August 6, 2012 – 9:51 am

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Amsterdam 1980 [The Definitive Edition, 1CD]

Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; January 11, 1980. Excellent soundboard; sourced from the original (Pre-FM) mastertape reel.

This Definitive Edition of the well-known show has just surfaced and it’s a big thank you to surfling for sharing it at The Traders’ Den.

These are surfling’s notes:

Not often does it happen that a “holy grail version” of a tape that you’ve been listening to forever gets laid down right in front of you, from out of nowhere. Incredibly, that happened a few weeks ago in a small private forum.

A very kind soul, himself a Joy Division fan from almost day one, uploaded without much ado a tape he’s had for years but (in his own words) ‘never could find the right moment to let it go’ - a transfer from the original pre-FM master reels of the legendary, much bootlegged performance of Joy Division at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on January 11, 1980 - arguably their best recorded live performance (at least to my ears), but definitely in the Top 5 and with absolute certainty the best sounding one.

Well, now it sounds even better!

And it’s not called “The Definitive Edition” for nothing - the first version of this show that I had was the “Last Order” bootleg which sounded very very good and got me hooked to this show instantly. Over the years and with a few partial re-broadcasts more and more versions showed up, including a so-called “official release” on the “Re-Fractured” box set that ridiculously included gaps between all the tracks and didn’t sound any better than most other versions floating around. This is, to my knowledge, the very first time the full show has been transferred from the actual pre-FM master reels properly.

And I am very proud and happy to be able to take this into the public, with the kind permission of the same kind soul who uploaded this at the mentioned private forum.

All thanks go to him for unearthing and making available to everybody finally, after 32 years, one of the most important recordings in post punk music history (and I’m sure some people would argue rock music history)!

CD-cover artwork designed by Species and courtesy of

A thankyoumydeer Production.

Source: 1/2 inch reel tape > DVD-R (WAV) > FLAC [Level 8]

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (256 kbps).

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

First set:
Track 01. Passover (5.2MB)
Track 02. Wilderness (5.4MB)
Track 03. Digital (6.1MB)
Track 04. Day Of The Lords (8.6MB)
Track 05. Insight (6.9MB)
Track 06. New Dawn Fades (8.6MB)
Track 07. Disorder (6.0MB)
Track 08. Transmission (6.7MB)

Second set:
Track 09. Love Will Tear Us Apart (7.7MB)
Track 10. These Days (7.4MB)
Track 11. A Means To An End (7.6MB)
Track 12. Twenty Four Hours (8.0MB)
Track 13. Shadowplay (6.9MB)
Track 14. She’s Lost Control (7.2MB)
Track 15. Atrocity Exhibition (15.9MB)

Track 16. Atmosphere (9.7MB)
Track 17. Interzone (5.5MB)

Ian Curtis - vocals
Bernard Sumner - guitar
Peter Hook - bass
Stephen Morris - drums

Terry Mason - sound engineer

Tracks from this show have appeared on the Re-Fractured boxset and Les Bains Douches but, as far as we are aware, they are out of print. Click here to order Joy Division releases.

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  2. Wow, thanks Big O!

    By raoul duke on Aug 6, 2012

  3. ive been crazy for joy division since 78 when someone turned me onto them in college. then when i returned to ny i had hoped to see them around my birthday in 1980 but ian killed himself the day before it. so they broke up and new order formed. so then new order came to ny and did 2 shows and i went to both of those and they filmed the 2nd one and there i am in the front in all my glory taking pics and bopping along and swooning to their sounds. if not for that video in collectors circles from the ukranian national home i wouldnt have that recording at all. i have never seen an audio of it that didnt come from the video. i had to make my own in fact.
    i love both bands but new order sure has changed since the early 80s havent they. that late 80s era (like 89 specifically) was the turning point i believe. their sound was never the same. now their lineup has even changed and the sound is so drastically different. i havent yet gotten comfortable with it enough to say if i like it. sometimes im like that u know.

    btw.. if anyone isnt familiar with them.. theres a band called electronic also that is an alternative dance supergroup formed by new order singer and guitarist bernard sumner and ex-smiths guitarist johnny marr. theyre fantastic. if u like jd and new order u will love electronic.

