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Birmingham 2012 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK; May 19, 2012. Very good to excellent audience recording.

The continuing debate regarding Black Sabbath’s 2012 reunion is over the absence of drummer Bill Ward from the lineup.

This is what the NME reported on May 19, 2012:

Speaking ahead of the band’s reunion show at Birmingham’s O2 Academy this evening, [bassist Geezer Butler] wrote: “It has been a very tough year for us as a band, having announced our reunion plans, only for Tony [Iommi, guitarist] to be diagnosed with lymphoma, leaving us no choice to postpone the proposed Sabbath tour, and then for Bill to go public on his site about an unsignable contract.”

Butler, who said he, Osbourne and Iommi had started working on ideas for an album in the hope that they could work on the material with Ward at a later date, added: “He [Bill] hadn’t told any of us he was having contractual problems, and frankly, those things are worked out between our representatives, and never between the four of us, let alone in public.

“As you may expect, a one-off show at Donington [Download] festival [June 8-10] cost an absolute fortune to stage, involving over 50 people, transport, airfares, hotels, meals, agents, promoters, lawyers etc, so none of us expected to make much money from it – it was a one-off Sabbath show to the fans, before we go into recording the new album.”

He went on to say: “Apparently, this wasn’t acceptable to Bill’s representatives; they wanted an amount that was so unrealistic that it seemed to have been a joke. So we resigned ourselves to doing Download without Bill, hoping he’d change his mind and at least make a guest appearance.”

And this was Bill Ward’s reply which appeared on his website May 20, 2012:

Dear Sabbath Fans and Musicians,

I have read Geezer’s statement of May 19, 2012 titled “Heavy Heart.” Out of respect for the Birmingham gig, I wanted to wait 24 hours before releasing this statement. There are some points he brought up which I want to respond to.

1) I had indeed notified Ozzy, Tony and Geezer, well before my first public statement, that I was having contractual difficulties.

2) I came out into a public forum to be accountable to the fans primarily, and to say at a public level there’s a problem. The band members stopped talking and corresponding with me some time ago, with the exception of a nice letter from Tony on my birthday. Prior to that, Geezer and I were corresponding, but that stopped abruptly in late February after I emailed a specific question to him.

3) In my statement of May 15, I clearly stated I would play Birmingham for free. That was not a problem – charity or otherwise.

4) My Download fee was not an extravagant amount. Originally, when Download was part of a full tour, I had asked for a decent fee. More recently, as we were negotiating just Download/Birmingham and Lollapalooza, I told my attorney that I would accept the proposed small Download fee, but there were other parts of the offer that were unsatisfactory.

I will continue to be honest and respectful towards the band and our fans. I will also confront any untruths about me, and any fault finding missions aimed at me that come to my attention.

I hope the band and the fans had a good gig in Brum.

Stay safe/stay strong.
Bill Ward

Thanks to rbose1 for sharing the tracks on Dime. Here are some notes from rbose1:

In preparation for their hugely anticipated headline performance at this year’s Download Festival, Black Sabbath announced an intimate homecoming show at O2 Academy Birmingham. This was also a charity fund raiser for “Help For Heroes”. The venue was packed with a sold-out 3,000-capacity crowd.

This was Black Sabbath’s first performance in their hometown for 11 years - and their first concert since 2005. We had three-quarters of the legendary original lineup. Tommy Clufetos, a member of Ozzy’s solo band, is filling in for Bill Ward, who is sitting out the group’s reunion shows due to contractual disputes with his bandmates.

Music wise, this is what Paul Cole wrote at

Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler took the sweaty 02 Academy by storm, crunching through their back catalogue… This was the Sabbath gig that so nearly didn’t happen after guitarist Iommi was diagnosed with lymphona. But the man who invented heavy metal is made of stern stuff, the Iron Man of rock. Last night he looked good, and played better. It was hard to believe this was a 64-year-old battling serious illness.

Yet fans continue to remain divided over whether this lineup can still be seen as a bona fide Black Sabbath without Bill Ward.

Thanks also to epresley for the artwork.

