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Not yet a sweet little rock ‘n’ roller.

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‘Tis A Gift [Bucky Beaver, 1CD]

Live at McCabe’s Guitar Shop, 1972 (see Ron’s comments below). However, there are some who feel that this is a 1974 show. Ex- SBD? very narrow stereo.

Some fans have listed this show as from 1974 but considering the songs played, the likely year is 1972 before Linda Ronstadt turned to country pop and soft rock. [As readers have commented below, the show is from 1974.]  In between the giggles and the chatter, Ronstadt mentions a previous tour with Neil Young inside larger hockey rinks and also makes a sound to simulate the hard rock of Led Zeppelin, at the time growing in strength. Country stars must have felt nervous with the second British invasion already blowing into the US.

This show is a wonderful display of the richness of traditional country music, drawing from gospel to folk and the tunes of Bill Monroe and Hank Williams. Ronstadt graces them with her full bodied voice and energy. Country Gazette were purveyors of fine bluegrass and coined the term “new grass” when they amplified the music. The picking is still mighty fine.
- Professor Red

We received these tracks in a trade.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Rocky Top (Boudleax and Felice Bryant) (6.7MB)
Track 02. Crazy Arms (Ralph Mooney and Chuck Seals) (6.1MB)
Track 03. Once More (Dusty Owens) (7.7MB)
Track 04. Wicked Path Of Sin (Bill Monroe) (7.8MB)
Track 05. I Can’t Help It (Hank Williams) (5.2MB)
Track 06. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (Bill Monroe) (6.6MB)
Track 07. The Poor Old Slave (traditional) (3.6MB)
Track 08. Angel Band (Traditional, The Stanley Brothers) (6.8MB)
Track 09. Orange Blossom Special (Ervin Rouse) - instrumental (6.2MB)

Tracks 1-5 Linda Ronstadt on lead vocals
Tracks 6-9 Linda duets with Country Gazette

Country Gazette likely lineup:
Byron Berline - fiddle
Roger Bush - bass
Alan Munde - banjo, guitar
plus guests
Skip Conover (dobro)
Bob Kimmel (Stone Poneys), background vocals on Tracks 8 and 9

In the ’90s, BGO in the UK released Country Gazette’s first two albums on CD for the first time. The two-fer included Traitor In Our Midst and Don’t Give Up Your Day Job. Both were recorded in 1972 and 1973. The second album included several covers: Stephen Stills “The fallen eagle”, Graham Nash’s “Teach your children”, Lester Flatt’s and Earl Scruggs’ “Down the road”, Elton John’s “Honky Cat” and Don McLeans “Winterwood”. You can still buy it here.

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  1. 46 Responses to “COUNTRY GIRL”

  2. Thanks Big O! My wife will like this one for sure.

    By Tom on May 16, 2012

  3. Nice show, thanks a lot!
    Though I think Linda’s comments rather prove that the show is from 1974.
    Neil did no “large hockey rinks” tour in 71, but did so in 1973 on the “Time Fades Away” tour. Linda was support here and sometimes joined Neil on stage, I seem to remember.
    He also asked David Crosby and Graham Nash along, because he had trouble with his voice.

    By Rank Stranger on May 16, 2012

  4. Oddly enough the very first time I heard Linda Ronstadt was also the very first time I heard Mississippi Fred McDowell.
    I had just bought a sampler lp from Capitol records for about ninety nine cents called “The New Spirit Of Capitol”.
    Really the only reason I even picked it up was because there was a Steve Miller track on there I didn`t know about and I was still reeling over the Steve Miller “Sailor” lp which I love to this day.
    Anyhow, I was struck by Linda`s voice then , there was a version of her singing “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” with the Stone Poneys on this disc , and, I think there might have been a tiny photo inside showing her in a tied blouse and cutoff jeans wow!
    then ..Rr..”I do not play no rock and roll, I play the straight natch`ll blues with a beef bone.”.Fred McDowell entirely blew me away..this may well have been the best buck I ever invested in music…so now got to check this out ..once again thanks bigo and hey kids, ignore the bullies.

