lyrics, too. “eventually it became impossible with lennons trash” Holy crap, how many of you trashpickers were out there?? The mind reels. It must have looked like a pack of hungry zombies in the dumpsters behind the Dakota. Darth, please learn to spell and punctuate sometime soon. Maybe you can find a copy of SpellCheck in your next dumpster dive.

    By Jerry Lee on Apr 26, 2012

  16. Jerry- this side of BigO is about music. People share their comments, insight, experience and knowledge of music. And yes we do get sidetracked sometimes. But if you have nothing to offer other than diaper cracks (?) and gripe about punctuation & spelling why don’t you just keep it to yourself. If you used those smiley face emoticons I’d think you were Tony. Besides darth uses punctuation. The capital letters are missing. That’s his way. If you can’t follow what he’s saying it reflects on your intelligence not ours.

    By sking on Apr 26, 2012

  17. I’m with Jerry, I can’t believe Darth brags about picking through celebrities’ trash. It’s celebrity obsession at it’s lowest level. He’s lucky he didn’t get pneumonia. It’s a disgusting thing to do, I don’t care how much money he claims he makes. Let’s stick to music, not discussion of weird personal habits.

    By Joey Bagadonuts on Apr 26, 2012

  18. the subject on this particular page was aj weberman. he was someone who went thru dylans trash. thats why i was discussing this. i was talking about how i did this as well briefly in the early 80s. i spelled mick’s name as it appeared on the address label because thats how micks name is really spelled. he changed it later on. do some homework. theres no reason to assume i would get pneumonia from going thru tossed out tv and radio station memorabilia that i could sell and make a profit with. in fact since i have been an adult i have been sick only 5x in my life. 3x actually til nov 2010 and jan 2011. i got a sort of flu for a day twice. i never get sick. im very healthy. thanks for your concern.
    i wasnt bragging about picking thru trash. i was remiscining about it since this particular page happens to be about one of the most famous ones ever known. normally id have never brought up the topic. had i not found a few interesting items the first two times i did it i wouldnt have done it again. the other times i did it at all were all thru offices at the studios i mentioned where it was all clean and totally free of anything along the lines of food or messy type stuff. the sorts of things i picked were tapes cds records press kids photos slides posters all sorts of promotional items that could easily be sold to stores that would then resell them. somehow u are totally missing the point here. it was not disgusting at all. u have the wrong idea.

    as for my grammar spelling and punctuation i actually know full well how to use it. i was an english major and am a published author. i have 2 books that i cowrote etc.

    i did not discuss any personal habits here. collecting via digging thru celeb trash or other means isnt a personal habit. u apparently dont understand the meaning of the term habit. look that up will ya?
    the aj weberman phone call here isnt music but is the basis of this particular posting. this is why i chose to bring up my hobby of collecting at the time i did which wasnt that dissimilar. perhaps now u will get it a little more clearly. altho frankly i doubt it.
    rather than repeatedly judging me perhaps u should ask..what other great things did i find? but dont bother. i wont bother answering u.
    as for jerry jumping on my error - i had been up for a while and my eyes were playing havok with me. the type on this site is difficult for me to read especially when typing. i didnt realize that i had typed ‘means’ for ‘mans’ and i had corrected it. why did u ignore that part? i dont understand.
    if most outtakes are trash.. why do u download them u stupid prick?

    By darth on Apr 26, 2012

  19. see? i spelled reminiscing wrong because i wasnt paying attention. and i cant see clearly in my old age. lol. havent been awake that long either this time. haha

    By darth on Apr 26, 2012

  20. hey darth, cool stories man! don’t feel you have to dignify every creep’s comments with a response. some of us here appreciate your insight into the biz even if it means getting our eyes dirty.

    By eponymus on Apr 26, 2012

  21. you might find a rug
    all rolled up
    a pile of magazines
    and some other stuff
    stop me if you’ve heard enough!
    weak stomachs sicken
    when I’m trashpickin’!
    all you can eat, baby…

    By The Ben Vaughn Combo on Apr 27, 2012

  22. Having read this discussion about going through iconic music star trash. The first thing I thought about was archeologists digging up treasures from ancient civilizations. If this work was not done, the treasures would be lost to future generations. Bravo

    By Louis on Apr 27, 2012

  23. Dude… Michael Jaeger’s People magazine is not a “treasure” which will be studied by future generations……

    By Beer Drinker on Apr 28, 2012

  24. Dude your fine self..there are always people who will pay for this stuff.
    It`s not for you or I to judge, it just is.
    Why does everyone have to be so judgemental ?

    By sluggo on Apr 28, 2012

  25. Hey Darth, I used to rub my nads over anything from Atlantic that was being thrown away. Thanks for rubbing my nads.

    By Ahmet Ertegun on Apr 28, 2012

  26. The treasures of modern civilizations is saved in museums throughout the world. There are countless museums around the world for art, music, popular culture, etc. Ancient civilizations (Romans, Egyptians, etc.) did not have these museums, therefore, their “trash” and artifacts are considered to be treasures by modern civilizations, mainly due to their rarity. The artifacts of today’s popular culture will never be considered “rare” due to the fact that so much of it has been saved by museums and collectors. What’s been picked from the trash cans is merely trash, and has value only to obsessed collectors, just like most musical outtakes.

