August 21, 2012 – 7:19 pm

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Frankfurt 1972 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany; March 20, 1972. Fair to good audience recording, a bit of hiss.

We received this, marked as Frankfurt, March 20, 1972, in a trade (click here). However, the venue has also been noted as Dusseldorf, Germany (click here). Perhaps our readers can help to confirm the date and venue of this show.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Tiny Dancer (8.4MB)
Track 102. Rock Me When He’s Gone (8.4MB)
Track 103. Susie (Dramas) (7.3MB)
Track 104. Levon (8.7MB)
Track 105. Border Song (4.9MB)
Track 106. Can I Put You On (9.6MB)
Track 107. Your Song (6.7MB)
Track 108. Holiday Inn (7.0MB)
Track 109. Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (7.0MB)
Track 110. Rocket Man (6.6MB)
Track 111. Honky Cat (7.5MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Country Comfort (8.3MB)
Track 202. Madman Across The Water (23.7MB)
Track 203. Take Me To The Pilot (9.5MB)

Click here to order Honky Chateau, Elton John’s fifth studio album, which was released in 1972.

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  1. 41 Responses to “ELTON JOHN - FRANKFURT 1972”

  2. ok ill help u here. its the frankfurt theatre in dusseldorf germany.
    just like the rod stewart jeff beck 7-8-84 show in seattle washington. its at the tacoma dome. while tacoma is its own city and u would expect the tacoma dome to be in tacoma in this case the tacoma dome is in seattle. that throws people off.
    in this case with elton john.. the frankfurt theatre is in dusseldorf.
    hope that clears things up.
    btw.. the two cities frankfurt and dusseldorf are about 113 miles from one another. seattle and tacoma are about 25 miles apart.

    By darth on Aug 22, 2012

  3. There may have been a Frankfurt Theater in Dusseldorf in 1972, there doesn’t seem to be one there now.

    Jahrhunderthalle, Festhalle, Kongresshalle, and Offenbach Halle were popular venues for rock concerts in the early ‘70s in Frankfurt. Two of their counterparts in Dusseldorf were Philipshalle and Schumannshaal. Several bootleg concerts from various artists who played these venues are readily available.

    The venue Elton played was probably determined by his popularity in Germany in 1972. Alice Cooper, Ten Years After, and The Rolling Stones played Festhalle in the early ’70’s; Little Feat, Montrose, and West, Bruce & Laing played Jahrhunderthalle during the same period, and Paul McCartney played Offenbach Halle.

    Grand Funk Railroad and Santana each played Philipshalle in Dusseldorf in the early ‘70s. I didn’t find any other concerts in Dusseldorf during that period, but I didn’t do an extensive search.

    Thanks for posting this bigO, early Elton is my favorite, especially Tumbleweed Connection.

    By dingus on Aug 22, 2012

  4. McCartney and the Grateful Dead each played the Rheinhalle in Dusseldorf in 1972.

    By dingus on Aug 22, 2012

  5. The Tacoma Dome is in Tacoma, not Seattle.

    By Eric on Aug 22, 2012

  6. yes it is: http://www.tacomadome.org/

    well, darth?

    By barth on Aug 22, 2012

  7. Top!
    Thank you very much.

    By Bob on Aug 22, 2012

  8. yes it is: http://www.tacomadome.org/

    well, darth?

    seriously , you expect him to admit a wrong?

    By judge juhdee on Aug 22, 2012

  9. There is no Frankfurt Theater in Dusseldorf and there has never been one.

    By Steve on Aug 23, 2012

  10. WHAT ??? darth goofed again?

    By judge juhdee on Aug 23, 2012

  11. yes judge. frankfurt to dusseldorf is 230 kilometers, or 142 miles, not 113 miles

    By barth on Aug 23, 2012

  12. yes judge. frankfurt to dusseldorf is 230 kilometers, or 142 miles, not 113 miles

    oh my gawd !!!!
    he is spilling untruths!

    By judge juhdee on Aug 23, 2012

  13. depending on where u look u will find different distances. the edge of the cities to one another are 113miles apart. usually if u do a distance check what they do is tell u the distance from the center of one city to the center of the other city. i did another search to find the distance. this is how i found the info the first time mind u. its not like i knew this of course.. i didnt claim i did. i looked it up like u all did. the new search i found says..The distance between Dusseldorf Germany and Frankfurt Hahn Airport is 137 miles and takes by car approximately 2 hours and 9 minutes. for this info check this link -
    consider that the airports are obviously not anywhere near the center of the city of course and would be on the outskirts of the city meaning longer distances for each trip.
    i stand by my original distance discovery. another site i found says 2 hrs 14mins. figure on average speed of a car is 65mph using miles now not km..thats approx 2 hrs right? so we’re talking give or take 120 miles. certainly not 142 miles. much closer as i said to 113. but i wasnt talking about driving distance in the first place. i dont think of roads when i talk about distance apart. i was referring to actual distance. u know.. crowfly. u ppl need to find a better hobby than looking for me to make mistakes. seriously. stop sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for me to type things that u can jump on. omg.

    and yes. the tacoma dome is 30miles south of seattle. but since most ppl know where seattle is most ppl just say seattle when they refer to it. i mean look at the back cover of the damned bootleg itself. the rod/beck one we’re discussing that is. its from the tacoma dome of course. and it says seattle on it. im not making this stuff up people!!! ive never been to tacoma. ive only been to seattle cemetary. so yes.. i admit that its in tacoma not seattle.


