February 5, 2013 – 4:21 am

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Tulsa Tops Were Here! [ECDR 762/3, 2CD]

Live at the Convention Center, San Antonio, November 12, 1976. Very good soundboard.

Here’s one to add to your Eric Clapton collection, on the No Reason To Cry tour.

Thanks to the person who shared this in 2006.

Here’s a comment from Geetarz:

It was a dark and stormy night, and deep in the inky shadows, a single street light illuminated a guitar player, wailing the blues in the darkness of his soul. Well, not really, I just always wanted to use that line and this was as good a place as any!

This is a nice soundboard, and a fun show. Certainly not many pyrotechnics, but this tour had a certain laid back vibe that’s just right on a summer night with the windows open, the stereo on, and a nice glass of scotch (rocks). I usually say “play this fucker loud, and enjoy!” but this is more of a “groove” thing so in this case, you have dispensation to play at normal levels.

SBD > Unknown Transfer(s) > CD-R(?) > EAC > FLAC6

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Hello Old Friend [5:03] (8.5MB)
Track 102. Sign Language [4:11] (7.0MB)
Track 103. Little Queenie [5:54] (9.9MB)
Track 104. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door [5:46] (9.7MB)
Track 105. Tell the Truth [11:45] (16.2MB)
Track 106. Love Me Please [4:44] (8.0MB)
Track 107. All Our Past Times [5:36] (9.4MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Double Trouble [5:49] (9.8MB)
Track 202. Blues Power [10:52] (18.3MB)
Track 203. One Night [4:52] (8.2MB)
Track 204. Badge [8:45] (14.7MB)
Track 205. Layla [7:16] (12.2MB)
Track 206. I Shot the Sheriff [10:22] (17.4MB)

Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
George Terry - guitar, vocals
Carl Radle - bass
Dick Sims - keyboards
Jamie Oldaker - drums
Sergio Pastora Rodriguez - percussion
Yvonne Elliman - backing vocals
Marcy Levy - backing vocals, harp

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  2. Thanks for this, bigO. Anyone who has too much Clapton can send what they don’t want to me.

    By NAMoosedog on Feb 5, 2013

  3. Thank you,sounds great!

    By Darths Mom on Feb 5, 2013

  4. No reason to cry over this recoding….thanks much

    By Mac on Feb 5, 2013

  5. thanks erics best album ever listen to oits rush double trouble shame everybody wanted more of I shot the sherrif on another track any clues on dead flowers concerts with mick taylor and ivan Neville bobby keys etc lookin for any help bigo

    By the duke on Feb 5, 2013

  6. didnt know where else to put it that yall would see it but…

    ot - Reg Presley, lead singer for the Troggs, has passed away after losing a battle with lung cancer.
    and -
    mick fleetwood is trying to convince christine mcvie to rejoin the band for this tour or at least a few shows.

    By darth on Feb 5, 2013

  7. didnt know where else to put it that yall would see it but…

    old news boy, you gotta come up out of the cellar now and then.the world is passing you by. hey its tuesday, weiners and kd day yahoo!

    By darths father on Feb 5, 2013

  8. It’s on the table love chunks and I put in an extra hotdog for you xxx

    By Darths Mom on Feb 5, 2013

  9. i havent heard of any bonus tracks on the various editions of erics new album ‘old sock’ that is coming out march 12th. just the regular 12 songs. has anyone else heard anything? the only information i have about it thus far is that its the 21st album by him and that it has 2 songs he wrote himself (tracks 3 and 10). the musicians on the cd are -
    Eric Clapton – vocals, guitars
    Steve Gadd - Drums
    Willie Weeks - Bass
    Chris Stainton - Keyboards
    JJ Cale – Guitar, vocals on “Angel”
    Chaka Khan – backing vocals on “Get On Over”
    Steve Winwood – Hammond B3 Organ “Still Got the Blues”
    Paul McCartney – Bass, vocals on “All of Me”
    Jim Keltner - Drums on “Our Love Is Here To Stay”

    and the songs are -
    1.”Further on Down the Road”
    3.”Every Little Thing”
    4.”The Folks Who Live On the Hill”
    5.”Born to Lose”
    6.” Till Your Well Runs Dry”
    7.”All of Me”
    8.”Still Got the Blues”
    9.”Goodnight Irene”
    10.”Gotta Get Over”
    11.”Your One and Only Man”
    12.” Our Love Is Here to Stay”

    the label it will be on is bushbranch and its produced by Eric Clapton, Doyle Bramhall II, Justin Stanley, Simon Climie.

