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Hard rock not Shakespeare.

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Sweden Rock Festival 2012 [no label, 1CD]

Live in Norje, Sweden; June 9, 2012 and broadcast January 19, 2013. Excellent FM stereo.

This show, as with countless other recent Bad Company gigs, have the big four BC songs intact - “Bad Company”, “Can’t Get Enough”, “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”, and “Feel Like Makin’ Love”. Singer Paul Rodgers is in good shape and brings that original macho rock voice that defined Free and Bad Company in the late ’60s and ’70s.

The fact is Rodgers’ voice was what many aspiring rock vocalists at the time all tried to imitate. It is amazing that the voice has not been impaired after so many years. The rest of the band manage a masterful copy of their original sound.

As the taper of this radio show, tolvis, commented: “Man would I have loved to hear the full show in this quality, but for now we´ll settle with this and enjoy it. I said to a friend yesterday while listening - it´s like listening to a ’70s live album, only it was made in 2012. And I was there. Brilliant stuff, this!”

The current lineup has all three original members with Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke. Original bassist Boz Burrell died in 2006. Even with two extra touring musicians, they still sound the same and not bloated by meandering solos and unnecessary instrumental passages to cover up for their age.

Huge thanks to tolvis who shared this at DIME. As he says, settle back and enjoy hard rock.
- Professor Red

Picture of Paul Rodgers at the gig by Petter Stene, posted at - Thanks!

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Can’t Get Enough (6.7MB)
Track 02. Honey Child (5.7MB)
Track 03. Simple Man (9.3MB)
Track 04. Feel Like Makin’ Love (10.1MB)
Track 05. Shooting Star (12.8MB)
Track 06. Rock And Roll Fantasy (7.2MB)
Track 07. Movin’ On (5.7MB)
Track 08. Deal With The Preacher (7.4MB)
Track 09. Good Lovin’ Gone Bad (6.3MB)
Track 10. Bad Company (9.7MB)
Track 11. Ready For Love (13.0MB)

This is the full broadcast but an incomplete concert.

Lineup (best guess):
Simon Kirke -  drums
Mick Ralphs - guitars, keyboards
Paul Rodgers - vocals, guitar
Lynn Sorensen - bass
Howard Leese - guitars, keyboards

At the end of the ’90s, Bad Company released a 2CD compilation, The Original Bad Company Anthology, that was brim-full with their best songs. Buy it here.

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  1. 48 Responses to “AS YOU LIKE IT”

  2. One of the best…and sure beats the ramones!

    By mike blickenstaff on Feb 1, 2013

  3. never did never will.

    btw mike… if you don’t have anything nice to say - don’t say anything at all. sound familiar?

    By barth on Feb 1, 2013

  4. nope sorry.facts are facts,painful as they may be.

    case closed.

    By mike blickenstaff on Feb 1, 2013


    By DROPKICKSARGE on Feb 1, 2013

  6. MAG-nah-FEEK!

    By 4yrsnojob on Feb 1, 2013

  7. DROP, what rock band signed Bad Co to their new label? Led Zep. Do you think they made a bad choice? We’re lucky if we have any hair left. Compared to what’s out there now, I’m willing to celebrate who’s still playing, even if they’re basically a “legacy” band. I was only nineteen when I saw Bad Company beginning their first tour at the Forum in L.A. There were 17,500 screamers there, and Bad Co stole the show from the headliner, no slouch, Edgar Winter with the hit Frankenstein. Just before Ramone died, he played with the band the Huntingtons. They were a clone of the Ramones. I saw them play in 1999. I talked to their lead singer for an hour afterwards, and I have a few of their CDs. It’s a different genre, that’s all. I like both. But the youth will usually be pushing the envelope. Whether you’ll get to hear them will depend on if you can find them. I recommend the club recordings on Plenty of unknown bands are out there performing. Enjoy the hunt.

    By 4yrsnojob on Feb 1, 2013

  8. There’s room in the world for both. BadCo didn’t have the energy rush the Clash or Ramones did, but their rock is sturdy and their melodies stand the test of time. Also, their core members are still with us near 40 years later.

    By Tony on Feb 1, 2013

  9. i liked badco still have their first two albums on vinyl bought the tshirt when i saw them open for lynyrd skynyrd for $5 just before the plane crash but they were free v2 with ralphs replacing kossof. not a bad place to be but never as truly great nor as influential as the ramones. every single british punk rocker and new waver saw the ramones in 76 and had their first album and was inspired to continue to play and record. badco didnt really influence anyone and was essentially done after 4 years. the ramones last album was every bit as great as the first 21 years later. gabba gabba hey!

