September 15, 2012 – 4:25 am

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Loose Fetters [The Polar Bear Records PB-094, 1CD]

Live at the Gaumont State Theatre, Kilburn, London, UK; December 23, 1974. Live at the Nassau Coliseum, New York, NY; October 12, 1975. Very good soundboard (FM broadcast?).

The Faces live in concert continues with this 1974 gig in London. And with Rod and the lads, a merry time to be had by all.

Thanks to the person who shared this on the net in 2005.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. It’s All Over Now (8.0MB)
Track 02. Take A Look At The Guy (7.0MB)
Track 03. Bring It On Home To Me (7.6MB)
Track 04. Sweet Little Rock n Roller (9.4MB)
Track 05. I’d Rather Go Blind (10.8MB)
Track 06. Angel (9.2MB)
Track 07. I Can Feel The Fire (8.4MB)
Track 08. You Can Make Me Dance, Sing, Or Anything (10.4MB)
Track 09. Twistin’ The Night Away (12.7MB)
Track 10. You Wear It Well (skips around 0:53 inherent in the source) (6.3MB)
Track 11. Maggie May/We’ll Meet Again (9.9MB)

Rod Stewart - vocals
Ron Wood - guitar, backing vocals
Jesse Ed Davis - guitar
Tetsu Yamauchi - bass
Ian McLagan - keyboards, backing vocals

In 2004, a proper boxset of Faces rarities finally arrived after years of hits and popular tracks compilations. Five Guys Walk Into A Bar captured the essence of this bar band in full flight, rowdy, sometime incoherent but always fun. Buy it here.

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  1. 57 Responses to “THE FACES - NEW YORK 1975”

  2. By no means the best line-up of this volatile band, but this is a solid performance and good recording. It doesn’t say in the lineup but as best I can tell (I haven’t heard all the tracks so don’t know if there were full intros) Kenney Jones was still playing drums on this tour. It was probably fun to be there singing “Maggie Mae” but the audience doesn’t sing it as well as Rod — unfortunately the first verses are the audience with little Rod and the band, who don’t kick in until almost the two minute mark.

    By Jania on Sep 15, 2012

  3. this is so close to the end of the year. i know the london show that they filmed where keith shows up and jams with them was supposedly their final ever show. i dont remember off hand what the date of that show was. guess it would have to be some time in the next 75 or so days tho huh. especially since ron officially joins the stones in 75 yet hes still here with the faces. i sure never heard of this being brdcst before and i wasnt there. there was probably another show that nite or i just didnt have the ability to go. but if it was on the radio live as it happened.. i surely woulda heard it.

    By darth on Sep 15, 2012

  4. btw.. nassau coliseum isnt in ny, ny. its on long island, ny. its in a part of long island called uniondale. its on the hempstead turnpike. its approximately 19 miles from nyc.

    By darth on Sep 15, 2012

  5. I had only heard of the short stint Jesse Ed Davis did with the Faces and wasn’t sure anything existed with him playing on it, so this is a godsend as Jesse is one of my favorite guitar players of all time. I’ll be listening closely. Anyone know if he’s on the “You Can Make Me Dance, sing or Anything” studio release (which I believe is the Faces last studio recording/release)? I never had the physical “Five Guys Walk Into A Bar’ set, so I’ve never seen the notes & credits. Thanks in advance.

    By Duncanmusic on Sep 15, 2012

  6. btw.. nassau coliseum isnt in ny, ny. its on long island,

    here we go again

    By geography darth on Sep 15, 2012

  7. “its approximately 19 miles from nyc.”

    only if youre leaving from queens, one of the five boroughs of nyc, and the borough closest to nassau coliseum. the distance is obviously longer from any of the other boroughs.

    By mapquest darth on Sep 15, 2012

  8. “i sure never heard of this being brdcst before and i wasnt there. there was probably another show that nite or i just didnt have the ability to go. but if it was on the radio live as it happened.. i surely woulda heard it.”

    it was 37 years ago and details can get confusing and lost in the memories. im not doubting u but excrement eventuates.

    By barth on Sep 15, 2012

  9. Three bands I`d give almost anything to see once more.
    The original lineups, Humble Pie, The Band and THE FACES.
    thanks big o.

