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…but his legend lingers on.

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Solo in New Jersey 1992 [no label, 2CD]

Live in East Orange, NJ @ WFMU - The Music Faucet; October 11, 1992. Excellent stereo.

The month this studio live performance was played was the same October that Jeff Buckley finally signed to a major record label. After playing from April to October 1992, honing his skills, playing solo with a borrowed guitar, doing a tonne of covers, Buckley decided on Columbia Records. It was a three-album deal. Buckley only delivered one. He drowned in an accident in 1997.

Only one song he recorded for his only album, Grace, can be found here. It is the cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Done with more introspection than gospel shout this evening. Unforgiven performed here, is an early version of Last Goodbye which made it to Grace.

In the studio, Buckley preferred to play covers from Hank Williams to Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and the final two songs off the Elton John album Captain Fantastic. We All Fall In Love Sometimes and Curtains are given a funeral pace, played solo without the “big sound” found on Elton’s version. He followed these with a vastly different, untraditional reading of Dink’s Song and closes the show with an acapella rendition of Benjamin Britten’s Corpus Christi Carol. The man could sing. Mostly, he sang sad songs or sang songs “sadly”.

No wonder then that RandyBayers, who shared this show from his Buckley collection, said this:

“This is one of my absolute favorite JB recordings. I’ve probably listened to this one more than any other… absolutely essential.”

You’ll never forget Jeff Buckley. All the Buckley interviews from the radio show are left intact. Thanks RandyBayers.
- The Little Chicken

FM/SBD (91.1 WFMU) > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Lost Highway (Hank Williams) [8:33] (14.4MB)
Track 102. Eternal Life [6:01] (10.1MB)
Track 103. Please Send Me Someone To Love (Percy Mayfield) [4:05] (6.9MB)
Track 104. The Way Young Lovers Do (Van Morrison) [5:13] (8.8MB)
Track 105. Satisfied Mind (Joe Hayes/Jack Rhodes)/Interview [8:31] * (14.3MB)
Satisfied Mind is omitted as it has been officially released, only the Interview remains.
Track 106. Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) [7:02] (11.8MB)
Track 107. Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind (Bob Dylan) [3:42] (6.2MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Interview/Alligator Wine (L. Lieber/J. Stoller) [5:34] (9.4MB)
Track 202. Interview/Calling You (Robert Telson/Jevetta Steele) [4:59] (8.4MB)
Track 203. Unforgiven (early version of Last Goodbye) [5:26] (9.2MB)
204. We All Fall In Love Sometimes (Elton John) - Omitted*
Track 205. Curtains (Elton John/Bernie Taupin) [7:50] (13.2MB)
Track 206. Interview/Dink’s Song (Traditional/John Lomax) [8:27] (14.2MB)
Track 207. Corpus Christi Carol (acapella) (Benjamin Britten) [2:55] (4.9MB)

* Satisfied Mind available on Sketches (For My Sweetheart The Drunk).
We All Fall In Love Sometimes available on My Sister’s Keeper OST.

Jeff Buckley made one album in his lifetime, Grace. He started recording in the middle of 1993 and Grace was completed and released in August 1994. Buy it here.

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  1. 42 Responses to “A YOUNG MAN IS GONE”

  2. I’m confused about disc 1 track 05. The text reads that it has been omitted yet there is an active link to download it. Is this an oversight or am I not reading the text correctly?

    By daij on Feb 7, 2013

  3. daij - did u listen to the track? read the line underneath the link.

    By darth on Feb 7, 2013

  4. Great Stuff, BigO! Thanks as always…

    By TDC on Feb 7, 2013

  5. Great Thanks for this Show

    By dead-head-udo on Feb 7, 2013

  6. while he only had one officially released album i have 18 cds of his so if anyone is interested in a nice pando package feel free to contact me. ive already sent it to 2 of u.

