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A number of Bob Dylan tracks are no longer available for download.

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Adult Child [no label, 1CD]
California Feeling [no label, 1CD]

Demos and outtakes. Generally very good to excellent soundboard.

Thanks to Philip Cohen for sharing the tracks.

This is what Phil noted:

In the days before compact discs, or at least in the days before bootleg CDs, there was a label using a fake “Brother Records” label, which released three significant Beach Boys bootleg LPs. One was the very first “Smile” bootleg. It actually contained very little actual “Smile” material and is, of course, now obsolete.

The other two LPs were “Adult Child” and “California Feeling”. These LPs has track lineups which differ from later CD bootlegs with the titles “Adult Child” and “California Feeling”.

I have re-created the original “Brother Records” “Adult Child” LP, taking all 17 tracks from tape-derived CDs. I have also re-created the original “Brother Records” “California Feeling” LP, taking 15 of the 17 tracks from tape-derived CDs. “Our Team” and “Looking Down The Coast” are dubbed from the original vinyl release. (The “California Feeling” CD bootleg on the “Polyphone” label is a dub from vinyl.) Despite the fact that I present 15 of the 17 “California Feeling” tracks from tape-derived CDs, several of the tracks still sound only fair.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

The Beach Boys - Adult Child

Life Is For Living [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (3.2MB)
Hey Little Tomboy (Alternate Version) [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (3.9MB)
Deep Purple [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (3.8MB)
04. H.E.L.P. Is On The Way - Omitted*
05. It’s Over Now - Omitted*
Everybody Wants To Live [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (5.0MB)
Mony, Mony [Rarities, Vol 3 - 1972-1976] (4.4MB)
Ruby Baby [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (3.7MB)
Be My Baby [Rarities, Vol 6 - 1978-1983] (4.7MB)
You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (6.1MB)
Shortnin’ Bread (Version 1) [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (4.5MB)
Lines [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (2.8MB)
On Broadway [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (5.2MB)
14. Games Two Can Play - Omitted*
Baseball (aka It’s Trying To Stay) [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (3.8MB)
16. Still I Dream Of It - Omitted*
Calendar Girl [Rarities, Vol 5 - 1978] (5.7MB)

The Beach Boys - California Feeling

California Feeling [Rarities, Vol 5 - 1978] (4.3MB)
Brian’s Back (edit mix) [Rarities, Vol 6 - 1978-1983] (4.4MB)
3. We’re Together Again - Omitted*
4. Our Team - Omitted*
How’s About A Little Bit Of Your Sweet Lovin [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (2.4MB)
I’m Begging You Please (Demo Version) [Rarities, Vol 3 - 1972-1976] (2.6MB)
Santa Ana Winds [Rarities, Vol 5 - 1978] (4.5MB)
Looking Down The Coast + (5.2MB)
Lazy Lizzie [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (6.2MB)
California Dreamin’ (with sound effects intro) [Rarities, Vol 6 - 1978-1983] (4.6MB)
Skatetown USA [Rarities, Vol 6 - 1978-1983] (3.4MB)
Sherry, She Needs Me (track and vocal) [Unsurpassed Masters, Vol 20] (4.3MB)
River Song (early session) [Denny Remembered] (6.8MB)
Stevie [Rarities, Vol 6 - 1978-1983] (5.0MB)
Marylin Rovell [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (3.0MB)
We Gotta Groove [Rarities, Vol 4 - 1976-1977] (3.3MB)
Carry Me Home [Denny Remembered] (5.7MB)

+ From the California Feeling vinyl.
* Available on Good Vibrations: 30 Years Of The Beach Boys.

Click here to order the new Beach Boys album, That’s Why God Made the Radio.

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  2. Thanks Phil & BigO.

    By sking on Jun 19, 2012

  3. Philip and BigO, you know that we will “adore these tracks until eternity”, in spite of the lack of fidelity. How appropriate now to get our soundtrack of the summer, and as DJ of KHJ the Real Don Steele put it so many years ago, “GONNA BAN THE BUMMER ALL-L-L-L-L SUMMER! I’ve got that CALIFORNIA FEELINGGGGG!