    By sluggo on Sep 15, 2012

  10. off [email protected]: a while ago i read a post from you about paul simon at your school or something like that,maybe you’d like to know there is a full stream of his new live album (webster hall)on the site of rolling stone magazine, tought you might like it

    By Rien on Sep 15, 2012

  11. rien - paul simons mom was my first grade teacher. he would come into class and sing to us every week. i have the new webster hall cd thanks. that is very kind of u tho. a few days after it happened i think it was made available on a torrent site and then someone sent it to me in a link or pando or something. amazing that rs is actually streaming is complete on their site. wow.
    i know theres also a dvd of it that pbs is making available for pledges. i wonder if one of the two is longer than the other. i dont have the dvd. it wouldnt interest me.

    btw.. since i am from queens and i went to nassau col 100s of times.. i didnt have to mapquest anything. queens is part of nyc. ny,ny is what the info on top of this page says. thats why i corrected it. anytime u see ny,ny that means new york city, new york state. it could be any of the 5 boroughs. if someone wishes to be more precise they could specify which borough but i was making the point that nassau col is not in any of them. therefore it isnt ny,ny at all. i dont know what here we go again means. i spent 35 years of my life there. what is your problem? u dont live there. i did. u can do all the research u want to. i didnt have to and i dont have to. since queens is part of nyc one need not say ‘if u are leaving from queens’. the point is.. it is approx 19 miles from nyc since queens is part of nyc. theres no reason to include that it is longer from another borough because my point is how far it is from nyc. the closest part of nyc. if i am stating the distance from one place to another i wouldnt state that distance from the furthest point of city A to city B. that wouldnt make any sense at all. if a city is 10 or 20 miles wide that would add that many miles to the trip. thats ridiculous. u measure the distance from the closest point of the city to the 2ndary city. soooo.. in this case the edge of queens to nassau col is approx 19 miles to nassau col. as i said. there is no reason for u to have commented on what i posted.

    as for the show above.. no details were confusing. and it doesnt matter how long ago it was. i know exactly where i was and what i was doing at that time. i dont believe this show was brdcst live as it happened. it may have been recorded for later brdcst. u really do sit on the edge of your seat memorizing and keeping track of every word i type dontcha?
    u really are obsessed with me huh?

    By darth on Sep 16, 2012

  12. I believe Aerosmith was supposed to be on the bill that night, but they opted out when they were on there first rise to stardom. Max from Long Island, Nassua County in the State of NY….approx 6 miles from the Nassua Mouselium, whichis the same arena since 1972, what a dump.

    By Max on Sep 16, 2012

  13. u dont live there. i did.

    you assume too much laddie.

    By five points on Sep 16, 2012

  14. true dat five points

    By barth on Sep 16, 2012

  15. btw rien - if u record the paul simon yourself in order to burn your own copy to cd.. the first 16 songs (ending with sound of silence) will fit on one cd. thats exactly 79mins. leaving 15mins21secs for the 2nd cd. i often use shorter bits like that as filler. like if i have a 60min show and have 20 mins space on the end of it ill stick something like this on the end so as not to waste a cd for no reason. hopefully it will be a paul simon or related type cd that ill use it for filler. ill just hold onto that 15mins on the hard drive til its ready to go onto a cd.
    thanks again for the heads up. im sure someone was able to use the info.
    if u need something u be sure and write to me directly so i can help u. ok?

    By darth on Sep 16, 2012

  16. max - u might be thinking of long island arena or commack arena which held 4000 ppl. this place was open from 1959 to 96. they had lots of concerts there as well. where nassau col held 18000 at its maximum.
    in fact the distance between commack and hempstead interestingly is also 19 miles. i mention this because earlier i said nassau col was 19 miles from queens. seems to be a popular number.
    frampton recorded some of his live comes alive album at the commack arena. few ppl know this.

    By darth on Sep 16, 2012

  17. “few ppl know this.”

    i know it. i read the liner notes. duh.

    By barth on Sep 16, 2012

  18. The commack arena was a hockey arena where they did live shows, Hot Tuna, Alice cooper and many other acts played there in the 70’s . What was great about the arena is they had a bar in the far end where you could sit , have a cold one and watch the show. It’s a strip mall now. There was anther venue where I went to see many shows, the Calderone concert hall also right near the Nassau Coliseum. Good times

    By Tuna fan on Sep 16, 2012

  19. frampton recorded some of his live comes alive album at the commack arena. few ppl know this.

    and I s`pose you have pix from the show .

    By five points on Sep 16, 2012

  20. Hey Barf what would you do without your trusted friend Wikipedia ?

    By five points on Sep 16, 2012

  21. no i dont have pics from that time. i didnt start taking pics til 80.
    u accuse me of using wikipedia? yet u raced all over the net looking for stubs of a ticket to a concert. funny when u use the net its ok but if u think i do it its not ok. amazing double standard.
    btw.. i didnt use wikipedia. i was at the frampton show. its legendary as being one of the sources of the album.
    tuna made the show from the commack arena available free of charge a couple of years ago. they dont often do that. hell of a show too. i think it as a very nice 22 song set too if i recall correctly. that drive that its on is packed away. was that 1972?