    By darth on Feb 9, 2013

  7. Thanks for this one. He was really great and would have produced a lot of fantastic recordings had he lived.

    By JB on Feb 9, 2013

  8. “if anyone is interested in a nice pando package”

    if any sexy ladies are interested in a nice manly package i have one…. :-)

    By barth on Feb 9, 2013

  9. Darth - I’d love to take you up on your generosity! How do I make contact?

    By John on Feb 9, 2013

  10. john - u would need to know my email address or if someone on here who im already friends with writes to me and gets it they can fwd it to u. but because of the idiots on here and the fact that u could be one of them using the name john.. im sure u understand my trepidation. i am in contact with a number of people i have met thru this site. some i dont hear from very often. some i hear from all the time. i love sharing what i have tho.

    incidentally - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros are on austin city limits tonite. i highly recommend watching this. theyre only on half the show tho.
    grammys are tomorrow nite 8-1130pm cbs. dr john will join the black keys. other major hilites will happen as well. normally of late this show is garbage for us fans of real music but from what i have been reading this looks like a relatively decent show for quality music fans of old. haha.
    shirley bassey will perform on the oscars. wow.
    elmer fudd.. i mean adele will also. sure i love that rolling in the deep song.. but listening to her sing skyfall sounds to me like she is possessed by elmer.

    lastly - if anyone out there has showtime.. the tv channel. check out the film called the big easy express. its 67mins long. its a live performance/document of a 2800 mile long train ride from sf to new orleans that 3 bands took and made 6 stops along the way. they performed on the train and jammed and had a hell of a time. this film is incredible. i wish i knew more about these 3 bands and was on the train so to speak before now. the bands are mumford and sons edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros and old crow medicine show.
    btw.. mumford and sons also has an hour long show of their own on showtime. u can pull both of these items up on demand.
    and in many markets currently showtime is being offered free for 90 days by time warner simply by calling them. u dont even have to remember to cancel. theyll turn it off automatically after 90 days unless u tell them not to. call them and ask if its available for u. i got mine starting yesterday. 10 free channels of it. woohoo.

    By darth on Feb 10, 2013

  11. john -… but because of the idiots on here and the fact that u could be one of them using the name john.. im sure u understand my trepidation.

    john, if you contact him it will only be a matter of time before he turns on you and calls you an idiot as well.
    forewarned is forarmed.

    By darths dad on Feb 10, 2013

  12. darths dad is right, John. You’re entering a world of pain if you try to be one of his very few friends. Just read the comments here http://bigozine2.com/roio/?p=1263 if you need proof.

    He may indeed have 18 CDs of Jeff Buckley, but he hasn’t listened to most of them, he just grabs everything he can find so he can come here and brag about how many concerts he has. Either that, or they’re “in storage” and he can’t get to them.

    Plus, he’s the only one here who’s enthused about Shirley Bassey’s Oscar appearance….

    By Dingus on Feb 10, 2013

  13. im not bragging.. im sharing. there is no ‘may have..’ i do have them. proof (not that i have to) is that i sent the pando with all 18 cds to several people on this site. u cant know what i listen to. i dont dl everything on here or on every site. im very particular and picky about what i add to my collection. the only thing that is in storage that i have discussed here is my camera equipment and my photos etc. i havent talked about any music being there. the majority of my cds and collected recordings since i started downloading (2004) and burning (06) is with me at my apartment. ive never said otherwise. i can get to all the music i have dl’d. my lps 45s etc. is a different story. those are all pre 2004 and therefore are in storage. i dont need those. i have more than enough here to listen to and share with others. many many 1000s upon 1000s of concerts and official product.

    since bassey is the only singer who has done 3 bond theme songs and shes not very young anymore.. it is kinda exciting to me that she will be at the oscars performing. i dont know if its true that im the only one who is excited about it. not sure how u could know this. did u take a poll? u know… its better to stay silent and let everyone on this site think youre an idiot than to post here and remove all doubt. well i guess its a tad too late in your case isnt it.

    john - if bigo is willing i can send the file to him and he can fwd it to u. their address to write to is in the small blue paragraph above the song list above. normally i dont get them involved but i sure would love to share this with someone who would appreciate it.

    By darth on Feb 10, 2013

  14. And calling Adele “Elmer Fudd” is intelligent? Let’s not forget your very useful, informative remark that “other major hilites will happen as well.” I’m sure you stopped the presses with that scoop. Please do share with us your impressions of this “relatively decent” music show, won’t you? Regale us with the highlights I missed whilst watching episodes of The Simpsons, Family Guy, and The Walking Dead. Don’t forget to let us know who’s on The View next week.

