May 5, 2012 – 4:25 am

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Come Back To God [Slunky 04, 1CD]

Live at the Coliseum, Denver, CO; July 23, 1974. Very good to excellent soundboard.

About a year ago, we shared Eric Clapton’s July 24, 1974 gig. This is the show he played the night before; and while this show has been widely shared among fans, those who haven’t got it might be intrigued by these comments:

EC throws a tease of the “Killing Floor” riff into “Blues Power”.
“Little Wing” is excellent, but incomplete with some issues in the tape source.
“Crossroads” is unique, with a different arrangement.
“Tell The Truth” is incomplete, missing the middle but a nice outro.

Thanks to the person who shared the tracks on the net in 2006.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Smile (7.2MB)
Track 02. Easy Now (5.7MB)
Track 03. Let It Grow (9.3MB)
Track 04. Badge (11.5MB)
Track 05. Willie And The Hand Jive (10.5MB)
Track 06. Get Ready (11.7MB)
Track 07. Blues Power (15.4MB)
Track 08. Little Wing (12.6MB)
Track 09. Let It Rain (10.3MB)
Track 10. Crossroads (9.5MB)
Track 11. Tell The Truth (11.4MB)

Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Jamie Oldaker - drums
Dick Sims - keyboards
Carl Radle - bass
George Terry - guitar
Yvonne Elliman - backing vocals

Clapton recorded practically every show from his 1974 world tour and all we got was E.C. Was Here and that was from 1974 and 1975. Click here to order E.C. Was Here.

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  1. 32 Responses to “ERIC CLAPTON - DENVER 1974”

  2. It sounds to me like Eric is singing Crossroads over the melody to Hideaway.

    By Chin Ho on May 7, 2012

  3. there are some very lucid moments on this recording where the jams are superb. while he was clearly out of it the band sure holds tight and he comes in and out of what seems like a sleeping awareness that hes on stage performing for people that are watching. when he does come to he shines and when he slips back out it gets mundane. thankfully the quality is there on the recording to make it worth keeping.
    and yes crossroads is showing freddie king influences which become much more obvious in 2 yrs when freddie opens for eric on many of the shows on that tour. they even jam together a few times. if u dont have those.. get some. theyre wonderful.

    btw… i just got a 29 cd collection (11gigs) of eric stuff that im head over heels over. it came from demonoid. i gave up on torrents and wasnt going to do it. but the option to do it without a client was there and i actually dl’d it in 4 hours. wow!!! it moved at approx 600-800kb per second. its all official stuff but its all stuff that isnt on his regular cds. just incredible stuff from 63 thru this year.

    By darth on May 7, 2012

  4. curious to know darth what you thought of the Crossroads 2 set officially released.Also EC was here never seemed to get any good reviews (that I recall) but to me cobbled together as it was ‘Further’ and ‘Driftin Blues’ alone were worth the price of admission

    By matt_the_cat on May 7, 2012

  5. i loved crossroads2. i also loved the first box. 90mins of it was fabulous. i made an audio tape of that much of it at the time it came out that was previously unreleased. off hand i seem to remember most of if not all of the 2nd box being previously unreleased. so i was very happy with it. im a claptonaholic. theres nearly nothing of him i dont have. sometimes it takes me a while but eventually i get it all.
    yes i absolutely loved the 2nd box.
    there are some recordings of ec i dont have btw. i do have 4 pics of myself with him all pre 95. i have some fabulous front row pics that i took at the last show on the 87 tour. but most of my other pics of him are off stage shots from 83 thru 95. and i cant even imagine how many autographs i have. likely over 50 but less than 100. id have to guess that i probably have easily 500 cds worth of rare ec.
    can u imagine what i went thru when i found out it was his helicopter that went down in august 1990 after the concert in e troy wisconsin? i was very close to stevie ray vaughan btw. we were friends. ill never get over that. but eric was supposed to be on that copter and decided to take the next one instead. some of his people were on it tho. ok enough of this.

    By darth on May 8, 2012

  6. oops. as far as ec was here goes.. that album should have been much better than it was. thats why it got such bad reviews at the time. its only 6 songs and when it was reissued on cd it should have been extended to nearly twice its length and it hasnt been. i think that sucks. 46mins40secs is ridiculous dont u think? there are so many recordings that they could add to it. its been 37 years. whats up with that?
    but yes.. i do like most of the tracks since it is his first tour since derek and 4 years to wait is a killer. granted i was only 15 when this was released but i did buy it on cassette the minute it came out.