    By darth on Aug 6, 2012

  4. Amazing stuff, thanks for sharing!

    By Another User on Aug 7, 2012

  5. FANTASTIC SHOW AND SOUND! Wow! Thank you.

    By Dave on Aug 7, 2012

  6. and BigO beefed it up to 256 kbps

    By sking on Aug 7, 2012

  7. DANG DARTH! And I thought I was a JOY DIVISION fan… going back to 1981! How did you find out about them in 78? British Music Mags, I am guessing?

    I LOVE New Order! One of their first American shows outside of New York and LA was here in Atlanta on June 17, 1983… I was front row center as well! They were ok.

    I could listen to JOY DIVISION all day! One of my all time top 10 bands!

    I love posts like this one you wrote Darth! Keep up the good work!

    By THE Russian Assassin on Aug 7, 2012

  8. there are radio stations that played their stuff in the usa. usually college ones. as i said i was in college at the time and a friend turned me onto them. i was already involved in the punk and then the new wave scene by the time i got to college so it wasnt that much of a stretch to discover them. i was very musically aware and had seen many 100s of concerts by the time i had started college. in 81 i was 21. i had been a rock photographer by then for 2 years. with as little material as jd had i dont know if i could listen to them all day. perhaps 2-4 hours at most. most ppl think of them as far too depressing. in fact i worked in an s&m club where the owner was obsessed with depressing music and he seemed to favor floyd and jd.
    as long as u think ed’s posts are wonderful i dont really value your opinion of mine. its kinda like if i find out someone likes rap after knowing they like clapton and floyd and hawkwind and maybe some obscure band like tangerine dream.. the entire trip is blown for me because they like rap and i have no respect for them anymore. do u get where im coming from here? its like u may share my enthusiasm for sushi but if u think hitler was onto something who gives a flying rats ass how much we have in common? ya dig? actually im sure u dont.. nevermind.

    By darth on Aug 7, 2012

  9. In the early eighties there was no other UK band like Joy Division. Unknown Pleasures (influenced by Punk, Stooges, Velvet Underground) and Closer are masterpieces of dark visions, performance and sound(Martin Hannett!). I would prefer the studio albums to their raw live sound. Listening to recordings like this one from Amsterdam I can understand why the band didn’t like Hannett’s sophisticated studio sound.

    By Tony Lauber on Aug 7, 2012

  10. liking ed saad’s posts is the same as liking rap and hitler???

    By barth on Aug 7, 2012

  11. ed saad is a gentleman. Never disses anyone and certainly never resorts to using the profanities placed here by the disillusioned mr darth
    I enjoy most of the posts, some don`t make any sense like the ads for plumbers and such like.
    Darth however always seems to be in the middle of a controversy.It is always him and someone else yet according to him he never steps out of line. very curious indeed.

    By mr manners on Aug 7, 2012

  12. darth said “i worked in an s&m club”

    as what… chief glory hole inspector? whipping boy? butt plug tester? get any good photos there darth?

    By barth on Aug 8, 2012

  13. hilarious barth. you make it all worth while checking bigo for new comments. keep up the great posts.

    By Ed Saad on Aug 8, 2012

  14. i love that ppl sit on the edges of their seats for my posts. now thats power.
    im the pied piper.. follow me… crispian.. i hear u loud n clear.

    By darth on Aug 8, 2012

  15. Geez darth - you have interesting stuff to say as long as you stick to the topic at hand. Why did you have to even write that final paragraph, dissing another poster who also is one of the most interesting folks here? Please stick to the music, bro - let the other stuff go. If someone values your opinion, and Ed’s, they are not weird; you are weird for thinking that they are weird.