    By 4yrsnojob on Jun 19, 2012

  4. I`m not a huge beach boys fan so I don`t know the individual voices that well.Who is singing Deep Purple?

    By sluggo on Jun 19, 2012

  5. Sluggo,

    It’s Brian Wilson singing “Deep Purple”. This is how Brian sounded in the mid-1970’s, when his voice was being damaged by various types of substance abuse.

    By Phil Cohen on Jun 19, 2012

  6. as a 12 track version of the adult child 77 brian wilson unreleased solo album u can dl this at -
    this will fill in the 4 omitted tracks for those who want them. the other 8 are duplicates so u can delete the ones in common. and then u still get 5 more tracks on the version we have here. totalling 17. the ones at the above link are at 192kbps but at a comparable size.

    for the california feeling 2 tracks that are missing it may not be worth it to dl an entire cd of 17 tracks to just get the 2 songs but u can find it at -×3sc3rn0e4
    now i dont wanna waste too much room here but i found some very interesting information about this 2nd item so i dont think anyone will object if i paste it here from a site i found it on.

    Bootleg of 1970’s Beach Boys outtakes. It’s actually credited to Carl and the Passions. Eugene Landy wrote the liner notes for this album:
    “This is California Feeling, an album of 17 previously unreleased recordings carefully selected and programmed for your listening delectation. Be mindful of the fact that although the title “California Feeling” was the proposed moniker for what was to essentially become MIU Album, this collection bares no resemblance to that album. We simply liked the title and decided to appropriate it for the little collection we’ve assembled here. (We’d also like to point out this collection bears no relationship to an unauthorized collection on the Making Waves Ltd. label entitled California Feeling. Perhaps they should change the name of their label to Illiterate Records.)
    Our program begins with the title track, written by Brian with Steve Kalinich in late 1975. If there was ever a group qualified to sing about California feelings, it’s these guys. Nuf said. “Brians Back”, ostensibly a Mike solo effort (although Carl’s unmistakable falsetto essentially renders this a “group effort”) follows. Mike manages to be affectionate without becoming obsequious in this touching tribute to his cousin and long-time cohort and collaborator. Motifs from some of the groups earlier hits are interweaved throughout the song. If you get hard-up for a parlour game you can try picking them out.
    Part of the influential fallout from the towel-head religions that were in vogue during the late sixties/early seventies was the concept of the mantra. This circular style of singing was put to use several times by the boys, and always with pleasant results. “We’re Together Again” is no exception. It’s a rather pretty song and was recorded circa 1970. In the mold of “Be True To Your School” (sorta) comes “Our Team”, a song considered for the MIU Album but dropped at the last minute. Another song likewise dropped from that collection was “How’s About A Little Bit Of Your Sweet Lovin’”, a short tune barely longer than it’s title.
    The next song (presented here in painfully discreet stereo) is not a finished track but rather a vocal/demo of Brian imploring “I’m Begging You Please”. The disturbing revelation here is that vocally there is sometimes a thin line separating Brian from Wild Man Fischer. Alan gets the spotlight on the next two numbers. His lead vocal on an unreleased version of “Santa Ana Winds” is obviously a scratch track. Note that the tracks were completely rewritten by the time the song was redone for inclusion on Keepin’ The Summer Alive. Though the version included here is considerably rougher, this reviewer finds that it possesses more charm than the more refined and considerably “sweetened” officially released specimen. Brian sings the opening lines on Al’s next track “Looking Down The Coast”, another song with a California feeling. The side closes with another of Brian’s demos, “Lazy Lizzy” is a domestic essay, the subject matter being about picking your kids up as they walk home from school. So who says ya gotta try to be deep all the time, huh? The song has something of a dirge-like quality about it and is too long and meandering but it is, as stated, only a demo.
    Side two: Mike and Carl share the lead vocals on the Mamas and Papas hit “California Dreamin”, the only cover song contained on this album. “Skatetown USA” was written by Al and Mike and submitted to Columbia Records for consideration for the “roller disco” film of the same name. The song lost out to a recording by Dave Mason. “Sherry She Needs Me” is interesting in that the instrumental tracks were recorded in 1965, but the vocal was recorded by Brian in 1976. The trouble is, the lyrics are dippy, even by 1965 standards. There are some phrases that just don’t seem to work very well in the context of a pop song. “Sherry, don’t hate her guts because she took me away” is a prime example. The basic storyline of the song is excessively naive. The singer is asking his old flame to be cool about getting ditched for some other chick, and he even goes as far as to suggest that the ditchee should consider becoming friends with her successor. This kind of logic could only come from someone who spent too much time with his feet in a sandbox; in real life socio-sexual relationships seldom resolve themselves in such a way. It’s hard to find fault with the instrumental tracks, though. The music is sophisticated even by mid-seventies standards.
    The boys get heavy with “River Song” co-authored by the brothers Dennis and Carl. This quite respectable group effort preceeded the version Dennis eventually cut for his one and only released solo album. This is a rough mix, to be sure, but it packs a punch. From 1980 comes a song produced by Dennis and sung by Brian: “Stevie” was written about that airhead who sings in Fleetwood Mac.
    I guess you could say that “Marylin Rovell” rates as a “personal” song for Brian, considering that the songs title was his wife’s maiden name. “We Gotta Groove” is somewhat of a mystery. We don’t know which of the brothers wrote it or when it was recorded. It doesn’t even sound much like them (but it is). I guess this number could be described as a bombastic mantra.
    This album closes with a track that, in light of the events that have since transpired, is downright scary. “Carry Me Home” is a solo effort from Dennis, the lyric content of which leads one to the conclusion that the man may have been haunted by some frighteningly and all too dreadfully accurate premonitions regarding his eventual fate. We will comment no further about it - the song speaks for itself.
    So there you have it … a generous helping of rarities finally released from the vaults. We hope you have fun fun fun listening to them!”
    so with my 2 links and all the tracks here we can have all 34 songs. woohoo!!

