February 10, 2013 – 4:54 am

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Noblesse Oblige [Mid Valley 289, 1CD]

Live at the Fairgrounds Arena, Santa Barbara, CA; August 16, 1969. Good to very good audience recording.

Thanks to ecmusicman who shared the tracks at The Hunger City.

This is what noted:

Recorded on 16 August 1969 at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara California. This is a quite good audience recording for the era but it is not the complete performance. [Ed: The encore, Sunshine Of Your Love, has been omitted.] Released in late 2004, the recording seems to have benefitted in upgrades in remastering technology. It is undoubtedly the best document of the ill-fated tour. The set list featured, in part, “Had To Cry Today”, “Presence Of The Lord”, and “Means To An End”.

This is what music fan Geetarz commented:

Sourced directly from the master tape and then nicely tweaked by Mid Vally, this is the ultimate expression of this recording and essential listening for any true fan.

Audience > ? > cdr > EAC > Flac frontend 6
Artwork, fixed for jewel cases by Kream

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Stage Announcement (8.8MB)
Track 02. Well All Right (10.6MB)
Track 03. Can’t Find My Way Home (6.6MB)
Track 04. Had To Cry Today (15.1MB)
Track 05. Sleeping In The Ground (3.7MB)
Track 06. Crossroads (9.3MB)
Track 07. Presence Of The Lord (8.3MB)
Track 08. Means To An End (6.9MB)
Track 09. Do What You Like (29.7MB)

Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood - keyboards, vocals
Ginger Baker - drums
Rick Grech - bass

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  1. 40 Responses to “BLIND FAITH - SANTA BARBARA 1969”

  2. While I am/was a fan of Blind Faith and actually saw them I always had to wonder at the inclusion of the very lame cover of “Sleeping in the Ground”.This only clarified to me that the “Faith” really didn`t have enough material worked out to tour with.
    Anyone who simply must have all the available live shows should look for the awesome set from Paddington “Compensation for Betrayal”. A 6 cd set of all the known live shows available.
    This was from the same good folks that gave us the five cd set and one dvd of the Complete Derek and the Domino Layla sessions.
    thanks big o as always.

    By sluggo on Feb 10, 2013

  3. Yeah. Wow. My parents were from S.B. so we visited every week. This concert was big news there. We drove by the Showgrounds on Highway 101. I am so thankful for the tech that resusitates these recordings. Sadly, all my relatives moved, as none could afford to live there anymore.

    By 4yrsnojob on Feb 10, 2013

  4. Although I love hearing anything from this ill-fated tour and this is indeed a great show,I still can`t help but think from listening to all of the BF shows I`ve heard now that with just a little more time to rehearse,write some more songs and just be together,even for a few more months longer,that they could have become a truly great band.It`s a shame….

    By Couz on Feb 10, 2013

  5. Thanks, bigO. @Couz - I agree, they could have been better, but most musicians would be happy to be able to play as well as BF did at their worst.

    By NAMoosedog on Feb 10, 2013

  6. Been a fan of the brilliant Blind Faith studio album since it’s release in 1969, I’ve always been dissapointed when listening to live shows of this highly talented band. The only live recording I really would recommend is the radio broadcast from Goetheburg, Sweden. Couz, you’re right: it’s a shame, because the potential was evident!

    By Tony on Feb 10, 2013

  7. If I remember correctly, Clapton wasn’t very enthusiastic to be in another “supergroup”, so it’s not surprising that they didn’t have more material. He joined Delaney & Bonnie as a sideman shortly after Blind Faith’s breakup. Thanks for this one bigO.

    By Mark E. on Feb 10, 2013

  8. couz..Although I love hearing anything…… they could have become a truly great band.It`s a shame….

    exactly man, exactly.

