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Progressive rock and jazz fusion guitar pioneer Allan Holdsworth, who Eddie Van Halen called “the best, in my book,” has died on April 16, 2017 of unknown causes. He was 70. Holdsworth’s daughter Louise confirmed the news on Facebook, saying “it is with heavy hearts that we notify everyone of the passing of our beloved father. We would appreciate privacy and time while we grieve the loss of our dad, grandad, friend and musical genius. We will update close friends and family when service arrangements have been made and will notify the public of an open memorial service, which all would be welcome. We are undeniably still in shock with his unexpected death and cannot begin to put into words the overwhelming sadness we are experiencing. He is missed tremendously.”

Holdsworth first appeared on a record in 1969 with the group ‘Igginbottom. After ’70s stints in groundbreaking progressive rock and jazz fusion acts such as Soft Machine, the New Tony Williams Lifetime, Pierre Moerlen’s Gong, Bruford and UK, he released his first official solo album, I.O.U., in 1982. Later in the decade he became an early proponent of a synthesized guitar known as the SynthAxe, and his experimentation with the instrument would define much of his work over the next decade and a half.

“Holdsworth is so damned good that I can’t cop anything. I can’t understand what he’s doing,” Van Halen raved in 2008. “I’ve got to do this [does two-hand tapping], whereas he’ll do it with one hand.” Holdsworth’s 11th and most recent studio album was 2001’s Flat Tire: Music for a Non-Existent Movie. In 2009 he released the live album Blues for Tony - a tribute to drummer and former bandmate Tony Williams - alongside Alan Pasqua, Chad Wackerman and Jimmy Haslip. Upon hearing of his death, Holdsworth’s guitar playing peers were quick to sing his praises on social media, with Toto‘s Steve Lukather saying he “changed the game” and Peter Frampton describing him as “brilliant, unique.” - ultimateclassicrock

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This is Jazz and Rock in funky town.

Click on the panels for a better view or to download artwork.

Wildlife [Garland Records 7290, 1CD]

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden. The year is unknown. Some say 1974, when Williams was there. Originally, this bootleg was listed as 1975. Others claim this was from 1976, on Williams second visit to Stockholm. Ex SBD stereo.

The evidence that Wildlife was recorded in October 1974 comes from this entry in wikipedia:

In 1974, Williams formed a new Lifetime featuring Bum’s Rush holdovers Webster Lewis on keyboards and Linda ‘Tequila’ Logan on vocals, along with former Cream/Lifetime bassist Jack Bruce and British guitarist Allan Holdsworth. This lineup, sometimes referred to as Wildlife, recorded an album’s worth of material at Europa Films Studios in Stockholm, Sweden in October 1974, which has never been officially released.

If that’s true, Williams was very busy in Stockholm. At the same studio in Stockholm, Williams recorded an album with a Swedish band, Pop Workshop, and it was released in 1974 (click here). The label was Grammofonverket and the music was described as “fusion”. Of the eight compositions, Williams played on four. All the original music was composed by Pop Workshop. More info of the album, Songs Of The Pterodactyl, here.

The music on Wildlife was jazz-rock with Laura “Tequila” Logan lending her vocals on Scirocco, Happy Tears and The Spirit. Ms Logan’s contributions give it a soulful flavor but Holdsworth and Jack Bruce give the sessions that rock “punch” albeit in a mainstream way. Especially Holdsworth who solos frequently. Williams is content to provide a decent rock rhythm. Hot & Sticky is one funky instrumental.

Perhaps, the music on Wildlife strayed too far from jazz that somebody or collectively a decision was made to leave it unreleased. As an archival recording, it remains an interesting snapshot of musicians wondering just where the many possible roads would lead. Up ahead was Norah Jones land. Turn right and the sweet instrumentals of Kenny G was waiting. Turn left and it could end up as uncommercial free jazz.

Just thank the stars, you still have this circulating freely on the internet. Our copy has been in the archive for a long time. We no longer recall how it came to our possession. To whoever made it possible, a huge thanks.
- Professor Red

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Scirocco (23.3MB)
Track 02. Hot & Sticky (10.5MB)
Track 03. Little Zorro (7.7MB)
Track 04. Happy Tears (15.6MB)
Track 05. The Spirit (13.0MB)

Tony Williams - drums
Allan Holdsworth - guitar
Webster Lewis - keys
Jack Bruce - bass
Laura “Tequila” Logan - vocals

Tony Williams Lifetime: The Collection, order it here.

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  2. what a drummer. !

    By EARTH 2 EARTH on Apr 9, 2013

  3. oh red whatcha gonna do…[howlin` wolf song]
    thanks prof. red.

    By EARTH 2 EARTH on Apr 9, 2013

  4. LOVE THIS!!! I saw Tony Williams New Lifetime in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall in 1976 (I think….) All I can remember was he was amazing. Did not have Holdsworth on guitar, but whoever the guy was…he was amazing (kinda like the guy that plays guitar for Bill Bruford on his live the Bruford Tapes). Thanks for the great music, BIG-O!!

    By DanC on Apr 10, 2013

  5. HOLY SHNIKEYS!!! I didn’t read until just now the bit about Jack Bruce on bass…How cool is that?!!!

    By DanC on Apr 10, 2013

  6. this is a great record.honest.

    By tman on Apr 11, 2013

  7. aww, what-ta-heck - i’ll grab this one and the other one!


    By I-) on Apr 13, 2013

  8. @DanC The guitarist you saw was Marlon Graves.

    By Manuel Cebada on Apr 14, 2013

  9. Thanks, Manuel!!!

    By DanC on Apr 25, 2013

  10. Thank you so much!!!!

    By jm on Jan 7, 2014

  11. Looked everywhere for this. Thanks for posting!

    By Mike on Jul 29, 2017

  12. Hello. I know you posted this six years ago, but I am wondering - actually hoping - there is a way to get a high-quality CD of this. I’ve been to Discogs, and there is like one guy who had it, but he didn’t write back after the first time we exchanged messages. This is something I would love to have. Thanks for posting it back then (even if the links are dead now, it’s very cool)


    By John on Jun 19, 2019

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