    Interesting that you have no witticisms about your comments in the link I provided. Have fun watching Shirley Bassey rock da house….

    By Dingus on Feb 10, 2013

  15. There are many idiots on this site, I like to think that I am one!

    By Happy Jap on Feb 10, 2013

  16. My son is a good and simple man…more simple than good, some would say good and simple but I just like to call him Son!

    By Darths Mom on Feb 10, 2013

  17. proof (not that i have to) is that i sent the pando with all 18 cds to several people on this site

    you call that proof? Proof is because you say
    so ? Proof is you declaring that you did something? you should have been a lawyer with
    this idiotic convoluted idea of “proof”
    you have proved yourself once again to be an idiotic troll no more no less.

    By sluggo on Feb 10, 2013

  18. The nerve of Darth bragging that he shares when this is coming from the same creep who boasted of refusing to give a Chambers Brother a copy of some video footage when politely requested.

    By Bruce Skywater on Feb 11, 2013

  19. in the land of darth, all things are possible… if he says so. why do i get the feeling a 1000 word cursing rant will appear soon?

    By barth on Feb 11, 2013

  20. i dont look at your links. i look to see who posts the link first.
    youll be able to see who is on the show when u watch it tonite at 8pm. wont u? there will be some very major performances. at least in my opinion. i believe others will agree.

    as far as the buckley cds that i shared and offered to share.. the proof exists. perhaps not to everyone since they all cant see the mailboxes of those i sent it to. what need is there for proving this anyway? the point is if anyone wanted the item(s) offered theyd have contacted me (and they have) and id send it to them (and i did). whats the problem here? just because u dont have these 18 cds u are making a big fuss? why? get over it.
    btw.. i also offered to send the item to the staff here so he could fwd it to ‘john’ if he wanted to go that route and if the staff was willing to help him/us as a 3rd party go between. but then that would be proof wouldnt it. unless no one came fwd and said it directly to sluggo himself. since sluggo thinks we are in court. thats why i said ‘not that i have to’. whats wrong with u?

    By darth on Feb 11, 2013

  21. “wont u?”

    Hell no! The Grammys celebrate commercialism over artistic merit, I stopped watching that crap a long time ago. Even a moron like you knows that it’s no better than “relatively decent”. There won’t be any “major performances” because the bands up for the major awards aren’t major talents (except for The Black Keys, but Thickfreakness never got nominated for Album of the Year, did it?) They’re talented and energetic, but when you can’t write lyrics any better than “I will wait for you”, then you’ve got a long way to go, dude! And now that Ryan Seacrest’s involved, I expect the bar to be even lower than your IQ, darth! You have fun waiting to see what color hoodie Ed Sheeran’s wearing! Keep sending those CDs to your imaginary friends!

    By Dingus on Feb 11, 2013

  22. I expect the bar to be even lower than your IQ, darth! You have fun waiting to see what color hoodie Ed Sheeran’s wearing! Keep sending those CDs to your imaginary friends!

    hilarious and yet so true.

    By wormwood on Feb 11, 2013

  23. a darth manifest of luna-sea

    By wormwood on Feb 11, 2013

  24. the musical performances are what i tune in for. nothing else. and normally i dont watch most years because i know that i wont be interested in the majority of who will be performing. this year is slightly different because more relatively decent performers will be on. its only 840pm now and there have been a few decent ones. fun. did their huge hit carry on and while they didnt do a great version of it the studio version is way better. it surely deserves an award. elton performed with ed sheeran. im not a fan of ed’s altho i was curious why so many major people seem to join him on stage. he isnt important to me by himself. i only cared about him cuz he sang wish u were here at the olympics. i like live performances. i collect them but only when they interest me. im not interested in impressing u and evidently i can never explain myself to u. god only knows no amount of effort on that will suffice. u can insult me all u like it wont make the crap u throw in my direction true. if u think i have a low iq.. thats fine. people who have taken the time to know me feel differently. thats what matters. do u worry what idiots out there who dont know u.. think of u? i wouldnt think u do. try to follow me here. why would u think i would worry what u think of me then? u dont know me. ull never meet me and u have never really gotten to know me or spoken to me. your opinion of me is meaningless. even if there were 1000s of u out there with the same opinion. its formed out of ignorance. understand? no i didnt think so. sigh.