    dont forget the 3 songs they did on jimmy fallon on may 7th. thats 9mins. and then june 6th they did one song on jay leno.
    these tracks are still available on the respective sites.

    By darth on Jun 19, 2012

  7. “now i dont wanna waste too much room here ” but you did, instead of just providing a link to the article. hope u sent bigo a nice donation for their extra bandwidth costs

    By barth on Jun 19, 2012

  8. darth On topic, A-. fail to link, D-. Overall, C. barth off topic, D. barth thinking he is editor of The New Yorker zine, F.

    By 4yrsnojob on Jun 19, 2012

  9. Phil,
    thanks for the loads and the just don`t hear that magical beach boys voice here..
    I was really curious to hear this batch of tunes and especially “Deep Purple” You know how you have those secret songs you love you don`t want anyone to know about, well Nino tempo and april stephens[brother and sister] version of deep purple was all over the charts when I got my first transistor radio and I love it to this day.

    By sluggo on Jun 19, 2012

  10. welcome back 4yrsnojob

    By barth on Jun 19, 2012

  11. Phil, I have an audio recording of an interview that was conducted & aired by a well-known L.A. D.J. with Dennis Wilson at the time of the scheduled release date of “a Beach Boys double L.P.”, that contained this “Adult Child” album of various pop classics cover tunes. It’s very interesting. If you would like a copy of it, by all means, just let me know. Thanx, this is very cool.

    By Timmy on Jun 19, 2012

  12. one more thing, what does “MIU ” stand for.?

    By sluggo on Jun 19, 2012

  13. sluggo
    Maharishi International University.
    Mike Love & Al Jadine are heavy into transcendental meditation.

    By sking on Jun 19, 2012

  14. im not going to link another blogsite on here. thats not my business to do it. i gave the pertinent information copied from it. there was nothing more there that needed giving. i gave the links to download the set from. thats all that anyone needed to obtain the missing 4 tracks from the first album and the missing 2 from the 2nd album.
    i was completely on topic. therefore an A- doesnt fit. an A+ does. its 100% absolutely positively directly related to the items on this page. theres no way it could be more closely related.
    its not my right nor job to link another site or blog on this one and i certainly didnt want to wait for permission to do so..assuming i would even get it. i felt that copying and pasting the information that i found elsewhere..even without giving specific credit to the writer.. having no clue who actually wrote it.. was good enough. i dont really believe the site owner himself is responsible for the paragraphs i posted but of course i could be wrong. the importance for me was to share it with u all here. nothing more nothing less. i didnt have to do anything. i thought u people here might wish to have the omitted 6 songs and a shitload more information that i tried to offer by way of my pasting. color me surprised by the lack of appreciation.

    btw.. a link to the article would have done much more um..damage(?) than u might think. it wasnt just an article. i have reasons i didnt link to it. what they are..arent important enough for me to explain here. fanatical bb’s fans could contact me and ill explain to them.
    and u all thought that maybe this harassment shit was over huh? sigh.

