FRANK ZAPPA - NEW JERSEY 1973 (George Duke R.I.P. 1946-2013)

October 17, 2012 – 4:48 pm

GEORGE DUKE R.I.P. 1946-2013

American jazz musician George Duke, a pioneering keyboardist who collaborated with Frank Zappa during the 1970s, has died of cancer at the age of 67. Former Supremes singer Scherrie Payne has confirmed that Duke died at St John’s hospital in Los Angeles on Monday (August 5, 2013), the BBC reported. An accomplished musician across multiple genres, including jazz, funk and R&B, Duke released more than 30 solo albums, as well as producing and composing tracks for several musicians including Miles Davis, Gladys Knight and Anita Baker. In the ’70s, Duke and Frank Zappa worked together on a series of records including Chunga’s Revenge, 200 Motels and Apostrophe. His latest album, DreamWeaver, was released in July 2013, as a tribute to his wife Corine, who died from cancer a year ago. Duke was being treated for chronic lymphocytic leukemia. He is survived by his sons, Rasheed and John.

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New Jersey 1973 [no label, 3CD]

Live at the Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ; May 9, 1973. Very good to excellent audience recording.

Fans have considered this to be one of the 10 best Zappa shows to own! While we got our copy in a trade, it could very likely have originated from theGrape (much thanks!).

This is what theGrape remembers:

I was dumb enough to lend out my original cassettes to Jack Conklin who may have turned them over to a bootlegger. I found a commercial bootleg recording with the tracks in a strange order. Jeff did the original transfer to cdr from my master reel. Some other Zappateers or Dimers have removed some of the banter that my friends and I did between tracks. I’m not sure if there has been any other noodling by any seeders.

Meanwhile, musigny23 wrote:

Respectfully Grape, the details of the history on this one are different than what you remember, if you don’t mind me pointing it out. The cassette masters of this show ended up with Jeff long ago. He’s had them as long as I’ve known him (since ‘79), which is a good thing. However by the mid ’90s, the shells were failing, the spools would squeal when playing and it would get on the copy. So back then, when I first began to digitize your recordings (and which then got Jeff involved too), I had to transfer the spools to new shells to get a clean playback.

There have been numerous digital re-masterings of this, most if not all were sourced from the CDs Jeff mastered and circulated some 10-12 years ago. After I did my transfer, he either used it or did his own transfer since the tapes were playable again. At this point, I think the best edited, most complete and pitch correct version available today is here.

Regardless, this is still a mean show. In Electric Don Quixote: The Story Of Frank Zappa, Neil Slaven wrote of this stage of Zappa’s career: “Having taken his performance music from one extreme to the other, he now chose to combine instrumental and vocal dexterity. To achieve this, he assembled a group of musicians whose abilities, for the most part, were already known to him and each other… Rehearsals, as usual, were gruelling; ‘You would go into the studio at noon or one o’clock, said George Duke, ‘and be there until seven or eight o’clock in the morning’.”

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. RDNZL (6.2MB)
Track 102. Willie The Pimp (15.7MB)
Track 103. Montana (9.4MB)
Track 104. Dupree’s Paradise (34.5MB)
Track 105. Camarillo Brillo (8.7MB)
Track 106. Yellow Snow Suite (26.0MB)
Slight mechanical defects in the last two minutes inherent in the source

Disc 2
Track 201. Father O’Blivion (27.3MB)
Track 202. Cosmik Debris (10.5MB)
Track 203. Dog Meat (10.5MB)
Track 204. Fifty-Fifty (16.7MB)
Track 205. Big Swifty (including Sleep Dirt) (26.1MB)
Track 206. Eat That Question (8.3MB)

Disc 3
Track 301. Zomby Woof (8.1MB)
Track 302. Son Of Mr Green Genes (3.7MB)
Track 303. King Kong (11.6MB)
Track 304. Chunga’s Revenge (11.2MB)

The Mothers Of Invention, February - September 1973:
Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals
Jean Luc Ponty - violin
Tom Fowler - bass
Ralph Humphrey - drums
Ruth Underwood - percussion
Ian Underwood - woodwinds, synthesizer
George Duke - keyboards, vocals
Bruce Fowler - trombone
Sal Marquez (late March - July) - trumpet, vocals
Kin Vassey (73/04/07 - 73/05/01) - vocals

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  1. 44 Responses to “FRANK ZAPPA - NEW JERSEY 1973 (George Duke R.I.P. 1946-2013)”

  2. This looks great! Thanks for Zappa!

    By Tom on Oct 17, 2012

  3. Frank Zappa and New Jersey–could there be a more natural combination?

    By YogaforCynics on Oct 17, 2012

  4. Frank Zappa and New Jersey–could there be a more natural combination?

    snooki and blown cheese chunks?

