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The Complete Basement Tapes: From The Reels [no label, CD 9, 10 and 11 of 11]

Recorded at “Big Pink”, West Saugerties, New York, 1967. This 11-CD set was released in 2001.

Philip Cohen notes:

This is the most complete Basement Tapes collection in circulation. This is not for audiophiles. It is for completists who want everything; warts and all.

Disc 9: Tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 14 and 16 are entirely unreleased songs and/or takes. The other tracks are the original undoctored versions of the basic takes heard on the official “The Basement Tapes” set, but without Robbie Robertson’s 1975 instrumental overdubs, but WITH the original studio chat, false starts and ragged endings. All of these tracks (to varying extents) run faster than the official release. I would assume that the official release is at the correct speed, though only Bob Dylan and Robbie Robertson know for certain.

Disc 10: Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 31 are unreleased songs and/or versions.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

Notes from, August 2001:

In the time since this ‘fan project’ was completed, there have been a couple of other ‘Basement’ releases, one a 5 CDR set, nice quality, but lacking many tracks (…almost nothing from reel 1) emerged, and more recently the 4CD ‘Tree with Roots’ emerged. These have been carefully compared as well, and where appropriate, tracks were upgraded to the original 10CD set. Recently, someone else seems to have gotten hold of this set and and thinks that there were some other missing tracks (I’m not particularly convinced that reel 11 contains any new Basement tracks at all…) and added these tracks to reel #11.
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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 9 (Reel Nine)
Track 0901. This Wheel’s On Fire (6.1MB)
Track 0902. Nothing Was Delivered (5.8MB)
Track 0903. Open The Door, Homer (5.1MB)
Track 0904. Quinn The Eskimo (3.6MB)
Track 0905. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (4.3MB)
Track 0906. Too Much Of Nothing (4.4MB)
Track 0907. Tears Of Rage (6.7MB)
Track 0908. Please Mrs. Henry (4.0MB)
Track 0909. I Shall Be Released (6.2MB)
Track 0910. Million Dollar Bash (4.0MB)
Track 0911. Apple Suckling Tree (4.0MB)
Track 0912. Clothesline Saga (5.2MB)
Track 0913. Yeah! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread (3.5MB)
Track 0914. I’m Not There (8.0MB)
Track 0915. Odds And Ends (2.8MB)
Track 0916. Get Your Rocks Off (5.9MB)
Track 0917. Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood) (3.3MB)
Track 0918. Lo And Behold (4.4MB)
Track 0919. Tiny Montgomery (4.5MB)

Disc 10 (Reel 10)
Track 1001. Jam (3.5MB)
Track 1002. Gloria In Excelsis Deo/Banana Boat Song (2.3MB)
Track 1003. Instrumental (757k)
Track 1004. Ruben Remus (Instrumental) (4.8MB)
1005. Beautiful Thing - *Omitted
1006. Beautiful Thing - *Omitted
Track 1007. Orange Juice Blues (5.7MB)
Track 1008. Katie’s Been Gone (4.4MB)
1009. Ruben Remus - *Omitted
Track 1010. Orange Juice Blues (5.0MB)
1011. Yazoo Street Scandal - *Omitted
Track 1012. Organ Riffs (2.5MB)
Track 1013. Blues Instrumental (5.7MB)
1014. Ferdinand The Impostor - *Omitted
1015. If I Lose - *Omitted
Track 1016. Bacon Fat (1.5MB)
1017. Long Distance Operator - *Omitted
Track 1018. Spoken Word/Instrumental (2.2MB)
Track 1019. Blue Moon (Instrumental) (3.3MB)
Track 1020. Gloria In Excelsis Deo/Banana Boat Song (6.3MB)
Track 1021. Apple Suckling Tree (3.4MB)
Track 1022. Apple Suckling Tree (1.5MB)
Track 1023. Apple Suckling Tree (1.2MB)
Track 1024. Apple Suckling Tree (4.0MB)
1025. Apple Suckling Tree - *Omitted
Track 1026. Katie’s Been Gone (4.2MB)
Track 1027. Instrumental (3.5MB)
Track 1028. It’s Just Another Tomato In The Glass (5.9MB)
Track 1029. Don’t Ya Tell Henry (4.1MB)
1030. Ferdinand The Impostor - *Omitted
Track 1031. Ain’t That A Kindness (1.6MB)

