March 18, 2013 – 4:28 am

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Everything You’ve Heard About The Velvet Underground [VU333, originally released as a three-LP set, shared here on 2CD]

Demos, early recordings, outtakes, rehearsal and live, tracks and out of print material. Good to fairly good audio. Vinyl rip, with some pops and crackles.

Anyone who requires a one-stop gateway into The Velvet Underground should get the group’s five-disc Peel Slowly & See boxset. Even hardcore fans might want the set for its different mixes and demo tracks.

For a companion compilation of odds and sorts, Everything You’ve Heard About The Velvet Underground, released in 1982, ought to fit the bill nicely.

Thanks to badvok who shared the set at mindwarppavilion. While some of the vinyl box sets included Nico’s single, featuring I’m Not Sayin’ and The Last Mile, these two tracks were not shared by badvok.

Here are some comments by james_jones, posted at in 2004:

Disc One [Ed: Writer was referring to LP1 or Side 1 and 2] comprises 12 tracks highlighting Lou Reeds’ pre-Velvet days. Included are songs by luminaries such as The Carol Lou Trio, The Shades, The All Night Workers, The Primitives, The Beachnuts and, of course, The Roughnecks (how could you forget them!).

I really like the emerging druginess of Why Don’t You Smile by The Nightworkers (which was later reworked by Maureen Tucker and Jad Fair in the late ’80s). I even like (Do) the Ostrich by The Primitives, but some of the tracks such as The Beach Nuts singin’ I’ve Got A Tiger In My Tank, suck bigtime. You can see the future direction Lou was gonna go by the recordings done by The Roughnecks, in that Lou’s drawl and distinctive guitar sound were starting to form. A lot of the early tracks sound very weird now and they must have sounded even weirder when they were recorded in 1964/5. Maybe the drugs were just starting to kick in coz some of the recording sessions sound like they would have been a real hoot!

The last three tracks of Disc One include a strange feedback drone called Loop which more than definitely hints at Lou’s future direction with noise eg Metal Machine Music recorded a decade later (or was the track just caused by speed psychosis?). The closing two tracks probably recorded in 1967 include taped conversation at a Andy Warhol book launch - with the Velvet’s first album playing in the background. The last track was simply more experimental taping of dialogue for the East Village Electronic Newspaper - circa 1967. Disc One is a very interesting historical piece, but easy listening it is not.

Click here for the full write-up.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
LP Side 1
Track 01. Soft Summer Breeze/Canadian Sunset (The Carol Lou Trio) (5.6MB)
Track 02. Leave Her For Me (The Shades) (3.8MB)
Track 03. So Blue (The Shades) (3.7MB)
Track 04. Why Don’t You Smile (The All Night Workers) (4.3MB)
Track 05. (Do) The Ostrich (The Primitives) (4.2MB)
Track 06. Sneaky Pete (The Primitives) (3.7MB)
Track 07. Cycle Annie (The Beachnuts) (4.2MB)
Side 2
Track 08. I’ve Got A Tiger In My Tank (The Beachnuts) (3.8MB)
Track 09. You’re Driving Me Insane (The Roughnecks) (4.0MB)
Track 10. Loop (Magazine Flexi Disc) (7.5MB)
Track 11. Index (Magazine Flexi Disc Of Conversation) (7.5MB)
Track 12. Noise (From “East Village Electric Newspaper) (3.1MB)
Side 3
Track 13. Some Kinda Love (6.8MB)
Track 14. White Light/White Heat (4.7MB)
Track 15. Rock ‘n’ Roll (8.9MB)
Track 16. Ocean (8.9MB)

Disc 2
Side 4
Track 17. Temptation Inside Your Heart (4.2MB)
Track 18. I’m Sticking With You (3.7MB)
Track 19. Ferryboat Bill (3.7MB)
Track 20. Guess I’m Falling In Love (7.0MB)
Side 5
21. Candy Says - Omitted *
22. Some Kinda Love - Omitted
Track 23. Cool It Down (6.5MB)
Track 24. Who Loves The Sun (6.0MB)
Side 6
Track 25. I’m Free (3.7MB)
Track 26. I Found A Reason (8.9MB)
Track 27. Walk And Talk It (3.3MB)
Track 28. Head Held High (8.7MB)
29. I’m Set Free - Omitted

* Tracks 21, 22, 29 - Available on Live at Max’s Kansas City Deluxe Edition. Visit this site for more details.