    By MrBill on Aug 8, 2012

  16. i wrote what i wrote in response to what he wrote directly to me. did u miss what he wrote? i believe u can scroll up and catch it. i didnt dis (what a stupid expression) anyone. i have no problem sticking to the music. u have never seen me veer from the subject really. u have seen me defend myself against attacks but dont blame that on me. blame the attackers. notice your posting has nothing to do with music. thats my point. if your posting is not on topic and it is aimed directly at me as yours is.. then how can u have the audacity to tell me what my postings should be???
    u didnt stick to the music bro. i didnt say he is weird because he values my opinions. but if he is wasting his time with that moron that has to respond every time i tell him not to then i cant possibly respect anything he says. i did previously tho.

    lastly.. if im weird for thinking that they are weird.. according to u… doesnt that make u weird? i mean.. using your own logic.

    By darth on Aug 8, 2012

  17. “that moron that has to respond every time i tell him not to”

    when did bigo put u in charge? ya dig?

    By barth on Aug 8, 2012

  18. Hi from England. I find it absolutely amazing that an American is claiming to have been into Joy Division in 1978, when only a handful of people here in England had heard of them then. They didn’t play a gig outside the north of England until November 1978 and their only release in June ‘78 was almost impossible to find anywhere. Only about thirty people saw their first London gig in December ‘78. I first saw them in November ‘79 when they supported Buzzcocks in London, and am very happy that I did - they were fucking great - but I see no reason to pretend I saw them earlier than that.

    So there you go, I’m cooler than you. But even people who’ve never heard of JD are cooler than you because at least they’re not pretending.

    Cue some ridiculously juvenile response…

    By styreneboy on Aug 8, 2012

  19. “i wrote what i wrote in response to what he wrote directly to me. did u miss what he wrote? i believe u can scroll up and catch it”

    - yes I for one missed this. I’ve scrolled and I don’t see any attacks on you from anyone called Ed. Perhaps you’re referring to comments on another page. In this case, when you’re girding yourself up for another series of mad posts you might at least let us all see what’s set it off.

    You’re rendering that scaffolding dangerous.

    And you might respond to the english dude who can’t understand how you in America heard about JD before most people in the UK.

    And you might also let us know when we’re going to see the photos from yr days in the SM club (as well as those photos of you with David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Colonel Gaddaffi etc).

    By Varth on Aug 8, 2012

  20. Darth -

    all breakages must be paid for

    By Varth on Aug 8, 2012

  21. My giraffe, she is tanking.

    By E on Aug 8, 2012

  22. Thanks. By coincidence I have just finished “Touching from a Distance” by Deborah Curtis.

    By Jonathan on Aug 8, 2012

  23. …”i worked in an s&m club…”

    …..”i have no problem sticking to the music. u have never seen me veer from the subject…”

    I rest my case.

    By judge juhdee on Aug 8, 2012

  24. Dear styreneboy… BLOODY BRILLIANT! PS: I am jealous of you! You saw JOY DIVISION! Did you know who they were when you saw them with The Buzzcocks? Did you have any of their records? Were they as intense live as we have been lead to believe?


    By THE Russian Assassin on Aug 9, 2012

  25. Hi Russian Assassin

    Yes I saw them. Yes I knew who they were. No I didn’t have any of their records at that point. Yes they were amazingly intense. I also saw them in February (I think) 1980 at the Lyceum with A Certain Ratio, Section 25 and Killing Joke (oh for a time machine to do it all again).

    Anyway, thanks for your appreciation…

    By styreneboy on Aug 9, 2012

  26. I’m not usually much impressed by supposedly “better” versions of recordings, but this one is much brighter and alive than any other I have heard.

    The comments are hilarious. Reminds me of Emo Phillips’ routine about the suicidal Baptist on the Bridge…

    By Bill on Aug 9, 2012

  27. Towering show. I’ve always loved the dichotomy between Joy Division’s studio albums and their live sound. I think this one shows them finding a bit of a middle ground - tough, jagged, but with some of that Hannett grandeur. With JD it’s impossible not to think about what might of been and I think this gives us a tiny window to see that through…

    By Jeremy Shatan on Aug 9, 2012

  28. After being a follower of Big O for several years now, with MANY great downloaded shows which are greatly appreciated in my collection on my ipod, I just can’t not comment after seeing week in and week out, month in month out, the same old rants…… Darth mate, you really need therapy…. all this hanging onto what you did 30 years ago as a rock photographer, hanging out with Lou Reed, trawling through garbage for memorabillia of whoever…… or whatever, blah blah blah…. boring! can your comments ever stick to the topic at hand cobber, the wonderful music download made available by Big O…….. instead of being a negative tyrant of nonsense? my many thanks to you Big O form the Lizard in Oz