*Tracks 1005, 1006 - Available on “The Band: A Musical History”
Tracks 1009, 1011, 1025 - Available on “The Basement Tapes”
Tracks 1014, 1015, 1017, 1030 - Available on the expanded/remastered edition of “The Band-Music From Big Pink”

Disc 11 (Reel 11)
Track 1101. Silhouettes (760k)
Track 1102. Clothes Line Saga (False Start) (725k)
1103. Clothes Line Saga - *Omitted
1104. Sante Fe - *Omitted
Track 1105. Ginsberg Reads Poetry Over Music (3.0MB)
1106. Too Much Of Nothing - *Omitted
1107. Bessie Smith - *Omitted
1108. Ain’t No More Cane - *Omitted

*Tracks 1103, 1106, 1107, 1108 - Available on “The Basement Tapes”
Track 1104 - Available on “Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series Vols. 1-3″

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  2. the puzzle is nearly complete. eleven reels of thanks to phil and big o…

    By Billy Jack on May 22, 2012

  3. fantastico.
    But does anyone know where I can find this @320 kbps or in FLAC and complete? (no torrent sites)

    By Walter on May 22, 2012

  4. I’m really loving the Basement Tapes. Thanks to Phil and BigO. There are treasures every week.

    By Mackster on May 22, 2012

  5. when u have supermans hearing and u can differentiate 192 kbps from 320 i guess it would matter. these are mp3s. why are u that obsessive. theyre already compressed and imperfect. accept that the first 9 cds has over 200 songs that u dont have and be grateful that u didnt have to buy it for $200 if u could find it. and then u wanted the omitted tracks too? the ones that have been released officially? the ones that u should have already? wow!! talk about gratitude.

    By darth on May 22, 2012

  6. The best batch yet.

    By Timmy on May 22, 2012

  7. there are times when the pristine, crystal clear quality is certainly appreciated. in this case, however, i believe lo-fi is appropriate to the spirit of the players and recordings, like hearing a pop on one of my old records. just seems to fit, like a ratty pair of blue jeans. and let’s face it boys and girls, sometimes you just want to get dirty. just one man’s opinion…

    By Billy Jack on May 23, 2012

  8. another brilliant delivery from BigO and our kind and generous Uncle Phil.

    Many thanks.

    By Tony on May 23, 2012

  9. Thank You for posting all these Basement Tape Volumes. I already had most of the songs , but i found some that i did not. Can you Please tell me which song was the one with Dylan that was omitted on the older Boots? Thank You, Todd S.

    By Todd S. on May 23, 2012

  10. im not sure i understand the question or i would help. the only songs that are omitted are the ones that are officially released. 14 of them on these two cds. nothing on cds 1-9. if u have the 4 albums mentioned above with the *’s then u will have all the omitted tracks and then some.

    By darth on May 23, 2012

  11. btw.. i sure didnt have 229 outtakes from the basement tapes. thank u so much!!

    and.. just to clarify - i dont feel that 192 bits is lo-fi. what i was trying to say is that once u get to 192 our ears dont pick up much difference between that and 320 especially on downloaded mp3’s that are compressed to begin with. these werent produced for commercial purposes and the intricacies that we might hear certainly arent that serious that u might miss them between the kbps of those gradients. not unless u really are superman. i was serious. approximately 1 in 4000 or more people if not even more than that.. can detect those sorts of subtle differences. it just isnt that important.
    besides.. its the band. its not brahms.

    By darth on May 23, 2012

  12. Thanks very much for this wonderful collection. Can anyone confirm the locations of the tracks omitted from Reel 10 please? There only seems to be one version of ‘Ferdinand’ on the expanded ‘Big Pink’ album and I can’t find ‘Beautiful Thing’ on ‘A Musical History’. Probably just me having a senior moment but any help here would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    By localpriest on May 23, 2012

  13. agreed darth. looking back at my comment, i WAS comparing apples with oranges. AND just having a bit of fun appreciating the undiluted nature of these (ie: no overdubs/synthetic processing), compared to the ‘officially released’ product. i think we both agree that this collection is fantastic. yea! heavy and a bottle of bread…

    By Billy Jack on May 23, 2012

  14. Many thanks to BigO and Phil! This is amazing — truly the holy grail of the Basement Tapes! I especially love that I never have to wait too long before something from the Band turns up here.