    By wurm on Oct 17, 2012

  5. Does anybody know of an active torrent (or blog) where this show can be downloaded in lossless (or a higher bit rate)? Thanks.

    By PT on Oct 18, 2012

  6. Please disregard my post above, BigO provided the link to the Zappateers site in the review above. As always, thanks BigO for all the great music and TRUTH!

    By PT on Oct 18, 2012

  7. hey dave c, nice to be missed. thanks.

    i’m still around. i just don’t post as often. i check bigo everyday. i downloaded pink floyd-hokkaido and return to forever-denver. those may have been the only shows i did download since zappa-poughkeepsie and fleetwood mac-nashville. i just haven’t seen that much i’m interested in till this zappa.

    a friend burned me return to forever-calderone hall from the flac’s. i still haven’t had a chance to listen to it. i’m still on zappa-stockholm 5.1.88. it’s three cd’s.

    if one is a zappa aficionado, is dog meat dog meat or is it dog variations / uncle meat and the taper just shortened it to save writing space on the j-card? when i do a search in google, both pop up so i’m not sure. i left it dog meat in the tag till i’m positive.


    By Ed Saad on Oct 18, 2012

  8. dog breath variations / uncle meat is what i meant to type.

    By Ed Saad on Oct 18, 2012


    By DROPKICKSARGE on Oct 18, 2012

  10. hey bigo, this show is great! thanks!!! i will play it again.

    there are drum solos on father o’blivion and king kong so one can put a / drum solo, if he or she likes. i did. also, they break back into son of mr. green genes on chunga’s revenge. i put a / and keyed it in. i am still not sure on dog meat. i am leaving it for now.


    By Ed Saad on Oct 19, 2012

  11. Welcome back Ed. Your posts and insight into music has been sorely missed. Post again soon.

    By Bill H. on Oct 19, 2012

  12. Hello Ed,

    How have you been?

    By Admin on Oct 19, 2012

  13. Hello Ed,
    “Dog Meat” was Zappa’s own abbreviation for the ‘medley’ of Dog Breath/Dog Breath Variations/Uncle Meat that The Mothers often played live in 1973/1974.

    (The title Dog Meat then was appropriated by Zappa tape traders as it was much easier to write on the cassette card than the full medley name of each tune!)

    By dandor on Oct 19, 2012

  14. hey bigo, been ok. thanks. please, post more zappa shows!!! i would love to have the dan lampinksi zappa providence show. i got everyone zappa you posted since weasel music acetate 1969 on 9.11.08.

    i can always use more blue oyster cult shows too. 45 isn’t enough! there are other dan lampinski boc shows. i only have the providence one you posted. i have his sabbath show. it’s great!

    thanks dandor. i am actually starting to like dog meat so i will leave it. i like yellow snow suite too. i was going to play this show all the way though again just to see if i missed anything else. son of mr. green genes in chunga’s revenge is like a reprise.

    thanks bill!

    i did play disc 1 of return to forever-calderone concert hall. it’s a good one.


    By Ed Saad on Oct 19, 2012

  15. Ah, the late, lamented, Capitol Theatre. The absolute best place to see a rock show. I did see Frank there, but it was a few years after this one. I seem to remember it was a Halloween show. I’ll have to google Frank’s schedule to figure out when it was.

    By bjimba on Oct 19, 2012

  16. hey bigo, i just read that david s. ware died yesterday. for those that are interested, bigo did offer a show he plays on. here it is:

    for those that care to update their zappa tags, i put: willie the pimp / dental floss speech, improvisations / dupree’s paradise, father o’blivion / drum solo, big swifty / sleep dirt, king kong / drum solo, chunga’s revenge / son of mr. green genes (reprise). i’m still listening.