    By darth on Feb 6, 2013

  10. btw thats gary moore’s still got the blues, leadbelly’s goodnight irene, peter tosh’s till your well runs dry, the jazz standard all of me and george and ira gershwin’s love is here to stay. i figure some might be curious.

    i wonder if ec will do any tv appearances to promote the new cd. perhaps an fm or tv brdcst of one of the shows. maybe one or more of them will leak out from the sbd. i know all of them will get recorded from the audience.

    By darth on Feb 6, 2013

  11. old news boy, you gotta come up out of the cellar now and then.the world is passing you by. hey its tuesday, weiners and kd day yahoo!’

    gotta go back to the health center where you can eat your crackers in bed and get your meds on time,lol

    By Miles Long on Feb 6, 2013

  12. “i wonder if ec will do any tv appearances to promote the new cd.”

    im sure youll be the first to tell us if he’s on the view. i heard he’s going to be in a bar band that plays at paddy’s pub in its always sunny in philadelphia.

    By barth on Feb 6, 2013

  13. darth, that’s some first rate sleuthin’ you did there boy, are you some kinda 00 spy, jest like Jethro Bodine? There mus be anuther house on top o’ yore basement!

    Here’s a lot of good info on Eric Clapton-

    And here’s the bad news on his new album: “The album explores romantic standards of the 30’s, reggae, soul, rock, and includes a stand out playful collaboration with Paul McCartney, to create an experience that is quintessential Clapton.”

    Uh oh. Not looking forward to this one. Looks like he spent almost as much on the album cover as the Rolling Stones did with Gloom And Doom and GRRR!. Read it and weep, people:

    By Dingus on Feb 6, 2013


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Feb 6, 2013

  15. Gotta pay the bills!!

    By Darth's MOM on Feb 6, 2013

  16. For shame eric , for Shame! Please don’t bring this to Japan we have enough problems!

    By Happy Jap on Feb 6, 2013

  17. For shame eric , for Shame! Please don’t bring this to Japan we have enough problems!


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Feb 6, 2013


    By allan corlett on Feb 7, 2013

  19. What? Allan please kick the glue habit, it’s making you sound like you don’t have a clue what your talking about! Now my son Darth is a man who knows what’s what in Music, ask him anything…he’s like MAX THE 2000 year old mouse!

    By Darth Mom on Feb 7, 2013

  20. In case anyone is interested in this show as opposed to the other topics mentioned: The sound quality of this set is not great. I would call it “fair to good” soundboard. Perhaps this comes from a cassette tape copy. The mid range (including lead vocal and guitar) are ok but the high end isn’t there (either that or the drummer had no cymbals) and the bass is boomy. The drum sound is poor - the percussionist is higher in the mix, at least early on. The recording is nice enough to enjoy the show but that is about it.

    By Jania on Feb 11, 2013

  21. eric’s upcoming tour 2 days after the new album comes out on cd and 2 lp versions btw.