    By sluggo on May 16, 2012

  5. many thanks,i love this woman.i rarely comment,only to say thanks,so,thanks to big o,and sluggo and darth for your comments and insight,paul

    By paul on May 16, 2012

  6. Look forward to hearing this early Linda !
    This one is still open and it is great !

    By bruce on May 17, 2012

  7. Rank Stranger is correct. Neil rolled into Philly @ The Spectrum, January 27, 1973 - the big hockey rink and Linda opened the show - the barefoot princess ! I was there- it was the Time Fades Away tour, so if Linda speaks of a previous tour with Neil Young, it was not 1972. 1974 would be correct.

    By Mike on May 17, 2012

  8. Thanks to Rank Stranger and Mike for your feedback. Cheers.

    By bigozine2 on May 17, 2012

  9. I like Linda Ronstadt, but as my friend says, “the only good sounding banjos, mandolins, dobros and fiddles are laying in the bottom of a dumpster”,

    By George Martini on May 17, 2012

  10. “the only good sounding banjos, mandolins, dobros and fiddles are laying in the bottom of a dumpster”,.

    well that leaves moog synths and vocoders then..I`ll take the string instruments thanks.

    By sluggo on May 17, 2012

  11. I’ve never gotten people who take some kind of pride in the narrowness of their taste. If you don’t like it let it pass by, but don’t go looking for a merit badge for it.

    By drkrick on May 17, 2012

  12. I’ve never gotten people who take some kind of pride in the narrowness of their taste. If you don’t like it let it pass by, but don’t go looking for a merit badge for it.

    I think this is going to be my new mantra !

    By sluggo on May 18, 2012

  13. Giid stuff, Big O! Always looking for more early Linda/Eagles.
    BTW, I can’t wait to see what you come up with for Donna Summer. So sad, so young…

    By golgo hakase on May 18, 2012

  14. Very nice,sweet sound of mountain music with Linda and Country Gazette. They fit well together.

    By 4yrsnojob on May 19, 2012

  15. Narrowness in taste? No, I don’t think so. I like Django Reinhardt, Glen Miller, Robert Johnson, The Flaming Lips, Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, The Ventures, The Beatles, Tony Joe White, Homer and Jethro, and even some Celine Dion. It’s just hick music that I can’t stand. White trash music. Get it? That what you guy praise.

    By George Martini on May 19, 2012

  16. i find it incredible that some people associate ‘good’ with what they like. if they dont like a particular style of music then its not ‘good’. very strange. who are u to determine this? youre not a professional musician and youre not even a paid critic on a professional level. not that that would even suffice as a perspective to judge an entire genre no less. so u dont like stringed instruments therefore any music made with them is garbage? dont u see how preposterous that is? its the only music indigenous to this country.
    i once learned on hollywood squares back in the mid 70s mind u.. that the only instrument created in the usa was the banjo. i was proud that i had this knowledge and kept it with me til just a few short years ago. i still want to believe it in some small way but i looked up something and this led me to find out that an early version of the banjo was in fact created in africa 100s of years earlier. i dont know. theres nothing like good bluegrass and im not a country music fan. i actually hate country music. i dont even like soft rock. i can deal with it if a woman is involved in my life of course but if its just music on its merits and totally based on its quality etc. then how can u listen to real high end playing by the best of what there has been recorded and think that its not some of the most talented musicians on earth?
    to think otherwise is to truly not get it even if u do like some good stuff. its no skin off my nose if u dont get it. i just smile when i find people who do.

    By darth on May 20, 2012

  17. Is Byron Berline really White Trash? Check it out-

    “Byron Berline (born July 6, 1944 Caldwell, Kansas) is an American fiddle player. He is widely recognized as one of the world’s premiere fiddle players, known for his ability to play almost any style within the vast American tradition — from old-time to ragtime, bluegrass, Cajun, country, rock, and beyond.

    In his career, Berline has recorded with several of the best known musicians of modern time, including The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Elton John, The Byrds, Earl Scruggs, Dillard & Clark, Willie Nelson, Guthrie Thomas, Bill Monroe, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Doc Watson, John Denver, Gene Clark, Rod Stewart, The Eagles, The Band, Vince Gill, Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, Tammy Wynette, Alabama, Mary Chapin Carpenter, The Dillards, Mason Williams, Stephen Stills, Bill Wyman, Manhattan Transfer, Joe Diffie, The Doobie Brothers, Lucinda Williams, Mickey Gilley, Andy Statman, and many others.