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 Microphones
Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-11 Mini Battery Module with Bass Roll-Off (69Hz)
Edirol R-09HR 44.1kHz / 16 bit
USB > PC > CD Wave Editor > Trader’s Little Helper > FLAC level 8

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Intro (6.0MB)
Track 102. Into the Void (12.1MB)
Track 103. Under the Sun (7.4MB)
Track 104. Snowblind (11.5MB)
Track 105. War Pigs (13.8MB)
Track 106. Wheels of Confusion (9.9MB)
Track 107. Electric Funeral (9.3MB)
Track 108. Black Sabbath (12.8MB)
Track 109. The Wizard (7.7MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Behind the Wall of Sleep (5.6MB)
Track 202. N.I.B. (10.9MB)
Track 203. Fairies Wear Boots (11.0MB)
Track 204. Tomorrow’s Dream (6.0MB)
Track 205. Sweet Leaf (5.9MB)
Track 206. Symptom of the Universe (2.3MB)
Track 207. Drum Solo (3.3MB)
Track 208. Iron Man (11.6MB)
Track 209. Dirty Women (11.3MB)
Track 210. Children of the Grave (10.7MB)
Track 211. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1.0MB)
Track 212. Paranoid (7.4MB)

Ozzy Osbourne - vocals
Tony Iommi - guitar
Geezer Butler - bass
Tommy Clufetos - drums

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  1. 50 Responses to “BLACK SABBATH - BIRMINGHAM 2012”

  2. i wonder if 4 days prior he agreed to do the show for free why it didnt happen that way. even if he didnt end up doing the download show he still said he would do this one. that would have certainly made this one a hell of a collectible.
    ive never gotten any pics of bill. he didnt show up at the instore appearance and i never saw him at the hotel when i shot the band in 83 when gillan was with them.

    By darth on May 23, 2012

  3. Thank you so very much BIG O! Ask and ye shall receive, right?

    I cant wait to listen to this….been listening to GHOST almost nonstop for the last 2 weeks.

    Hey…. can you find any good live GHOST? They are awesome…. sound like 76 era BLUE OYSTER CULT!

    By THE Russian Assassin on May 23, 2012

  4. Hey Darth! When in 83 did you see the GILLAN-SABBATH? Because though BILL is on the BORN AGAIN lp, I do not believe he did any live dates with them for that record….. BEV BEVAN from ELO was the drummer on that tour…. at least for the US leg and a great deal of the EUROPEAN leg of the tour.

    I saw the FEB 20, 1984 show at THE FOX THEATRE here in ATLANTA.


    By THE Russian Assassin on May 23, 2012

  5. sounds like a soundboard. Thank You Big-O!

    By C.B. on May 23, 2012

  6. Thank you Big O Amigos, this will be played pond-side Saturday afternoon in Thompson. Will stay hydrated with Guiness Dark Lager. Not a bad summer dark beer. Stay well friends. James

    By James on May 24, 2012

  7. Yo darth, do you have a website I can see your photos? i was a huge BS fan then and I’d like to purchase something for my wall. Thanks man.

    By ozzyrules on May 24, 2012

  8. russian - bill is on the record. but bev was on the tour. they appeared at tower records in nyc and then i hung out at the hotel with them that week to snap more shots of them. i had hoped to get some shots of bill since i had never met him and only learned too late that he wasnt on the tour. he was around but he wasnt actually performing with them. i asked iommi about him and he said he was around but not actually performing. and to this day i never did get any pics of him much to my chagrin.

    By darth on May 24, 2012

  9. ozzy - i used to have them on ebay and one day when i get my stuff out of storage where they are now ill hopefully start up a site where the pics of me with the stars will be on the main page and the ones i offer for sale will be on the subsequent pages. right now the only thing i can show u is a pic of me with gene. its the only scanned pic i have on the computer. sorry. there was a time when i dumped a bunch of shots i had no use for at a flea market to see if someone could sell them and make a little profit. they sold them to someone quickly to get rid of them. i think it was about 164 of em. the buyer then posted them on ebay a couple of years ago. a friend of mine happened upon them because my name was on the back and the seller decided to use my name to sell them thinking it would help. ugh!! they put 15 pics on each auction. the prices were too high and didnt sell. plus the stuff was mostly junk. hehe. they were good shots but not prime material. they probably lost money posting them. when my living situation changes hopefully i will start selling my pics again. if u want to see the pic of me with gene simmons tho feel free to write to me directly. i wont post my email address here anymore thanks to the idiot that we have here now.