    By darth on Jun 20, 2012

  15. o m g .

    By uncle remus on Jun 20, 2012

  16. Thank you, Philip. Thank you BigO. And thank you darth for the additional links and information. Us old Beach Boy fans can never get enough. And anyone who hasn’t heard it, their new album sounds great. My cat is apparently into TM…she knows the name of the school.

    By aking on Jun 20, 2012

  17. is this one of those fake darths?

    By barth on Jun 20, 2012

  18. “an A- doesnt fit. an A+ does.” Looks like this latest whine is 4yrsnojob’s fault :-)

    By garth on Jun 20, 2012

  19. darth, this is how easy it is:

    By dingus on Jun 20, 2012

  20. thanks to both bigO and to Phil for making this available - a wonderful treat!


    By I-) on Jun 20, 2012

  21. dingus for editor!

    By uncle remus on Jun 20, 2012

  22. p.s. a special thanks for the other links, to fill out the omitted tracks!


    By I-) on Jun 20, 2012

  23. The omitted tracks can be easily obtained on an excellent Capitol Records 5-CD set “Good Vibrations:30 Years of The Beach Boys”. All Beach Boys fans should have this box set in their collection.

    By Phil Cohen on Jun 21, 2012

  24. but Phil, that would mean buying something wouldn`t it? [wink!]

    By sluggo on Jun 21, 2012

  25. i dont know if barth garth and dingus are all the same idiot or not. im pretty sure they are but of course theres no way for me to know absolutely from where i am. i guess it doesnt matter in the end. i had/have my reason(s) for no wanting to post a link to another blog here. someone else not knowing it and posting it contrary to my not wishing to do it has nothing to do with me and of course goes against exactly what i was trying to avoid. go figure. when these sites that offer such material eventually all disappear and become harder and harder to find its idiots like that..that are the first ones to say-duh i wonder what happened? go figure.
    phil - u provide an incredible invaluable mind bogglingly appreciated service to this site and thereby to us collectors. no one would ever say otherwise. theyd have to be crazy to do so. but.. many of us could never afford a 5 cd set. but then again such a collection is really only for the most avid of fans. its not for the casual bb fan.
    my suggestion for those who want just those missing tracks from this collection and how they could get them from pre existing copies of these releases that others have posted elsewhere is not meant to stop anyone from buying the 5 cd set mentioned here by any means. that collection is near 100 songs. surely no one would say to themselves that they have these 6 songs therefore they dont need the rest of those 5 cds worth of tracks.

    oh.. and remus.. yeah OMG!!! when will u stop??? give me a break already!!

    By darth on Jun 21, 2012

  26. buy the released material,and download the boots.
    support your favourite artists or they starve.
    Creativity comes with a price.

    By sluggo on Jun 21, 2012

  27. Phil and darth,
    Regarding “Good Vibrations: 30 Years of the Beach Boys.” I have it. Sometimes the reason for wanting to fill in the omitted tracks has nothing to do with not wanting (or not being able to afford) commercial releases by the band. In my case, it often has to do with volume. I tried on a previous download here at BigO from Black Sabbath (Asbury Park 1975), to fill in the omitted tracks from “Past Lives” (which I also own). The tracks from “Past Lives” were 1,000 times louder than the BigO downloads. I ended up throwing away two CD-Rs. And vowed never again to try that experiment. Of course, some of you more computer savvy folks have managed to solve this problem with home studio software or whatever. Good on you. But us (dinosaur) music fans are not always cheap. When I like a band enough to download their concerts/bootlegs here, it is likely I already own most or all of their commercial recordings. I just want a download that I can put on CD and listen to comfortably (without losing what’s left of my hearing).