01: Carol Lou Trio, Juke One Stopper single, early ’70s
02-09: pre-VU recordings
10: Aspen flexi, 1966
11: Index flexi, 1966
12: East Village Other LP, 1966
13: “Val Valentin mix” alternate take, 1968
14: mono mix, 1967
15-19: rough mix demos, 1968-69
20: The Gymnasium, April 1967
21-22: Max’s Kansas City, 23/8/70
23-28:Max’s Kansas City, rehearsals, summer 1970
29: Max’s Kansas City, 26/7/70

Click here to order the five-CD Velvet Underground boxset, Peel Slowly & See.

Click here to order Live at Max’s Kansas City Deluxe Edition.

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  2. Thanks for the additional Velvet Underground, have an older friend who is really into their music.

    By 4yearsnojob on Mar 18, 2013


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Mar 18, 2013

  4. side 5 and 6 - the non-omitted tracks are missing links to the music…


    By I-) on Mar 18, 2013

  5. Hello I-)

    Thanks for your note. You only need to refresh the page. The links are there.

    By bigozine2 on Mar 18, 2013

  6. the links are there now! thank you, big-O!!!


    By I-) on Mar 18, 2013

  7. Gee, I hate to rain on the parade, but a good deal of the music on Disc Two has since been made commercially available… Unless these are different mixes, demos, etc. There are many others that could speak to that better than I, but between the “VU,” “Another VU” and “Fully Loaded” releases, I believe all of Disc 2’s material is available commercially

    By Max Barrett on Mar 20, 2013

  8. According to a Wikipedia footnote:

    “The composing of “After Hours” is miscredited on the record’s label to “Lou Reed,” which has led some to mistakenly associate the song and the Carol Lou Trio with rock musician Lou Reed, who wrote a song of the same title. Collections including the recording are often promoted for sale based on this erroneous association. When asked in 2006, Carol Lou Woodward said she was unfamiliar with any musician or composer named Lou Reed.”

    By Brian on Mar 20, 2013


    By DROPKICK SARGE on Mar 20, 2013

  10. I must be doing something wrong because even after refreshing, I am unable to see the Links to Tracks 30 and 31. Thanks.

    By Britinvdon on Mar 24, 2013

  11. Hi - Loop, AFAIK, has always been credited to John Cale for writing and performing the track. It’s from a multimedia magazine “Aspen” from December, 1966.

    By Bigdoins on Mar 24, 2013

  12. britin - tracks 30 and 31 on a 28 track item? are u perhaps drinking a little there? haha. try again tomorrow. funny man.

    By darth on Mar 24, 2013

  13. Hello Britinvdon- I wondered what you were referring to, and instead of rudely insulting you as darth did, I found the issue. The back cover artwork shows tracks 30 & 31. If you read bigO’s comments above, these two tracks were not shared by the person who ripped this from the original vinyl.

    Don’t worry about darth’s comments, he’s a sad, pathetic little man who has no life offline. He claims he’s “harassed” here and can’t understand why, even though he makes unproved insults like these. He’s proven himself to be a blatant liar and an exemplary bullshit artist. All you need to know about darth is in his comments here:

    By Dingus on Mar 24, 2013

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    By there is no darth on Mar 24, 2013

  15. please read the notes that come along with the item being shared -
    Thanks to badvok who shared the set at mindwarppavilion. While some of the vinyl box sets included Nico’s single, featuring I’m Not Sayin’ and The Last Mile, these two tracks were not shared by badvok.

    By darth on Mar 30, 2013

  16. don`t bother us.

    By there is no darth on Mar 30, 2013

  17. “please read the notes that come along with the item being shared -”

    Please read my comment made six days ago for the same information.

    By Dingus on Mar 30, 2013

  18. the notes were there on the 18th.. 6 days before your ignorant and stupid comment about my posting.. which u called rude and insulting. my comments werent. any intelligent free thinking logical person would see that and realize it. im not surprised u tried to color someone elses thoughts with your vitreous vile and arrogant stupidity and hubris. but u were wrong as usual and im going to hope and presume that he didnt believe u. wont i be surprised if and when he writes in and says otherwise? it’ll be my luck of course. but nonetheless.. as it stands.. the original notes of the posting on this page were a full 6 days before and all im doing is pointing out what should have been read right off the bat. not my posting just my observation. pity it wasnt yours. of course after i post this u will have a comeback. u always do. u cant control it or help yourself. u havent been able to in over a year. feels like 2 or even 3. who cares really? all we are all hoping for is the day u vanish/perish.
    if u dont wanna be bothered.. dont read my postings. its that simple. imagine how much of a bother it is for all of us to have to endure yours.

    By darth on Mar 30, 2013

  19. Starved for attention, darth? You’re wrong again, you were very rude.

    There is no darth.

    By Dingus on Mar 30, 2013

  20. “any intelligent free thinking logical person would see that”

    like your bff named psycho? lololol

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  21. we’re not talking to intelligent free thinking logical ppl here darth,lololol

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