    By LongBlackVeil on May 23, 2012

  15. localpriest, the track “a beautiful thing” can be found on disc one of A Musical History.

    By sluggo on May 23, 2012

  16. However, A Musical History only has ONE version of Beautiful Thing, so it appears the opther should be posted. Also, the expanded Big Pink only has one version of ferdinan the Imposter, so the other should be posted.

    By loophole54 on May 23, 2012

  17. (and the way the bootleggers missed out Band tracks and even one Dylan track), This is what i meant: Which Dylan Track is the “missing one”? Thank You, Todd S. That quote is on your Volumes 1+2.

    By Todd S. on May 23, 2012

  18. Thanks again … Pity about the ommissions … I thot this was going to be the most complete collection of the Basement Tapes … it seems not, after all. Ah well. My thanks is meant and my disappointment will be shortlivedd, I’m sure. Cheers.

    By Canute on May 24, 2012

  19. “and then u wanted the omitted tracks too? the ones that have been released officially? the ones that u should have already? wow!! talk about gratitude.”

    darth, didn’t you just wish that someone would scan a book and upload it as a pdf so you could avoid paying $17 for it? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…

    By Mark E on May 24, 2012

  20. we have come to the end of a fabulous glimpse into musical history.
    This 11 disc set is simply pertinent to any serious collector as many important groups from the period looked to Dylan and the Bands demos from this time for songs to record for their own purpose.
    Congrats to Bigo for putting this up here and thanks to all involved.
    Once again, if you are really knocked out by this set look for the books pertaining to the sessions. The old weird America,Across the great divide, This wheel`s on fire , Invisible republic and Million dollar bash. Oh and I would like to add one more , there is a series of music related books called 33 1/3 , there are 56 titles available and one of them is a dissertation on Music From Big Pink.
    check them out there are some fabulous titles .

    By sluggo on May 24, 2012

  21. one more thing, Bigo O , this set was such a hit with bigo followers how about putting up the Complete Last Waltz?

    By sluggo on May 24, 2012

  22. Thx for the link sluggo, that’s the music related info I prefer to read here

    By Mark E on May 24, 2012

  23. nice work as always sluggo! i appreciate it.
    oh and one more thing,

    found this at the top of the page of the recent black sabbath post from the big O:

    As always, we request readers follow the golden rule “do not do unto others what you would not want done unto you”.

    just sayin’…

    By Billy Jack on May 24, 2012

  24. Happy 71st b-day Bob!!! May you Stay Forever Young!!

    By Tim on May 24, 2012

  25. (and the way the bootleggers missed out Band tracks and even one Dylan track), This is what i meant: Which Dylan Track is the “missing one”? Thank You, Todd S. That quote is on your Volumes 1+2.

    By Todd S. on May 24, 2012

  26. Many thanks to Phil and BigO for these postings. I’ve really enjoyed listening to them. I do admit to having bought the download of the Basement Tapes simply because I’m addicted to its clearer sound. Thanks again!

    By strickles on May 24, 2012

  27. billy jack, I noticed you put this in a post directed at me..”nice work as always sluggo! i appreciate it.
    oh and one more thing,….
    As always, we request readers follow the golden rule “do not do unto others what you would not want done unto you”.

    just sayin’…

    I hope this is just intended as an umbrella quote for the group and not just me, I have yet to weigh in on the recent goings on.

    By sluggo on May 24, 2012

  28. absolutely sluggo. i should have separated the two comments. my bad. i’ve actually posted it on other recent offerings, and i was commenting about more great info from you, i pasted it in. i feel like it may have been an attempt by the big o to settle BOTH SIDES down on all the animosity that’s been flying around. i don’t have a dog in this fight, but i don’t want to stop posting, or not have access to some of the incredible info shared here. thanks again, man. definitely not directed toward you.