    By aking on Jun 21, 2012

  28. “many of us could never afford a 5 cd set” you could if you sold a few photos of rock stars

    By barth on Jun 21, 2012

  29. hey shithead - i did sell my photos for 23 years. but what i do with my photos is none of your business. and what i choose to spend the money on is also none of your business.
    im pretty damned sure u dont own the 5 cd set in question.
    btw i said take this crap to the other forum. stop doing this here!! what part of that didnt u understand? stop ruining this forum! if u have personal comments to make towards me do it on the area not here!!!

    aking - had u gotten the sabbath asbury pk show from another source (omg! sacrilege!) u might have had the show in all one decent volume that would have been acceptable to your ears without any missing songs. before those tracks were eventually released i was sure the show was offered here complete. perhaps not. it is pretty easy to find tho. as are many items that are posted here. but this site does offer us wonderful things that we might not think to look for generally.

    By darth on Jun 21, 2012

  30. darth, “dont tell me what to do. its not your forum. not your blog. and u dont get to dictate what anyone does.”

    By barth on Jun 21, 2012

  31. spout sputter wheeze snort fart.
    typical darth post.

    By dartherrea on Jun 21, 2012

  32. darth, your egotistical belief that the bigozine forums were created for your own personal use is offensive and shows a total lack of respect for the people who own and visit these sites. Why else would you cut and paste 5000 words when a simple link was sufficient? And please don’t post any more racist crap about “towel-headed religions”.

    By dingus on Jun 21, 2012

  33. darth,

    I eventually did get sabbath asbury park complete from another source. And kept the single disc version I got from here years ago, minus the omitted songs. I just thought I’d mention an example of how the commercial CD “volume wars” (everything louder than everything else) can cause trouble for downloaders. I’m sure there’s a way to fix enormous volume discrepancies. I might even figure it out someday. Till then, thanks for the links.

    By aking on Jun 21, 2012

  34. darth, your egotistical belief that the bigozine forums were created for your own personal use is offensive.

    you mean they weren`t ?

    By dartherrea on Jun 22, 2012

  35. aking - if u ever need help with that.. talk to me ill help u. ok? it only takes a little patience.
    oh btw.. nero offers an option to equalize the volume of all tracks so that one need not adjust their volume knob constantly while listening to cds they burn using their software. not sure if other burning software offers this option.

    ding or dung (as is the case) - i didnt do any such thing. and i had a reason for why i didnt post a link. i explained part of this.

    hey folks..i cant believe hes back to destroying this site again. even tho he said he was done. as long as u people put up with this.. u deserve it. i cant keep asking the administrator to stop him or remove these attacks on my own. he should be doing it on his own. if u are tired of it contact him. its not my doing. without the offense there would be no defense. even if i dont respond to him that doesnt stop him. and clearly he is using several names. cmon people.. its going to take action on your part or he wont stop. im not going anywhere. ive been here at least since april 04 and..

    By darth on Jun 22, 2012

  36. When I was co-sysop of a bulletin board system with world-wide reach in the late 80’s and very early 90’s, I handled hundreds of inquiries over Fidonet. With that system, we were also able to bring communication from people in the States to the individual soldiers in the first Gulf War, letting them know that people cared about them.

    Very rarely did we get people who abused the system to carry on personal attacks against others. The ones who did continue, after 3 months and 3 private warnings (we never said what the limit was), their access was permanently removed. I enjoy freedom very much, but very sadly, I recommend to BigO that it is time in this case to implement that move.

    By 4yrsnojob on Jun 22, 2012

  37. we had 16 days of peace and music discussions….

    By barth on Jun 22, 2012

  38. “even if i dont respond to him that doesnt stop him.” darth, for just over 2 weeks, no one harassed, attacked, or criticized you. You were polite, and kept your comments to music, and so did everyone else. Do you see a pattern? You don’t seem to realize that you initiate this “harassment” by constantly defending yourself. Here’s a suggestion- try ignoring these people and see what happens. Feel free to start with me.