    By Lizard on Aug 10, 2012

  29. oh yeah, I got distracted for a moment and forgot to mention that this show is nothing short of exceptional. I recall seeing Joy Div on Oz TV back in ‘80 and thinking ‘well, along with The Cure these guys are certainly a change in direction for music, as we know it’. Whilst I dig New Order, Joy D were and will be trail blazers in the late ’70s swing in elctronic/industrial? rock. Oh and Hawkwind (circa 1970-1978) rock!!!!!!

    By Lizard on Aug 10, 2012

  30. and before I get a gobfull for typos Darth ….. I meant ‘from the Lizard of Oz’ and ‘electronic/’……. touch typing is not my thing.

    By Lizard on Aug 10, 2012

  31. styrene - i didnt see them in 78. there are radio stations in the usa that play brit music and they were onto things quite quickly. i didnt hear of them the minute they entered the scene. a friend of mine did. i had entered school upstate ny in september 78 and that following oct or nov the latest this friend of mine that i had made there was discussing music with me. he asked if i had heard of jd and i said no. he played me a tape and i instantly loved what i heard. it wasnt as if i was ‘into’ them as if i had known of them from the minute they formed of course. im sure ppl who are there in england had more opportunity to experience them first hand in clubs and on the radio. but in the usa we had music hitting our airwaves near instantly too. especially when it came to uk punk and new wave. i was in nyc and then less than 100 miles north of nyc so i had easy access to what was going on. i was very in touch with what was happening too since i went to clubs and knew all the dj’s and so on.

    judge - the reference to the s&m club if u read the full sentence was related to the music of joy division and its style and droning depressive sound and the fact that the owner preferred it (as well as pink floyd) over most other up beat artists / bands. this had a lot to do with my being into the band and and introduced to it and how popular it was in the late 70s early 80s in nyc.

    i dont concur with the person who claims it was barely known by the brits at the time. yes they were essentially an underground band and to this day most people dont know who they were since they had one hit anyway. but ppl who were and are into that type of music sure know who they were. it doesnt matter what side of the pond we were on. by the time i came back to nyc from school upstate ny the band was relatively well known. new order was much wider known. they had better promotion as well. still an alternative band better distribution on their recordings.

    By darth on Aug 11, 2012

  32. lizard - i didnt bring up those subjects. i was responding to people who brought them up. and i started what i did in 1980 thats 32 yrs ago but that doesnt mean what i did was all 30 years ago. when u think of the stones putting out music do u think of it all as being 50 years ago? i hope not. its not as if they only did music 50 yrs ago. they did music for the last 50 years. that includes all the years during the last 50 yrs. understand?
    just as i didnt only take pics and hang out with some musicians 30 yrs ago. i stopped doing that in 95 for the most part. i did a little bit more in 96 but i essentially did most of what i did with regards to photography and traveling and concerts and hanging out with many of them from 1980 to 95. that means it ended only 17 years ago. not 30.
    and again.. i didnt bring this up. other people seem to be intent on this. if they do and i respond.. its not my fault here. try to understand this. dont blame me.
    if u read what i am typing i do stick to the subject at hand. but look at the comments that i am also responding to. u need to read more carefully. the only therapy i might need is to learn to deal with the idiots on here that attack me and blame things on me that have nothing to do with me. u really need a better hobby. funny how u tell me that i should post comments that stick to the subject yet u posted 3 separate comments here with barely any mention whatsoever about this concert. talk about hypocritical behavior. practice what u preach!! leave me alone. if u dont like what i post.. dont read it. and for sure as fuck.. dont respond to it.

    By darth on Aug 11, 2012

  33. stuff it willya darth. everyone knows you are never wrong.