    By darth on Aug 24, 2012

  14. u started it….

    By barth on Aug 24, 2012

  15. darth, don’t get your lederhosen in a bunch, I’m not harassing, just clarifying details.

    “and yes. the tacoma dome is 30miles south of seattle.” “so yes.. i admit that its in tacoma not seattle.” Thank you for that clarification.

    And where is Frankfurt Theater located?

    By dingus on Aug 24, 2012

  16. google maps, frankfurt to dusseldorf: 142 miles as the bmw flies

    By dingus on Aug 24, 2012

  17. i didnt start it. if i type a comment and u attack it.. u are starting it. i dont attack u. all your comments are attacking me. none of mine attack u. all your names mock me. mine doesnt do that. all your comments refer to my postings. u posted 10 times on this one page towards me. that is harassment. denying it doesnt make it any less so. thats like hitler saying ‘u started it’ to the jewish ppl. get off my f’n back already!! i didnt start anything. my information is exactly accurate. yours isnt!! the tacoma dome is often referred to as being in seattle for a reason. i gave u that reason. dont pick one line u liked and ignore the rest. the frankfurt theatre was where i said it was. it may not be there anymore. i dont live in germany. the man played there in 72. if u dont like it i dont care. u didnt offer better information. finding a problem with my information isnt better than no information. sitting back and waiting for my postings so u can pick them apart doesnt make u a better person. get tired already!!

    By darth on Aug 25, 2012

  18. correcting your mistakes is not attacking u. another mistake is saying only one person wrote the comments u dont like. i dont wait for your posts, i dread them

    By barth on Aug 25, 2012

  19. The poster might have avoided initiating the sh-tfight if he had attributed the information he posted to the site where he found it.

    Failure to attribute meant people were entitled to believe the information came from absolute and accurate personal knowledge. (After all, he started his post by writing “I’ll help you here.”)
    Hint: we can all look stuff up. Some of us also know you can’t always trust the First answer you find on the net. That’s why attribution is handy (and honest).

    As for his comment “ive never been to tacoma. ive only been to seattle cemetary” …
    I’m still waiting for someone to post the response “You should have stayed there.”

    To me he will henceforth be known as The Undead :)

    By Tony on Aug 25, 2012

  20. why would i stay there? i wasnt dead? i went there to visit a dead persons grave. why is that funny? do u really think it is? seriously?
    the info i found is easily enough found by doing searches on your own. i didnt save them but u can do them yourself. the ‘help’ i offered is from having had the show for many years and many times over the course of time for 30 plus years not only from a search that i did after seeing the query for help on this page. i have seen other shows that were from the frankfurt theatre from the late 60s early 70s. just like i have seen a few shows from the stanley theater in jersey city nj. not a lot mind u but a few. the grateful dead played there in 72 i believe. very few other bands played there but a few did. it would appear to be a movie theater now but its some sort of a house of religion (or it was when i was there last in the early to mid 90s.) i wouldnt be too surprised if the frankfurt theatre is similar to that place. elton did a very small show there. i do believe this show here is from dusseldorf and not frankfurt. he also may have played frankfurt. i dont collect every elton show. i know ppl who do. i havent asked them if this show is one of the two. but judging from my personal collection and knowledge and the info offered at the top of the page im pretty sure that this is dusseldorf.
    and no.. not all of us can look stuff up equally well. ud be surprised. i didnt expect anyone to believe the first answer u find. thats why i said 113 and 120 were much closer to being accurate than 142.

    to the other idiot..as for correcting my mistakes - u didnt do that. all u do is attack me. only one person posted the 10 postings that i was referring to. u do wait for my postings since my postings are the only ones u respond to. u dont do what u do to mine.. to anyone elses. your names dont mock anyone elses names. 100% of all your attacks are directed towards me. clearly u are harassing me and only me here. denial isnt just a river in africa.

    ot - last nite on vh1 and palladia they showed hard rock calling festival 2012 with fogerty paul simon springsteen iggy pop etc. including 2 songs mccartney joined bruce at the end. it would be nice to have these posted here. hint hint.
    for anyone who didnt hear - fogertys new cd due oct 9th wont be coming out til early next year. and neil youngs new cd might be a double.