    By darth on May 24, 2012

  10. BRILLIANT, Big O! Been looking for this ’round and about for a few days now since I first heard of it. Lo and behold it pops up here! Many thanks and all the best!

    By golgo hakase on May 24, 2012

  11. since when did BigO become Everything Darth ?

    By darthzilla on May 24, 2012

  12. since u started making it that way. since u started this assault. since everyone has asked u to stop and u refused. since u said u were going to stop and evidently lied. SINCE THEN!! for someone who doesnt like what it has become u sure have made it worse. im sure u wont understand what i just said tho.

    By darth on May 24, 2012

  13. Thank you guys! A impressive show by a really really great band! Hope Tony will defeat the disease he’s fighting with.

    By Tony Lauber on May 24, 2012

  14. I was fortunate enough to see the original lineup of Black Sabbath just as they had release Paranoid. That was the only time I ever saw them , but I still recall the show.
    It was at an outdoor festival called Beggar`s Banquets.They used to be held in Toronto ,Canada during the summer and would include a good number of bands.
    One in particular that I attended featured, The Band, Sha Na Na ,Lee Michaels,Edgar Winter`s White Trash , Seatrain ,Sundance…$4.00 advance, %5.50 at the door..
    Lee Michaels walked offstage at this concert after about 10 minutes, never to return, never found out why.

    By sluggo on May 24, 2012

  15. darth, you’re greatly mistaken if you think only one person is making critical comments about your inappropriate behavior on this blog

    By barth on May 24, 2012

  16. found this at the top of the page of the recent black sabbath post from the big O:

    As always, we request readers follow the golden rule “do not do unto others what you would not want done unto you”.

    just sayin’…

    By Billy Jack on May 24, 2012

  17. Thx darth, hope to see your pix online soon. Not interested in Gene Simmons, though.

    By ozzyrules on May 25, 2012

  18. I used to see this band called Earth at Banklins youth club for ten and six. I wonder what happened to them.

    By Creatist on May 25, 2012

  19. Has Bill Ward lost any of his drumming skills? Could that have anything to do with the contract problem with him performing with them?

    By George Martini on May 25, 2012

  20. creatist - according to wikipedia —
    In late 1967, Geezer Butler formed his first band “Rare Breed” with Osbourne. The band played two shows then broke up. Separated for a time, Osbourne and Butler reunited in Polka Tulk Blues along with guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill Ward. They renamed themselves Earth, but after being booked in error instead of a small-time English circuit band with the same name, they decided to change their name again. They finally chose the name Black Sabbath in early 1969 based on a film directed by Mario Bava, starring Boris Karloff.

    the band u saw was probably that other band. what were they like?

    ozzy is on the aphrodites child 666 dble album too. one of my all time fave records ever. altho i forget what song(s) hes on. thats very early vangelis for those who dont know.

    george - i dont think the two have anything to do with one another. its apparently a money issue.

    By darth on May 27, 2012

  21. I don`t believe everything I read on the wikipedia .
    entries can be made by anyone.

    By sluggo on May 27, 2012

  22. 1969-71 early sabbath outtakes.

    By uncle remus on May 28, 2012

  23. When they reunited in 1998 that was Black Sabbath. Now its 3 members plus a drummer. Ozzy’s voice sucks now anyway. Bill Bonham Ward is the only drummer that warrants a Black Sabbath reunion.

    By Nicky10lbs on May 28, 2012

  24. good luck trying to post a wikipedia entry. let me know how successful u are at that. i have found a few mistakes but very few. what reference doesnt have them? especially one the size of wikipedia. but can anyone post to it? no. of course not. has that rumor been circulating for many years? yes. is it true? cmon now. seriously. cmon.
    we arent talking about believing everything we read but sometimes facts are facts. its an extremely good source for facts. i havent found a better source. its at least 98% accurate if not more. thats good enough for me. yes i have found errors. what source has none? for all topics in such a huge variety of areas of interest etc. its mind boggling how accurate it is.

    as for this being a sabbath no more than zep 2 yrs ago being a reunion without bonham. ward was invited. he chose not to participate. even for free. i dont understand that part really. he agreed to do it free then even backed out of that agreement because of the issues concerning the download contract evidently and the following performance(s) it would seem. so he felt his required fees were fair and others didnt agree. it all came down to money. evidently they got money they felt was fair and the money he was offered wasnt enough for him. even when its free. we are left with the music.