    By Billy Jack on May 24, 2012

  29. taken from guitars 101 blog..
    Here are the 17 tracks omitted from the official Capitol release:

    1. This Wheel’s on Fire
    Co-written with Dylan and found on Music From Big Pink, this version gets a deluxe orchestra and horn arrangement by Allen Toussaint.
    2. The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
    From Stage Fright, Toussaint also arranges the horns to give this a better effect.
    3. Georgia on My Mind MPEG3-file (4.8 MB)
    No one can draw on their own personal sadness when singing a melancholy number better than Richard Manuel. The omission of this track from the official release is unpardonable.
    4. King Harvest
    Another favourite sadly left off The Last Waltz.
    5. Rag Mama Rag
    Dixieland seems to be the theme here. This is a radical departure from the studio version with Howard Johnson leading a horn section of clarinets and tubas with a good measure of honky tonk piano thrown in for good measure. Listed with Robbie Robertson as singer, but it sure sounds like Levon Helm to me.
    6. Caledonia
    Not many realise that this number is a Louis Jordan cover. Muddy Waters gets the call to do the lead vocal. Paul Butterfield adds some great harp playing to this version but isn’t listed.
    7. All Our Past Times
    Eric Clapton entered the proceedings with this number from his No Reason To Cry album and splits the lead vocal with Rick Danko.
    8. Four Strong Winds
    Neil Young covers this Ian Tyson song. It’s more interesting than “Helpless” which made the official album.
    9. Shadows & Light
    Joni Mitchell may be a great songwriter but she’s not a terribly strong performer. Left off the album with good reason.
    10. Furry Sings the Blues
    Joni Mitchell again.
    11. Acadian Driftwood
    A strong version with help from Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.
    12. Chest Fever
    Although this track was always a concert highlight, it just doesn’t work here. The heavy focus on horns instead of Robertson’s guitar takes all the guts out of it. The Band also seems uncomfortable with the arrangement. With these factors and its 12-min length, I can understand why it was excluded.
    13. Hazel
    Bob Dylan gives a simplistic reading of this cut from Planet Waves.
    14. I Shall Be Released
    Dylan and Richard Manuel share the vocals.
    15. Instrumental Jam #1
    This 12-min jam starts off with a drum duel between Ringo and Levon Helm before turning into a boogie-style guitar showcase with Ron Wood, Clapton, Young, Stephen Stills and Robertson.
    16. Instrumental Jam #2 AU file (292K)
    This is a slow blues featuring Garth Hudson’s keyboards and lasting over 17 mins.
    17. Don’t Do It
    The closing song of the show and an unforgivable exclusion from the official release for that reason alone. A set meant to close out a band’s career should have contained their final notes.

    By sluggo on May 24, 2012

  30. billy jack none taken, matter is settled .

    By sluggo on May 24, 2012

  31. besides, with a moniker like billy jack you gotta be a fair man! LOL

    By sluggo on May 24, 2012

  32. as i read what i actually wrote, i can see how it sounded that way sluggo. again, apologies…

    By Billy Jack on May 24, 2012

  33. some call me william…william jackson. cheers…

    By Billy Jack on May 24, 2012

  34. A note to mark e … I have the originals. This was different … it said at the start, and I quote:”This is the most complete Basement Tapes collection in circulation. This is not for audiophiles. It is for completists who want everything; warts and all…” It isn’t … it wasn’t. It could have been …

    By Canute on May 25, 2012

  35. Correction on Number 8, Four Strong Winds. This song was performed by Neil Young. It was written about Crosby, Still, Nash and Young farting at the audience after eating bean burritos and onion rings during their performance at the Filmore East.

    By Ozarth Mountain Bollweevil on May 25, 2012

  36. Note to Sluggo: most of those tracks are on the official boxed set version of the Last Waltz (in fact, I think all but Georgia On My Mind), as well as the actual version of “The Weight” played at the Last Waltz, in addition to the version with the Staples. (And, actually, I really like the “Shadows and Light”).

    By YogaforCynics on May 25, 2012

  37. georgia on my mind, from the complete last waltz.

    By sluggo on May 25, 2012

  38. bobby charles , down south in new orleans from the complete last waltz which IS available as a dvdr if you really poke around. One camera shot in black and white..complete performance.

    here`s bobby, and the good dr.

    By sluggo on May 25, 2012

  39. mark - i didnt say he should have ‘bought’ the songs. (wink)
    besides…its a music site not a book site. geesh. we dont pirate here. there are plenty of places that have people who convert books to digital format so they can be dl’d and shared freely. i didnt expect it on this site. the person who was complaining about the completeness of the music here wanted those songs on this site. that would have been wrong for copyright infringement reasons. see? if someone knew of a place other than here (see?) where i could find the book they could direct me (or send it to me) so i could have it myself. again not so a mass amount of people could have it and thus avoid supporting the author. just me.
    when music circulates like the omitted files here for example..that would happen thru out the galaxy. while dylan may not need those pennies thats not the point of course. its a very different thing from a single copy of a book coming to me.
    thankfully sluggo provided a link for us all to enjoy the free reading of said books which u would deny me. ironic that u would thank him for that link. sluggo comes thru again.