    By Ed Saad on Oct 19, 2012

  17. Hello Ed

    Thanks for the sad news on David S Ware.

    By bigozine2 on Oct 19, 2012

  18. This is the best live Zappa I’ve ever heard…

    By YogaforCynics on Oct 19, 2012

  19. Thanks for the Frank!!!

    By DanC on Oct 19, 2012

  20. If this is “one of the top ten concerts” - what are the other nine? It would be great to gather them!

    By Dave on Oct 21, 2012

  21. fz did the cap th on halloween in 72. i wasnt yet a fan then and i was a tad too young to see that show anyway even if i had been a fan. however in 78 he did a halloween show on the 13th at the same venue. there were often halloween shows that were spread over several nites due to popular demand and the limited size of the venue. he liked smaller venues and would rather play multiple nites than one large venue one nite. how can anyone not love that man? the 72 show in my opinion leaves a hell of a lot to be desired. he barely does anything other than conduct. its a nice recording but ive read reports and u can tell from the music that hes hardly on it. its mostly jazz-ish and he didnt even have to be there if u know what i mean. from that year onward he is much more a part of the show. in the garrick theater days there were halloween shows but even the non halloween shows were essentially as crazy as if they were halloween events. very few of those have survived of the dozens that he did. i had i think 4 or 5. most werent very interesting audio wise. i imagine videos would have been incredible. first time i saw him was in 71. i was 11 but i didnt have to travel. i also had no clue who he was. by the time i was 13 things changed. his appearance with pink floyd in belgium in 69 is one of my fave items. how i wish i could have been there. but i didnt know about this til many years later of course.
    after 74 i took advantage of every chance i got to see fz. how i wish he was still with us. his death affected me terribly. i miss him more than my own father. i came to know him personaly in 80 til he stopped traveling to nyc about a year or less before his death. i remember the last time i saw him was around halloween the year before he died at the hard rock in nyc for an interview he was doing for a radio station there. he was one of the nicest kindest musicians / men / celebrities i have ever met.
    the best halloween shows he did were 75 thru 81. and in 81 he did a 3 hour set at the palladium and another show at the ritz on nov 17th. both were aired. one on mtv and fm the other on fm radio only. very often only 90mins of the halloween show is offered by fans / collectors probably from a subsequent brdcst but thats only half the show. if i recall correctly the ritz show was approx 150mins long. both sets were incredible.
    i dont recall there being an 84 or 88 halloween show. but that 88 tour was also amazing.

    By darth on Oct 21, 2012

  22. his death affected me terribly. i miss him more than my own father.

    ??????????? unbelievable.

    By wurm on Oct 21, 2012

  23. this almost makes one long for the days when he only discussed his surgeries

    By barth on Oct 21, 2012

  24. thanks, big oh!


    By I-) on Oct 23, 2012

  25. A huge THANKS, a great one!!!

    By mB on Oct 25, 2012

  26. Here’s a little something for Ed Saad fans.

    By sking on Oct 27, 2012

  27. cool beans ed…you are famous bro !

    By sluggo on Oct 27, 2012

  28. Good for Ed (though, after reading so many of his commments here, never guessed he had a Southern accent).

    By YogaforCynics on Oct 27, 2012

  29. hey yogaforcynics, i don’t think i have a southern accent. i have kind of a none accent. i’ve just lived in b’ham, al for 34 years. it’s a unique voice, though. i was born in wichita, ks and lived in south pasadena, ca for two years.

    sluggo, thanks. it would appear so. i’m on a wfmu sampler disc too, and there’s a song called ed saad i wrote the lyrics for on surplus 1980. do a search. it’s moe staino’s band. he was in sleepytime gorilla museum. carla k plays on the track and sings backup.

    perhaps it’s not for everybody, but you can download the whole call saad album for free, if you want. goto and click on kalashnikov link. carla k has the best song on it, and i like my spoken tracks. people say it ties the whole album together. i’m on it for an hour. i’ve actually gotten fan mail from all over. i really wasn’t expecting that, but i do reply to it.

    i saw neil young thurs in tuscaloosa, al, bigo. be nice if you could post it. it was a great show. there are some youtube clips posted.