    By darth on Feb 11, 2013

  25. “u have never really gotten to know me”

    Your comments here: http://bigozine2.com/roio/?p=1263 are all I ever need to know about you, darth. You said you won’t look at my links, but you KNOW where it leads.

    Unlike you, I don’t think that most of the other people out there are idiots. If you think that most of us are idiots, and you’re not concerned about our opinions of you, then why bother to respond to any of us? What does that say about you? It tells me you crave the attention, that no matter how bad it is it makes you feel important.

    If you don’t like what I and many others say about you, don’t reply. Just ignore it. You shut up and we’ll shut up. You’ve been told this before. Stick to the music. Please don’t respond to this, no one here wants to read it.

    By Dingus on Feb 11, 2013

  26. what makes u think they want to read what youre posting? u assume that what u say is desired reading. i have no clue where your links lead. how could i? i dont think most people are idiots. just the ones that attack harass instigate incite provoke etc. for no reason. thats u and a couple of others on here like u. its not a lot of people. its just a couple or a few. and responding to u doesnt mean that i crave your attention. that postulation doest necessarily ring true. u assume that it does. its a false presumption. the way i see it.. what u are doing is craving attention actually. u found someone who often responds to u and gives u the attention u crave. i will not stop posting on this site. my postings have nothing to do with u. most of them arent to or about u or in response to anything that any of u say.. under any of the names u use.. yet u insist on attacking and harassing me. all youre doing is pushing your reality on me. this isnt my doing or my fault at all. thats why several people on here have said that u should stop and told me to give u no attention. for the most part i have listened to them.

    this has nothing to do with me liking what u have to say about me. my replies have nothing to do with that. ignoring u doesnt seem to work. u dont go away. u keep coming back. thats the problem. i am not going to stop posting here. u are going to stop harassing me. thats all there is to it. u are destroying this site. im not. the owner of it even said that if u dont stop he will take down the posting area of it. what didnt u understand about this? it isnt here for u to harass people. youre not here to tell me what to do either. i dont come here to harass u. where as u on the other hand do come here to harass me. thats the difference between us. dont tell me not to respond to u. u ignorant child. what the hell is wrong with u? u dont need to post that message at all and i wouldnt have anything to respond to. did u even think of that? did u perhaps think that maybe no one wanted to read what u posted? no i didnt think u did. not even for a second. sigh.


    By darth on Feb 11, 2013

  27. Sigh… this blathering rant proves that what I said is true.

    If you don’t like what I and many others say about you, don’t reply. Just ignore it. You shut up and we’ll shut up. You’ve been told this before. Stick to the music.

    By Dingus on Feb 12, 2013

  28. Sorry I asked! Music should transcend all this bo***cks but patently the anonymity of the internet provides a perfect cover for some sad individuals (some of the comments on YouTube, musicians’ blog sites, etc, never cease to amaze me - and yes the apostrophe is in the correct place!)
    I’ll stick to record fairs, torrents and whatever BigO posts thanks!

    By John on Feb 12, 2013

  29. what makes u …not even for a second. sigh.

    one of your worst efforts yet kid.
    your blathering is getting more nonsensical daily. you posted some very naughty remarks on this site many times and you won`t face it.In fact part of your illness won`t allow you to realize it, sad yet true. coward. you try and make out like the wounded animal but you are a merely a sad sack troll who lies and cheats and yes even steals. Every time you post a flame war begins..ever notice, its you kid, you. you have this wonderful talent to piss people off and you secretly love it.

    By darths dad on Feb 12, 2013

  30. go here darth…read some of your comments, then take a long hard look at your self in the mirror.

    By DROPKICK SARGE on Feb 12, 2013

  31. Where are the moderators?

    By Stranger on Feb 12, 2013

  32. u made an unprovoked attack here: “because of the idiots on here”. how can u be surprised when people responded negatively towards u?