    By darth on Sep 16, 2012

  22. ok it was 9-11-76. and 22 songs til the 4th cd then 7 more tracks making it a total of 29. i found the show on sugarmegs to refer to. good stuff. hell of a concert too. if any of yall like tuna.. jump on that one. its an absolute keeper. but then most ht shows are. im crazy about them. pity its so hard to get stuff by em now. ever since jorma’s birthday shows its been so dry.

    By darth on Sep 16, 2012

  23. @darth i would love to have paul simons mum as my teacher…if only they lived in Holland ;)
    I saw Paul Simon in amsterdam a couple of weeks ago on the graceland tour,and it was amazing!

    By Rien on Sep 16, 2012

  24. it says the faces -new york 1975 ,not darth and the tuna. stick to the topic.

    By five points on Sep 16, 2012

  25. rien - when paul played central park in nyc it drew approximately the same amount of people as woodstock 69. some say even more. estimates were by some 750k. but later on garth brooks played there and the crowds were definitely larger and estimating crowds became more precise or accurate with technology and they got that down to 750k. so its likely that pauls gethering was closer to the 500k like woodstock was. normally here in america we dont get large crowds like that at concerts. watkins glen in 73 had a crowd that was near 650k they claim. they tend to get them in brazil of course. i think rod stewart holds the record. and it was there in brazil.
    as for having pauls mom as a teacher..yeah she was a good one. i dont think paul continued to show up and sing for other years after the 66-67. there may have been one other year but i dont know which year. perhaps 67-68. i know that she took us to her home and allowed us inside to use her bathroom. ha.
    when i was taking pics from 80-95 in ny i would often run into paul and ask him how his mother was. usually he was very friendly. he showed up at a lot of events in nyc usually music related and since i shot anyone remotely famous from tv film and music i would often be there.

    to my ignorant harasser - is the topic harassing me? how are your posts sticking to the topic? u telling me what to do isnt related to the faces or ny or 1975. this also isnt your forum to dictate what i do. no one appointed u ruler here and said that u get to tell me what to do. they didnt say that its ok for u to harass me.
    the subject of tuna was brought up for a reason.

    By darth on Sep 16, 2012

  26. “in fact the distance between commack and hempstead interestingly is also 19 miles.”

    interesting only to you. here we go again.

    according to mapquest the shortest distance from nassau veteran’s coliseum to the former home of the commack/long island arena is 22 miles depending on your route. since this is a music blog i assume youre referring to the distance from one arena to the other not the distance to and from bagel joints on the outskirts of the two towns.

    By mapquest darth on Sep 16, 2012

  27. paul simons mother taught special education? i did not know that

    By barth on Sep 16, 2012

  28. I believe the Faces only played 3 more shows (Last show 11/1/75 in Honolulu) after this one. They broke up in December, in part due to the fact their “Lead guitarist seems to be permantly on loan to the Rolling Stones” (Rod Stewart quote). While Ron Wood did play with the Stones on their 1975 US tour, he did not officially join the Stones until 1976 and then only as a “Salaried employee”, which he remained for most of the next 20 years. He did not become a “Member” of the Rolling Stones partnership until Bill Wyman left the band. I look forward to hearing Ronnie’s interplay with guitar wiz Jesse Ed Davis. I note the Faces seems to really get people talking here. Got any Small Faces?

    By Mike Cummings on Sep 16, 2012

  29. i already said it was the distance between the two towns not bagel joints. i have no idea where the hell that came from. are u actually trying to argue with me over 3 miles? are u that desperate? seriously? u went to mapquest and plotted this out and then raced back here hoping to try to prove me wrong.. which u didnt do.. since im right.. and then when all is said and done.. its over a 3 mile difference??? are u kidding me?
    u should be way embarrassed. i would be.
    and then suggesting that i was in special education classes in first grade? wow. it just never ends with u huh?

    mike - any clue on the exact date of the london show where keith showed up.. that was filmed and released on vhs? i no longer have this but i did. i had made an audio tape of it as well. was one of my fave tapes too. i should go looking for it.

    btw.. sugarmegs has a lakeland fl show from 5 days after this show here.

    lastly.. the set list for this show on this page for those who would be interested in the entire show is as follows -
    8: BIG BAYOU
    9: ANGEL
    12: MAGGIE MAY
    13: STAY WITH ME

    By darth on Sep 17, 2012

  30. u know.. judging from the audience recordings of this show and the fact that there are 2 different ones available on just sugarmegs for example.. and the fact that the set list is not only out of order (which doesnt necessarily mean anything in and of itself of course but there are songs here that dont seem to be even on the audience setlist. the fact that this purports to be an fm brdcst where i am all but positive there wasnt one. taking into account i could be wrong. if there was one.. sugarmegs would have it even if it was a partial of the audience one. the songs here arent even on the audience tape.
    i think this show here is mislabeled on the source. thats my opinion. form your own.

