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Elliman supported Clapton on his comeback tours in the mid-’70s.

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Live At The Cotton Club 2011 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Cotton Club (early show), Tokyo, Japan, November 18, 2011. A fine stereo audience recording.

“Yvonne Elliman visited Japan on November 2011 and it was 36 years after her last visit as a member of the Eric Clapton Band, 1975. This timing was very special because Eric Clapton was here with Steve Winwood and their first show was already held in Sapporo and next night will be at Yokohama. So we all expected Eric would appear on one of her shows and sing ‘Can’t Find My Way Home’ with her, however, it never happened. As you know, she is living and playing in Hawaii, her voice is still very strong, gentle and soulful, very beautiful.” - taper Masahiko (mars_mnt)

Elliman’s career lifted off when she had a part in Jesus Christ Superstar and she sang that rock opera’s most popular tune, I Don’t Know How To Love Him. But it wasn’t till 1974, three years later, that she was paired with Eric Clapton on the 461 Ocean Boulevard album. Elliman sang with Clapton on that album’s hit, I Shot The Sheriff. She went on to tour with the Eric Clapton Band in ‘74 and ‘75. She would continue to appear on his albums till Slowhand in 1977. For the third phase of her career, she was linked to the Bee Gees. She had a huge hit with If I Can’t Have You, a song off the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

But rock fans best remember her as the girl who had a solo spot on Eric Clapton’s tours. It was quite a spectacle of “beauty and the beast”. Elliman played the straight to Clapton’s buffoon. He was mostly inebriated.

“The ‘Ocean Boulevard’ sessions were so great. There was no Take 2 or Take 3 - they did THE take. They did it once,” Elliman has said in a 2011 interview (click here). “It was the best gig of my life being in that band. It was my kind of music. It was what I went to London for - to be a kick-ass electric guitar player. Here I was in my idol’s band. You can’t ask for anything more. I didn’t have aspirations to be in the front.”

As this gig shows, Elliman still has fond memories of her better days. All the hits are covered and, at 60, her voice has weathered the years very well. There are no surprises here. She never was that sort of a singer.

Since they parted ways in 1977, Clapton and Elliman, as far as we can tell, have never sought each other out. Elliman and first husband Bill Oakes (of RSO Records) divorced and she became a recluse. According to a 2007 Midweek interview, “she disappeared into the California wilderness, where she would spend an ascetic few years with her second husband and two children. Rent was cheap in their rustic cabin with no electricity, but her husband was forced to go into the city to make money. ‘I was there months at a time, just me and the kids, and I would have to take them on a sled, pull them a mile down the road to get my propane filled, but it was great. I’m glad I did it’.”

Taped and remastered by mars_mnt and shared first at DIME. Thanks Masahiko.
- The Little Chicken

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Track 01. Hello Stranger [05:15:33] (8.4MB)
Track 02. Yvonne Speaking 1 [02:22:32] (3.8MB)
Track 03. Catching A Wave [05:32:28] (8.8MB)
Track 04. Yvonne Speaking 2 [01:22:67] (2.2MB)
Track 05. Love Me [03:43:53] (5.9MB)
Track 06. Yvonne Speaking 3 [01:04:53] (1.7MB)
Track 07. The Girl From Ipanema [05:06:35] (8.1MB)
Track 08. Yvonne Speaking 4 [01:30:61] (2.4MB)
Track 09. Can’t Find My Way Home [05:24:05] (8.6MB)
Track 10. Yvonne Speaking 5 [01:24:05] (2.2MB)
Track 11. I Shot The Sheriff [05:24:18] (8.6MB)
Track 12. Yvonne Speaking 6 [01:39:10] (2.6MB)
Track 13. Simple Needs [07:07:07] (11.4MB)
Track 14. Breakdown [06:39:73] (10.6MB)
Track 15. Yvonne Speaking 7 [01:51:10] (2.9MB)
Track 16. I Don’t Know How To Love Him [04:31:20] (7.2MB)
Track 17. Yvonne Speaking 8 [01:14:10] (1.9MB)
Track 18. If I Can’t Have You [04:51:30] (7.7MB)
Track 19. Lay Down Sally [07:33:10] (12.1MB)
TT: 73:39:25

Yvonne Elliman (vo)
Allen Alexander (g, per)
John Leblanc (g)
Reginald Padilla (key, sax)
Bill Griffin (b, mandolele)

A nice place to start is 2004’s The Best of Yvonne Elliman: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection, which collects her popular songs and in great sound quality. Buy it here.

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  2. Thanx from Brazil!! Love Yvonne since I heard JCS studio version (with Gillan). It’s a shame she never had the right producers at her disposal because her voice is so unique. Love those 74-76 Clapton boots just because of her.

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