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Second Bang In Tokyo 2006 [Dog N Cat Records DAC-050-03/4, 2CD]

Live at the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan; March 24, 2006. Excellent soundboard.

While fans are trying to get their hands on Live At The Tokyo Dome (February 26, 1990) - the just released Vol 4 of the Stones Archive Bootleg Series, here is the 2006 Tokyo show to further whet your appetite.

This is what gsparaco noted at

Second Bang In Tokyo, like the first night’s release, comes from a great recording sourced from the ALD (assistive listening device) broadcast in the Tokyo Dome that night…

The opening night in Tokyo is a great show, but this one is better with much more energy. They changed the set list around a bit by opening with “Start Me Up” followed by a tight version of “It’s Only Rock And Roll”. “Worried About You” is another addition to the set list followed by “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”, bringing back memories of 1975. Mick misses a cue at the end of “Miss You” which is the only real big mistake of the night. “You Got Me Rocking” is also played on the B-stage, although I really think this song fits better earlier in the show. The rest of the show is great as are the standard encores of this tour.

Thanks to the person who shared the tracks on the net in 2006.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Opening (3.5MB)
Track 102. Start Me Up (6.7MB)
Track 103. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (8.7MB)
Track 104. Oh No Not You Again (7.4MB)
Track 105. Bitch (8.0MB)
Track 106. Tumbling Dice (9.5MB)
Track 107. Worried About You (11.7MB)
Track 108. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg (8.4MB)
Track 109. Midnight Rambler (18.5MB)
Track 110. Gimme Shelter (10.3MB)
Track 111. Band Introductions (5.1MB)
Track 112. This Place Is Empty (5.2MB)
Track 113. Happy (6.4MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Miss You (10.1MB)
Track 202. Rough Justice (5.4MB)
Track 203. You Got Me Rocking (5.6MB)
Track 204. Honky Tonk Women (6.9MB)
Track 205. Sympathy For The Devil (12.5MB)
Track 206. Jumping Jack Flash (8.0MB)
Track 207. Brown Sugar (11.9MB)
Track 208. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (11.9MB)
Track 209. Satisfaction (15.9MB)

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  1. 19 Responses to “THE ROLLING STONES - TOKYO 2006”

  2. Thanks, I saw this tour in Pittsburgh.

    By Bill from Pgh on Jul 17, 2012

  3. Hey Guys, where’s your response to this?? This kicks serious AXX! Consider when this is, not too long ago, yet 1. soundboard 2. rocks dead-on at least 80% of the time 3. The JAGGS is rippin it as if it’s 60’s -70’s! 4. great band behind the band!

    By 4yrsnojob on Jul 19, 2012

  4. maybe ppl dont realize its a different show than the just released one or maybe we have no stones fans here suddenly or maybe ppl are waiting for me to post. haha. j/k.
    maybe they just dont like post 80s stones. many ppl dont u know. personally i like this show altho i cant stand the idea that bill isnt with them. it irks me. its like the who without keith or kenney or john. i was ok with them with kenney. im not ok with them without john. not if they call themselves the who. id be ok if they called themselves roger and pete of the who etc. how about rolling stone fragments? we had shrunken heads when byrne left the other talking heads.
    i hate def leppard but did u hear what theyre doing with their catalog?
    i cant stand the new forigner. i never liked journey but i feel bad for all the fans having to deal with the new singer altho he is good at what he does. so is kelly in foreigner but hes no lou. i havent heard boston but i would never even give them a chance. it hurts too much there. i still start crying when i think of that.
    all these bands and more are coming to my area and i get free tickets to see them but i wont go alone. even when i dont get tickets if i had ppl to go with i dont know if i would. those missing members irk me.
    ok im done.
    but bill is rehearsing with the stones and theyre not ready to do the olympics had they been asked they claim. amazingly. 2 shows coming in september. i know ill have those within hours of them happening.
    i do recommend this item on this page incidentally. u cant make horses drink tho.

    By darth on Jul 20, 2012

  5. Yeh, another band tryin to do best they can this summer are the Beach Boys. Saw at the Forum in L.A. in 74 without Brian and David. Saw at Antelope Valley fairgrounds in 2010 without Brian, Dennis, Carl, David, and Al (just Mike and Bruce and backup band). Saw Al without beach boys (but the best top name talent) touring as Beach Boys Family and Fun. Who performed the best? Hands down, Al! Only thing was, it wasn’t the Beach Boys!