    His music has also appeared in many television and film soundtracks, including Star Trek, Blue Collar, Basic Instinct, Blaze, Back to the Future III, Stay Hungry, and Run Simon Run.”

    I once had a chance to talk with Mr.Berline. He was a very soft spoken intelligent gentleman. I never would have guessed he was toothless living in a trailer court.

    By sking on May 20, 2012

  18. On Wed.May 16, 2012 banjo great Doug Dillard passed away in Nashville at age 75.

    Aside from his work with Gene Clark and the Gosdin Brothers his group The Dillards played “The Darlings” on The Andy Griffith Show and probably knew Earnest T. Bass personally.

    Doug Dillard patterned his style after that of Earl Scruggs.

    RIP Doug. Another Foggy Mountain Breakdown.

    By sking on May 20, 2012

  19. What this show should say to any discerning listener is how utterly sharp Linda is when it comes to this authentic American music, and how she hasn’t the patience for the “mall crawler music” that she thinks (rightly so, in my opinion) passes for today’s country music on the radio. The fact that she’s working here with a fiery bluegrass outfit that clearly enjoys her presence speaks also to the fact that she is one of the greatest vocalists of the last 50 years (IMHO).

    By Erik North on May 20, 2012

  20. jerry douglas white trash ? hardly.
    more like 6 string dobro genius.

    whatever floats your boat i guess, but slamming a genre to make your fsvourites seems somehow “better” seems pretty childish.

    By sluggo on May 20, 2012

  21. I gotta agree with Sluggo and Darth… My personal preference is blues, and blues-based rock (that would be primarily what is now called “classic rock” of the late sixties). Having been born in Nashville (moved to Louisville at age 4), I was brought up surrounded by country, bluegrass and gospel.

    That being the case, I hated all three as a kid, but as I grew older (and learned to play guitar and also an appreciation of the blues), I came to appreciate them (although they are not at the top of my list, I do like a lot in those genres).

    Now, I’m not at all a fan of heavy metal, most current rock, hip-hop or rap. That does NOT make any of those genres bad — matter of fact I have had numerous conversations where people were saying that a particular band or musician was “the bomb,” and I told them I don’t care for their music, but I have to admit they are good at what they do (most often in reference to players like Yngwie Malmsteen, Eddie Van Halen or Eric Johnson).

    Just because it’s not your style doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s all about taste, as it is with visual art, food or prospective partners (whwether the latter is for the night or forever)…

    By Jerry Dunaway on May 20, 2012

  22. btw.. if anyone doesnt know.. this is in santa monica ca. since it didnt mention this and some are particular about details i thought i would mention that.

    By darth on May 21, 2012

  23. theres a program on pbs called give me the banjo. for bluegrass fans this needs to be seen. its a keeper. its 90mins long.
    steve martin narrates the history of the banjo and american roots music featuring pete seeger earl scruggs taj mahal bela fleck and the carolina chocolate drops. maybe yall can find this on youtube or something. this show is superb.

    By darth on May 26, 2012

  24. This is most definitely from 1972..I was there!! After the show, we asked if they could book Gram Parsons, and the guy said they are trying to. I remember Linda being real nervous, and hitting her head on the mic while taking applause for one of the songs. Man was she something beautiful to look at.

    By Ron on Sep 7, 2012

  25. not to say u werent there of course but she could have played there twice in 72 and 74. and when a show is 40 or 38 yrs ago remembering what year one saw it can get confusing and lost in the memories. im not doubting u as i said but excrement eventuates. course if they were trying to get gram.. it would have to be 72 or 73 and not 74 since he died in sept 73.

    by the way the recording of gram with emmylou which is either completely or partially released and possibly/probably out of print by now if it was officially released is an incredible set. before it was released back in the late 80s i gave a copy of this recording to pam tillis not thinking she would ever remember. a bunch of years later i went to a show at the beacon th in ny and was hanging out backstage and she came in. i was there really for others that were on the bill like john prine and vince gill i think and she spotted me and i guess she has a photographic memory but told me how much she loves that tape. it was flying burrito bros from ultrasonic studios on long island 3-13-73.