    By Ed Saad on Oct 27, 2012

  30. links:

    By Ed Saad on Oct 27, 2012

  31. right now wolfgangs vault is offering this show to members only.
    Frank Zappa’s early show on October 13, 1978 at The Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey.
    any chance of a download big o ?

    By willybrownpound on Nov 1, 2012

  32. Zappa Fans! Antelope Valley Press, Tuesday, November 6, 2012 Frank Zappa tribute set for weekend

    Lancaster, CA - Iconocast musician Frank Zappa’s family, friends and former band mates will gather Saturday November 10th for what may be a final reunion in Lancaster, where he graduated in 1958 from Antelope Valley High School.
    -this is the short blurp in the online edition of the Antelope Valley Press. The paper, at 1:50 AM on Nov. 6th hasn’t hit the streets yet. I will follow up with more news later. This is all I know so far.

    By 4yrsnojob on Nov 6, 2012

  33. Hi Willybrownpound

    Sorry we do not have the Zappa show you are looking for:

    “Frank Zappa’s early show on October 13, 1978 at The Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey.”

    By Admin on Nov 6, 2012

  34. Last Annual Tribute to Frank Zappa being held Saturday Nov. 10th 2012 from 11AM-4PM at long time collector Lou Allred’s house at 50496 65th Street West, Quartz Hill California. Quartz Hill is west of Lancaster. directions: take Avenue D west from the 14 Freeway, turn right on 60th St. West. After roughly 1.5 miles, signs will direct visitors to Allred’s house. Special guests: Frank Zappa’s sister Patrice and Frank’s brother Carl. Patrice will be singing blues, incl. Stormy Monday. Lou Allred wants to sell his Zappa collection of over 400 pieces, incl posters, paintings and playbills. Frank said in an 89 interview in the Antelope Valley Press that his high school years were not pleasant. He was counted as “one of those people from down below” and didn’t line up well in the pecking order of local youth. “Down below” is an old derogatory term for those from the Los Angeles general area. It has mellowed out to a general term to mean anyplace south of Antelope Valley.

    By 4yrsnojob on Nov 7, 2012

  35. Forgot the invited musician’s list - Zappa music will be played!
    Don Preston - keyboards; John “Bunk” Gardner - reed specialist; Ike Willis - vocals, guitar; the above were involved with the Mothers; Peter Luvio, member of the Omens, Frank’s band he formed after high school; Johnny Franklin, played sax for the Black-Outs, an integrated band Frank had during high school. Frank graduated in 1958.

    By 4yrsnojob on Nov 7, 2012

  36. Zappa tribute is free. Phone number for more info is (661)609-0150. From Los Angeles, take Interstate 5 north to 14 Freeway North and follow directions previously posted.

    By 4yrsnojob on Nov 10, 2012

  37. how far is that from hempstead ny?

    By barth on Nov 10, 2012

  38. how far is that from hempstead ny?

    by bike or on foot ?

    By DROPKICKSARGE on Nov 10, 2012

  39. how d`ya like me now, new eyes, lower case !

    By DROPKICKSARGE on Nov 10, 2012

  40. Saw this band in South Florida at either Pirate’s World or the Sportatorium (hard to remember which, and I’m too lazy to look it up) but I do remember that Frank asked the audience if they wanted to hear “something old or something new” and of course we all wanted “new” so Frank said “Here’s something I wrote in the hotel elevator this morning” and Ponty pulls his sheet music out of his back pocket and they proceeded to play what sounded to me to be one of Frank’s better 21st Century Music Parodies. Quite a band, even if the total memory is a bit fogged.

    By dirkbill on Aug 20, 2013

  41. Wonderful post. Thank you VERY MUCH!

    By RoBurque on Aug 26, 2013

  42. This is from my audience recording I made on Sony portable stereo cassette recorder with the Sony one-point stereo microphone.

    By the Grape on Aug 15, 2016

  43. hi grape how are you? did you ever think that the recording you made in 1973 would end up all over the world?

    By liquid199 on Aug 15, 2016

  44. Hi big o, this keeps coming up as ALL files instead of mp3 and I can’t download-any chance of re-upping this one?

    By utility muffin kitchen on Feb 27, 2018

  45. Hi big o, is this show unavailable or can you re-fresh it?

    By utility muffin kitchen on Mar 2, 2018

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