    14 March 2013 — U.S. Airways Center – Phoenix Arizona (US)
    16 March 2013 — Toyota Center – Houston Texas (US)
    17 March 2013 — Frank Erwin Center – Austin Texas (US)
    19 March 2013 — American Airlines Center – Dallas Texas (US)
    20 March 2013 — Chesapeake Energy Arena – Oklahoma City Oklahoma (US)
    22 March 2013 — Bridgestone Arena – Nashville Tennessee (US)
    23 March 2013 — New Orleans Arena – New Orleans Louisiana (US)
    26 March 2013 — Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena – Jacksonville Florida (US)
    27 March 2013 — Gwinnett Arena – Atlanta Georgia (US)
    29 March 2013 — Seminole Hard Rock Live – Hollywood Florida (US)
    30 March 2013 — Seminole Hard Rock Live – Hollywood Florida (US)
    2 April 2013 — Time Warner Cable Arena – Charlotte North Carolina (US)
    3 April 2013 — PNC Arena – Raleigh North Carolina (US)
    5 April 2013 — Mohegan Sun Arena – Uncasville Connecticut (US)
    6 April 2013 — Consol Energy Center – Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (US)

    Crossroads Guitar Festival
    12 April 2013 — Madison Square Garden – New York New York (US)
    13 April 2013 — Madison Square Garden – New York New York (US)

    9 May 2013 — O2 – Dublin (IE)
    10 May 2013 — Odyssey Arena – Belfast (UK)
    13 May 2013 — LG Arena – Birmingham (UK)
    14 May 2013 — Manchester Arena – Manchester (UK)
    17 May 2013 — Royal Albert Hall – London (UK)
    18 May 2013 — Royal Albert Hall – London (UK)
    20 May 2013 — Royal Albert Hall – London (UK)
    21 May 2013 — Royal Albert Hall – London (UK)
    23 May 2013 — Royal Albert Hall – London (UK)
    24 May 2013 — Royal Albert Hall – London (UK)
    26 May 2013 — Royal Albert Hall – London (UK)
    29 May 2013 — Festhalle – Frankfurt (DE)
    30 May 2013 — O2 World – Berlin (DE)
    1 June 2013 — O2 World – Hamburg (DE)
    2 June 2013 — Leipzig Arena – Leipzig (DE)
    4 June 2013 — Zalgino Arena – Kaunas (LT)
    5 June 2013 — Riga Arena – Riga (LV)
    7 June 2013 — Poland Atlas Arena – Lodz (PL)
    9 June 2013 — Olympiahalle – Munich (DE)
    11 June 2013 — Stadthalle – Vienna (AT)
    12 June 2013 — Schleyerhalle – Stuttgart (DE)
    14 June 2013 — Koenig-Pilsener Arena – Oberhausen (DE)
    15 June 2013 — Lanxess Arena – Cologne (DE)
    18 June 2013 — Arena Nuernberger Vericherung – Nuernberg (DE)
    19 June 2013 — O2 Arena – Prague (CZ)

    By darth on Feb 14, 2013


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Feb 14, 2013

  23. not with his cameras in storage lmfao!

    By barth on Feb 14, 2013

  24. if anyone wants to hear the first song released to fans from the new cd -
    this is one of the 2 songs eric wrote. the 10th track on the cd.

    and no.. i stopped taking pics completely in 2002. i mostly stopped in 95 but i did a little more in 96 97 and 02. shot a couple of shows and a few conventions.
    i havent shot eric since 95. the earliest time ive seen him was 74. i didnt start shooting him til 83 tho. the best on stage shots i have of him are from the final show in 86.

    By darth on Feb 15, 2013

  25. heres a youtube copy of it -

    By darth on Feb 15, 2013

  26. i listened to the youtube link you provided oh king of the kodak paper,sounds lame as usual
    Clappers hasn`t really dug in for quite some time. Can`t see anyone getting excited about this rehashed crud.

    By dunktank willie on Feb 16, 2013

  27. can’t see anyone getting excited over your lame attempts at humor either

    By joe psycho on Feb 16, 2013

  28. lemme know how disappointed you are after you shell out real money for the clappers crud or are you like darth and just steal it ?