    By darth on Sep 7, 2012

  26. ” im not doubting u”

    yes u are

    By barth on Sep 8, 2012

  27. if i said im not.. who are u to say i am? whats up with u?

    i didnt bother with this item cuz im not a ronstadt fan but if i was.. id label this 72 cuz my info says this is 72. i had this once but that was back when i saved everything i could get my hands on. now i have to be pickier. cant keep it all. woohoo only 3 more ec cds to go!! lol

    By darth on Sep 8, 2012

  28. There are certain concerts you don’t forget. I was in a bluegrass/counrty rock band with friends,and we loved the Gazette and Ms. Ronstadt whose name was getting around So.Cal.
    Here is a link to everything Country Gazette. Read half way down, it talks about this very concert in….yep 1972.

    By Ron on Sep 9, 2012

  29. Ron you should know by now that even with proof he will doubt you.
    something about needing attention 24/7 methinks.

    By uncle remus on Sep 9, 2012

  30. this is why someone called u a prick on another page remus. i didnt doubt ron. i even said i am not doubting him. why didnt u understand this? whats wrong with u? he didnt offer proof. and that wasnt the point either. the point was that there could have been more than one show there.
    if its a case of needing attention what are u doing exactly?

    By darth on Sep 10, 2012

  31. If you didn’t doubt Ron, then why does he need to “offer proof” to you? Isn’t his word good enough? Shut your typehole and enjoy the music.

    By dingus on Sep 10, 2012

  32. i didnt say he needed to offer any proof to me or to anyone. the point is.. he didnt. not that i asked for it. i wasnt talking to u.. nor to him. read the full comment.. not just parts of it. dont take out of context what i said. he had not offered proof and remus said ‘even with proof’ but there had not been any. try to relate the two postings to one another here. i was responding to that idiot remus’ posting where he said ‘even with proof’ and there had not been any. no one had to offer any proof to me. im not the one asking for any. i didnt say anyones word wasnt good enough. but if ppl’s words were good enough then why isnt mine?? how bad is your memory here?
    do u understand now?
    perhaps u should shut your typehole (whateverthefuckthatis) and enjoy the music yourself.
    what happened to “I won`t be posting as much anymore I`m trying to grow up.”
    guess that lasted all of 3 mins as expected. or i guess youre just not trying that hard.

    By darth on Sep 11, 2012

  33. you even got that wrong darth, YOU said 4 minutes. I said 3. you don`t even quote yourself properly .

    By less darth on Sep 11, 2012

  34. My final comment on this concert and then I’m done. It’s all good,it’s all about the music. I appreciate being able to re-live that time so long ago,so I felt compelled to set the record straight on the true date. All that matters is the music, and those guys are amazing musicians. And Linda, she was so nervous, turns out she always got stagefright. But man, she can sing. And, she was beyond beautiful that night. Peace…..

    By Ron on Sep 11, 2012

  35. “i didnt bother with this item cuz im not a ronstadt fan”

    Then why comment at all, especially with your totally unrelated BS about Pam Tillis?? Oh right, something about needing attention 24/7.

    ” i wasnt talking to u.. nor to to him.”

    No, you were just blathering away, as usual, an idiot wind, taking up valuable bandwidth. Who the hell WERE you talking to??

    ” but if ppl’s words were good enough then why isnt mine??”

    Simple… Elton John, Frankfurt, 1972, for one. Oh btw, I’ll need proof that you gave a tape to Pam Tillis. If you can’t prove a statement like this, don’t make it..