    By barth on Feb 12, 2013

  33. stranger - he refuses to do anything. people have begged him to do something but he wont. while of course the freedom of speech is important there are limits (or should be when a forum goes from what it is intended for to what it has become here).
    quite a number of us have pleaded with him (the sole moderator on this site) to remove comments that clearly werent related to the music at hand and were obviously intended to harass or provoke others. theres obviously even some who are using other peoples names to post and its being permitted. people have been warned and its been threatened that the forum and priviledge to post here would be removed and they dont care. they ridiculously suggest that their victim is the problem and cause of their attacks and vicious behavior. theyve been told repeatedly that if they dont like something that is said they can ignore it or move on. once theyve commented on it or said their peace/piece in response to whatever it is they had a problem with.. its done. or should be. to relentless harass and attack someone for their opinions and beliefs or feelings is not acceptable. it doesnt matter if u agree or not with them. everyone has the right to their own thoughts. they dont owe anyone else an apology for them. these ignorant fools dont seem to get that.

    john - its not your fault for asking. i wish i could help u but i dont know where to send the file. and i certainly and most obviously am not posting an address here any longer. im sure u can see the reason. i wouldnt have made the offer if i didnt wish to give. i even gave u a means to obtain it. i suggested that u contact the moderator of the site. i presume u didnt follow my suggestion since he didnt contact me. if he did i would have sent it to him and he could then fwd it to u. it would take 2 seconds each. seriously.

    as for the idiot who felt attacked without provocation… lol. firstly.. why did u think it was u that it was meant towards? guilty conscience? or do u know that it was provoked and that u are in fact a fucking idiot? and that i nailed it right on the head!?!?!
    im not surprised that u had a problem with me calling u an idiot without mentioning any names. u knew precisely who i meant when i said it because youre guilty as charged. i didnt need to specify who i was talking about. u and everyone like u and all the others reading this shit u are doing knew as well. u leave no doubt in anyones mind who the idiots are. its hysterical that u are surprised when people use the word when referencing u.

    By darth on Feb 12, 2013

  34. stranger - he refuses to do anything. people have begged him to do something but he wont.


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Feb 12, 2013

  35. darth, it’s ironic that bigO gave you the same advice I did- ignore it. Many of us would prefer that you move on. The decision is yours.

    By Dingus on Feb 12, 2013

  36. “u and all the others reading this shit”

    dont flatter yourself. no one reads what u write lassie :-)

    By barth on Feb 12, 2013

  37. Darth, I was not reacting to DROPKICK’s comment when I asked where the moderators are.

    By Stranger on Feb 12, 2013


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Feb 12, 2013

  39. stranger - im assuming u were asking where they were because of the barrage of harassment. not because of just one psychotic individual no. but because of all of it. i certainly didnt think u were referring to drop’s posting. well not his alone. common sense would dictate that u were wondering where the mods were due to all the unnecessary abuse. in my response to u i didnt specify drop at all. its not just him. i rarely pay much attention to him. i dont think anyone does.

    By darth on Feb 13, 2013

  40. Thanks to all concerned with getting this JB recording a wider hearing - that’s Randy Bayers, the guys at BigO and anyone else involved.

    I’ve been away for a little while - too damn busy with earning a retirement. Sad to see the shit still flowing free from the resident arsehole.

    I guess you guys are right to keep trying to put him in his place, but I fear he is too thick-skinned and stupid ever to get the message.

    Peace to all the good guys :)

    By Tony on Feb 13, 2013

  41. Thanks Tony, it’s always good to see another rational voice here. It’s ironic how our “resident arsehole” (love that title!) begs, pleads, and whines to the moderator, but ignores that person’s advice.

    By Dingus on Feb 13, 2013

  42. in my response to u i didnt specify drop at all. its not just him. i rarely pay much attention to him. i dont think anyone does.


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Feb 13, 2013

  43. ‘i rarely pay much attention to him. i dont think anyone does.’

    it’s kinda hard not to darth.like the runt that tries to compensate later on in life-the caps give it away,lol

    By jimbob on Feb 14, 2013

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