    By darth on May 25, 2012

  40. on the last waltz request above… i took care of that request privately. 4 cds soundboard flac mint the way the artists intended it to be heard originally. no overdubs etc. 3 sources. i sent it to 2 people from here. enjoy.

    By darth on May 25, 2012

  41. darth, who’s denying you anything?? The link sluggo provided is for a blog of a commercial book publisher’s music books, which are available FOR PURCHASE, not free reading. See? You never went to the site, did you? If you had, you would have seen a link for “A Complete list….” and by clicking on the title of each book, you would have gone to a page with the book’s description and PURCHASING information. See?

    For someone who claims to be a professional photographer (with no available samples of your work for us to view), you’ve got a hell of a lot of nerve to lecture about copyright infringement, and then ask to be given a pdf of a book that is readily available FOR PURCHASE (for under $17) from several dealers on Amazon, as someone else already told you. 1 copy or 100, it’s copyright infringement, and I have no doubt that pdf would be forwarded to all your friends you deem worthy. And then they forward it, and their friends forward it, etc. (Wink)

    You don’t seem to make the connection that if this book were available to you on a pirate bootleg site, many people other than yourself can also steal it, and the author and publisher are denied “those pennies” they need to pay the rent and hospital bills. It’s NOT a “single copy coming to me”, that’s a BS rationalization of your theft. How would you feel if this happened with your photographs? Geesh.

    By Mark E on May 25, 2012

  42. darth, who’s denying you anything?? The link sluggo provided is for a blog of a commercial book publisher’s music books, which are available FOR PURCHASE, not free reading. See? You never went to the site, did you? If you had, you would have seen a link for “A Complete list….” and by clicking on the title of each book, you would have gone to a page with the book’s description and PURCHASING information..

    absolutely Mark, and by the way, i use this site,the book depository quite a bit. You can use paypal , the books are usually cheaper and there is NO shipping charge!Abebooks is another good site, they list bookdealers worldwide and you can search for the best price etc..

    By sluggo on May 25, 2012

  43. Many thanks for this set of cds. It’s what makes life worthwhile.

    By djh on May 25, 2012

  44. WHAT PHOTOGRAPHS ? oh, those imaginary ones we hear about daily?
    the same PRETZEL LOGIC he supplied when he bragged HERE about STEALING those 15 or so ERIC CLAPTON releases. He doesn`t think any of it applies to him, begs for links and uploads and yet blasts someone for not buying the released tracks . different rules for darth.

    By uncle remus on May 25, 2012

  45. sluggo! you’re the gift that keeps on giving. thanks again…

    By Billy Jack on May 25, 2012

  46. Thanks again sluggo, they’re also available used, at lower prices, on Amazon and ebay.

    By Mark E on May 25, 2012

  47. I have these titles, electric Ladyland,Exile on Main Street,The Gilded Palace of Sin,American Recordings ,Music From Big Pink , Highway 61 Revisited and Some Girls.
    I have read and enjoyed them all, there are a few on the back burner coming out soon,[lucinda williams] and they entertain requests as well for other new titles.
    These look great as well on your cd shelves alongside the disc they represent.

    By sluggo on May 25, 2012

  48. Thanks for the 33 1/3 link sluggo.

    By George Martini on May 26, 2012

  49. mark - no i hadnt gone to the site yet. i had posted first once i saw his link. i didnt know that it was a site to order the book. im not against buying books. dont get me wrong. i buy books when i can. i have an enormous library. u would be jealous if u saw it. i was speaking about one particular book when i wished for a digital copy. but nevermind that. its evident i will have to find it on my own. i can get it easily enough thru a list i am on if i wish.