    By 4yrsnojob on Jul 20, 2012

  6. back in 83 i started meeting the beach boys for the first time when they were staying at a hotel in nyc and somehow dennis musta kept slipping past me without me noticing so i never got any pics of him i guess. figures that hed be the one to die first. thats my luck. altho i had met brian a few times between 80 and 83 i hadnt met the others til 83. when i did i couldnt turn around without mike and dean torrence there. then it seemed everywhere i went bruce and al were around. then i ran into glen quite a bit. but brian showed up a lot at functions in nyc so i wound up meeting him most from 80-95 and he was always cordial and happy that fans were interested in stopping him. i never got any pics of jan. altho jan n dean did an appearance on the new gidget tv show around 83. i saw the bb’s 2-3x in the 80s. i wouldnt have bothered seeing them if it was only 2 members tho. i thought the performance they did on this years grammys was it? was the worst thing i ever heard and vowed not to bother dl’ing anything they did on this tour. but when i heard that the 2nd show of the tour from grand prarie tx was pretty well recorded before it showed up on this site and it sounded very nice to boot not like they did on tv that day i figured ok ill check it out. then weeks later bigo got it and posted it. sure took em a while. i was ok with the one i had tho so i didnt bother with another copy.
    and i was impressed with it. guy did a fine job too. i believe it was one of if not his first attempt at recording a concert.
    the sbd version was beautiful of course but incomplete. i kept both.
    i also have brians solo show from the pre fm that he did for npr i believe a year or so ago. highly worth it. think it was his entire current cd. it wont be worth hearing him after this tour tho. hes nearly 200 years old now u know. (wink)
    somewhere in storage where all my things are i still have a ticket for the fleetwood mac tour they sold tickets to where no one would have been on stage that anyone had ever heard of. i think that was hysterical. i wonder if they would have done fmac songs. i wonder how good they woulda been. course at the time no one knew that it woulda been other people on stage. i didnt bring back my ticket to get my money back. i thought it was a collectors item. i know my zep ticket from 1980 is. i dont have many tickets. i wish i did. an old friend of mine collects them. he has 50 beatles tickets. sigh.

    By darth on Jul 20, 2012

  7. I almost skipped this one. Glad I didn’t. Great sound and I agree with the others as far as how good the Stones sound.

    By Eric on Jul 21, 2012

  8. the fact is, as long as keith and charlie can continue to play, the stones will be an exciting live act. this show, along with some others, exemplify how good they can be. thanks big O.

    By Billy Jack on Jul 21, 2012

  9. This should be brilliant.

    Thanks BO - downloading now :)

    By Tony on Jul 21, 2012

  10. Darth-
    Do you know the way to San Jose?

    By Mirth on Jul 23, 2012

  11. back in 83 i started meeting the beach boys for the first time..


    By matchdoctor on Jul 24, 2012

  12. mirth.. no never been there. but been to other cities in calif. la sf etc.
    match.. i never lie. and even if i didnt have pics of them i had 10-20 people with me if not more who saw me photographing them from 83 thru 95. theres no reason for me to be lying about it. they are very approachable musicians. i can name all the hotels they stayed at. anyone in nyc can meet them or nearly any musician or actor / actress. its extremely easy. i dont understand why u would doubt me on this. if i was going to lie why would i not include having met dennis? do u even think before u type or do u just respond with jealous knee jerk responses like bs? fucking idiot!
    ive met and have 100s of pics of the stones too match. i hung out in the recording studio with them in 85 when they were doing dirty work at right track. i have dozens and dozens of pics of them and me with them. if i was able to show them to prove u wrong when u say bs what would u say then? that would kinda shove that bs down your stupid throat wouldnt it? i repeat.. fucking idiot!

    By darth on Jul 24, 2012

  13. “if i was able to show them to prove u wrong when u say bs what would u say then? that would kinda shove that bs down your stupid throat wouldnt it?”

    well…. what are u waiting for?

    By barth on Jul 24, 2012

  14. i hung out in the recording studio with them in 85 when they were doing dirty work.

    …yawn…pix please otherwise no believe .

    By sherlock hemlock on Jul 24, 2012

  15. i dont care what u believe. i wont lose sleep over that. i know the facts. what u believe and what i did for 17 years is unrelated. at this time i am unable to show my pics. i hope one day i can. and even then when i am able to i wont use this site to advertise them. its not my site to do that. just like this isnt your site to harass others.

    By darth on Jul 24, 2012

  16. Darth -

    Have you seen the saucers?

    By Mirth on Jul 24, 2012

  17. you hung out with the stones in 1985 at the recording studio and don`t have a single picture to show? You have to understand that`s quite a statement to expect anyone to believe.

    By jack on Jul 25, 2012

  18. i didnt say i dont have a single picture. i said i dont see any reason to show them to YOU. and i have explained why i dont have them currently where i am now. i do have many many 1000s of photos. i was a photographer for 17 years. but what if i wasnt? i could have hung with them and done all i did without any pics. in my case i do have pics of me with them. but thats besides the point. i dont need to prove this to u. get over yourself. my life isnt such that i need to prove it to u. u just arent that important. even tho u think u are. i was with about half a dozen others when it happened. i have the memories. i also happen to have the pictures. some of me with them and mostly of them. the one that hurts me the most is when bowie showed up and there was a hurricane and i had not bought brand new batteries and he posed with mick for me and the flash didnt go off. the last hurricane that hit nyc and it happened during the recording for dirty work. but i did get a pic of me with bowie when he came out of the studio that nite that someone else took of us together in front of the studio. i happen to be a huge bowie fan.

    By darth on Jul 25, 2012

  19. Darth - Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon?

    By Girth on Jul 25, 2012

  20. I swear I will never get another Stones show until they reinsert Prodigal Son and Can`t you Hear Me Knocking into the lineup.After all how many versions of brown sugar and honky tonk women do I need ?
    My dream Stones concert would include most of the songs from Beggar`s Banquet, we never get them .

    By sluggo on Jul 25, 2012

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