    By darth on May 8, 2012

  7. hmm..let`s see, I know, jackie robinson, had lunch with orson welles, rode shotgun with ben cartwright at the ponderosa, ate takeout with Jerry van dyke in front of his brother dick`s house, Last summer , we , [we being Rod Serling and Agatha Christie and me]swam in truman capotes bathub, crowded but wet.
    Yes, I do attract a fair number of famous people. Oh , almost forgot, I wrote Tequila and gave it to the Champs after I lost a poker gamer with them and Freddie King.

    By dungusthepaparazzi guy on May 8, 2012

  8. Your rap is getting old Dungbeetle. Hope you are amusing yourself. Careful you don’t go blind doing that or, god forbid, you get hair on your palms.

    By sking on May 8, 2012

  9. Your rap is getting old Dungbeetle. Hope you are amusing yourself. Careful you don’t go blind doing that or, god forbid, you get hair on your palms.
    Sorry but it is called satire mr.sking.
    I`m poking fun at those who would have us believe they are friends with every rock star known to man, those who have 60,000, lottabytes of unreleased concerts they never listen to.Those who must have every single download available whether it is pertinent or not, those who claim to have pictures of themselves with every famous guitar player going and of course those who would pick through garbage looking for “treasure” Actually, there is only one here who lays claim to all that and it is getting pretty unbelievable at best. A little “proof” would go a very long way but until then I cry FOWL!

    By dungusthepaparazzi guy on May 9, 2012

  10. thanks darth for your reply.Always great to hear another’s take on such and talk music-(why we’re all here).

    By matt_the_cat on May 9, 2012

  11. Dungwhatever,

    I met Chuck Berry and talked to him. I got to spend 15 minutes talking to Barry McGuire (Eve of Destruction) and another 15 minutes talking to Andrae Crouch. I talked to Erin Moran (Joanie from Happy Days) and could have easily taken pictures of Henry Winkler (The Fonz) when he would walk down daily to get his lunch to go from the local italian restaurant near where I worked. If I had had a camera when I saw McCartney and Wings opening night June 21, 1976 at the Forum in L.A., I could have gotten pics of Elton and Cher together and when Ringo came out at the end, him and Paul put their arms around each other’s shoulders and walked off. And there are others. Since I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, you would see these people. Yes, they would actually go out and buy food, records or clothes on their own. I respected their space, didn’t act crazy or swing a camera towards them. They felt safe around me because I treated them as normal people. I took a semester class in college with Leslie Neilson. A normal guy. Really.

    By 4yrsnojob on May 9, 2012

  12. good grief now there are two of you .

    By dungusthepaparazzi guy on May 9, 2012

  13. Oh, forgot to mention that I got lens on one person that is a superstar. I videotaped Katy Perry on a six song live performance. Only her parents and I have the footage. The last song helped her get her recording contract for her first commercially released album on CD (now quite rare to find).

    By 4yrsnojob on May 9, 2012

  14. 4yrs, Leslie Neilson! Really? No I don’t doubt you. I have no reason to disbelieve you. I’m impressed you pulled up his name.I always liked the man. Ever sense Forbidden Planet. I have but a small list of encounters. I went to the can with Canned Heat, the Bear still alive then. I shook hands with Barry Melton & Robert Hunter. Stood in a crowd next to Randy California. And went to a bar in Malibu with Gary Busey. That’s all that come to mind except Jay North, Sheriff John & Mr Wishbone.
    Oh yeah, the Shlitz Malt Liquor bull ate ivy off the eaves of my house one night. But I have no reason to doubt anyone who posts similar stories at this site. This is about music and experience and badmouthing folks here is just plain rude and immature.

    By sking on May 9, 2012

  15. Sking, I used to watch Sheriff John and Diver Dan! “Put another candle on your birthday cake, I’m gonna bake, a birthday ca-ake,” In that same class, we got to meet Diver Dan, who became the announcer on channel 13 “A Criss-Craft Station”. He was making $70k, a good sum in 1977. Neilson was in the 2 years between his drama and comedy careers and was taking Intro to Business to get a handle on his finances at Pierce College. Met one of the mothers of Canned Heat while selling records, I think it was Bear’s mom, because she talked about how her son collected tons and tons of blues records. I need to catch up on Canned Heat - why don’t we get any here? Did I miss some?