    as for samples of my work.. thats not important here. i dont need to prove what i did to u. im not here for that purpose. and its not that big of a deal either. why do u care so much about my work? this isnt about me. i dont have proof of what u do for your hobbies or a living. just because i happened to photograph musicians and this is a music blog doesnt mean i have to show u my work. get over yourself. im not in a position where i am able to show anything to anyone. if i was i certainly would since it would obviously help make me money. i would obviously share a link and say hey guys check out my site and buy something. but thats not what im here for and i certainly dont think bigo administration would appreciate that free advertising on my part either.
    its just part of some of the conversation that i included in some of the things i have offered in my comments. it gives a little frame of reference to where im coming from and how i would know what i do and so on. if u dont wanna believe what i say i did thats fine. who the hell cares? i dont have the ability to prove myself at this time. i never in my wildest dreams thought i would have to prove that i was a rock photographer tho. wow.
    and my photos have nothing to do with copyright infringement. i dont see the connection between my work for 17 yrs and the comments i made about copyright infringement. i was explaining why some songs are not posted here. i didnt commit copyright infringement with regards to my photos. i took my photos. theyre mine. the songs that are omitted on this site are omitted because they would be infringing the copyrights because they are officially released. are u missing something here? or just playing dumb?
    how is this related to my photography? i dont get it. sorry.
    as for forwarding copies of a book.. i cant even imagine anyone who would want it. it doesnt matter what u think i would do. facts are still facts. your imagination doesnt make me guilty of an act. wink all u want to. yes there is a huge difference between 1 and 100. if u get charged with 1 count or 100 counts of a crime i think u would realize that difference.
    again im not putting the book on a site. and im not asking for it to be put on a site. youre saying if a lot. u can make up all the if’s u want. but they dont really exist. theyre imaginary. u cant take someone to court over if this or if that. u would lose that case. i would have to commit the crime. yes if i buy a stolen good (or sell it) i am guilty of one crime. but not 100. and certainly not 100 counts or 1000. if said book had been downloaded 100 or more times from a site that i was responsible for it being posted to then yes i would agree with u. thats not the case here at all. youre blowing this out of proportion. and i also dont believe that u dont own anything officially released that u didnt pay for. so dont try to con me.

    By darth on May 27, 2012

  50. remus - it was 29 cds worth of obscure clapton. stuff not found on his regular releases. things he did that were out of the ordinary like one song here or there for soundtracks etc that are just not on his albums that u would go out and look under e or c for in a music shop. again like i said above i dont believe u paid for ever song on your computer or that u have burned to cd. dont try to con me or anyone else here. yes a mass majority of what we dl is unofficial and i agree that should be perfectly legal to do so. but no one is going to believe that u have never dl’d an official track. stop it.
    and as for my photos.. u dont hear about them daily. i rarely mention them. i dont know why u would say that u hear about them daily. i have said that i have taken photos of celebs for 17 yrs a few times. i cant believe every thing i type here is up for scrutiny. why? why are u so far up my ass? im not up yours. why do i need to prove myself to u? i dont ask u to prove yourself to me. who are u that i should have to prove anything to u? why not just take me at my word that i took photos of famous people including movie tv and music people on the streets of nyc from 1980 to 95 and a few visits to la and sf and phila as well?? its not that hard to believe. it was a f’n hobby. i also made money doing it. is it because u didnt do it and therefore no one else could possibly do it?? what the hell??

    By darth on May 27, 2012

  51. No darth, I’m not jealous of your library, why would you even make such a comment? Isn’t it possible that I too could have an enormous library? And who really cares?

    You’re not against buying books, but you talk about how “i can get it easily enough thru a list i am on if i wish.”, even though it’s available on Amazon. You can’t imagine why anyone would want it, yet a publishing company printed it.

    You make constant references to photographing rock stars and celebrities, and hanging out with them for 17 years, but you feel no need to show those photographs. I’m not sure you realize that some people here think you’re a BS artist. Why not get a free blog on Tumbler, and prove these people wrong? I’m actually curious to see what you’ve done.

    You claim you wouldn’t forward your copy of the book, yet you just forwarded 4 flac soundboard cd’s of The Last Waltz.

    Here’s how copyright infringement is related to your photography: why don’t you send me an original print of one of your photos? It’s just for me. Then I scan it and send a digital file to a few friends, without your knowledge. They send it to friends, etc., then someone puts it on a download site where anyone can grab it. Now 1 is 100, maybe 1000, maybe more. And you haven’t made a dime. Maybe this happens with more of your photos. You say it’s my imagination, I say it’s worst case scenario, and that’s why copyright was invented. Do you get it now?