    By darth on Sep 17, 2012

  31. ” taking into account i could be wrong.”

    ill do that. u being wrong is as common as u blathering away to yourself

    By barth on Sep 17, 2012

  32. This is NOT a New York gig by the Faces it IS them at the Kilbourn State Theatre in London at Chrismas 75. that IS Keef joining them on Sweet Little… and I’d Rather go Blind, plonker.

    By BLUEFOOD on Sep 17, 2012

  33. “are u actually trying to argue with me over 3 miles?”

    clarifying the details and correcting mistakes is not arguing

    By mapquest darth on Sep 17, 2012

  34. I have to agree with bluefood, after checking with the video, this set is NOT from Nassau in 1975, but rather the Kilburn Theatre show from London on 12/23/74. That is Keith Richards on second guitar and NOT Jesse Ed Davis. The video was commercially shot. The Kilburn show was the last of 3 nights they played there. I believe the played the next night at the Hammersmith Odeon as their last live performance in England. All 1975 dates were in the US. I found one site giving 11/1/75 Honolulu as their last show ever, while another puts the 11/1/75 show in Minneapolis. Either way they’re done on 11/1/75.

    By Mike Cummings on Sep 17, 2012

  35. Thanks to Bluefood and Mike Cummings for the feedback. Cheers.

    By bigozine2 on Sep 17, 2012

  36. this just in, that was Darth on guitar not jesse ed davis or keef.
    pix to follow?

    By uncle remus on Sep 17, 2012

  37. thanks to bluefood and mike but not darth? seriously? wow.

    bluefood meant xmas 74. he mistyped. but we knew that.

    so now i no longer need to find that video to make an audio of it since this is it. yay.

    By darth on Sep 17, 2012

  38. darth, your endless ramblings and opinions just aren’t as accurate as the facts and details provided by BLUEFOOD and Mike. Seriously. Thanks for the info, people.

    Sorry to disappoint you, uncle remus, but the pix are in storage….

    By dingus on Sep 17, 2012

  39. aw….nobody thanked darthy warthy?
    for what , daily posts of ranting ,swearing , and bragging?

    By uncle remus on Sep 17, 2012

  40. Thanks for this great offering BigO. You didn’t even know what you really had here. Thanks Bluefood, Darth & Mike Cummings for doing all the homework on the road to discovery. But no thanks to the puppetmaster for leading this off topic and worrying about his mileage.

    By sking on Sep 18, 2012

  41. sking, your bff darth made the first off topic comments on mileage. youre only encouraging more self-absorbed blathering and inaccurate statements.

    By barth on Sep 18, 2012

  42. sking is darth , darth is sking.

    By uncle remus on Sep 18, 2012

  43. u accuse me of using wikipedia?…..
    btw.. i didnt use wikipedia….

    a while ago someone told you not to believe everything you read at wiki as you were touting it pretty always seem to want it both ways, you never apologize for slander and hurling insults, brag about being almost everywhere with pictures that never get seen and then wonder why folks dismiss you.
    It`s not rocket science , just chill a bit man.
    Let others enjoy the podium on occasion without chewing their heads off. a little kindness goes a long way.