    By funkstahunk on Aug 11, 2012

  34. fair enough Darth, I stand corrected on some points and accept that. Actually I am quite surpised that I was able to ruffle your feathers so easilly. :-)

    Think I’ll just finish downloading this excellent concert by Joy Division and go and enjoy the amazing vibes such an intense band was able to convey. Thanks again to Big O for the great shows and the free entertainment LOL

    By Lizard on Aug 11, 2012

  35. funk - if im not wrong do u expect me to say i am? where did anyone prove that i was? i have been shown to be wrong about things and i have accepted it and agreed. in fact just this week when it was shown that there was a 2nd song not just the final song that was different in the 2nd show than the first show at red rocks in the 2 neil young shows. are u even paying attention?

    lizard - u didnt ruffle my feathers just because i responded to something u said. but if u make comments to or about me that are wrong that i feel the need or desire to correct u on them doesnt mean that im all ruffled. it just means i wish to set the record straight. is it any harder for me to type a response than it was for u to type the initial comment towards me?

    By darth on Aug 11, 2012

  36. darth is a poofter who should shut up.

    By ShutUpDarth on Aug 11, 2012

  37. “i have been shown to be wrong about things and i have accepted it and agreed.”

    Really? Like when I posted the link to the Mick Taylor/John Mayall show? I seem to remember a profane, frothing rant because you didn’t know how to scroll down a web page.

    By dingus on Aug 12, 2012

  38. the point is.. that i dont have a problem admitting i am wrong when i am. i dont believe i was wrong when i am. i dont think i was wrong on that occasion but i dont recall the specifics. u linked to a particular item and it wasnt that item in question. it was another item further down. so then u said we had to scroll to find the item in question. ok so now we had to go back to the site cuz u goofed. i didnt claim that mayall never played with taylor of course. so what was it u were trying to prove? do u recall? i doubt anyone else does either. i guess when one thing u post is worth checking out (a link to a dl on another site) and its surrounded by 100s of harassing postings it gets lost and no one really cares about it that much. most of the garbage u say is worthless. youre ruining this site and wasting your time here. u are offering very little here worth reading. in fact essentially nothing. telling me to shut up is a waste of time. im not going to. u are going to stop harassing me.

    By darth on Aug 12, 2012

  39. haha.. that 1st & 2nd line should not have said ‘i dont believe i was wrong when i am’. it somehow duplicated my type partially. i cant explain why it did that. i certainly didnt type it that way.

    By darth on Aug 12, 2012

  40. Any chance the Eindhoven show got a similar treatment?

    By Ric on Aug 12, 2012

  41. Oh, you remember it, darthy boy. You didn’t launch any profane rants after that, did you? You must have been so embarrassed by your stupidity and rude behavior, you were actually civil for a while. But as we all know, the polite darth never lasts very long, does it? Looks like you’ve already pissed off golgo, for some reason known only by you. It’s probably just your insecurity, you can’t stand it when someone here shows that they know a little bit more than you.

    You were jealous and angry when I posted a link to a concert that you didn’t have, I suppose you finally got a six year old neighbor to show you how to scroll down the page. You’re a humourless, egotistical bore, whose only life seems to be bootlegging and blathering on bigO. If you spent half that time scanning and selling your photos, you’d be rich… that is, if actually have anything good. I’m not harassing you, I’m just criticizing your obnoxious behavior.

    By dingus on Aug 12, 2012

  42. shut up darth.. blah blah blah, rant rant rant, let’s all talk about me, let’s make this all about me instead of the music, blah blah blah, yak yak yak.. yadda yadda yadda… shut up darth.

    By Sausage Sizzler on Aug 12, 2012

  43. darth is a grumpy bum-burglar

    By Sausage Sizzler on Aug 12, 2012

  44. You shouldn’t feed negative commentators; it just keeps them going and hunger for more. Meanwhile back on planet earth …
    There’s a chap over at A Means to an End Blogspot who is remastering JD concerts and making an incredible job about them. One of them is this concert remastered directly from the VARA master CD that was released directly from the radio station a couple of years ago.

    By Rick on Aug 15, 2012

  45. Was first exposed to Joy Division on eone very distorted evening in 1980… Just hearing “She’s lost control” puts me back in that frame of mind in spite of 32 years of being “straight.”