    By darth on Aug 26, 2012

  21. Thanks, Tony, that’s good advice. I did more online research, and couldn’t find any concerts for Frankfurt Hall in Dusseldorf in the early ’70s. Therefore, I conclude that it didn’t exist, and Elton played another venue. eltonography.con lists Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt in 1972, it seems to be a credible source, certainly much better than “im pretty sure”

    By dingus on Aug 26, 2012

  22. if u dont want to believe the show was at a venue called the frankfurt theatre thats fine. in fact i couldnt care less how u lable your recordings. seriously. i dont give a shit if u dl anything or if u label them correctly or not. i prefer u dont share anything that u do collect tho. because of course in all likelihood the info will likely have the incorrect info associated with it. altho thats nothing new in the world of collecting / sharing etc. people like u have done that for many years. the fact of the matter is that this show is 100% absolutely from dusseldorf. not frankfurt. it is from a small theatre. u dont have to buy the info that it is from a theatre called the frankfurt theatre. thats fine. call the f’n theatre anything u wish. thats not really a big deal. the city is more important and the date is also very important. if it is 3-20.. it is absolutely dusseldorf. if it was the 12th.. it would be frankfurt. the tapes from the 12th are much longer. they also kinda have an echoey sound to them altho granted there could be more than one source.
    btw.. Jahrhunderthalle translates to centennial if anyone cares. so if u have tapes listed as centennial hall in frankfurt for any concerts thats the same location.
    i am so done with this topic now.

    ot - i saw hugh laurie tonite. my first live show since new yrs eve 96. he was amazing. it was sold out but i talked my way in and even got a discount pair of tickets. not only that but they accidentally gave me $10 too much change for one of the tickets. woohoo!

    By darth on Aug 27, 2012

  23. “this show is 100% absolutely from dusseldorf.”

    but u also said the tacoma dome is in seattle

    By barth on Aug 27, 2012

  24. it was sold out but i talked my way in .

    if you carried on there the way you do here it was a “get you outta my hair ticket”

    By lotte lenya on Aug 27, 2012

  25. i saw hugh laurie tonite. my first live show since new yrs eve 96. he was amazing.

    so theres going to be no pictures of your new friend right ?

    By lotte lenya on Aug 27, 2012

  26. “they accidentally gave me $10 too much change for one of the tickets. woohoo!”

    That $10 probably came out of the ticket seller’s paycheck, just like when you skip out on your bar tab. You’re more loathsome than I thought.

    By dingus on Aug 27, 2012

  27. how about donating that ten spot to bigo for all the “free” music you get…?

    By lotte lenya on Aug 27, 2012

  28. if u dont want to believe the show was at a venue called the frankfurt theatre thats fine

    oh I want to believe you mr. d but mother says I can`t.

    By lotte lenya on Aug 27, 2012

  29. I saw Elton JOhn in Germany in 1972. The date was March 12 I think. He played at the Festhalle in the city of Frnakfurt, not at the Jahrhunderthalle in Hoechst (a suburb).

    By ron on Aug 28, 2012

  30. Actually, my memory failed me. Here is link to a scan of the ticket from the show I saw in Frankfurt (provided by a fellow concertgoer). It was at the Jahrhunderthalle


    By ron on Aug 28, 2012

  31. yeah but you see Ron we are talking about Frankfurt , not Frnakfurt.

    By lotte lenya on Aug 28, 2012

  32. Thank you so much for the clarification, Ron!

    Well, darth, you’re not done with this topic after all. :-)

    By dingus on Aug 28, 2012

  33. “call the f’n theatre anything u wish.”

    how about i call it yo mammy? darth’s mammy, live in dusseldorf. or was it frankfurt? maybe it was bumf**k egypt

    By barth on Aug 28, 2012

  34. as i said, darth, “correcting your mistakes is not attacking u.”


    By barth on Aug 29, 2012

  35. Alwayss amazing how fucking stupid some people (hi, darth) are. “Frankfurt Hall in Dusseldorf”???!!! No way! It´s Frankfurt Festhalle or Jahrhunderthalle in FRANKFURT. Philipshalle or Rheinhalle in Dusseldorf.

    By Jens Vollenberg on Nov 11, 2012

  36. Amazing how fucking stupid some people (hi, darth) are. “Frankfurt Hall in Dusseldorf”???!!! No way! It´s Frankfurt Festhalle or Jahrhunderthalle in FRANKFURT. Philipshalle or Rheinhalle in Dusseldorf.

    By Jens on Nov 11, 2012

  37. hi darth !

    By harry pooter on Nov 11, 2012

  38. hello darth .

    By wurm on Nov 12, 2012

  39. its not unusual for a theatre to be named for a city even tho its in another city. one famous example is the paris theatre in london. im sure all of u bbc collectors are familiar with this venue. there are other examples and if eltons performance here was in fact in dusseldorf and not in frankfurt and at the frankfurt theatre in frankfurt then fine. but it doesnt make me fucking stupid. its been 2.5 months since i posted on this and now u have chosen to call me names? seriously? and im fucking stupid? u post nearly the exact same posting twice. its not identical so u didnt do it accidentally by clicking the button twice and im fucking stupid? wow.

    By darth on Nov 12, 2012

  40. never ever wrong are we darth?

    By wurm on Nov 12, 2012

  41. “its been 2.5 months since i posted on this and now u have chosen to call me names?”

    there’s a statute of limitations on calling you names?

    By barth on Nov 13, 2012

  42. i smell a cheese!

    By pondue fromage on Nov 13, 2012

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