    By 4yrsnojob on May 9, 2012

  16. thank u guys. appreciate it very much. very jealous me.
    when i was in nyc from 1980 to 95 my hobby was going to tv studios and bway shows and radio stations and hotels and so on and waiting on people from film tv and music who were in town promoting whatever they had recently put out be it a movie tv show or album by doing their appearances or concerts etc. and id be there. instead of going for autographs i would take pics of them. sometimes i would also carry some of my photos with me and try to get them signed too. there are always people running around nyc and once u do this for a while u know where to go and how to find famous people. its very easy. watch tmz and u will see. i did it every day for 17 years. theres nearly no one i didnt meet. most of them were very approachable and easy to talk to and get to know. there were 1000s of them. i dont have that many pics of me with them if u consider those people who did it for many more years than i did. i only started taking pics of me with them in the mid 80s and i could only get those types of pics when i had one particular friend with me who i trusted to hold my camera. i have only 401 pics of me with famous people. there are fans who have many more. my personally taken pics are only from 1980 to 95 and then a few more pics in phx az and pasadena ca in 96. then i had forgotten about indianapolis at a convention in may 02.. the weekend the spiderman movie opened.
    i dont know why someone is so jealous and feels that i owe him proof of the things i say. and how would i do that anyway? i should take the time to upload 100s or even 1000s of pix to him so that he leaves me alone? why? because he personally doesnt believe me? just to make him go away? u know there will always be some jealous idiot who comes along who didnt have the life i had who wishes he did and who demands proof. but theres no reason to feel this way. u had a different life that i didnt have. i dont own a car. im sure u do. i have never had a car. ever. i am sure there are lots of things u have had in your life that i could be jealous of if i was aware of. is that something that u need? if u were in nyc or la or any major city u could have done and u could still kinda do what i did for the 17 yrs i did what i did. its easier in la or ny so it would just take longer elsewhere but u could still do it. granted most of the good people worth meeting and asking for autographs and taking pics of are either dead or dying or retired or just not touring much anymore.. but i felt that way when i started too. i would have loved to be linda eastman trust me. i wish i was around and doing what i did with a press pass or with the right connections like she had from say 66 thru 80. so i did what i did from 80 to 95 instead.
    yes i was a fan so i dug thru a little garbage too but not so much celeb trash as much as radio station and tv station stuff hoping to find stuff i could make money with to live on. i was struggling to survive. i was often homeless or close to it. are u still jealous of me that u really cant help yourself here and u just have to keep harassing me on this site? do u really have nothing better to do?
    what u are doing is not satire. its offensive harassment. no one is amused and u are only annoying the majority of us.
    as far as pertinent goes.. who are u to determine whats pertinent or not? if i enjoy downloading music.. isnt it up to me on what i want to own? who are u to dictate this?
    as for being friends with musicians.. i dont claim to be friends with all of them but when u meet 1000s of them for so many years after a while your face becomes familiar to them and they feel like they know u and who wouldnt jump at the chance to get closer to the ones they like a lot. i sure did when i could. i put extra special effort when i got near the ones that meant more to me altho i often took pics of people that didnt mean too much to me too. i wasnt friends with howard leese for example but i met him over 6 dozen times in those 17 yrs that i took pics.
    how would u know what i listen to in my collection? dont u think its stupid to say that i never listen to my music?
    my pics have been on ebay and as i said it just isnt that important to me to worry that u believe me. after u there will only pop up another asshole to prove it to. and then another and another. do i really need to chisel myself to suit others? if i kept doing that id soon whittle myself away.
    why not just read what i and others type and just enjoy it and leave people alone? mind your own business and stfu!!

    By darth on May 9, 2012

  17. Oh and most recently I met and talked to and got my picture with Dick Dale and his then 14 year old son Jimmy when they played here in Wrightwood. His son plays both guitar and drums and can match his daddy note for note. How did I forget that. And then there was Byron Berline & his band California. Talked with and got autographs from them all.

    And while I may have wished for a more exciting life. Mine wasn’t bad. Mostly. But I enjoy hearing stories from Darth & 4yrs and some others on this site because life has been a different adventure for all of us and I find it interesting how music brought us all to BigO. Music is something we all had in common.

    By sking on May 9, 2012

  18. Yeah! Dick Dale! My older brother used to dance to him in very early 60’s at the Rendevous Ballroom on the beach. I think I’ve seen him play 4-5 times, first at the first annual Surfer Stomp at Magic Mountain circa 1974-5. Talked to him for awhile afterwards. Of course that is not his real name. He’s Lebanese background. So glad he survived all that cancer. Saw him later at the Palomino, in Ventura, at a couple other places so long ago. Jim Pewter of E-earth radio was with him at Magic Mt. The Chantays were also playing there, but their sound was on poor equipment - too small. Also spent time talking to Jan of Jan & Dean after their concert, mostly on brain injuries - my oldest brother had died early after 25 years of young onset Parkinsons 14 years after experimental brain surgery. Jan passed away a couple years later. Saw what was left of the back of his skull. Amazing that he was even alive after that accident.

