June 12, 2012 – 2:08 pm

Update: June 25, 2012

A number of Bob Dylan tracks are no longer available for download.

DMCA Request : Please cease Infringing Activity / remove Infringed
Title(s) from Infringing File Location(s) ASAP : thank you.

Deborah Sykes
for and on behalf of
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BigO Website On A Crawl
You all have noticed the site has been very slow about two weeks ago. It’s because our host has withdrawn the extra bandwidth they previously provided at no extra charge. Times are hard for everyone.

Read the rest here.

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More Songs About Buildings and Food - Early Mix [no label, 1CD]

Rough mixes? Excellent soundboard.

At the beginning of June 2012, music collector Hans Devente, aka Madtaper, shared this tape on his blog. Edited from the original cassette, Hans ripped the tracks to a single WAV file.

CurtisEFlush got copy of the tracks and shared them on Demonoid.

CurtisEFlush noted: “I applied slight noise reduction, split the tracks, cut out a few gaps of silence, converted to FLAC… Hans has been kind enough to allow me to repost my edited versions here.”

Thanks to Hans Devente and CurtisEFlush for sharing the tracks.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

With Our Love (5.4MB)
Stay Hungry (4.0MB)
Big Country (8.4MB)
The Good Thing (4.7MB)
Artists Only (5.5MB)
Warning Sign (6.0MB)
B. Angel (3.4MB)
Take Me To The River (7.8MB)
I’m Not In Love (7.0MB)
Girls (5.5MB)
Found A Job (7.6MB)

Click here to order More Songs About Buildings and Food.

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  1. 20 Responses to “TALKING HEADS - MORE SONGS (EARLY MIX)”

  2. more songs about wonderment and delight. thanks big O

    By Billy Jack on Jun 12, 2012

  3. Hans Devente is putting up some astonishing stuff on his blog. Much kudos to him!

    Also, many thanks for making them available in an easier-to-listen to format!

    By Woody on Jun 13, 2012

  4. google hans devente.

    you won`t find a kind word about him unless it was written by him.
    woody are you listening?

    By turncoat on Jun 13, 2012

  5. thank you, bigO, for the TH!


    By I-) on Jun 15, 2012

  6. I second turncoat’s comment. I - along with many others - have been monitoring Hans DeVente’s activities for several years and all I will say - just to keep polite - is he has had over 500 blogs… he’s a renowned net bully.

    By Harold Michaels on Jun 16, 2012

  7. from the net bully, here are new links

    By HANSDEVENTE on Jun 16, 2012

  8. i always wonder why?
    why would i delete 176 uploads and my rs account?why would i delete my google account?
    why am i stupid nough to start again, with re ripping the tapes, getting a new account, uploading the new files?
    what is in it for me?i dont make any money of it
    but i will continue, i fight under my own name
    i recorded each and every tape myself,with permission of the bands.they let me sing on stage and on their albums, all because i am such an asshole?
    if you dont want the stuff, dont download
    but leave it for others, and dont destroy
    all the rarities were given to me by the bands
    i stole nothing…i am simply giving it away

    By hans de vente on Jun 16, 2012

  9. looks like we have another member of the pity party here.

    By turncoat on Jun 17, 2012

  10. looks like hans is going to sell bootlegs..tsk tsk..from his website…





    By turncoat on Jun 18, 2012

  11. WHY DOES HE DOES THIS? (NOT THE CAPS). It’s so frustrating. How can he up and take his toys away just like that? Could it have anything to do with some asswipe asking him for a better wav files in one of the posted messages…. son of a bitch. Probably sent Hans over the edge. This time. How will we know when he reappears? I know now that the good hans gives about a 2 day window of “opportunity” until the bad hans destroys it.

    By T. Weger on Jun 21, 2012

  12. three blogs , three google accounts, and three times rs links, all deleted not by me, but who knows who?
    why on earth would i do that,do a lot of work, and then take it away again?
    whta the hell is in it for me?

    well turncoat, and t weger, not your real names i guess, this time i am done.
    i have created an invite only forum,where the 4th sets of links reside

    By hans de vente on Jun 22, 2012


    By dartherrea on Jun 22, 2012


    By dartherrea on Jun 22, 2012

  15. This might be a stupid question, but how can someone delete another person’s files in a blog?

    By Walter on Jul 21, 2012

  16. hes claiming he sang on stage and on albums with who??? i notice he didnt include any actual names there. hes certainly not on any talking heads albums and never appeared at any of their shows. ive seen 2223 live performances with a massive amount of them happening from 1980 thru 92. he wasnt on stage at any of those shows. lol.

    By darth on Jul 22, 2012

  17. im shocked to hear that someone on bigo would boast about their accomplishments and not produce any evidence to back up their outrageous claims. shocked i tell you.

    By barth on Jul 22, 2012

  18. i never claimed to sing on stage with anyone or appear on any albums with anyone. those claims are preposterous. all i did was say i took pics of them as i met them for 17 years on the streets of ny la phila sf etc. went to over 2000 concerts in 30 years collected a few autographs etc. none of my claims were outrageous. singing on stage and appearing on albums?? thats outrageous. naming those bands would be more than enough. no one would need more than that. well.. knowing that idiots name would help too. but he wouldnt admit who he is. its not like hes more than a fan. with me thats really all i am. a fan photographer collector etc. it was my hobby that i turned into a business for a while.

    i see your intent to harass still shows no signs of stopping. still!!!

    By darth on Jul 23, 2012

  19. I have to say that I have nothing but good words for Hans deVente. He has given more to music lovers than what was ever asked of him. I wish there where more people like him and nothing else than kudos and the very, very best to him.

    Hans, A VERY BIG THANKS, and scr*w all those negative, jealous sh*theads!!

    By thankyoumydeer on Feb 3, 2014

  20. Hans!! I hope you read this! Please just upload your files to DIMEADOZEN!!! The files use a hidden private tracker!!! No one will know they are up!!! Some of your XTC files still survive there.
    Net bully? It sounds like the Netherlands got a bunch of Nazis that escaped and are Jealous that you have “bootleg tapes” of the bands you worked with. SO FING WHAT!!!

    Please repost to DIMEADOZEN! I felt raped when your talking head tape blog was taken down.

    By stinky on Jul 8, 2014

  21. Thank you Hans De Vente!
    Your incredible live tapes archive is a joy for all the rock lovers.
    To the sh*t minds insulting him (and writing fake websites full of insults) I can only say that Hans is one of the most kind and generous people I encountered in the web.
    To the nazi ignorants saying “his claims are false”, read the credits in some XTC records, for example “English Settlement”:
    Guest, Vocals [Special Guest Vocal Support] – Hans De Vente

    By Diego Trystero on Mar 17, 2015

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