JON LORD R.I.P. 1941-2012

July 17, 2012 – 8:08 am

Jon Lord, the former keyboard player with heavy rock band Deep Purple, has died aged 71. Lord co-founded Deep Purple in 1968 and co-wrote many of the group’s songs including Smoke On The Water. He also played with bands including Whitesnake. He had been receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer since last August. He died at the London Clinic on Monday (July 16, 2012), surrounded by family, a statement said. “Jon passes from Darkness to Light,” it added. Lord broke the news of his cancer diagnosis on his website last year, telling fans he would continue to write music as part of his therapy. - BBC

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Final Truckin’ [no label, 1CD]

The last MK II concert. Live at the Kosei Nenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan; June 29, 1973. Very good audience recording.

Somehow, this seems like an appropriate show, especially given Ian Gillan’s farewell message at the end, to remember Jon Lord.

Thanks to balla who shared this show on the net in 2004 and to hooligan3244 for keeping it alive.

A historical event that should be in every collection. The last MK II show for over a decade. Good sound, and the band work up considerable energy here, considering the circumstances. Gillan sounds a little out of it, and his between-song comments are… bizarre. Musically they are running on all cylinders, at least at first. Ritchie appears to lose interest by Space Truckin’, and the song is carried by Jon and a magnificent bass solo by Roger. Interesting as this was also Ian Paice’s birthday, so Jon plays Happy Birthday as the intro to the keyboard solo in Space Truckin’. Gillan closes the set with his now famous farewell speech. A sad end to a great band. -

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Track 01. Highway Star (11.1MB)
Track 02. Smoke On The Water (12.6MB)
Track 03. Strange Kind Of Woman (15.6MB)
Track 04. Child In Time (16.0MB)
Track 05. Lazy/Drum Solo/The Mule (18.0MB)
Track 06. Space Truckin’ (33.3MB)
Track 07. Gillan’s Farewell Speech (1.4MB)

Lineup (Mark IIa June 1969 - June 30, 1973):
Ian Gillan - vocals
Roger Glover - bass
Jon Lord - keyboards
Ian Paice - drums
Ritchie Blackmore - guitar

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  1. 6 Responses to “JON LORD R.I.P. 1941-2012”


    You truly made a difference!
    You were the best metal/hard rock keyboard player… the only one in your class and at your level was KEN HENSLEY of URIAH HEEP and BLACKFOOT.

    I was fortunate to meet Jon Lord…. on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY 1985 in Wichita, KS, It was teh 2nd date of the PERFECT STRANGERS tour. He was an absolute gentleman and signed anything you put in front of him.

    And to see him rock that HAMMOND ORGAN during HIGHWAY STAR was such a treat.

    Thank you, BIG O….my condolences to your family and God Bless you, Jon Lord

    By THE Russian Assassin on Jul 17, 2012

  3. Will be saying goodbye to him by Aunt Margaret’s pond in Thompson and toasting bygone friends by sunset.


    By James on Jul 18, 2012

  4. Two excellent Purple offerings, Big O! Many thanks!

    By golgo hakase on Jul 23, 2012

  5. Great Show, Im a little late for the dance, didnt know Mr Lord had passed A delayed R.I.P John Lord, greatest rock keyboard player ever

    By COREY M on Feb 2, 2016

  6. Im a little late for the dance,
    Im a few bricks short of a full load,
    Im Not the sharpest knife in the drawer
    Im not the brightest bulb in the chandelier,
    Im a few fries short of a Happy Meal,
    Im as Smart as a bag of rocks,
    I Fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down,
    and Im having trouble eating my soup with a fork.

    By COREY MORON on Feb 3, 2016

  7. Sorry you feel that way about yourself Goober,never realized you had such an inferiority complex, Maybe therapy would do you some good,then maybe you would have better things to do beside staying glued to your computer 24/7 and follow people on music blogs that you have man crushes on

    By COREY M on Feb 3, 2016

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