    I am only asking this out of curiosity, but does anyone else find the “flamewars” on this JD thread to be not only pointless, but a distraction to those who are only here for the music?

    By Kevin on Aug 19, 2012

  46. With you all the way on that one big man.

    By George W Bushell on Aug 19, 2012

  47. yes i do. i keep asking him to stop. he wont. i dont care what names he is using. he just wont stop. im trying to take rick’s advice.

    By darth on Aug 20, 2012

  48. Great show,a little naive and distorted. The JD concert makes good listening too!!

    By BLUEFOOD on Aug 20, 2012

  49. Has any one else listened to the intro for Atmosphere, then listened to the intro for Bowie’s Cat People and gone Hmmmmmmmm!

    By Creatist on Aug 23, 2012

  50. It just occurred to me looking at the cover of this boot and thinking about JD’s other covers: I wonder if ECM Records took their pretty uniform aesthetic from Factory Records or JD! ECM’s covers of the Bach Morimur, everything by Jan Garbarek, Hindemith’s Sonatas and more all look like they could have been JD’s next 20 album covers.

    By Motorvilleboy on Aug 23, 2012

  51. The cover was done by another blogger. You’ll find the address at the bottom of the back cover. I’m trying to use my son’s galaxy to type this and it’not easy - so sorry for any mistakes. The blogger has done many covers and does it in a way that is inspired by the artist and remains descreet and of good taste.

    By Rick on Aug 26, 2012

  52. I don’t regret many things in life but one thing I do regret is staying in the bar getting pissed while Joy Division played (as support for the Buzzcocks) at Newcastle City Hall October 1979.

    Mug :(

    By OperandX on Aug 26, 2012

  53. Thanks for Joy Division, BigO (and in a reasonable bitrate - it’s possible!).

    But no thanks for the stupid discussion about who did what and when and who values someone else’s opinions or not. This is going on for weeks and months and it’s boring and annoying.
    STFU , stick to the topic and talk about music.

    By Walter on Sep 29, 2012

  54. styreneboy:

    “Hi from England. I find it absolutely amazing that an American is claiming to have been into Joy Division in 1978, when only a handful of people here in England had heard of them then.”

    Hi from Los Angeles. I bought “FAC 2 A Factory Sample” when it was brand new in Pasadena, California when it first hit our shores. Considering as how it was released on Christmas Eve 1978 I would say I bought mine near the end of January 1979. So I claim to be the earliest JD fan from America :D

    I have a friend (also from L.A. now living in Vegas) who saw them in either March or May of 1979. He was a huge music fan (still is) and somehow managed to finance a trip over to England to see shows. (He later became the manager of an American band called Thin White Rope.)

    So don’t assume there weren’t early JD fans in America :)

    By Riot Nrrrd™ on Aug 19, 2013

  55. at 6am this morning on the sundance channel here the film joy division from 06 by grant gee was on. this is a killer documentary that i dont recall having seen before. it had some amazing footage that i wasnt aware existed in that kind of quality. the documentary made u feel like u were there during the last few yrs of the 70s. i didnt get to enjoy jd live since ian killed himself the day before they were to embark to the usa for a tour. they reformed into new order and when they came to the usa they filmed their first shows and i am in the film right up front at the ukranian national home. they did 2 shows that day. and a show the day before elsewhere in the city. i was so in love with jd and new order. i kinda let go after 89 i think but i still love what i had with them and i listen to them often. this documentary is extraordinary. if u have the sundance channel and this repeats dont miss it. its 2 hours long.
    i checked the next 4 days worth of listings and its not on again. so just keep your eyes open for this film.

    By darth on Apr 18, 2014

  56. I bought this on DVD after it came out over here and it is exceptional as films go and is still available on Amazon here for a fiver (£5) but is still regularly shown on both BBC2 and Channel 4

    I really enjoyed Anton Corbijn’s ‘Control’ too which was shown here recently again on Channel Four at about 11.00am last Wednesday night
    I got that from a bargain bin in a shop in Cornmarket Street for £3.99

    Gotta go my sausages are sizzlin’

    By swappers on Apr 18, 2014

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