    By uncle remus on Sep 18, 2012

  44. u telling me to be kind? omg. pot kettle remus!!
    im not trying to have it both ways. i have used wikipedia. i didnt use it when i was accused of using it. theres a huge difference. if u cant show me where what i read was inaccurate on wikipedia then what u are trying to say doesnt apply. u cant attack when what u are using for ammunition is blank. no one believes everything they read. that would be stupid. but the info i read was accurate. the info i gave later on that was assumed to be from wiki.. wasnt from there but was also accurate. i dont have to apologize for slander since i didnt commit it. if i insulted anyone they deserve it. of all people to cry about being insulted. omg. i didnt brag about being almost everywhere with pictures. i have repeatedly said i have only taken pics in nyc (mostly) and la & sf (in sept’s 84-95) and phila (88-95). it doesnt matter if u personally get to see them. who the fuck are u that u should see my pictures? u arent that important. i dont need to prove anything to u. and i have explained why i cant show them to u even if i wanted to currently. why u repeatedly bring this up is beyond me. u already know this story. why keep asking about it? didnt u understand the explanation the first 40x? i never wondered why anyone dismisses me. where did u get that from? how would u know what i wonder if anything? its not like i sat in here typing ‘i wonder…’ what the fuck is wrong with u?
    whats not rocket science? what point are u trying to make? do u even know? i sure dont. i dont need to chill. whats funny as shit.. is that u of all people are telling me to chill a bit. WHY DONT U CHILL A BIT?? who the hell are u to tell me to chill?
    my postings are not preventing others from posting. but if other peoples postings are intended to detract from me or my postings then we have a problem. i wont be responding anymore to that other idiot. i dont have to be kind to anyone. if they want kindness they have to be kind to me first. i treat people the way they treat me and deserve to be treated. like u for example. have u paid attention to how u talk to me? i never mistreated u but have u watched the things u have said to me unprovoked? nothing i have ever said to u first has warranted the crap u have thrown in my direction. u have some audacity to talk to me the way u have. with the other idiot(s) i dont expect much. i believe its mostly one idiot but who knows. i dont really care too much either way. he can insist its more than one. no one really cares. the point is.. hes obviously just into harassing me. just like u are. i am not here to cater to u or anyone else. i dont care what u want just like u dont care what i want. so if u and others dont care about me do the math!!

    By darth on Sep 19, 2012

  45. well i tried but I got the rebuttal we all expected.
    forget everything else darth just quit the profanity.

    By uncle remus on Sep 19, 2012

  46. “do the math!!” same to u fella. im tired of correcting your bad directions.

    By mapquest darth on Sep 19, 2012

  47. Darth - He may go by 15 different names, but he’ll always be “DUNG” to me. I enjoy your posts and hope you keep it up

    By TDC on Sep 19, 2012

  48. he might be 15 different people tdc. thats 13 more than his bffs

    By barth on Sep 20, 2012

  49. I would really like to hear a good quality Faces boot of their final tour which DID feature Jesse Ed Davis playing guitar alongside Ron Wood. So much confusing mis-information is out there. In ‘75, the Faces actually toured twice, in the spring and in the fall. During the summer, Woody toured the USA with the Stones, then went right into rehearsals with the Faces for their fall tour, which turned out to be their last. Jesse played with them on the fall tour, but not the one in spring. Then there’s that idiotic DVD in release which purports to be the Faces “final show” which is pure b.s. It’s the same show here, which is from ‘74 and features Keith guesting. Nor was their last show in Honolulu in early fall ‘75 (I saw the second night of a two-night stand, and they ROCKED; Peter Frampton opened). The last Faces gig was a month or two later, according to Ian McLagan’s momoir “All The Rage”, which I suggest any serious Faces fan get ahold of.

    By Jim K. on Sep 20, 2012

  50. I mean “memoir”!!! But seriously, Ian McLagan’s book is a fascinating account of the Faces’ entire existence, as well as Mac’s time in the Small Faces and as a touring musician with the Stones, Bob Dylan and Bonnie Raitt. You can get it through Ian McLagan’s website.

    By Jim K. on Sep 20, 2012

  51. To set the geographical record straight, the official name of the coliseum is “Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum”. Let’s not short change those who died for the USA in this silly exchange about a tape that didn’t happen at this venue.

    By Johnny Kinkdom on Sep 22, 2012

  52. for any rod fans.. he will be doing songs from his newly released xmas cd live on hsn on oct 26th at 8pm eastern time probably in an effort to sell copies of the cd. hsn stands for home shopping network.

    By darth on Oct 11, 2012

  53. …and i never thought he could sink lower than “youre a grand old flag”….

    By barth on Oct 12, 2012

  54. how far is the hsn from us?

    By wurm on Oct 12, 2012

  55. wurm, not sure but my television is about 10 feet from me. Not sure how your livingroom is set up. You can pick up a tape measure at Walmart and measure it, that might be the best solution.

    By Paul on Oct 12, 2012

  56. thanks paul couldn`t have done it without you. I`m waiting now for confirmation of your distance. There are others here who excel at this sort of thing.

    By wurm on Oct 12, 2012

  57. wurm, hsn is 19 miles away… thx for the setup

    By barth on Oct 12, 2012

  58. barth, uda man!

    By wurm on Oct 12, 2012

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