February 6, 2009 – 3:34 am

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Berlin 2008 [no label, 2CD]

Michael Wertmüller with Peter Brotzmann, Marino Pliakas, Keiji Haino, Peter Evans, Mars Williams. Live at the Quasimodo, Berlin JazzFest, November 6, 2008. Very good radio broadcast.

If it took drummer Shoji Hano to bring out free jazz sax legend Peter Brotzmann’s mellower side (on last year’s Funny Rats 3), his pairing with guitarist Keiji Haino brings back the dense, fiery energy that Brotzmann is well-known for.

Considering that Haino doesn’t like free jazz, his involvement centres on the emotive workings of the band. Taking the lead title, Full Blast (from the 2006 album with the original trio of Wertmuller, Brotzmann and Pliakas), Haino rips open the track solo, exposing the raw heart of it. Then he is joined by bassist Pliakas and drummer Wertmuller in a second version of the track.

In the third version of it, the full sextet jams on it for 16 mins together with New York trumpeter Peter Evans, Braxton-trained tenor sax player, Mars Williams (also of Liquid Soul and NRG Ensemble) and Brotzmann. It’s a busy intersection, a kind of a cross-town traffic of free jazz with heavy instrumentalists trucking across and overtaking on the fast lanes. There’s a beautiful quieter section towards the end where Haino does some vocal effects like a Gyuto monk on acid.

In the fourth version, the sax players - Brotzmann and Williams - hold court with Haino. Both sax players have played together over the years, particularly in Brotzmann’s Tentet and their laid-back improv soloing which gently builds into a crescendo through Haino’s intervention, again with his playful vocal effects), reveals their familiar intuitiveness.

Being at this gig is akin to being at a grindcore concert, albeit a stranger one. Wertmuller’s background in a death metal band, Algoth, suggests the relationship that free jazz has with grindcore, in terms of volume, pace and anarchy. However free jazz has the edge on the unexpected. After all, you can even think of Duke Ellington at a free jazz gig. Those high note squeals only take you back to trumpeter Cat Anderson, one of Ellington’s lead soloists, who could bend incredible high-octave notes which the latter regularly encouraged him to do at live shows. - Philip Cheah

Thanks to SAMMLER_KK for sharing the tracks on the Dime site.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.Disc 1 (First Set )
Radio speaker (Lothar Jänichen) 2:58 (4.0MB)
Frog Fuck [Full Blast Trio] (Brötzmann/Pliakas/Wertmüller) 12:27 (18.3MB)
To Barbu [Trio PE-PB-MW] (Evans/Brötzmann/Williams) 8:35 (12.3MB)
Full Blast Part I [Solo KH] (Keiji Haino) 5:10 (7.3MB)
Full Blast Part II [Trio KH-MP-MW] (Haino/Pliakas/Wertmüller) 6:33 (9.7MB)
Full Blast Part III [Sextet 1] (Evans/Brötzmann/Williams/Haino/Pliakas/Wertmüller) 16:20 (23.7MB)

Disc 2 (Second Set)
Radio speaker 2:04 (2.8MB)
Full Blast Part IV [Trio PB-MW-KH] (Brötzmann/Williams/Haino) 23:24 (33.7MB)
LHC [Trio MW-MP-MW] (Williams/Pliakas/Wertmüller) 5:32 (8.5MB)
Ellis [Duo PE-KH] (Evans/Haino) 11:20 (17.1MB)
Alice [Sextet 2] (Evans/Brötzmann/Williams/Haino/Pliakas/Wertmüller) 8:18 (14.2MB)
Encore: Black Hole [Sextet 3] (Evans/Brötzmann/Williams/Haino/Pliakas/Wertmüller) 0:58 [nc, fade out] (1.2MB)

Peter Evans tp
Peter Brötzmann tarogato/cl/as/ts
Mars Williams sso/as/ts
Keiji Haino g/voc/electr
Marino Pliakas b
Michael Wertmüller d

Japanese drummer Shoji Hano has played with some of the free jazz greats. Here are two albums from Shoji Hano that show free jazz is still a vital form in Japan. Shoji Hano’s Drums is a solo tour de force by the drummer. Funny Rat/s 3… Flying Crow is a brand new collaboration with Peter Brotzmann. Each CD is priced at US$15 (including airmail postage and handling. Please note that the CD will come without the jewel case to cut down on costs).

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  2. thanks for sharing this one.
    ‘can’t wait for the contents of disc2 to be likewise shared at some point.

    By else on Feb 6, 2009

  3. Bless you! Peter Brotzmann has been providing the soundtrack to the new millennium since before it arrived. And Haino slices like a razor too. Awesome post, thank you.

    Note to the kiddies: Brotzmann is more punk than any punk band will ever live to be.


    By ian mcilvaine on Feb 6, 2009

  4. Hi there

    thank you Bigozine Team for sharing this superb recording on Westmüller, Heino and Brotz.
    The bandmember are on fire! Great gig in Berlinfest 2008.
    MOre Brotz it’s never enough to my ears! Brotzmann still kicks ass!

    Thanks one again,
    Keep up the great job!

    Kike :)

    By Kike on Feb 7, 2009

  5. Big Danke Thank You to the BigO crew! Another winner from the erudite swift hands club! Any Brotzmann is good Brotzmann. Keep surprising us with your great posts!!!

    By eponymus on Feb 10, 2009

  6. Mucho mas Brotzmann!!!!!!

    Por favor!!!!!!

    By Luis Torregrosa on Aug 14, 2009

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