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Giants Stadium 2009 [no label, 6CD]

Live at Giants Stadium, Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ; October 2 and 3, 2009. Excellent soundboard stereo.

On a night when you get the full Darkness on the Edge of Town album played, Bruce pulls out a classic Elvis Presley song and the E Street Band is absolutely on top of their game, that combined to make for one pretty damn good show at Giants Stadium on Friday. Hearing Darkness from start to finish made it a classic show of course. This was played much tighter and much better than at the Count Basie Theatre benefit in May of 2008, the only other time the album was played in its entirety.
- Stan Goldstein (, reviewing the October 2, 2009 show.

Back in 2009, the excitement over these Giants Stadium gigs was that the Darkness On The Edge Of Town and Born In The USA albums were to be played in full. Subsequently, soundboards of the live Darkness and Born In The USA portions were released as bootleg silver discs but for the complete shows, fans had to search out audience recordings. These six discs then is the first time the complete October 2 and 3 shows are presented in soundboard stereo. While the sound is excellent, fans continue to question if these are truly soundboards. Some argue that these are taken from IEMs (in-ear monitors) or could even be IEMs/audience mixes.

What also created a buzz in 2009 was the new song, Wrecking Ball, that was a tribute to the Giants Stadium which was demolished the following year. Wrecking Ball became the title of Springsteen’s 2012 album; and the song together with We Take Care Of Our Own, Shackled And Drawn, Swallowed Up, Land Of Of Hope And Dreams and American Land showed Springsteen tipping his hat to the Occupy movement and finding him among the folks on Main Street.

Thanks to Lincoln Park Mark for sharing the tracks.

Darkness live was previously shared here.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Live at Giants Stadium, Meadowlands, NJ; October 2, 2009

Disc 1 (74:16)

101. Wrecking Ball - Omitted (officially released)
Track 102. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (9.0MB)
Track 103. No Surrender (8.1MB)
Track 104. Outlaw Pete (13.8MB)
Track 105. Hungry Heart (7.3MB)
Track 106. Working On A Dream (10.4MB)

“Darkness On The Edge Of Town”

Track 107. Intro (2.1MB)
Track 108. Badlands (10.0MB)
Track 109. Adam Raised A Cain (9.2MB)
Track 110. Something in the Night (7.1MB)
Track 111. Candy’s Room (5.2MB)
Track 112. Racing in the Street (14.7MB)
Track 113. The Promised Land (9.6MB)
Track 114. Factory (4.4MB)

Disc 2 (63:02)

Track 201. Streets Of Fire (7.9MB)
Track 202. Prove It All Night (10.5MB)
Track 203. Darkness On The Edge Of Town (8.8MB)

Track 204. Waitin’ On A Sunny Day (10.0MB)
Track 205. Raise Your Hand (4.6MB)
Track 206. I’m Goin’ Down (5.8MB)
Track 207. Be True (7.6MB)
Track 208. Jailhouse Rock (7.6MB)
Track 209. Thunder Road (9.6MB)
Track 210. Long Walk Home (10.4MB)
Track 211. The Rising (8.2MB)
Track 212. Born To Run (11.9MB)

Disc 3 (32:43)

Track 301. Cadillac Ranch (7.2MB)
Track 302. Bobby Jean (7.0MB)
Track 303. American Land (13.7MB)
Track 304. Dancing In The Dark (9.5MB)
Track 305. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (15.7MB)

Live at Giants Stadium, Meadowlands, NJ; October 3, 2009

Disc 4 (60:40)

Track 401. Wrecking Ball (10.5MB)
Track 402. Out In The Street (10.4MB)
Track 403. Outlaw Pete (13.7MB)
Track 404. Hungry Heart (6.9MB)
Track 405. Working On A Dream (10.6MB)

“Born In The USA”

Track 406. Intro (833k)
Track 407. Born In The USA (8.5MB)
Track 408. Cover Me (7.4MB)
Track 409. Darlington County (9.5MB)
Track 410. Working On The Highway (7.5MB)
Track 411. Downbound Train (7.5MB)
Track 412. I’m On Fire (5.6MB)

