March 20, 2013 – 5:37 pm

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London 1981 [Hot Line Music, 2CD]

Renegade Tour. Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK; November 26, 1981 (aka “Drugs & Booze”). Good to very good audience recording.

In the run-up to last year’s US presidential elections, Thin Lizzy got into the limelight when guitarist Scott Gorham hit out at the Republican party when they used the group’s The Boys Are Back In Town as the intro music for Paul Ryan at their National Convention.

But Thin Lizzy fans are probably more excited by news of a new “Thin Lizzy” album. Following the death in 1986 of Thin Lizzy’s frontman, Phil Lynott, Gorham has continued playing with the surviving members and even went on to record a new album with the recent lineup of the group. In September 2012, Gorham was quoted as saying “We are all excited about the new record but especially Ricky and Damon, they just can’t wait to start recording!” It would be the band’s first output in 29 years and the first without Lynott.

The album, All Hell Breaks Loose, from Nuclear Blast, has a street date of May 2013 but will be released under the name of Black Star Riders. According to Gorham, this was “out of respect to Phil Lynott and the legacy he created”, though he confirmed that the new material would feature the classic Thin Lizzy sound.

Meanwhile, here’s a 1981 show featuring Phil Lynott and guitarist Snowy White.

Thanks to paprick who shared the tracks at Dime.

paprick noted: “The second disc is filled with (the) 1978-03-29 Rainbow show but I omitted that because it is commercially available on (the) Live and Dangerous DVD.”

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Angel Of Death (10.5MB)
Track 102. Renegade (9.2MB)
Track 103. Hollywood (7.4MB)
Track 104. Waiting For An Alibi (5.2MB)
Track 105. Jailbreak (6.3MB)
Track 106. Got To Give It Up (11.6MB)
Track 107. Don´t Believe A Word (11.4MB)
Track 108. The Pressure Will Blow (5.8MB)
Track 109. Cowboy Song (7.2MB)
Track 110. The Boys Are Back In Town (7.0MB)
Track 111. Suicide (7.5MB)
Track 112. Bad Reputation (8.3MB)
Track 113. Are You Ready (14.5MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Baby Drives Me Crazy (13.6MB)
Track 202. Emerald (6.6MB)
Track 203. Rosalie (11.1MB)

Phil Lynott - bass, vocals
Snowy White - guitar
Scott Gorham - guitar
Brian Downey - drums
Darren Wharton - keyboards

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  1. 9 Responses to “THIN LIZZY - LONDON 1981”

  2. 1000 Thank You’s for the THIN LIZZY, BIG O!

    Privileged to say I got to see THIN LIZZY once in DEC. of 1980 at The old AGORA BALLROOM in ATLANTA…. the CHINATOWN tour!

    I got to meet PHIL as well once…. he was in the lobby of the FOX THEATER in June of 1980 at the ROSSINGTON-COLLINS SHow. He was in Atlanta to promote his SOLO ON SOHO lp and came by the FOX Theater… no doubt, looking for the party!

    By THE Russian Assassin on Mar 20, 2013

  3. hey bigo, thanks!!! yes, i was looking for this thin lizzy show too. it won’t fit on one disc?

    11.27.81 and hitchen, england 1.26.83 are out there on a boot called the boys are back in town. i don’t care for that title so i called hammersmith odeon and regal theatre. now some may have the live and dangerous dvd from rainbow theatre, hitchin is on the bonus material. the version on the boys are back in town is less complete that the dvd version. i think, it’s missing maybe two songs.

    there are lots of good 1981 thin lizzy shows out there. i have a few.


    By Ed Saad on Mar 20, 2013

  4. yes!

    By matt the cat on Mar 21, 2013

  5. Thank you so much! I regret not seeing Thin Lizzy when I had the chance, but I just could not bear to know they were opening up for Journey. My loss. Again, thank you.

    By Felix on Mar 21, 2013

  6. I did see Thin Lizzy without Phil Lynott this year opening for Judas Priest. They kicked ass.

    By Felix on Mar 21, 2013

  7. I was lucky enough to see Lizzy with Lynott a few times in the UK, between 1979 and 1983 - they always delivered, though they were getting a little hit and miss by 1983, but they were the best.

    Maybe I’m narrow-minded, but I don’t have any time for the band that has been touring for the past few years under the name Thin Lizzy, with the main important member not present (not present for obvious reasons). That is not Lizzy, but a Lizzy tribute band.. why did it take them all these years to finally realise that they shouldn’t be calling themselves Thin Lizzy, out of respect to Phil? :)

    By Halloween Jack on Mar 21, 2013

  8. hey bigo, this show is great. thanks again! sucks the pressure will blow fades out. it’s one of their best jams.

    i made some notes for the nit picky and or perfectionists like myself.

    well it should be:

    hollywood (down on your luck)
    bad reputation / drum solo
    now are you ready? wasn’t split properly so it really should be:

    are you ready? / baby drives me crazy / band intros cut

    baby drives me crazy / band intros complete
    rosalie / cowgirl’s song - band intros

    the rest are correct.

    i can use dylan-bjcc arena, bham, al feb 2002, if it’s on dime. i was there. i have the other two dylan shows i was at: city stages 2003 and bjcc arena april 2006 with merle haggard opening.


    By Ed Saad on Mar 21, 2013

  9. I love the version of boys are back here, thanks.
    We used to play jailbreak many many years ago and our drummer had an older brother who was a policeman and had access to one of those cool old crank handled “sireeeens” that we would use in this.
    so much fun…

    By sluggo on Mar 23, 2013

  10. Great post, BigO.. thanks :)
    For completists - “killer on the loose” is missing (it should be after “pressure will blow”) - this is missing for the same reason that “pressure will blow” fades out - it’s missing from the master tape, I assume. but is available on the shorer FM version of this show.

    By Pippin The Friendly Ranger on Jan 26, 2014

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