    By dingus on Jun 23, 2012

  39. Beach Boys? Woohoo! Thanks guys

    By Tony on Jun 23, 2012

  40. if u dont post anything about me or to me theres nothing to ignore. stop posting things to me or about me. just stop. leave me the fuck alone. just stop. dont tell me what to do. just stop. dont make suggestions. there are no people. theres just u. just stop. if u say that for over 2 weeks no one harassed or attacked me that only means u took a break under all the names u use. the pattern is that its clear that its u. u cant blame me for what u are doing. if there is no offense there cant be a defense. pay attention to that line. repeat it to yourself a few times til u understand it. u cant say that if i stop defending there would be no attacking. that makes no sense at all whatsoever. its ridiculous. even an idiot (yeah you!!) should understand this. just stop. leave me the fuck alone. all of my postings are what i wish them to be and none of them are your business and u dont have the right to tell me what they should be about or when theyre off topic or what i should or shouldnt type about. its not your place. just stop. if u dont like what im typing about.. dont read it. just stop. leave me the fuck alone. i dont have to cater to what u think my comments should be about. u dont run this site or this section of the forums. its not up to u to tell me what to do or when to do it. just stop. i cant initiate harassment by defending myself that makes no sense at all. what an absolutely stupid thing to say. i didnt ask for your suggestions.. keep them to yourself. stop typing to me or about me. youre not on topic here. your posting isnt about the music. how the hell can u tell me that my posts should be on topic when yours isnt?? hello??


    By darth on Jun 23, 2012

  41. o m f g .

    By barth on Jun 23, 2012

  42. darth, it’s more than one person. Looks like you haven’t been to biozine3 lately.

    By garth on Jun 23, 2012

  43. Hey Darth!
    Do the letters F O mean anything to you?

    By sorcerer on Jun 25, 2012


    By dropkick sarge on Jun 28, 2012

  45. Thanks doesn’t seem to be enough to BigO and Phil Cohen. These posts are not only welcome but a great ‘Disc 6′ to the amazing “Good Vibrations” box set. Thanks also to dropkick sarge and ‘So Many Roads’ for the Fillmore link/post. Almost didn’t read down thru all the Darth/Barth/Garth nonsense to find it.

    By Johnny Kinkdom on Jul 2, 2012

  46. Track 3 on California Feeling, “We’re Together Again” (omitted) is not on the Good Vibrations Box Set as you indicated. So where is it then? I have this box set and I didn’t see it on there. Under a different title perhaps? Any help on this please!

    By Jeff on Jul 5, 2012

  47. 6-27-71 isnt a sbd. .its an fm brdcst and its without dennis wilson.
    barth and garth are the same people.
    sorcerer.. yes they do.. follow your own advice.

    By darth on Jul 5, 2012

  48. jeff - check the california feeling vinyl for the missing song that u cant find.
    i cant find it all by itself on youtube but try this one for now -

    u could also do a search for these two items on their own like i did and have the complete versions without any songs omitted. i posted links way way up top to both cd’s with all songs included. u have to read the comments jeff even if they are long. there is much information sometimes.

    By darth on Jul 5, 2012

  49. Hi Jeff- “We’re Together Again” is on the download on the link I provided above. Here it is: Scroll to the end of the article for the album download. Sometimes it’s tedious to wade through the long winded blathering to find the useful information.

    By dingus on Jul 6, 2012

  50. Many THANKS to all of the links provided folks!!! I do APPRECIATE it very much!!!!!!!

    By Jeff on Jul 7, 2012

  51. I played rhythm guitar on that 1977 version of “Shortnin’ Bread”, recorded at Brother Studios. Also on the session was Dennis, Billy Hinsche, and Jim Guercio (bass). I got the call because I was recording an LP of my own there and was living only blocks from the studio at the time. When the session was over, Brian had the “Fire” tapes brought out and played for everyone. He then gave me a cassette copy of a tune he’d done at home called “Mary Honey”, which I have yet to see anywhere…

    By Chuck Kirkpatrick on Jun 4, 2013

  52. On a previous session, Brian recorded a version of “Gimme Some Lovin’”. There was an unnamed acoustic guitar player, myself on electric guitar, and Dennis on drums. We did one take, and Brian left without a word. I still have the chart he wrote out.

    By Chuck Kirkpatrick on Jun 4, 2013

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