    By dingus on Sep 11, 2012

  36. the comment about pam tillis had to do with gram parsons. read up and ull see the connection on that.
    if u read the comment i said who i was talking to. it says right there that i was talking to remus. how can u read that and still ask me that?
    i dont have to prove it. it was an event. how can i prove such a thing? its a story. its not important that i prove it to anyone but u. i dont care that u need proof of everything that is said. nor will i worry about having to prove everything i say either. that isnt why i post comments here. ppl dont keep proof of everything they do in their everyday lives. im not in court and u are not suffering any loss. im not taking u to court and charging u with anything. im not asking u for compensation for any losses i have incurred so i dont need proof of anything. if i am telling a story about something that happened in my life and u dont believe it thats fine. i dont care. i have no reason to make it up. pam did get the tape from me. it happened to be the gram parsons emmylou show. i only mentioned it because the name gram was mentioned above. this harassment u started..started way before the elton john thing so u cant use that as a reason. it makes no sense. it also makes no sense that u said u would stop this several times and u havent. if u dont like my postings then dont read them. im not going away. i promise u this. u are going to have to. youre not going to win this crusade of yours. youre going to have to stop. get tired already. leave me alone.

    By darth on Sep 12, 2012

  37. ” i only mentioned it because the name gram was mentioned above.”

    how long have u been waiting to see gram’s name so u could bore us with that story? months? years?

    By barth on Sep 12, 2012

  38. i didnt wait to see his name. it just happened to show up so i thought i would tell the story and also mentioned the concert that he and emmylou did that was worth checking out if the fan of his didnt know about it. why is this a problem for u? what happened to u not posting so much cuz u were going to start to grow up?

    By darth on Sep 12, 2012

  39. what happened to u not posting so much cuz u were going to start to grow up?

    perhaps barth isn`t me , that could be a good reason sherlock.

    By less darth on Sep 12, 2012

  40. it is u. u dumb shit. theyre all u. youre not fooling anyone.

    By darth on Sep 13, 2012

  41. it is u. u dumb shit.

    on top of being an attention seeking pest , you also have a potty mouth.

    By less darth on Sep 13, 2012

  42. I am he as u are he as u are me and we are all together. we fooled u, holmes.

    “why is this a problem for u?”

    cuz it has nothing to do with linda, and everything to do with ur egomania. now wash out ur dirty wordhole.

    By barth on Sep 13, 2012

  43. I think Darth is a mistreated keeper of all historical facts,please treat his like a rose that should be nutured,watered then eventually picked for some lucky person to enjoy as he slowly dies!

    By More Darth on Sep 13, 2012

  44. You Rock Darth ….Banjo on!

    By More Darth on Sep 13, 2012

  45. Hi there, I don’t write very often of that website, maybe the first time I think. I don’t want to restart the trial about the real year of the show. I have another show in my collection from that place, McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, this bootleg bought on ebay is mentionned as 1974 but we all know that there are many errors on bootlegs. The setlist is that one:

    01 “Lonesome Road”
    02 “Just Someone I Used To Know”
    03 “Pickaway”
    04 “Turn You to Stone”
    05 “Are You Missing Me?”
    06 “Satan’s Jeweled Crown”
    07 “House Of The Rising Sun”
    08 “Fair And Tender Ladies”
    09 “Wicked Path Of Sin”
    10 “Louise”
    11 “When I Stop Dreaming”
    12 “Keep Me From Blowing Away”
    13 “After The Fire Is Gone”
    14 “Once More”
    15 “‘Tis A Gift”

    On that show, she’s not accompanied by Country Gazette, but by another great band with some Seldom Scene’s members:
    Mike Auldridge - Dobro
    John Starling - Vocals, Guitar
    Ed Carter - Bass
    Herb Pedersen - Banjo
    Danny Pendelton - Pedal Steel
    Paul Craft - Vocals
    Joel Tepp - Harmonica

    I have nothing against Ron but on the link he gave, the Country Gazette’s biography talked about a 1972 show with Linda but the poster is from Saturday 11, May 1974. The other point is that the picture on it is the picture from the DON’T CRY NOW record, released in September 1973…

    The 15 tracks’ show seems to date from August 17th, 1974.

    I’m a big Linda fan but I have nothing against more informations about that period I love so much in her career. I try to find the time to share the 15 tracks’ show I talked about above.

    By JC on Jan 2, 2013

  46. The date was June 2, 1973. I was there and taped the show which I still have. Still sounds great

    By Timbuctou on Feb 20, 2015

  47. To JC on Jan 2, 2013,

    Hi,i think you’re completly mistaken,you’re talking
    about an emmylou harris concert’s setlist,ARF !!! :)

    By easy on Jul 4, 2017

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