    By dunktank willie on Feb 16, 2013

  29. did u listen to the song on youtube w/o paying for that priviledge? eric himself didnt post it there. i wonder how many illegitimate recordings posted on yt and official recordings that u didnt pay for the right to listen to and enjoy u clicked on youtube for. i also wonder.. while u wont exactly admit it.. how many items u have dl’d both official and unofficial without paying. the artists dont want u to have these recordings on this site and other sites like this. yet u dont care do u? i dont believe for a minute u only own licensed product that u have paid for. granted i agree with the probable argument that u will throw up about bootlegs dont hurt them but pirated product does if its in print etc. hell ive been using that one since 75 myself. u dont know what i ’steal’ and what i pay for. but get off your high horse and dont point fingers unless u are totally innocent. but since u cant prove u are.. stfu!!

    By darth on Feb 16, 2013

  30. Darth, i `m typing very slowly so you can get the full meaning.
    we all know about your stealing and selling it is available online if anyone wants to search for the arsehole who went to jail for selling bootlegged material.

    By dunktank willie on Feb 16, 2013

  31. sounds like someone knows all about being slow-i.e.-riding the little school bus,wearing a hockey mask and wasn’t even on a team…


    By joe psycho on Feb 16, 2013

  32. joe psycho = darth
    new name same jerk

    By dunktank willie on Feb 16, 2013

  33. dunktank willie=dunktank willie=5 yr old

    same idiot same turd

    case closed

    By joe psycho on Feb 16, 2013

  34. The self-proclaimed victor remains undefeated.

    By Fortune Cookie on Feb 17, 2013


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Feb 17, 2013

  36. i dont use other names on here.
    i have also never sold a single cd or dvd. i didnt start downloading til 2004. i didnt start burning cds til may 06. i didnt burn my first dvd til about 4 yrs ago. things u may read in newsgroups and message boards and chat rooms is not factual. its posted there by people like yourself. they know no more than u do. they made up their info just like u do. if someone makes up something and another runs with it that doesnt make it fact. newsgroups and such are not moderated for accuracy. anyone can say anything they want just like they do here. u can say u know positively that jeffrey dahmer killed jfk. u saw him do it. it will show up on google search engines. 100s of people can respond to it and it will show up for years when u search for the persons name mentioned. others can back up the idiots who say yeah me too. some can even say yeah he killed my father i know its true. its ridiculous. some people.. not many mind u.. but some are above it all enough to know not to pay it any attention. ive been hearing about how i went to jail for over 10 years. sometimes people tell me i went to jail for 10 yrs. sometimes i hear that im actually currently in jail and i am using a snuck in cell phone to post messages on here. i have heard that i killed 2 people in nyc. i have heard that i drugged and raped women. i have heard incredible stories. some even reported that im dead. the methods that i died were incredible. in some i killed myself others i was shot. hit by a train bus etc. ive been dealing with this shit since aug 98. another sniveling idiot like u on here wont matter much. u wanna believe what u believe thats fine. i dont care. i dont and have never sold any cds or dvds. i have never sold anything pirated in my life. i have never done time for pirating or actually selling anything pirated or bootlegged in my life. your information on this is incorrect. dont believe what people tell u. how slowly u type is a reflection on u not me. it still shows up all at once. how slowly i read it is another story. u schmuck.
    im not the one hiding on a different name here. funny thing about that. isnt it. u hide on another id and attack and accuse me and youre to be believed. wow.

    By darth on Feb 17, 2013

  37. who else ignored this blathering self-absorbed rant?raise your hand pls.

    By barth on Feb 17, 2013

  38. there is a interesting looking four disc Eric clapton set available here right now in both flac or mp3

    it has the same cover as E.C. was here, but is called E.C. was Everywhere again 4 discs.

    By sluggo on Feb 18, 2013


    By Sigmund Freud on Feb 18, 2013


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Feb 18, 2013

  41. okay, who’s putting this smut on here about Rosaria and darth?

    I know that’s bad, but I couldn’t resist.

    By Job Hunter on Aug 2, 2014

  42. glen convicted of stealing & selling…

    quit your lying circus boy…

    you’re still in ohio right…?

    By Jerry's Finger on Oct 13, 2014

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