    By Mark E on May 27, 2012

  52. Darth uses two separate letters of 8 paragraphs to tell us , and I quote from his letter

    “this isnt about me ”

    well who the hell is it about then pumpkin?
    you just don`t apply anything to yourself.Every one else is a downloading , copyright infringement liar, but you tell taller tales than paul bunyan.
    get over yourself.

    By uncle remus on May 28, 2012

  53. I have over 500 photos on Flickr, it’s free

    By barth on May 28, 2012

  54. when i said that i cant imagine anyone who would want it.. i meant a copy that i would have gotten in pdf format that i would be able to fwd to someone. i dont know people who i could fwd it to. u or some other idiot suggested that i would once i got it fwd it to others thereby taking a whole lot of money out of the authors mouth. my point was that this wouldnt have been the case. i dont know how u are repeatedly missing this point. its like u look for some way to find a hole in something i said and attack that hole. i think u know perfectly well what i meant. of course if people want the book they would search it out on amazon and buy it. but they wouldnt know to find me and say hey darth can i get a copy of tht book from u? and even if they did i wouldnt be there for them for that purpose. i was looking for a copy of the book for myself. not to distribute many copies of to anyone. get over yourself already.

    its not that i feel no need to show my photos. nor do i need to explain anything to u. this isnt my site to prove anything to u or to display my work. theres nothing wrong with me mentioning that i took photos of musicians. it can end with my words. it need not get proven to u. u dont need proof. why do u think u should have it? who are u? why do u need an explanation for this? what makes u think i should give u one? what u dont seem to understand is that im not worried what anyone here thinks. my photos are not the subject here. u need to get over me. i am not the subject here. the music here is. i dont make constant references to what i did. i have made several references to it. if u wish to think im lying thats fine. i wont lose sleep over it. u dont have to read my posts either. i know what i did for 17 years. eventually one day i will have a site with my work. right now its not possible for me. but again i am not the topic or at least i shouldnt be.

    the sbd version of the last waltz is very different from the version that is being sold officially. its also offered on several other blogs. its not mine. all i did was share what i found. people do that with me. i do that with friends on here. its what we do for one another. lots of us music fans share such stuff with one another.

    what u arent getting with the book vs my photos is that i have no interest in sharing the book with anyone. u can say all that what if crap. but that doesnt make it happen. sure it could. and yes it often does. but im not responsible for it happening. and when unreleased material is shared and theres a big difference between pirating bootlegging and counterfeiting.
    yes my photos have been copied and sold without my permission. a lot of money has been generated without me receiving any compensation as well. such is life. it happens. there is just so much anyone can do when they release their art.

    remus - none of the posts i have made are tall tales. these postings may be about me currently but theyre not supposed to be. thats my point. i dont need to get over myself here. YOU need to get over me. im fine with me. u need to find something else to occupy your thoughts and time.


    By darth on Jun 3, 2012

  55. wow

    By barth on Jun 4, 2012

  56. wow,no shortage of bandwidth for darth .
    4 paragraphs of nonsense and the fifth paragraph telling the rest of us to stop spouting crap.
    you are quite the lad .

    By uncle remus on Jun 4, 2012

  57. actually, darth, the biozine3 forums aren’t for this repetitious frothing either. but who am i to restrict your freedom of speech?

    By garth on Jun 4, 2012

  58. well said garth big’ os about music not some repetitious mouth frother telling every how clever he aint and who cares if he has a big one

    By the duke on Jun 4, 2012

  59. ” i am not the topic or at least i shouldnt be. ”
    i couldn’t agree more, it’s about the music, not you, darth

    By garth on Jun 4, 2012


    By darth on Jun 5, 2012

  61. Nice try, but the real darth would have gone on for at least 1000 words about why it isn’t about him, and why you needed to get off his ass, and why he gets to dominate someone else’s blog, and why you should go to another site to argue with him, even though the site owner specifically stated that it was not for inflammatory comments, and why you shouldn’t criticize him, and why everything he says should be taken at face value, and…. oh, you get the point. And if you don’t he’ll explain it again on every single concert posting.

    By garth on Jun 5, 2012

  62. Dear garth, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    By Creatist on Jun 5, 2012

  63. I love it when the creationists show up, next thing you know they`ll be saying there were no dinosaurs.

    By uncle remus on Jun 5, 2012

  64. THANKS A LOT !!!

    By Bob on Jun 13, 2012

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