    By barth on Feb 1, 2013

  10. I’m glad to see Paul Rodgers back where he belongs… not anywhere close to the stage of Queen. That was a disgrace. Bad Co. was in the moment, some of their songs are rock classics but I always thought they were in 2nd class or coach compared to the 70’s giants Stones, Zep, Purple, Queen, Genesis, Yes etc.

    By Woodstock on Feb 1, 2013


    By DROPKICKSARGE on Feb 1, 2013

  12. as would i

    By barth on Feb 1, 2013

  13. All your points are excellent, all of you. Especially “in the moment”, Free and Kossoff, and The Clash! I would also throw in U2 in the 70’s and 80’s, and being from Ireland was instant rebel. Bono’s influence in the U.S. and around the world, such as changing America’s response to the Aids crisis in Africa and help for the poor, besides the war zones in Ireland, certainly inspired many people to care and do something. At least he’s tried.

    By 4yrsnojob on Feb 1, 2013

  14. How fun it is when we’re not bickering.

    By 4yrsnojob on Feb 1, 2013

  15. Sorry for off-topic,Jimmie Vaughan has had a heart attack. He has had an angioplasty, the insert of a balloon into a blood vessel to open it up. He then had a stent put in, a kind of metal sleeve to keep the blood vessel open. Putting a stent in besides doing the angioplasty is a more serious procedure.He’s 61. He is Stevie Ray Vaughan’s older brother and headed up The Fabulous Thunderbirds, whose hit was Tuff Enough.

    By 4yrsnojob on Feb 1, 2013

  16. Wonderful post. I see no reason to compare them with the magnificent Ramones, though…

    By jackfan on Feb 1, 2013

  17. ‘One of the best…and sure beats the ramones!’

    Agreed and good point,Mike.Throw the clash in there as well-strummer’s political pontificating was always annoying.

    Now Stiff Little Fingers,The Damned and The Pistols were alright!

    By mike blickenstaff on Feb 1, 2013

  18. ARE ALL THE MIKES ON HERE JUST DICKS OR WHAT…does the name Mike mean you just have shit no cred taste in music or what First THE RAMONES get a kicking and now THE CLASH are getting a couple of sly punches as well…all this is putting me off my shit sandwich

    By Darthy Mike on Feb 2, 2013

  19. what ? me a dick?

    By mike hunt on Feb 2, 2013

  20. Give it a rest, blickenstaff, you’re making the rest of us look bad.

    By Mike Rotch on Feb 2, 2013

  21. we are all just figments of big O’s imaginary imagination in big O’s imaginary imagined world in a norman batesy kinda way ….aint we…mother

    By WE US ALL NAMELY THEM AND YOU on Feb 2, 2013

  22. Howard Leese was the long time guitarist for Heart.

    By Dave on Feb 2, 2013

  23. see i dont think that ‘meandering solos and unnecessary instrumental passages’ would hurt the performance. i actually would enjoy those. the great parts of the above show would still be intact and we’d have all that extra incredible musicianship to enjoy as well. sure its one thing to have the songs exactly as they are on the albums but when i go to concerts or listen to them having been recorded.. what i enjoy is the differences between the studio versions and that variation and extended jamming that makes it special. i saw bad co in the 70s a few times including once with page joining them on stage in 75 and they did jam. why stop now? zep jammed in the 60s and 70s. was their jammming meandering and unnecessary? i hardly think so. if we are going to compare any band to bad co i hardly think the ramones are the band to do it with. two totally different genres. more logical would be zep or other similar bands of their era and ilk. at the time we called it pomp rock. kinda short for pompous. it was a sort of macho gutsy power muscle rock. if u wanna compare a band to them u dont go for a 3 chord punk group to do it with. thats just ridiculous. can never have enough fm or sbd bad co shows. but it would be nice if there were more ‘meandering solos and unnecessary instrumental passages’.

    By darth on Feb 2, 2013

  24. btw.. howard leese commented on a previous bad co item that was posted here. i followed it up with a comment about how incredible of a guy he is.. hes one of the nicest most cordial stars when meeting fans. never denies a fan an autograph or photo. and i wont even mention how he has one of if not the hottest wife in rock. oops! normally i would try my best to cut out the girlfriends and wives from the pics i took for the 17 years but not with howard. haha. ok not with vince neil either. hehe. ok then theres nicki sixx.. ok ill stop now.

    By darth on Feb 2, 2013

  25. “but it would be nice if there were more ‘meandering solos and unnecessary instrumental passages’.”