    By Hawking on Apr 28, 2012

  27. Sluggo, just because someone wants to pay for something doesn’t mean it has value to anyone other than the buyer. People magazine is worthless celebrity journalism. Why should I accept it for anything other than that? If Darth had found Jagger’s first handwritten draft of “Sympathy For The Devil”, now there’s a treasure.

    By Beer Drinker on Apr 28, 2012

  28. If Darth had found Jagger’s first handwritten draft of “Sympathy For The Devil”, now there’s a treasure.

    so who gets to be the “decider” ?

    By sluggo on Apr 28, 2012

  29. Me, obviously.

    By Beer Drinker on Apr 28, 2012

  30. eponymus - ty very much. one day i will realize this. i probably should have read your comment here before i responded to two idiots just now on the other show posted - the tribute to levon. some people have nothing better to do than attack others. u are very kind. thank u. i had a reason for bringing up the topic of something i did once over 30 yrs ago on this particular offering on this page. i wonder how many wish they had some handwritten lyrics by the likes of jagger or dylan etc.

    beer - it was the lennon death issue dude!
    i did say i had handwritten lyrics of jaggers. i didnt say what song. why does it have to be first draft? and if u put down trash picking why is it different if i found first draft of those handwritten lyrics? suddenly its acceptable?? so depending on what i find justifies the act involved in obtaining it? are u kidding me? youre actually saying that if i find nothing u deem valuable that the act itself isnt acceptable but if i do then its fine and good. i think u have been given enough rope to hang yourself here and u have done a fine job.

    By darth on Apr 29, 2012

  31. Darth, you have words written on a piece of paper that was thrown in the trash. Those words could have been written by anyone, maybe Jerry Hall. You don’t get the point, dude. Hawking’s right, modern day trash is just trash.

    By Beer Drinker on Apr 29, 2012

  32. even tho eponymus suggested that i ignore the brain dead i figure i can respond to one more idiotic comment addressed to me on this not that u will listen or get it.

    beer - i know micks handwriting. i was a collector. there are many examples of his handwriting out there. there would be no reason for lyrics in his garbage to be written by his ex wife. plus again they were to a rolling stones song. its rare that jerri wrote songs for them. i have several examples of micks handwriting.. some that i got myself in person. having lived in nyc for 35 years i encountered him numerous times. i spent weeks at the studios when they were recording dirty work and at the end of it i got to go into the studio to sit with them and listen to the tapes. ive spent countless hours hanging with them and partying with the band and taking pics of them and so on. this one time when i happened to do this with micks trash was a one off moment when i was with someone who said lets go for it. i figured why not. nothing to lose and it paid off. i was offered $1500 for it. u dont have to like what i did. im not worried about what i did impressing u. u say i dont get the point. its u who doesnt get it. no matter how much u try to flame me on this topic.. its 30 yrs ago u idiot. i was 21 fucking years old. it was 1981. it was mick fucking jagger!! i had no idea what i would find. i wanted a piece of him. i was on a stones kick. i had been shooting him and the other stones for a few weeks and i was on a high. i was doing particularly well with my photography and i had just sold my best ever selling photo which would ultimately keep me alive for the next 20 or more years altho i didnt know this at the time. dont ask me what it was. if i told u…u would only accuse me of lying and im not going to tell u my name.
    needless to say.. what i did is in the past. i brought it up because of the topic on this particular page. again if u dont like it thats fine. dont read it. im not ashamed of what i did and nothing u say will change that. im fine with it. im not excusing it but im explaining it. u need to find better things to do with your time than harassing a stranger on here for something he did 30 fucking years ago!! again aj weberman did it and called dylan to talk to him on the phone about it. i never talked to mick on the phone about it. altho i have met him and hung out with him in person. same goes for lennon. i spent time with him in the damned dakota!! i have pics of him. i knew him. now get off your jealous fucking ass and leave me the hell alone u drunken idiot. u may think that the stuff i found is trash but like i said whats trash to one man is not trash to another. i made a living selling stuff i found. so did many other people. people still do it every day. if u turn on the tv u will find programs about it all day long.
    u can respond if u want to.. i will not respond to u again. leave me the fuck alone u asshole!! and that goes to the rest of u idiots too who have nothing better to do.

    By darth on Apr 30, 2012

  33. I have a vacuum packed slab of intemperate dung that may have been a doorstop in Don Kirshner’s office at the Brill Building, People magazine’s World’s Handsomest Man issue where Mick Jagger was not mentioned, and a rare japanese can off Axe deodorant spray with genuine dumpster bouquet, it’s great for impressing obsessed fanboys.

    By Beer Drinker on Apr 30, 2012

  34. Darth, maybe the next time you go trash picking, you might be able to find a sense of humour. Good luck.

    By Henny Youngman on Apr 30, 2012

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