    By sluggo on Feb 10, 2013

  9. there are 2 cds of studio rehearsals from morgan studios and a reissue of the official album on cd came with an obscure demo and 2 outtakes i believe.
    12 mins of the hyde park show (their first performance) when they played the festival along with the first stones performance with mick taylor on july 5th 1969 was in collectors hands as a professionally shot film all these years and since 78 or so on vhs circulating. of course a few years ago it finally came out on dvd complete as we all know. i dont believe this exists as an audio cd officially. its not impossible to find it on youtube and make your own mp3 and then a cd of a perfect sounding audio track of their first live performance.

    in my opinion the band never lived up to the sum of its parts. but its live performances are more interesting than the official album. currently the 6cd set mentioned above is available for dl’ing on dime as i have directed several friends who do torrents to get it there and theyve done so successfully just this week.

    incidentally.. many amazing shows have been filmed / recorded at the sb county bowl including james taylor bob marley joni mitchell with pat metheny and jaco pastorius freddie king and others too numerous to mention but those are the ones off the top of my head.

    By darth on Feb 11, 2013

  10. “i have directed several friends”

    In a few weeks, they’ll be idiots too.

    By Dingus on Feb 11, 2013

  11. ive known them for 8+ years.. why would that suddenly happen?
    u see.. idiots are people who attack provoke instigate incite offend and harass. feeling a little guilty/idiotic? i guess if the shoe fits…

    By darth on Feb 11, 2013

  12. “why would that suddenly happen?”

    Because you’re a sociopath, duh.

    By Dingus on Feb 11, 2013

  13. ive known them for 8+ years.. why would that suddenly happen?

    I dunno, imaginary friends, imaginary insults, imaginary giveaways, …

    By wormwood on Feb 11, 2013

  14. “In a few weeks, they’ll be idiots too.” HA! Classic! If after 8+ years they’re still in contact, they already must be.

    By Starrwatts on Feb 11, 2013

  15. “In a few weeks, they’ll be idiots too.” HA! Classic! If after 8+ years they’re still in contact, they already must be.

    imaginary friends….

    By wormwood on Feb 11, 2013

  16. in my opinion the band never lived up to the sum of its parts. but its live performances are more interesting than the official album.

    bullshit.The Blind Faith lp is classic, the live performances generally very weak.

    By wormwood on Feb 11, 2013

  17. i guess u have to listen to judge. and have a mind to compare with. oh well. sorry about yer luck.
    i pity all of u. u need help. i have something u dont therefore its imaginary. i sent it to a few people and didnt include u..therefore theyre imaginary. and im the sociopath? wow.

    By darth on Feb 11, 2013

  18. i sent it to a few people and didnt include u.

    oh but you are wrong..u did send it to me .
    i have proof.

    By wormwood on Feb 11, 2013

  19. I’m proud of you son!
    Love Momxxx

    By Darths Mom on Feb 11, 2013

  20. I’m proud of you son!
    Love Momxxx

    that`s not what you said when you caught him trying on your dainties.

    By darths dad on Feb 11, 2013

  21. all-write-ee!


    By I-) on Feb 11, 2013

  22. Thank you Big O Amigos. I look forward to listening to the tunes this weekend, especially “can’t find my way home.”
    Be well,

    By James on Feb 11, 2013

  23. Some fine performances here, for example the guitar on “Crossroads” (with Clapton and Winwood trading off on vocals) and a strong vocal and overall music on “Presence of the Lord.”

    While by no means perfect, the sound quality here makes for a very enjoyable set. Even the cymbals are reasonably clear and lively. I find it amazing that the anonymous taper could have gotten such results. I suppose this was an outdoor show, which would help since there wouldn’t be the usual sound reflections from an indoor venue. But I smile to imagine someone somehow getting an open real deck into the venue. Yes, I know there were some mini recorders even then, but still - thanks to all who brought us the show these many years later.

    By Jania on Feb 12, 2013

  24. You pity us? If there’s any pity to be given, it should be reserved for you. I know it must be tough living in Mom’s basement. And with Hostess closing, the impending Twinkie shortage has to rough for you. All you have is this….ranting & raving & espousing all of your musical knowledge to a “community” that, for the most part, just wishes you’d go away. Far away. Pity indeed.
    I do love the BF album…live stuff, not so much.