    By darth on May 28, 2012

  25. a roomful of apes can contribute to wiki.
    possibly the same room of apes that types your tedious letters. Never saw someone go on about nothing so much except on the Seinfeld show.

    By uncle remus on May 28, 2012

  26. show me how u can do that wiki thing. please.

    btw -

    By darth on May 28, 2012


    like I said, ANYONE can do it.

    By uncle remus on May 28, 2012

  28. Does Darth just type for the sake of typing ? On and on and on, over and over, constant repeating…what can be said in 2 lines…why does it need to take 20 ?

    By BowlingRon on May 29, 2012

  29. and like i said - try doing it and see how successful u are. show me the one u wrote. thanks in advance. oh - u didnt write any? ahhh. funny how that didnt work out for ya. good luck with that.
    like i said.

    By darth on May 29, 2012

  30. btw.. instead of attacking me for quoting a couple of sentence that i quoted from wikipedia about sabbath’s history which seems perfectly accurate and theres no reason whatsoever to doubt that tiny bit of history and the association with the early name thing why not just accept it as fact? no one said that anyone needs to accept all wikipedia info just because i quoted one tiny fragment of one page that happens to refer to this topic. it deals directly with this subject. i dont know what the big deal is. if anyone else had posted the info u wouldnt be jumping all over them. what the fuck is the big deal here? just because its me u have a problem with it? holy crap!?!
    in all likelihood its totally true. whats the problem? whether or not entries can be made by anyone isnt the point here. and thats not even the topic. anyone didnt make that entry. someone who clearly knew what they were talking about with regards to sabbaths story made the entry. anyone didnt!! use some common sense here. wake the hell up!!
    i didnt ask u to show me how someone can join wikipedia and make entries. i said show me how u can do it. u didnt do that. u never showed me how u can make any entries. u have to show sources etc. it takes a lot of work and effort to post entries on that site. showing me the page that explains the process isnt showing me how ‘you’ can do it. try paying attention to what i say next time please.
    and ron - i dont have to repeat myself if people didnt repeat themselves first. have u stopped to consider that? attacks often only take 1 or 2 lines where defense often takes much more. is it fair to expect me to only use as much time and space to defend myself as was used to attack? im not attacking anyone. all i did was use a very accepted and respected site to give information to others about the band in question. YOURE WELCOME!! stop attacking me for no reason.

    By darth on May 29, 2012

  31. yes, BowlingRon, it appears that he does. why? maybe because a roomful of apes can’t express themselves concisely

    By garth on May 30, 2012

  32. [sighing heavily] darth, you could have gone to Wikipedia, found the information, and posted your article by now…..

    By Mark E on May 30, 2012

  33. i dont have an article on wikipedia. it isnt my article we are discussing here. i already posted the fragment in question that i did find on wikipedia. are u reading?? thats what this is all about. what are u talking about?

    By darth on May 30, 2012

  34. “show me how u can do that wiki thing. please.”
    By darth on May 28, 2012

    What does that mean, darth?

    By Mark E on May 30, 2012

  35. anyone know of a invitee only music blog where darth isn`t allowed please let me me know as I am pretty tired of his woe is me act here.