    By 4yrsnojob on May 9, 2012

  19. i’m sitting here thinking how big o is the most amazing site i have yet to find. all my life i’ve wanted access to much of the music offered here. like a dream come true. a gift from god. took me quite a while to even POST a comment, but not for lack of appreciation. i truly enjoy many of the comments/stories that come across, especially those of darth, sking and 4yrs. i’ve got some stories too, hitting the road with the dead from 79-83, chuck berry baptizing me with the end of his guitar after dropping the mic to me in the front row to sing a verse of johnny b. goode, playing asteroids with LEMMY at the old west hartford, ct agora ballroom before a motorhead set, and other outrageous, serendipitous, unforgettable moments. like the folks i’ve mentioned above, this is what makes a fan’s life special. to paraphrase an old saying about radio, if you don’t like what’s on, change the station, or turn it off. LONG LIVE BIG O AND ITS POSTERS!!!

    By Billy Jack on May 9, 2012

  20. I taught hopscotch to madonnas daughter.

    By dungusthepaparazzi guy on May 9, 2012

  21. i dont claim to be friends with all of them but when u meet 1000s of them for so many years after a while your face becomes familiar to them and they feel like they know u and who wouldnt jump at the chance to get closer to the ones they like a lot.

    stalking 101.

    By dungusthepaparazzi guy on May 9, 2012

  22. btw… i just got a 29 cd collection (11gigs) of eric stuff ……..its all official stuff .

    bragging about stealing ?

    By dungusthepaparazzi guy on May 9, 2012

  23. Yeah 4yrs, The Bear & Blind Owl were the two that collected all the obscure blues records.

    In 2006 Dick Dale played outdoors at the Mt. High ski resort. His son was riding his bike on the slopes before the show. Maybe it was because I hadn’t been to a concert for a few years but it seemed like the loudest thing I’d ever heard. I called my brother during the sound check and he couldn’t hear me. During one song Dick started by playing drums then moved over to the bass player and played the bass strings with the drum sticks. Then he played trumpet and finished with his guitar. I became a Dickhead that day.

    When Hendrix said “You’ll never hear surf music again” that was actually a tip of the hat to Dale who was then suffering with cancer. But Brian Wilson heard that and thought Hendrix was calling an end to the genre.

    And Billy Jack- playing asteroids with Lemmy! You can’t make that stuff up.

    By sking on May 10, 2012

  24. Hey I have celebrity stories too-

    I met Bob Marley and all the wailers in a department store in Miami where I worked in College. I showed him where the tye dyes were. We bonded.

    Then once I walked across Bleeker St. in NYC and passed by Lou Reed and Mo Tucker. We really connected.

    I also got to assist on a photo shoot of Bob Weir and shook his hand. I asked how’s it going and he said “Allright”. He’s probably trying to get in touch with me still.

    And most important… I was walking to lunch one day near the flatiron in nyc and saw this woman with fishnet stocking on. I was checking out her gams big time and as I was looking up I noticed she was walking with……


    Who was giving me a dirty look for checking out the broad.

    I kid you not!

    By bobo on May 10, 2012

  25. Hey dungheap. Don’t use Bill Graham’s nickname.

    By sking on May 10, 2012

  26. that’s what i’m saying sking. he kicked my ass, then said he’d do me worse when he got onstage.
    LEMMY was not lying. true story…

    By Billy Jack on May 10, 2012

  27. never met marley.. that was before my era of meeting most of em. but met tosh twice. and lemmy a bunch of times. once walking past the stones recording studios when they were doing dirty work in 85 or so. he was always kind and easy to talk to. never had a hard time taking pics of him. took pics of chuck berry at the rnr hall of fame the year he got in when he was walking thru the waldorf lobby. and have shot the dead off stage dozens of times. never met jan berry but have shot dean with mike love very early on when i started in the early 80s. dont recall if i ever shot dick dale but i have shot madonna a bunch. it was very easy when youre a new yorker and she not only lived there but was in a bway show. these people showed up everywhere and went out did things. no i didnt stalk anyone. i was a collector. like some went for autographs i went for pictures. it was a hobby. if i knew someone was in town id find out where theyd be and id make it a point to try to get a few shots of them for my collection. if i was working for a magazine or newspaper or agency it wouldnt be considered stalking.. its part of the job. well i didnt harm anyone. theres no malice behind it.
    as for stealing the music many people think that what u are doing here is stealing too. u may not and theres an entire thought process (and i agree with it) that says we’re not stealing because these arent official recordings but still the law doesnt make that distinction yet. its all still copyright infringement. its still lumped together whether we like it or not.
    the clapton material that i dl’d and mentioned when i said i got 29 cds worth was a torrent from demonoid. most of it is out of print and there is an entire other train of thought that says thats ok too. again regardless what u.. dung4brains thinks here.. ill do what i want. keep passing judgement and posting your ridiculous ignorant comments. i dont know where u came from or why u have chosen me to lash out against or why u keep changing names to hide. i dont care. u have no friends here.