    By Starrwatts on Feb 12, 2013

  25. Hey, anybody notice this was on the 2nd day of woodstock?
    Wonder why they weren’t invited????
    Blind Faith is the greatest band that never really was. Too bad for us.

    By Peter on Feb 14, 2013

  26. FYI. Line up is partially incorrect in my view in that Winwood is playing guitar on Had to Cry Today along with Clapton. I have not listened to entire show but that song was great. Whether there is an organ on that as well (which I assume Gresch would have played) I could not hear. On the Hammond B-3 you play the bass parts with your feet. But there are 2 guitars. In my opinion anyway. What say you all?

    By Kevinm on Feb 15, 2013

  27. Stevie can more than hold his own on guitar. There`s no keyboard in “Had to Cry today”.
    2nd guitar is Stevie .

    By sluggo on Feb 15, 2013

  28. right u are sluggo. stevies guitar on traffics song mr. fantasy is one of my faves.

    By barth on Feb 15, 2013

  29. I was enjoying reading the comments and then suddenly they degenerated into insults and barbs. What’s wrong with you folks? If you were face to face would you murder each other? Can’t you just enjoy the music or offer constructive criticism without going wild?

    By Chris Maddock on Feb 16, 2013

  30. Welcome, Chris! Please read the comments here:
    for a better perspective.

    By Dingus on Feb 16, 2013

  31. “If you were face to face would you murder each other?”

    if it were darth it would be justifiable homicide lmfao!!

    By barth on Feb 16, 2013

  32. hes a cancer , a scourge, a blight and an incarcerated thief.

    By dunktank willie on Feb 16, 2013

  33. Chris, you’re right. Many of us have called for civility and a ban on personal attacks. Of course, requesting civility from those who deny the concept as “an infringement on their free speech rights” is like trying to talk a dog out of shitting on the neighbor’s lawn. But it does serves as notice that alot of us are fed up. I suppose it really is up to the moderator to take action at this point.

    By lowendbill on Feb 16, 2013

  34. so chris and lowendbill get to vent but no one else ?

    By dunktank willie on Feb 16, 2013

  35. willie thats from the darth amendment on free speech. pound those suds bro! bill try a leash.

    By barth on Feb 17, 2013

  36. its out of print now.. but im offering to share this with yall. this is the 2cd version of the blind faith album from 2001. some of u know how to get in touch with me if u need to. ive sent this to several of u already a few days ago. i figure some may not know about this. much of this was available on boot for years but not all of it. this is killer.
    note the differences between the original release and the rerelease below..

    cd2 has 4 jams
    1-very long & good jam 14mins
    2-slow jam 15mins
    3-change of address jam 12mins
    4-slow jam #2 16mins

    cd1 has some rarities on it too
    7-sleeping in the ground-bonus track
    8-cant find my way home-electric version-bonus track
    9-acoustic jam-bonus track 16mins
    10-time winds-bonus track
    11-sleeping in the ground-slow blues version-bonus track

    By darth on Feb 18, 2013

  37. Please read the comments here to clearly see what a lout darth is.

    By legion on Feb 18, 2013

  38. i dont know where else to put this but horrible sad news that really ruined my day and i just woke up to find this -

    By darth on Feb 21, 2013

  39. at concert, yes a little disappointing, didn’t matter Free stole the show on a hot summer day! Paul Rogers was just 15yrs old & Paul Kossoff was a phenomenal guitarist! Festival opened with the Fields, Delaney & Bonnie, Free, Blind Faith. Listen to Slighty Stoopid

    By SB oldie on Feb 1, 2016

  40. People were handing out orange wedge left and right literally, to anyone and everyone who wanted it. I was there, and I think most of the audience was incredibly stoned. It was one of the best concerts of my life.

    By Barb on Jan 28, 2017

  41. Yeah I was there. Things kind of went off the rails during Do what you like but my friends got me home all right

    By Jeff Bellamy on Feb 4, 2017

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