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In Hama [Tarantura TCDQ-9-1/2, 2CD]

Live at Bunka-Taiikukan, Yokohama, Japan; April 30, 1975. Excellent audience recording by Mr Peach.

This has previously circulated as a 76-minute, single CD and, in May 2012, Tarantura put out this “far superior sourced” two-CD set recorded by the famed Mr Peach.

Here are some notes from queenlive.ca:

After the first song, Freddie greets everyone on hand in Japanese, as has become usual. After he recites his one decent piece of Japanese to the approval of the audience, he coyly says under his breath, “I’ve got that over with.” He then introduces Ogre Battle. Brian doesn’t do his usual guitar feedback intro tonight, instead beginning the song with the main riff…

After a great version of Doing All Right, Freddie introduces the medley. “We’d like to do about four songs right now, a kind of a medley - three songs from our new album Sheer Heart Attack, which I know you all have got. And we’ll also do a special little number called Killer Queen.” The song is a major hit in Japan at the moment, so its mention receives a rapturous applause. During its performance, Freddie stops singing part way through the second chorus as on the studio version, momentarily forgetting that their live arrangement completes the second chorus before a truncated guitar solo. They play the last few bars of the chorus instrumentally and carry on as normal. Brian’s ensuing solo is very playful, and they finish the medley as per usual.

During an extended version of Liar, Freddie does a vocal exchange with the audience. Part way through he professes, “I’m gonna teach you some English words.” For some reason, “shag out” is his selection of language, and he soon jumps into the “Mama I’m gonna be your slave” part to finish the song.

Brian responds to the frantic audience. “I don’t know what to make of that. We quite don’t know what to make of all it. We’re a little bewildered up here. This is called In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited. Thanks a lot.”

Thanks to Yuiham and g_pretender for sharing the tracks.

Silvers > CD Manipulator 2.70 > WAV > FLAC frontend [level 8]

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

Disc 1
SE (914k)
Procession (Opening) (1.7MB)
Now I’m Here (7.3MB)
Ogre Battle (6.7MB)
Great King Rat (8.6MB)
White Queen (7.6MB)
Flick Of The Wrist (5.2MB)
Doing All Right (7.3MB)
In The Lap Of The Gods (4.4MB)
Killer Queen (3.0MB)
The March Of The Black Queen (2.2MB)
Bring Back That Leroy Brown (1.8MB)
Son And Daughter (5.2MB)
Brian May Solo (11.7MB)
Son And Daughter (2.2MB)
Introduction (1.1MB)

Disc 2
Keep Yourself Alive (7.0MB)
Seven Seas Of Rhye (4.7MB)
Stone Cold Crazy (3.4MB)
Liar (14.4MB)
In The Lap Of The Gods Revisited… (fade in) (9.9MB)
Hey Big Spender (1.9MB)
Modern Times Rock’n'Roll (4.2MB)
Jailhouse Rock (Rock’n'Roll Medley) (15.3MB)
See What A Fool I’ve Been (6.1MB)
God Save The Queen (Ending) (2.0MB)

Freddie Mercury - lead vocals, piano, tambourine
Brian May - electric guitar, backing vocals, banjo
Roger Taylor - drums, backing vocals
John Deacon - bass guitar, triangle

Queen had released Sheer Heart Attack at the end of 1974 and were promoting the album when they toured Japan. Click here to order the album.

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  1. 9 Responses to “QUEEN - YOKOHAMA 1975”

  2. don`t know which is worse, disco , or 80`s glam bands.

    By turncoat on Jun 13, 2012

  3. Fantastic post. Thanks for the classic Queen!!

    By DanC on Jun 14, 2012

  4. turncoat: That’d be disco. For all their glam Queen could rock hard: Now I’m Here, Brighton Rock (part of the solo here), Liar.

    By raoul duke on Jun 14, 2012

  5. Thanks, BigO! And folks, Queen rocked hard no matter what musical style they played, and they played MANY of ‘em…

    By TDC on Jun 14, 2012

  6. Thank you so much for this, BIG O!

    I just saw the opening night of the MAIDEN ENGLAND US tour in Charlotte, NC last night… the setlist and performance are INCREDIBLE! ALICE COOPER warmed up for them.

    If you could find and post either of these sets by MAIDEN or ALICE, it would be VERY much appreciated!

    Yours in allegiance,

    THE Russian Assassin

    By THE Russian Assassin on Jun 23, 2012

  7. disco? Queen could match Led Zeppelin anytime with better vocals

    By George Martini on Jun 30, 2012

  8. Freddie, ma che voce!

    By wow on Jul 1, 2012

  9. this is FANTASTIC!!! Queen at their prime. One of the best rock bands ever in front of a great audience. THANK YOU for sharing. :)

    By peskypesky on Jul 14, 2012

  10. if someone is interested in the FLAC version: http://www.guitars101.com/forums/f145/queen-1975-04-30-yokohama-jp-aud-flac-142104.html#post1010663

    @turncoat: there’s some good disco also. And 80’s glam bands are (usually) crap, but 70’s glam was great: Bowie, Roxy Music, T.Rex, Mott The Hoople, Lou Reed (yes, he had a glam phase),…

    By Walter on Jul 21, 2012

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