    By uncle remus on May 30, 2012

  36. unk reamus-place you’d like- Hotel California

    By 4yrsnojob on May 30, 2012

  37. remus, any site that’s tightly moderated would work

    By Mark E on May 30, 2012

  38. im not doing a woe is me act. in fact u are. youre the one complaining here. youre the one saying u dont like what im posting. youre the one saying woe is me cuz i dont like that this darth guy is putting things up that i dont like reading wont someone stop him. thats a woe is me act. dont u see? im allowed on any site that u are allowed on. if u are here to obtain music then fine. shut up stop complaining so much enjoy the music u are getting and leave people alone. what the hell is wrong with u? if u have a problem u arent supposed to be bitching about it here btw.. there is a new section for u to post on.
    go here -
    and bitch all u want. ok?
    stop wasting our time and space with this crap about me here. ok? thank u!!!

    oh..and mark - clearly what i meant was.. telling me how someone can make a posting to wikipedia isnt what i am talking about. but making one yourself (as u suggested to 2 specific people) isnt quite so easy). u cant just post to the site. it takes a lot more than just some goon with a computer and an internet connection and an idea that he thinks he knows something.. to post to the site. so no.. not anyone can just do it.
    i dont know why i have to dumb this down for u mark. what i said is clear enough. show me YOUR wikipedia article(s) mark. the ones YOU have made / contributed that have been accepted / approved etc. thats what i mean when i said “show me how u can do that wiki thing. please.” ok mark?? clearer now?

    4yrs - lol (he can never leave) haha im dyin.

    By darth on Jun 2, 2012

  39. darth, I’d be happy to show you my many Wikipedia articles, but I don’t need to prove myself to you. Why not just take my word for it?

    Yes darth, it’s not easy for YOU to post to Wikipedia, your contributions will be edited, and you’ll need to site sources, be brief, and stay on topic.

    Yes, there’s a new section in biozine, and yes, you’re already there. Please stay on topic- the concert posted. Thank you.

    By Mark E on Jun 2, 2012

  40. bigo wouldn`t be having such a problem with their webbsite if darth would quit hogging all the bandwidth.

    By uncle remus on Jun 2, 2012

  41. yall might be interested in this item -

    By darth on Jun 18, 2012

  42. mark - i am no different than u are. in fact im exceedingly more intelligent. but its no easier for u to post to wiki than it is for me.
    u ask why i dont take your word for it? holy crap!!! like u took my word for the many things i have posted here? are u listening to yourself?? wtf!?!?!?!?!
    my contributions would not be edited any more than yours would. i say would because there are none by u. nor me. this site nor wiki are yours. it is not up to u to tell me to stay brief nor stay on topic. i dont know who u think u are. get over yourself. i dont need to site sources any more than u do. nor do i need u to tell me to do it. thats part of their rules. not your rules. their rules. no one asked u what their rules are. whats wrong with u anyway?
    u telling me to stay on topic.. isnt staying on topic. u dont have the right to tell anyone here what to do. this isnt the bigmarke site. if u dont like whats being posted dont read it. thank u.
    and uncle renal - if bandwidth was a problem then the harassment coming my way is a clear waste of it. think about that. the more u keep wasting the worse it gets.

    By darth on Jun 18, 2012

  43. gee it was so nice and quiet lately.

    By uncle remus on Jun 19, 2012

  44. why do u feel the need to say something? couldnt u keep your comments about me to yourself? if u dont say things about me theres nothing for me to respond to. havent u figured this out yet? YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!! NOT ME!!

    By darth on Jun 19, 2012

  45. once again, gee it was so nice and quiet lately

    By uncle remus on Jun 19, 2012

  46. unk reamus=echo=boring
    if’n you/mark stop yellin, then echo=silence

    By 4yrsnojob on Jun 19, 2012

  47. darth is 16 days on your meds a new personal record?

    By barth on Jun 19, 2012

  48. We DID stop, 4yrsnojob. 16 days ago.

    By Mark E on Jun 19, 2012

  49. been sick and in phys therapy daily for bout that long. havent been active much.

    By 4yrsnojob on Jun 19, 2012

  50. FYI… I’ve started 3 articles on Wikipedia, and edited 42 others. I stopped counting my rejections a while ago. :-) I’m done with this discussion, this is a music blog.

    By Mark E on Jun 19, 2012

  51. “if u dont say things about me theres nothing for me to respond to.” darth, no one said anything to you, or about you here for 16 days. The attention was on the music, as it should be. You’ve made several posts recently where you stuck to the music, and no one criticized or attacked you. Your behavior here is offensive and shows your total lack of respect for the people who own, and visit, these sites.

    By dingus on Jun 19, 2012

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