    anyway.. lou reed lives in the west village. very common to meet him as well. altho now if u run into him u will very likely see laurie anderson with him.

    ps–thank u to those who know who u are.

    By darth on May 10, 2012

  28. Thanks for the Clapton (and all the other music, of course, bigO!

    The July 24th show has Eric forgetting the words to Crossroads and actually changing songs in the middle. The band hangs in there with him. Still, he’s better on a horrible night than most others on a good one.

    By NAMoosedog on May 12, 2012

  29. ednick clappers quit playing worthwhile guitar when he left the Cream.
    He was rolling and tumbling out wonderfully creative lines and stopped.
    then he decided to join the minimalist pansy guitar club a la j j cale. the worst was yet to come in that dung filled release with the dog on the cover.the name escapes me as it is easily the most boring lp ever with a cover of swing low sweet cheerios . Most record companies wouldn`t have released half of the dreck he served up from this period.
    Clappers was god. not now. now hes mortal.

    By dungusthepaparazzi guy on May 12, 2012

  30. I played this on my outdoor speakers last night to keep the mating tomcats away from my back door.
    yes, it worked.

    By dungusthepaparazzi guy on May 13, 2012

  31. WOW! Mr. dungeater or whatever his name is sounds pretty bitter (then again, I would be bitter if I ate dung, too)…

    Anyway, yeah, some of Clapton’s best stuff WAS with the Bluesbreakers and Cream… but what about the Layla album? I dunno — maybe I’m just more of a “blues guy” and less of a “guitar hero” guy, but what REALLY gets to me is songs (or at least a particular player — or if I’m really lucky, an entire band) that are truly from the heart. If you have to ask what I mean by that, you obviously “don’t get it.”

    I have had the opportunity to check out EC in concert ten times now — I didn’t get started until ‘81 or so, so I guess I missed out on the “drunk” era, and I was too young to have caught the Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith or Dominos eras. Every time I have seen him, there are always a few songs each night where his solos (and in recent years, even his vocals sometimes) give me chills and make the hairs on my arms stand on end. THAT is what I am talking about!

    And of course, the “Nothing But the Blues” tour consisted of entire nights like that, as opposed to a song or two. I saw him two years ago here in Nashville, and was FAR from disappointed. You know, the cat is 67 freakin’ years old — I’m 47, and would KILL to be able to play like he does 20 years from now!

    And finally, the album you referenced with the dog on the cover is “There’s One in Every Crowd.” First off, it was his “anti-guitar god” album (he has said it was originally titled “the Greatest Guitarist in the World — There’s One in Every Crowd.” And secondly, I have to admit it is tied with “No Reason to Cry” as my least favorite album by EC. Then again, there “artists” out there now who would probably give their left nut to be able to create anything even THAT good…

    By Jerry Dunaway on May 21, 2012

  32. @Darth — two things:

    First off, I can’t swear to this, but (assuming the short Live album you referenced is “EC Was Here”) I know when the first CD came out, it was tracked exactly like the vinyl album, but wasn’t there a subsequent release that had more tracks? I seem to recall (although I just did a quick google and can’t back it up) that “Have You Ever Loved a Woman/Ramblin’ on My Mind” was originally performed like on “Just One Night,” Where he starts in “E” on Ramblin’ (or was it Driftin’ Blues?) and does the modulation to G, A then C — at which point he goes into HYELAW. From what I seem to remember, the CD has the entire performance of that medley, and I thought there was another song or two that were added, as CDs have room for more content. Am I totally off the mark, or is that correct?

    By Jerry Dunaway on May 21, 2012

  33. @Darth — I hit “send” before I got to the second subject…

    I’m curious about the 29 CD set you mentioned, and also the fact that you have 500 or so EC concerts. Can you drop me a line at jdunaway65 AT gmail so we can discuss? I may have some stuff you would like and I am sure you have some I would like. Give me the subject line of “Jerry, it’’s Darth” so I can look for it (in case it goes to my spambox)…

    By Jerry Dunaway on May 21, 2012

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