    No it wouldn’t, that’s not what BadCo was about. They were a first rate blues/hard rock band with a great vocalist. Mick Ralphs was no Page or Clapton, he didn’t play extended solos, probably couldn’t either, and who cares, he was great at what he did. There’s a lot to be said for a good brief effective solo, there’s too many guitarists who have to show off their jackoff licks on endless, boring, meandering dirty hippie stoner solos. God, I hate that crap. Mick Ralphs kicked ass with BadCo because he played the riff, spit out the solo, and got the hell out of the way. That’s why BadCo was great. Eat me.

    By Dingus on Feb 2, 2013

  26. “ok ill stop now.”

    please do. forever.

    By barth on Feb 2, 2013

  27. tom waits and leaonardcohen can’t really sing but they are talented songwriters as well as stylists one might say.

    the clash and ramones were definitely over rated-better one would appreciate the replacements elsewhere here on bigo

    By Miles Long on Feb 2, 2013

  28. the pics i took for the 17 years

    for gawd sake do you ever stop being a jerk?
    You think we haven`t heard this shit enough?
    get over it, you have no pictures and these musicians aren`t your best friends.

    By mike hunt on Feb 2, 2013

  29. If you don’t think Mick Ralphs could keep up with Page and Clapton. Listen to Mott the Hoople.

    By George Martini on Feb 3, 2013

  30. I hear ya blickenstaff.Enough of that 3 chord crap-wannabes all.

    By Mike Cornishen on Feb 3, 2013

  31. ‘If you don’t think Mick Ralphs could keep up with Page and Clapton. Listen to Mott the Hoople.’

    Hell,Ralphs was goood but he couldn’t even keep up with Hunter.Now Ronson there was a guiitarisr’s guitarist.’Nuff said.

    By Mike Cornishen on Feb 3, 2013

  32. nice badco cover:

    By barth on Feb 3, 2013

  33. I agree,no way was Ralphs in the league of page or Clapton.

    By big brainless sieve on Feb 3, 2013

  34. My son has so many famoes friends all you sodomites would not even believe, now all you Mikes leave him the hell alone or there is gonna be a Mike Cull!

    By Darths Mom on Feb 3, 2013

  35. there she goes again , sticking up for that dumb ass son of mine

    By darths dad on Feb 3, 2013

  36. the only thing better than this great show is Delores Caudle

    By al corlett on Feb 4, 2013

  37. I have to stick up for him as his pacifist ways leave him very vulnerable!

    By Darth's MOM on Feb 4, 2013

  38. Mike my Son Darth has a picture of himself, Denny Laine and Christopher Reeves (pre wheelchair) at a Wings concert in Seattle Kingdom in 76, what the hell do you think about that you big shot! He also has a head band that Jimmy McCulloch gave him during the Wings over America tour that he wore during the encore of Soily,it is such a Boss head band that Darth still wears for Sunday Dinner (Kraft Dinner and Hotdogs Darth’s favorite) and when he couches little league!

    By Darth's MOM on Feb 4, 2013

  39. Pardon all spelling errors I recently suffered a stroke!

    By Darth's MOM on Feb 4, 2013

  40. I agree with DROP. And to think that the late BOZ BURRELL was… happy to leave KING CRIMSON to join …this !

    By Akis on Feb 5, 2013

  41. Bad Company was just a watered down version of Free.Free was always my favorite band.

    By phil winans on Feb 9, 2013


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Feb 9, 2013

  43. Hi, I do not appreciate my photos being ripped from Flickr and used without my concent. I want to make it absolutely clear that the picture was used wihtout my permission, even knowledge.

    At least have the decency to link back to where you stole it from.

    Regards, Petter Stene

    By Petter Stene on Apr 1, 2013

  44. petter do you know darth he claims to take pictures also.

    By nutshell on Apr 1, 2013

  45. Hello Peter

    Thanks for your note. And our apologies. Regards.

    By bigozine2 on Apr 1, 2013

  46. do you know me? I have sever mental problems and am on meds

    By nutshell on Apr 1, 2013

  47. 2 months before his new album comes out u get to hear a song from it here -

    By darth on Dec 14, 2013

  48. i hope “he” went to cozy corner and had the bbq cornish hen while “he” was in memphis.
    gus’ fried chicken was way too hot for my palate.

    that ultimate classic rock site isnt much good for anything except press releases and jive trivia.
    heres much better info:

    By barth on Dec 14, 2013


    By darth on Jan 17, 2014

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