Disc 5 (60:50)

Track 501. No Surrender (8.3MB)
Track 502. Bobby Jean (7.1MB)
Track 503. I’m Goin’ Down (6.3MB)
Track 504. Glory Days (7.4MB)
Track 505. Dancing In The Dark (11.0MB)
Track 506. My Hometown (11.7MB)

Track 507. The Promised Land (9.9MB)
Track 508. Last To Die (7.3MB)
Track 509. Long Walk Home (11.5MB)
Track 510. The Rising (8.0MB)
Track 511. Born To Run (10.5MB)

Disc 6 (51:55)

Track 601. Applause (1.6MB)
Track 602. Raise Your Hand (5.0MB)
Track 603. Jersey Girl (10.0MB)
Track 604. Kitty’s Back (21.8MB)
Track 605. Detroit Medley (7.8MB)
Track 606. The American Land (15.0MB)
Track 607. Waitin’ On A Sunny Day (10.6MB)
Track 608. Thunder Road (12.6MB)

Bruce Springsteen - lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Roy Bittan - piano, synthesizer, accordion
Clarence Clemons - tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, percussion, pennywhistle, piccolo, harmonica, whistling, background vocals
Nils Lofgren - guitar, pedal steel guitar, accordion, background vocals
Patti Scialfa - background vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine
Garry Tallent - bass guitar, background vocals
Steven Van Zandt - guitar, mandolin, background vocals
Max Weinberg - drums

Charles Giordano - organ, accordion, electronic glockenspiel, background vocals
Soozie Tyrell - violin, acoustic guitar, percussion, background vocals
Jay Weinberg - drums
Curtis King - background vocals, tambourine
Cindy Mizelle - background vocals, tambourine
Curt Ramm - trumpet

Click here to order Wrecking Ball.

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  1. 11 Responses to “BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - GIANTS STADIUM 2009”

  2. Thanks BigO and LP Mark! I was there Oct 2, it’ll be great to have a first rate copy of the show.

    By Mark E on May 30, 2012

  3. mark e. it`s pretty cool when you have a copy of a show you attended. Some of my favorites are Jeff Beck shows I was at but I have a special spot for one particular johnny winter show I went to .
    I have been to the el Mocambo a number of times and we all know some great shows have come out of there. The Allmans had it right offering discs of their shows as you left, I`m surprised more bands don`t do this, what a great souvenir.

    By sluggo on May 31, 2012

  4. Thank you very much! This is a real treat and I’m very much looking forward to discs three through six.

    By Improper Bostonian on Jun 1, 2012

  5. Awesome, I was at one of the shows, not sure which since I was in the nosebleed section. Reminds me of how I hate stadium shows. Finally get to hear what I missed by being in the bleachers surrounded by a bunch of drunk yahoos singing louder than the sound system.

    I like how you can hear the echo in the quiet sections.

    108 Badlands is cut at the end.

    By bobo on Jun 1, 2012

  6. BigO Website On A Crawl - kindly visit our homepage for update.

    By bigozine2 on Jun 2, 2012

  7. Once again , BigO and LP Mark do the business!
    Thanks so much guys - can’t get enough of Mr Springsteen live.
    Looking forward to discs 4-6 .

    By Alan W on Jun 5, 2012

  8. I was at the second show, and wished I was at the first (much prefer Darkness over Born In The USA), so am happy to hear the whole 10/2 show now. I find the echo distracting, though……

    By rick on Jun 5, 2012

  9. more magnificent Bruce.

    many many thanks for this :)

    By Tony on Jun 5, 2012

  10. As a long-time fan of the Boss and also a collector of live recordings I thank you very much for this gem.

    By Leo on Jun 10, 2012

  11. Thanks again BigO, it’s a great show!

    By Mark E on Jun 10, 2012

  12. absolutely incredible stuff. thank you.

    By peskypesky on Jul 14, 2012

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