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When did the “music” die?

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(with the Metropole Orchestra)
Holland 2011 [no label, 1CD]

Live at Hilversum, Holland, January 15, 2011. Edited to remove the Italian DJ and now it plays like a dream. Ex FM stereo.

“Rumer is the professional name of the Pakistan-born British female singer-songwriter Sarah Joyce. Her stage name was inspired by the author Rumer Godden. Rumer’s voice has been described by The Guardian UK as being reminiscent of Karen Carpenter.”

This concert is a real treat as the person who shared this, Simmdale, explains, “(Rumer’s) debut album is performed here fully in the exact track order of the initial release (a reissue added two more covers at the end). Here along with the full album being performed, the encore is an exceptional cover version of the Bacharach/David classic, ‘Do You Know The Way To San Jose?’

“Full, exhilarating, and lush sound that gives incredible detail and nuance, the quality of this recording is outstanding. Not only recorded on the well-equipped and quality soundstage used by the Metropole Orchestra, the sonics employed are thrilling. Not enough could possibly be said about the job that the Metropole Orchestra does in playing Rumer’s music. This massively huge outfit, and I really mean huge… plays with such subtlety and grace, literally embracing Rumer standing right there among them. Remember as you listen, this was a one-time live performance between her and the Metropole Orchestra… and that makes this simply astonishing.”

The show was recorded by the Dutch broadcaster NPO Radio2 and offered to public radio stations of the European circuit EBU-Eurosonic. This show comes from an April 15, 2011 RAI broadcast, Radio2 Live.

Although Rumer penned a tune for “Aretha”, her influence is really lush, romantic melodies that she must have grew up listening to. The final track on her Seasons Of My Soul album is a cover of David Gates’ Goodbye Girl. That’s the theme song for a feel-good movie. It’s also a cover version.

By the time her second album, Boys Don’t Cry, was released last year, Rumer had conformed to “yet another covers album”. Just as Joni Mitchell noted that a “best of” album was the death knell for any serious artist (Mitchell resisted till 1996), a covers album is a lazy way to garner sales and might harm creativity. Let’s hope Rumer has more original songs up her sleeves. She does have a hint of Karen Carpenter.

Originally uploaded to Dime by survivor69 on April 16, 2011. This is an edited version done by Simmdale. Our thanks to both super music fans.

- The Little Chicken

Artwork by ethiessen1 - Thanks!

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (256 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. Am I Forgiven (6.3MB)
Track 02. Come To Me High (9.5MB)
Track 03. Slow (7.0MB)
Track 04. Take Me As I Am (7.2MB)
Track 05. Aretha (8.2MB)
Track 06. Saving Grace (6.0MB)
Track 07. Thankful (6.9MB)
Track 08. Healer (7.6MB)
Track 09. Blackbird (7.8MB)
Track 10. On My Way Home (8.8MB)
Track 11. Goodbye Girl (7.4MB)
Track 12. Do You Know The Way To San Jose? (6.6MB)

Rumer with the Metropole Orchestra.

All the songs from her debut album, Seasons Of My Soul, are found in the same album sequence in the live performance above. Get the studio versions here.

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  1. 6 Responses to “COMFORT MUSIC”

  2. Thank you for providing this. I’ve become a huge fan of this young lady. Finally a singer singing real lyrics and songs.

    By Timothy on Feb 26, 2013

  3. I`ve heard Slow and Sara Smile before but to hear her sing live is just an incredible experience.She trully does have one of the most pleasing voices I think I`ve ever heard.Thanks again BigO.

    By Couz on Feb 26, 2013

  4. if this is what I think it is, we are witnessing the birth of Aretha Franklin, Leslie Gore, Brenda Lee, Petula Clark, Diana Ross, Sandy Denny, and Karen Carpenter. Her label should hire this orchestra to record with her. They both feel the music and voice together and the result is life.

    By 4yrsnojob on Feb 26, 2013

  5. I was really hoping for amy winehouse to get her life in order. her music was a delicious throwback to an incredibly wonderful female sound from the 60`s that deserves to be heard again.

    By mojowire on Feb 26, 2013

  6. Looking forward to checking this out. Her episode on Daryl Hall’s “Live From Daryl’s House” program/podcast (available at the show’s website) was quite good as well. The resemblance to Karen Carpenter’s voice is striking, and makes you wonder what might have been there if she had been able to escape her brother’s kitschy production.

    By drkrick on Feb 28, 2013

  7. i did a private mix of ‘aretha’ by taking two copies of it, delaying the second one by about 5 seconds or so, lowering it to about 60% and then mixing back in with the master. the delay, which really was a one time reverb, added so much to the master.


    By I-) on Mar 6, 2013

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